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100+ Fun Trivia Questions For Kids- With Interesting Answers

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It doesn’t matter if its game played at home or on the road to a vacation, trivia questions, just like kids family feud questions, can be enjoyed by everyone one on board especially kids with an opportunity to learn one thing or more. The questions can include both easy and hard questions to keep everyone involved. They can also begin with simpler questions towards more complex or hard ones. Enjoy!

  1. A year has got how many days?

Answer. 365, 366

  1. What was created by God on the 6th day?

 Answer. Man

  1. The tallest mountain worldwide is?

 Answer. Mt. Everest

  1. Which river is credited to be the longest in the world?

Answer. Amazon River

  1. The solar system has how many planets?

Answer 9

  1. Which is the largest planet?

Answer. Jupiter

  1. Which gas is very important for survival of humans and animals?

Answer. Oxygen

  1. Which food is made by bees?

Answer. Honey

  1. A group of bees is called?

Answer. A swam

  1. How many eyes do bees have?

Answer. 5 in total(2- compound eyes, and 3_ ocelli eyes)

  1. How many colors do a rainbow have?

Answer. 7

  1. Which is the first and the last color on a rainbow?

Answer. First-Red, Last-Violet

  1. Which animal has the tallest neck?

Answer. Giraffe

  1. Name three things which moms remind their children to do before dinner?

Answer. Take a shower, Wash hands, do homework

  1. Name something or someone that has fangs.

Answer. Snakes

  1. What are the things kids loose more often?

Answer. Money, pencils

  1. What does a dog do most of the time?

Answer. Panting

  1. Which places kids hate going the most?

Answer. Playgrounds, Church or Mosque

  1. What will you do if you happened to put hot food in the mouth?

Answer. Spit, cry, and take cold water

  1. A group of giraffes is called?

Answer. A tower

 Children playing with mum under Trivia questions for kids

Children playing with mum | Trivia questions for kids
  1. Name Something That Makes You Itch

Answer. Caterpillars

  1. Name Something You Associate With Goldfish

Answer. Have unique colors. Yellow

  1. How many legs do a tick have?

Answer.  8

  1. A drug used to kill ticks is called?

Answer. Acaricide

  1. Which insect causes malaria?

Answer. Mosquito

  1. A spider has how many body parts?

Answer.  3

  1. Which planet is closest to earth?

Answer. Mars

  1. A fish breaths through which part?

Answer. Gills

  1. How many hours are in a day?

Answer.  24

  1. How many senses do humans have?

Answer.  5

  1. What name is given to a group of stars?

Answer. A galaxy

  1. Name Something a Parent Might Disapprove Of

Answer. Smoking, drinking, sex and drugs.

  1. Name Something You Beat

Answer.  Drum

  1. Name Something That Friends Might Swap.

Answer. Shoes, clothes, food

  1. Which word has ‘key’ in it?

Answer. Keypad

  1. What do people do on Christmas Eve?

Answer. Go to parties or worshiping places

  1. What is that you do before going to bed?

Answer. Praying, doing homework

  1. In which place are you told to keep quiet?

Answer. Church, School, hospital

  1. What would you do when you fall sick?

Answer. Take medicine, inform mum or dad

  1. Name anything that is cold.

Answer. Ice cream

Madam asking kids trivia questions in Trivia questions for kids
Madam asking kids trivia questions | Trivia questions for kids
  1. In what circumstances would your teacher want to have a talk with your parents?

Answer. When I have done a mistake, not payed school fees, not performed well in exams

