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300+ Interesting Trivia Questions To Ask Friends,Kids,Couple and More

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Friends Out Having a Good Time | Trivia Questions

What other better way to juggle your mind and boost your brain power than playing interesting trivia questions? Trivia questions are fun and a nicer way for one to test their knowledge on a bunch of interesting and random facts. With random trivia and fun facts, there is no right time to put your friends or family to task on everything both fascinating and weird. Random trivia questions can include a range of topics including food, music, celebrities, and Christmas.

Trivia facts are worth your time with family and friends. They are a fun way to spend time together by dazzling each other with fantastic tidbits. They offer a ton of fun questions to ask your friends and family with unknown facts that can also be amazingly true. To this end, below are a massive list of trivia questions that you use as conversation starters, make cool conversations or as fascinating beginners to a mind blowing game.

20 Random Trivia Questions

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Friends bonding | Random Trivia Questions
  1. How many pints of blood does a normal average person contain?

Answer. 9

  1. What are the names of Kim & Kanye’s children?

Answer. North, Saint, Chicago, & Psalm

  1. Which royal couple requested to be relieved of their duties?

Answer. Meghan and Prince Harry

  1. Which holiday do most Commonwealth states, the United Kingdom and Canada celebrate a day after Christmas?

Answer. Boxing Day

  1. How does one say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish?

Answer. Merry Christmas

  1. What is the diameter of a standard dartboard?

Answer. 3/4 and 17 inches

  1. Apart from water, which is the most consumed drink?

Answer. Tea

  1. In which month is the Munich beer festival held?

Answer. October

  1. Different Christmas songs have been written for different purposes, which one was written basically as a Thanksgiving?

Answer. Jingle Bells

  1. In which US does people drink alcohol a lot?

Answer. Nevada

  1. By reflecting on the Myspace platform, who was every person’s favorite friend?

Answer. Tom

  1. The youngest artist who recently garnered 5 Grammys during the Grammy Awards of 2020?

Answer.  Billy Eilish

  1. What soft drink began in Morison’d Drug Store in Wako, Texas in 1885?

Answer. Dr. Pepper

  1. Who wrote the Jurassic Park?

Answer. Michael Crichton

  1. Give an example of a craft house that is very easy to prepare for Christmas?

Answer. Faux Garlands

  1. Which popular Christmas food in the U.K. contains spices and dried fruits, was once made up of meat?

Answer. A mince pie

  1. When and in which country did the gingerbread houses originate?

Answer. Originated from Germany in the 16th century

  1. The Gingerbread houses was inspired by which fairy tale?

Answer. Fairytale of Gretel and Hansel

  1. Which manufacturing company utilizes Santa when doing its Christmas advertisements?

Answer. Coca-Cola

  1. Which shiny foil with strips resembles the tinsel and are used decorating Christmas trees?

Answer. Icicles

  1. What is the other name for Santa?

Answer. Saint Nicholas

20 Friends Trivia Questions

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Friends on an Outing | Friends Trivia Questions
  1. A one dollar bill has a portrait of which US president?

Answer.  George Washington

  1. Who is portrayed on a hundred dollar bill of the US?

Answer. Benjamin Franklin

  1. What is the name of Poland in Polish?

Answer. Polska

  1. The story “Twas the Night before Christmas” highlights how many reindeer?

Answer. Eight

  1. Stollen is a type of traditional fruit cake. In which country does it come from?

Answer. Germany

  1. A ban was imposed on production of Dihydrogen Monoxide due to health risks. Correct or not correct

Answer. Correct

  1. Which president is featured on the rare Two dollar bill of USA?

Answer. Thomas Jefferson

  1. Vietnam’s flag has a red star on the forefront & yellow color in background. Correct or not correct.

Answer.  Not correct

  1. The US emergency number 911 originated from the instance of terror attack on September 11. Correct or not correct.

Answer. Correct

  1. A day has 86,400 Sec. Correct or not correct.

Answer. Correct

  1. Juniper berries make which alcohol?

Answer. Gin

  1. Name an automobile company from Italy that earned majority control of United States’ Chrysler automobile company in 2011?

