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45+ Interesting Football Trivia Questions And Answers To Ask

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Football Trivia Questions | Ball On A Football Pitch

Football trivia questions are a list of questions about football that are aimed at testing one’s knowledge and understanding about football. These football trivia questions cover almost every section of football, including questions about key individuals and how they play. You can try answering the below questions to test just how good you are when it comes to matters concerning football.

  1. Which club has the most European Cup/Champions League victories?

Answer. Real Madrid

  1. Before 2012, how many times had Manchester United won the league?

Answer. 11 times

  1. When did Liverpool last win the league?

Answer. 2020

  1. Who won the first Ballon d’Or?

Answer. Stanley Matthews

  1. The first Premier League season was held which year?

Answer. 1992

  1. Who has scored the most goals in World Cup tournaments?

Answer. Fontaine

  1. In which year did Alex Ferguson become Manchester United manager?

Answer. 1986

  1. What was the name of Sunderland’s ground before relocating to the Stadium of Light?

Answer. Wearside Stadium

  1. Which country was the first to win the first European Championship in 1960?

Answer. The Soviet Union

  1. Which footballer has scored the most own goals in the Premier League?

Answer. Richard Dunne

  1. Which team did Liverpool beat 5-4 in the UEFA Cup final in 2001?

Answer. Deportivo Alaves

  1. When was the last time England failed to qualify for a major tournament?

Answer. 1964

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  1. Who scored Brazil’s only goal when it played against Germany in the 2014 World Cup?

Answer.  Oscar

  1. Between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, who has won champions league most as a manager?

Answer. Each has won two champion leagues.

  1. David Beckham played for how many clubs before retiring?

Answer. Six clubs

  1. Oliver Kahn has never won the World Cup. True/False

Answer. True

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  1. Philip Neville, David Beckham among others are joint owners of which football club?

Answer. Salford City

  1. Arsenal left Highbury in which year?

Answer. 1999

  1. The former Portsmouth and Wigan defender Arjan de Zeeuw has switched to which career after retiring from football?

Answer. Detective

  1. How did Jürgen Klinsmann celebrate his first goal for Tottenham?

Answer. By self-deprecatingly diving to the ground.

  1. What is ‘the Pichichi’ in Spanish Football?

Answer. Pichichi is a football award by Marca sports newspaper that is given to the best goal scorer in each La Liga season.

  1. What is FIFA in full?

Answer. International Federation of Football Association

  1. Who was the best Football player of Europe in 1998?

Answer. Zinedine Zidane

  1. Name three countries that have won the World Cup twice.

Answer. Uruguay, Argentina and France

  1. What is this country that has appeared in three World Cup finals, but never won the competition?

Answer. The Dutch

  1. The record number of World Cup goals is 16, who scored these goals?

Answer. Miroslav Klose

  1. Apart from Didier Deschamps and Mario Zagallo, which other player has won the World Cup as both a coach and a player?

Answer. Miroslav Klose

  1. With three titles each, which two teams have won the most European Championships?

Answer. Germany and Spain

  1. What name is given to the European Championship trophy?

Answer. The Henri Delaunay Trophy

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School Girls Playing Football | Football Trivia Questions
  1. Who scored the most goals in a single European Championship tournament with 9 goals?

Answer. Michel Platini

  1. It has taken Cristiano Ronaldo 27 games to earn his very first goal in Champions League. TRUE/FALSE. Answer. True
  2. True/False. Former Brazil and Barcelona star Ronaldinho spent time in prison after being found to have used a fake passport.

Answer. True

  1. True/False. The phrase “park the bus” arose when Jose Mourinho was forced to park the Chelsea team bus after the bus driver fell ill.

Answer. False

  1. True/False. Frank Lampard has scored more Premier League goals than Thierry Henry, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen.

Answer. True

  1. The footballer David Beckham had to take ballet lessons when he was in Manchester United for improving his agility. TRUE/FALSE

Answer. True

  1. True/False. Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller is a keen chess player and once won a Bavarian chess tournament.

Answer. False

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  1. True/False. Sir Alex Ferguson managed the Scotland national team

Answer. True

  1. True/False. Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish is known as ‘King Kenny’ because he is related to the British Royal Family.

Answer.  False

  1. The first premier league manager to be fired was who?

Answer. Ian Porterfield

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Goalkeeper Saving a Goal | Football Trivia Questions
  1. In which year was the original FA Cup stolen?

Answer. 1895

  1. Who was the first football player to complete playing hundreds of International matches?

Answer. Billy Wright of England

  1. Messi has won a record number of Ballon d’Or awards – how many?

Answer. 6

  1. Ronaldo helped Portugal win the European Championship in which year?

Answer. 2004

  1. Which German multinational sportswear company is Messi an ambassador for?

Answer. UNICEF

  1. Which three footballers shared the Golden Boot for Premier League of 2018 and 2019?

Answer.  Pierre Aubameyang, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.

  1. Who scored the fastest goal within the first 7.69 seconds in the Premier League?

Answer. Shane Long, Southampton striker

  1. There have been two World Cup trophies. What was the name of the first?

Answer. The Jules Rimet Trophy

  1. Who is the only player to win the Champions League with three different clubs?

Answer. Clarence Seedorf

Hope you enjoyed our list of football trivia questions and answers. Kindly don’t forget to add your questions below on the comment section.

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