  1. What are the item you would find in a desolate house?

Answer. Bottles or tins, pieces of cloth

  1. Where did the Olympics originate from?

Answer. Greece

  1. Between a lemon and a strawberry, which fruit contains more sugar?

Answer.  Strawberry

  1. Are worker bees female or male?

Answer. Male

  1. Which nation has a flag nicknamed, “Stars and Stripes”?

Answer. Red

  1. The US has been led by various presidents since independence. Name the first one?

Answer. George Washington

  1. What nation in Europe is headed by a Queen?

Answer. United Kingdom

  1. What is the capital city of United Kingdom?

Answer. London

  1. What did Jill and Jack go for on the hill?

Answer. To fetch water

  1. Who discovered the force of gravity?

Answer. Isaac Newton

  1. What do you call a place where animals are kept for exhibition?

Answer. A Zoo

  1. My nose grew longer each time I lied. What is my name?

Answer. Pinocchio

  1. What name is given to the famous fairy?

Answer. Tinker Bell

  1. Frozen water is called what?

Answer. Ice

  1. The stars on the American flag in which color?

Answer. White

  1. Where does the US President live while still in office?

Answer. White House

  1. Which ocean is found along the coastal region of California?

Answer. Pacific Ocean

  1. Kids traditionally give this fruit to teachers.

Answer. Apple

   Dad asking son trivia questions  under Trivia questions for kids
Dad asking son trivia questions | Trivia questions for kids
  1. Elsa is found in which Disney movie?

Answer. Frozen

  1. Mickey mouse’s girlfriend is called?

Answer. Minnie

  1. Is the home of Santa Claus stay?

Answer. North Pole

  1. As recorded on Dr. Zeus book, who stole Christmas?

Answer. The Grinch

  1. The US state that is famous in Hollywood is?

Answer. California

  1. Where do butterflies come from?

Answer. Pupa- a form including caterpillars

  1. Most school buses are on which color?

Answer. Yellow

  1. What do teachers use to write on a chalkboard?

Answer. Chalk

  1. Children go trick or treating on which holiday?

Answer. Halloween

  1. What is it that an astronaut sees outside the space station’s window?

Answer. Brighter stars

  1. What is used to write?

Answer. Pens, pencils, crayons, chalk

  1. What goes into a sandwich?

Answer. Tender meats, cheeses, potato chips

  1. What mechanism do people use to move from place to place?

Answer. Walking, using vehicles or bicycles

  1. What are the things people associate magic?

Answer. Witchcraft, supernatural powers

  1. A butterfly has how many pairs of wings?

Answer. Two

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza is found in which country?

Answer. Egypt

  1. A female dear is called?

Answer.  Doe

  1. Who wrote Hamlet?

Answer. William Shakespeare.

  1. Smurfs are what color?

Answer. Smurfy blue

  1. Name the invite who helps Batman fight crime

Answer. Bat-Mite

  1. A rectangle has how many sides?

Answer. 4

  1. Name the superhero who can climb up buildings and walls?

Answer. Batman

  1. The planet in solar system that possesses a ring is?

Answer. Saturn

  1. Which planet is the smallest on our solar system?

Answer. Pluto

  1. The Eiffel Tower is located in which city of Europe?

Answer. Germany

  1. Name a country that is known to be the home of kangaroos?

Answer. Australia

  1. What is the opposite of soft?

Answer. Hard

  1. What is the opposite of original?

Answer. Fake

  1. I am the tallest animal in the world. Who am I?

Answer. Giraffe

  1. Among the three (tenor, soprano, and baritone), the singing voice with the highest pitch is what?

Answer. Soprano

Image of Teacher asking kids trivia questions under Trivia questions for kids
Teacher asking kids trivia questions | Trivia questions for kids
  1. Person who studies rocks is called?

Answer. A petrologist

  1. Who is a neurologist?

Answer. A medical doctor dealing with the brain and spine

  1. Name the human to land on Moon?

Answer. Neil Armstrong

  1. What does MVP mean in sports?

Answer. Most Valuable Player

  1. What food is eaten by pandas?

Answer. Leaves, stems and shoots of various bamboo species

  1. Which is the largest US state?

Answer. Alaska

  1. Which is the smallest US State?

Answer. Rhode Island

  1. What kind of tree processes acorns?

Answer. Oak tree

  1. What do we call the molten rock that results after a volcanic eruption?

Answer. Magma

  1. Which star is closest to the earth?

Answer. Sun

  1. Who invented a mobile phone?

Answer. Alexander Graham Bell

  1. Which British vessel sank in 1912?

Answer. Titanic

  1. Justin Bieber comes from which country?

Answer. Canada

  1. What comes out when water is boiled?

Answer. Steam

  1. How do we call an imaginary line attaching south & North Pole?

Answer. Prime Meridian

  1. Prunes come from which tree?

Answer. European plum

  1. Which State joined other US states last?

Answer. Hawaii

  1. What are the 3 primary colors?

Hope you got all the tips on trivia questions for kids in our highly curated list above. Please don’t forget to leave any of your interesting trivia questions for kids that you’d like to share with the rest of our audience.

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