Answer. Fiat

  1. Which letter comes last on Greek alphabetical order?

Answer. Omega

  1. McDonald’s was found in which year?

Answer. 1955

  1. The soft drink known as Pepsi was initially introduced as?

Answer. Brad’s Drink

  1. How does Brazil translate into in Portuguese language?

Answer. Brasil

  1. Facebook” launch?

Answer. 2004

  1. The Emperor of Japan acknowledges which vehicle as the state car?

Answer. The Toyota Century Royal

  1. What is the most famous invention by Thomas Edison?

Answer. Incandescent light bulb

  1. Originally, Twitter restricted tweets to how many characters?

Answer. 140 characters

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20 Fun Trivia Questions

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Friends Having a Quick Snack | Fun Trivia Questions
  1. Which is the largest company that manufactures chocolate in the United States?

Answer: The Hershey Company

  1. Hershey is a city found in which US state?

Answer: Pennsylvania

  1. Can you name the school that Harry Potter went to?

Answer: The school of Witchcraft, Hogwarts

  1. For Santa, what sweet snack is normally left out?

Answer: gingerbread cookies

  1. Hanukkah is a ceremony celebrated for how many nights?

Answer: eight nights

  1. What is the name of the little girl in the Nutcracker?

Answer: Marie Stahlbaum

  1. Which ocean is the largest in terms of its geographical size?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean

  1. When was the initial card for Christmas sent?

Answer. The year 1843

  1. Which state in U.S. was the first one to officialize Christmas holiday?

Answer. Alabama

  1. Witches drop presents to kids by use of chimney during Christmas. This tradition occurs in which country?

Answer: Italy

  1. The Suez Canal is found in which country?

Answer: Egypt

  1. Which is the planet that spins the fastest, completes an entire rotation on just 10 hours?

Answer: Jupiter

  1. In chemistry, the periodic table has how many elements?

Answer: 118 elements

  1. Which planet has more number of moons, a collective 53 moons?

Answer: Jupiter

  1. On a human body, where does the smallest bone lie?

Answer. In the Middle ear

  1. The longest geographical border is shared by which two countries?

Answer. United States and Canada

  1. The city that is known as the ice cream capital of the world is found in which US state?

Answer: Le Mars, lowa

  1. What is the name of the city?

Answer: Le Mars

  1. Coffee is commercially grown in which major US states?

Answer:  Hawaii and California

  1. Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, and nimbus are types of?

Answer. Clouds

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20 Trivia Questions For Kids

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Family time | Trivia Questions For Kids
  1. A donkey has how many legs?

Answer 4

  1. How many fingers do a kid have?


  1. Which is the fastest animal?

Answer. Cheetah

  1. Name an animal that cannot jump.

Answer. An elephant

  1. When you feel like not attending school on. Certain day, you make up which illness as an excuse?

Answer.  Headache,   stomachache

  1. Why do you love summer?

Answer. Because we go for a swimming session

  1. Give an example of things your parents warns you about not to Answer. Water, money, electricity
  2. What are the items a wrestler does not put on during a match?

Answer. Trousers, shirts, cap

  1. What do kids throw at each other?

Answers. Pieces of stones, plastic bottles

  1. Which animal is used for transport?

Answers. Donkey, Camel, horse

  1. Name Something People Put on Salads

Answer. Cabbage

  1. Name Something You Might Freeze

Answer. Water, ice cream

  1. Name a child’s favorite snack when watching movies at the theater?

Answer. Peanut M&M’s and chips

  1. What is that one thing that you will never forget to pack on a trip?

Answers: Water, food,

  1. At what moment do kids close up their eyes?

Answer. When they want to sleep

  1. What are you likely to find on a man’s arm?

Answer. Watch

  1. Give an example of something people put in the front yard.

Answer. Flowers.

