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50+ Interesting Jeopardy Trivia Questions To Ask Anyone

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Hey trivia genius, have you had a chance to interact with jeopardy trivia questions yet? Or you are still waiting for a chance to avail itself? Don’t be discouraged, your long wait might just be over.

In this game, jeopardy trivia provides the questions while participants guess and brainstorm the answers.

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You can be certain that after this game, you will have knowledge of a bunch of new jeopardy facts than you thought you knew.

Below are some jeopardy trivia questions that will make your day;

  1. Which type of food may one get on their face when they are humiliated?

Answer. Duck sauce

  1. Identity the NBA squad puts on green in each game and has won most league titles.

Answer. Boston Celtics

  1. In early 20th century, what was the worst killer epidemic

Answer. Spanish Influenza

  1. Which nation observes the culture of lighting candles on areas where their loved ones got buried a day before Christmas?

Answer.  Finland

  1. In which city did the Nativity occur?

Answer.  Bethlehem

  1. Who was the lowest sixth-round draft pick to win five NFL titles, tied by the most single quarterback?

Answer.  Tom Brady

  1. Chocolate comes from which tree?

Answer.  Cacao tree.

  1. The war in the modern history that has claimed many people’s than any other.

Answer.  Second Congo War (1998–2003)

  1. Name the American singer who was brought up with a complicated achy-breaky heart broken by a wrecking ball.

Answer.  Billy Ray Cyrus

  1. This player’s name is termed as one of main league baseball’s most envied pitching awards.

Answer.  The Cy Young Award

  1. Where did President George Washington wish to be buried?

Answer.  Mount Vernon

  1. Which of Santa Claus’ reindeer has a name similar to that of another animal?

Answer.  Vixen

  1. In case you disremember what you wanted to say, which animal is said to have snagged your tongue.

Answer.  Cat

  1. Name the rock band guitarist having the first name that resembles a common type of beef.

Answer.  Meat

  1. It’s a popular color for a pop singer and the princess’s outfits.

Answer. Blue

  1. What nation started the use of Christmas postage stamps?

Answer.  Canada

  1. Which golfer has won more major golf championships than the rest?

Answer.  Jack Nicklaus

  1. What native lowan appreciated his work with food after winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Answer.  Norman Borlaug

  1. They are crunchy swamp vegetables not nuts.

Answer.  Chestnuts

  1. To end up with a delicious seasoning, one has to grind seeds from which tropical fruit?

Answer.  Spices

  1. This actress got a breakthrough after she undertook the “Heavenly Creatures” role although she almost succumbed to death in a fictional ship.

Answer.  Kate Winslet

  1. This mix of powdered drink was used as a staple food for earliest NASA space flights.

Answer. Freeze-dried powders

  1. It’s a team for hockey that has managed to win more Stanley Cup titles than the rest.

Answer.  The Montreal Canadians

  1. “_____ is the thing with feathers,” articulated in poem by Emily Dickinson.

Answer. Hope

  1. Among this comedian’s routines was “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television”

Answer.  George Carlin

  1. In which year did the United States declare Christmas a federal holiday?

Answer.  1870

  1. It is a country that first came up with the culture of using Christmas trees?

Answer.  Germany

  1. Who is Santa Claus’ legend associated with monk or saint?

Answer.  St. Nicholas

  1. Which nation has a culture at Christmas where witches drop presents for kids at the chimney?

Answer.  Italy

  1. The first Country-Western album to go Platinum (sell 1 million copies).

Answer.  The Outlaws

  1. The “Simpsons” were first seen on this TV show.

Answer.  The Tracy Ullman Show

  1. What are the number of days in between epiphany and Christmas?

Answer.  12 days

  1. The closest non-bordering country to the US.

Answer. Russia

  1. Who was the first man to distribute gifts around the store while putting on Santa Claus’ tailored costume?

Answer.  James Edgar

  1. Is it true that Christmas celebrations were once prohibited in Britain?

Answer.  YES

  1. Basing on the traditions of Italy, who gifts children a day before Epiphany?

Answer.  Befana

  1. He was the youngest US President to hold office in the 20th century.

Answer. Theodore Roosevelt

  1. It is the most recorded Christmas song of all time?

Answer.  Silent Night

  1. What Christmas dance was premiered in St. Petersburg Russia 1892?

Answer. The Nutcracker Ballet

  1. The Grinch can be well defined using which three terms?

Answer.  Stunk, Stank and Stink.

  1. Which point of direction should one stir the mincemeat to get good luck?

Answer.  Clockwise

  1. He was the first Major Leaguer to get 3,000 hits in a career.

Answer.  Paul Molitor

  1. The Kentucky Derby is traditionally run on this date.

Answer.  The first Saturday in May

  1. Which state in the US was the last to officialize Christmas Holiday?

Answer.  Oklahoma

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Hope you got all the jeopardy trivia questions you might use with your friends. Kindly don’t forget to leave any of your interesting jeopardy trivia questions with answers down in the comment section below .

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