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100+ Friends Trivia Questions To Ask Anyone Around You

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Call up your friends and put your IQ to test on all aspects of friendship with these friends trivia questions. Trivia questions for friends are a set of trivia questions specifically meant to test friendship bonds. Can you remember those crazy moments you shared with your friends, those little secrets said over parties and events and other things no one knew you know about your friend?

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Seems luck is on your side, below, we have a list of 100 friend’s trivia questions that will make you feel a whole lot better and you can always play them with your friends at any time and place. They will help you see just how much of a friend you are.

Interesting Friends Trivia Questions

  1. What was the original name of eBay?

Answer. AuctionWeb

  1. Santa Claus is also a type of Melon. Yes or no.

Answer. Yes

  1. Google was initially known as?

Answer. BackRub

  1. Pineapples originated from which nation?

Answer. South America

  1. Most Trappist breweries are found in?

Answer. Belgium

  1. The EU flag contain how many stars?

Answer. Twelve

  1. Poland’s currency is known as?

Answer. Zloty

  1. CAMRA is an organization from Britain standing for The Campaign for Real Ale. Correct or not correct

Answer. Correct

  1. Queen Elizabeth II of England was born in which year?

Answer. 1926

  1. Which river is the longest in the world?

Answer. R. Nile

  1. The Robosapiens toy robot got first released in which year?

Answer. 2004

  1. In relation to Fair Works Australia, for how long does one work in order to be given a Long Service Leave?

Answer. 7 years

  1. What does the initials “TCAS” stand for as far as flight systems are concern?

Answer. The Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

  1. What does the term “olid” mean?

Answer. Smelling extremely unpleasant

  1. In 2017, which movie was wrongly declared the Best Picture winner during the Academy Awards?

Answer. La La Land

  1. Cinderella’s two stepsisters in Disney’s Cinderella are?

Answer. Anastasia and Drizella

  1. The Academy Awards began in which year?

Answer. 1929

  1. What film became the first one to come up with a soundtrack?

Answer. Snow White

  1. What’s the longest movie ever made?

Answer. Logistics

  1. What movie was first rated PG-13?

Answer.  Red Down

  1. Meryl Streep has been nominated for how many Oscars?

Answer. 21 times

  1. What actor received an Oscar nomination after playing a role in Lord of Rings trilogy?

Answer. Ian McKellen

  1. Which all time film has the highest-gross animation?

Answer. The Lion King

  1. In reference to the Star Wars, what was Princess Leia’s home called?

Answer. Alderaan

  1. Who was the star in the initial version of “A Star is Born”?

Answer. Janet Gaynor Fredric March

  1. The von Trapp family, in The Sound of Music has how many children?

Answer. Seven

  1. What type of car is known as the time machine in “Back to the Future”?

Answer. DMC DeLorean vehicle

  1. HTTP stand for?

Answer. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

  1. What does “BMW” stand for in the automobile industry?

Answer. Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH

  1. When was the first iPhone manufactured?
Friends Having Coffee | Friends Trivia Questions
Friends Having Coffee while Playing Card | Friends Trivia Questions

Answer. 2007

  1. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft dropped out of which university?

Answer. Harvard University

32. Initially, Amazon used to sell which kind of product?

Answer. Books

  1. The word “robot” came from which language?

Answer. Czech

  1. What nation was the first one to allow women to vote?

Answer. New Zealand

  1. Which volcano destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD?

Answer. Mount Vesuvius

  1. Which queen among King Henry VIII’s wives ruled for the shortest period?

Answer. Anne of Cleves

  1. Who’s Eleanor Roosevelt’s maidservant?

Answer. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.

  1. What African American was the first one to be appointed to the US Supreme Court?

Answer. Thurgood Marshall

  1. Which U.S. president was the first to appear on the $1 bill?

Answer. George Washington

  1. Which American president is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Answer. Abraham Lincoln

  1. What is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte?

Answer. Ajaccio

  1. What was the last nation to legalize divorce in the Western Hemisphere?

 Answer. Chile

  1. Pope Gregory IV tried to exterminate what Name the animals that Pope Gregory IV wanted to eradicate from Europe regarding them as satanic instruments?

Answer. Black cats

  1. Which sport takes place on Memorial Day?

Answer.  The Indianapolis 500

  1. Which athlete has managed to win more Olympic medals?

Answer. Michael Phelps

  1. The national sport of Japan is called?

Answer. Sumo

  1. What African nation became the first one to qualify for World Cup?

Answer. Egypt

  1. Name the signature meal served at Wimbledon?

Answer. Creams and Strawberries

  1. What are the birth names of Muhammed Ali?

Answer. Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

  1. Who is the NBA lead scorer?
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Friends Having Outdoor Lunch | Friends Trivia Questions

Answer. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  1. How many countries are in Africa?

Answer. 54 countries

  1. Mary and Joseph escaped to what country for fear of Herod who wanted to liquidate baby Jesus?

Answer. Egypt

  1. Berries on the mistletoe are of what color?

Answer. White

  1. The Maori name for New Zealand is known as?

Answer. Aotearoa

  1. The United Kingdom is bordered by what nation?

Answer.  Ireland

  1. What’s the highest waterfall in the world?

Answer. Angel Falls

  1. Among the seven continents in the world, which one lacks an active volcano?

Answer. Australia

  1. What is the only nation in the world that has no national anthem?

Answer. Austria

  1. What is the South American country that has both the lowest and the points of elevation?

Answer. Argentina

  1. According to the UN’s 2020 World Happiness Report, which country has the happiest inhabitants?

Answer. Finland

  1. Name the capital city of Australia?

Answer. Canberra

  1. Which country in the world experiences earthquakes more frequently?

Answer. China

  1. Where can you find the largest volcano in world?

Answer. On Hawai’i Big Island

  1. Which two countries are the only doubly landlocked?

Answer. Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan.

  1. What three nations that have never adopted the use of metric system?
Friends Outdoor Under Friends Trivia Questions
Friends Outdoor | Friends Trivia Questions

Answer. Liberia, the United States and Myanmar.

  1. What Roman holiday infused Christmas ceremony?

Answer. Saturnalia

  1. Which famous Christmas drama features resurrecting toys?

Answer. Christmas Toy

  1. The Nutcracker was initiated when and where?

Answer. Started in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Mariinsky Theatre on December 18th, 1892

  1. Which ocean has the smallest geographical size?

Answer. The Arctic Ocean

  1. There are numerous indigenous languages in the world. Which one is most common first language?

Answer. Chinese

  1. What is the river that passes through the Grand Canyon?

Answer. R. Colorado

  1. Which nation witnesses the most international tourists yearly?

Answer. France

  1. What country is the latest on the world map?

Answer. South Sudan

  1. Which eye color is common among people?

Answer. Brown

  1. What galaxy is much closer to the Milky Way Galaxy?

Answer. The Andromeda galaxy

  1. What are the three types of rock?

Answer. Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic

  1. What substance is rated to be the hardest in a Man’s body?

Answer. Bone

  1. Where did Puritans ban Christmas?

Answer. Massachusetts

  1. What is likely to happen if you stand under the mistletoe with another person?

Answer.  You may get a kiss

  1. What was the initial meaning of Noel in Latin before being used for Christmas?

Answer. To be born

CONTINUE: 20 Other Friends Trivia Questions

Hope you had fun going through our list of Friends Trivia Questions. Kindly don’t forget to add your questions below on the comment section. Friends Trivia Questions

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