  1. What are the house chores kids hate?

Answer. Washing utensils, being sent

  1. Name Something You Associate With California

Answer. Beaches, Hollywood, celebrities

  1. Seas contain various types of fish. Which fish is considered the largest?

Answer. Blue Whale

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20 Christmas Trivia Questions

Christmas Dinner at Christmas Trivia Questions
Christmas Dinner | Christmas Trivia Questions
  1. Jesus Christ was born in which city?

Answer. Bethlehem

  1. What other two popular names refer Santa?

Answer.  Saint Nicholas and St. Nick

  1. Where can you find the biggest nativity scene in the world?

Answer.  Iman Sports Centre

  1. Multiple days of Christmas celebration can be found in which Christmas song?

Answer.  The 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Christians in the East used to celebrate Christmas on which date?

Answer.  January 6.

  1. “Xmas” is a term used when referring to Christmas, when did the word start?

Answer.  1021

  1. Nick was born in which country?

Answer.  Turkey

  1. What happens each time a bell rings in the film “It’s A Wonderful Life”?

Answer.  An Angel get wings

  1. What words come after “Silent Night” in the same song?

Answer.  Holy night, everything is calm, everything is bright

  1. He is a Hollywood actor in The Polar Express played in six various roles.

Answer.  Tom Hanks

  1. In A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, what’s Scrooge initially called?

Answer.  Ebenezer

  1. The eggnog, a popular food at Christmas in some States came from?

Answer.  United Kingdom

  1. In which year did Rockefeller Center first erect a Christmas tree?

Answer.  1931

  1. What’s the tallest Christmas tree to have ever used?

Answer.  67.36 metres

  1. Immediately a magic hat was put on Frosty the Snowman’s head, what did he say?

Answer.  Happy birthday

  1. In ‘Christmas Story’, who is Ralphie’s little brother?

Answer.  Ian Petrella

  1. What it the Christmas song that says “Every person dancing merrily in recent old fashioned style?”

Answer.  Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

  1. What mechanism does Santa use to return to the chimney as keeps on doing his duty of delivering gifts?

Answer. By walking

  1. A snowflake contains how many points traditionally?

Answer.  Six

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20 Jeopardy Questions and Answers

Beautiful Look during Jeopardy Questions and Answers
Beautiful Look | Jeopardy Questions and Answers
  1. Who was the United States second president?

Answer. John Adams

  1. Who created ‘A Christmas Carol’?

Answer. Charles Dickens

  1. A Christmas Carol talks about how many ghosts?

Answer. Four ghosts

  1. What is the most popular poem written by Robert Frost

Answer. The Road Not Taken

  1. The traditional fruit cake called Stolen belongs to which country?

Answer. Germany

  1. In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which person played George Bailey?

Answer. James Stewart

  1. What song by Bing Cosby has been rated the most purchased single of all time?

Answer. White Christmas

  1. Which milk-based product is commonly used during Christmas? It’s packaged as either alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

Answer. Egg nog

  1. What is the basic British Christmas dinner prepared by rubbing small sausages in bacon?

Answer. Pigs in blanket

  1. In which point of direction should a person stir the mincemeat for good luck?

Answer. Clockwise

  1. According to the recipe for traditional bread sauce, which item should be stocked in an onion?

Answer. Cloves

  1. Who owns the single season home run record and was also involved in a scandal for the use of steroids?

Answer. Barry Bonds

  1. Which city is the capital of France?

Answer. Paris

  1. How does people call Santa in France?

Answer. Père Noël

  1. Which film acted by Harrison Ford involved an actor flying a famous spacecraft?

Answer. Star Wars

  1. Which nation in world exports the largest number of Christmas trees?

Answer. Canada

  1. List the major organs of the respiratory system.

Answer. Lungs, blood vessels and the airways

  1. Who replaced Santa during the German Nazi Regime?

Answer. Odin

  1. When did the American NAADC initiate tracking Santa on Christmas Eve?

Answer. 1958

  1. What is the pen name for the great writer Stephen King?

Answer. Richard Bachman

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20 General Trivia Questions and Answers

Drawings of General Trivia Questions and Answers
Children Drawings | General Trivia Questions and Answers
  1. How many rides are in the Destiny world?

Answer. 56 rides

  1. The amount of light that goes through the pupil is controlled by which part of the human eye?

Answer. Iris

  1. The Titanic film was released on which year?

Answer. 1997

  1. The national dish for the Spanish is called?

Answer.  Paella

  1. How do we call a female turkey?

Answer. Hens

  1. Which name is given to the skin dangling under the Turkey’s neck?

Answer. Wattle

  1. What horoscope sign is represented by a crab?

Answer. Cancer

  1. The Cold War ended in which year?

Answer. In 1991

  1. When did the Second World War start?

Answer. 1939

  1. In history, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known for what?

Answer. The Atomic bombing by the US ending the second world war in 1945.

  1. Which company owns Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, and Audi?

Answer. Volkswagen Company

  1. What is a gene?

Answer.  It is a hereditary unit which is transferred from parents to offspring responsible for determining some features of the offspring.

  1. Which two vegetables are crossed giving rise to a swede?

Answer. Turnips and cabbages

  1. Under what tree was the partridge sitted in relation to a famous Christmas carol?

Answer.  Pear tree

  1. The United States got a Statue of Liberty from which country?

Answer. France

  1. Firefox and Google Chrome are types of what?

Answer. Search Engines

  1. A certain type of Christmas food is termed to be of good luck when eaten once for the entire twelve Christmas days?

Answer. Mince Pie

  1. Which type of fruits in Spain have to be eaten twelve of them one at a time, the last few seconds into the New Year?

Answer. Grapes

  1. In the United States, which city regarded as the City of Brotherly Love?

Answer. Philadelphia

  1. John Lennon played which instrument in the Beatles?

Answer. Rhythm guitar

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20 Science Trivia Questions

Global Prototype of Science Trivia Questions
Globe Prototype | Science Trivia Questions
  1. What is a clone?

Answer. Is an organism produced asexually from one ancestor, to which it is genetically identical.

  1. What is gene cloning?

Answer. Is process by which a particular gene of is located and copied out of all the DNA that has been generated from an organism

  1. Dolly was considered to be the first cloned animal. What animal was she?

Answer. Sheep

  1. What disease lead to the development of the first vaccine?

Answer. Smallpox

  1. The human body has how many ribs?

Answer. 24

  1. What flap on a person’s windpipe helps keep food particles out?

Answer. Epiglottitis

  1. The fin on the backs of some dolphins and fish is known as?

Answer. Dorsal fin

  1. Which star is the largest in the solar system?

Answer. The sun

  1. Would you weigh more or less on Mars?

Answer. Weigh less

  1. The first person to walk on moon was called?

Answer.  Neil Armstrong

  1. What results into a solar eclipse?

Answer. A solar eclipse comes about incase the moon gets in the middle of the earth and Sun, whereby casting its shadow to the Earth.

  1. How long does a solar eclipse last?

Answer.  7 minutes 31 seconds

  1. What color is the sun?

Answer. White

  1. What color is the sunset on Mars?

Answer. Blue

  1. Which planet is much near to the sun?

Answer. Mercury

  1. The smallest planet is called?

Answer. Mercury

  1. Which planet is farthest from the sun?

Answer. Pluto

  1. Which planet is receiving more heat from the sun?

Answer. Venus

  1. The human ear has smallest bone commonly known as?

Answer. The Stapes

  1. Mitosis a type of cell division where the parent divides into two new identical cells. What do we call each set of cells?

Answer. Cytokinesis

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