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100+ Interesting Christmas Trivia Questions To Ask Anyone [2023 Edition]

Christmas trivia questions under A Christmas Holiday Cup
Christmas trivia questions | A Christmas Holiday Cup

Christmas trivia questions are a bunch of interesting holiday-themed Christmas questions that are meant to lighten up the festivities mood . You can be surprised at just how interesting these questions can be.

Here are some curated Christmas trivia questions that you can get started with:

Christmas Trivia Questions

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Funny | Christmas Trivia Questions
  1. Name any two of the initial Reindeer.

Answer.  Vixen & Cupid

  1. Example of snacks children leave out for Santa.

Answer. Snacks & milk

  1. Translate Santa Claus in French?

Answer.  Père Noël

  1. What are the two reindeers named after weather events?

Answer. Blitzen and Donner

  1. The tradition of using Christmas Cookies began at what time?

Answer. In early 17th century

  1. Name the Christmas tradition which began with decorations by strands of silver?

Answer. Tinsel

  1. Which Valentine’s Day celebrity has a name similar to one of the reindeers?

Answer. Cupid

  1. A parasitic plant known for Christmas decoration is?

Answer.  The Mistletoe

  1. What is placed at the peak of a Christmas tree?

Answer.  A tree-topper

  1. Nicholas was born in?

Answer. Patara, Turkey.

  1. In the film “A Christmas Carol”, who is Scrooge’s partner?

Answer.  Jacob Marley

  1. Which Phrases are commonly used on Christmas gift?

Answer.  “From” & “to”

  1. The Orthodox Church in Russia celebrate Christmas on which date?

Answer. January 7th

  1. State the nation recognized as the first developers of eggnog?

Answer.  United Kingdom

  1. Originally, in which country does St. Nicholas belong?

Answer. Turkey

  1. According to Christmas tradition, which nation gives out the Christmas tree as a gift and it’s put up at Trafalgar Square in London?

Answer.  Norway

  1. It was the first US state to officialize Christmas holiday?

Answer.  Alabama

  1. What is the last state in USA to declare Christmas as an official holiday?

Answer.  Oklahoma

  1. Who was the first United States’ President to allow a Christmas tree inside White House?

Answer. William H. Taft

  1. He is a President known for establishing Christmas as a national holiday.

Answer. Ulysses S. Grant

  1. Which President abolished the tradition of placing Christmas trees inside White House?

Answer. Theodore Roosevelt

  1. What kind of sleigh does “Jingle Bells” talks about?

Answer.  Open one-horse sleigh

  1. What gift do I receive from my true love on the 10th day of Christmas?

Answer.  Ten lords, seven milking swans, the six swimming geese, eight dancing maids and nine leaping ladies.

  1. The most renowned Christmas ballet ever is?

Answer. The Nutcracker

  1. What famous Christmas carol starts by “Joy to the world, the savior reigns!”?

Answer.  Joy to the World

  1. Which Christmas carol has a second verse beginning with “Lowing cattle”?

Answer.  Away In the Manger

  1. What is the name of a reindeer that Gene Survey recorded in 1949?

Answer.  Rudolph

  1. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Lucy requests Schroeder to play which song on his piano?

Answer.  Jingle Bells

  1. Which well-known Christmas song contain moonlights as a lullaby?

Answer.  Coventry Carol

  1. Name one Christmas carol that is children orientated?

Answer.  Away in a Manger

  1. Elvis “The King” Presley had which Christmas color?

Answer.  White nylon

  1. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Lucy requests Schroeder to play which song on his piano?

Answer. Jingle Bells

  1. It is a Christian hymn with a second verse that starts, Jesus in the heavens worshipped?

Answer. Hark the Herald Angels Sing

  1. Name the Christmas song with second verse that end by the phrase “Still through the cloven skies they come”?

Answer. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

  1. Name the Christmas hymn whose second verse begins with, Oh sing, songs of angels?

Answer. Oh Come all Ye Faith

  1. Name a Christmas song whose second verse begins with, For Jesus is delivered of Mary?

Answer.  Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

  1. Name a Christmas hymn whose second verse that starts, Born a king on Bethlehem’s plain?

Answer. We Three Kings

  1. Which Christmas hymn has a second line beginning, “They looked up and saw a star”?

Answer. The First Noel

  1. This song was recorded by Vaughn Monroe and it starts by, “Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so…”?

Answer. Let It Snow

  1. What sight is the prettiest to look at according to the hymn, “It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas”?

Answer. Holly which will be on your front door

  1. As they stood under the mistletoe, Mommy tickled which body part of Santa according to the song, “I Saw Mommy Kiss Santa Claus”?

Answer. Under Santa’s beard

  1. In the song, “We three Kings,” what direction did the star lead them?

Answer. To the west

  1. “Am having a cup of cheer since am not certain if there’ll be snow, which song contain this line?

Answer. Holly Jolly

  1. What is the Christmas song that has the number two verse begin with, “Look at the blazing Christmastide before us”?

Answer. Deck The Halls

  1. What Christmas movie of all time has been rated as the highest grossing film?

Answer. The Christmas Doctor

  1. According to “The Christmas Song”, whose eyes glow?

Answer. Tiny tots

  1. I am Tim Allen an actor in The Santa Clause. What is my real name?

Answer. Tim Allen

  1. Baby Jesus and His parents Ran to which country after the angel’s communication?

Answer. Egypt

  1. What inspired a fairytale that was initial gingerbread residence?

Answer. Fairytale of Hansel & Gretel

  1. I am the neighbour in the film “A Christmas Story” and my dog ate the Christmas turkey. Who am I?

Answer. The Bumpuses

  1. How does one say, Happy Christmas in Spanish?

Answer. Feliz Navidad

  1. Origin of the word ‘Chrismukkah.’

Answer. Originated from Jews German-speakers middle-class in 19th century.

  1. Name the last ghost to visit Scrooge basing on the popular, A Christmas Carol.

Answer. Yet to Come

  1. The newborn baby Jesus received which gift from the Little Drummer Boy?

Answer. No gift

  1. Which is the bestselling Christmas song?

Answer. White Christmas

  1. ‘Christmas doesn’t appear from store, perhaps Christmas means a little bit more’, who wrote this statement?

Answer. Dr Seuss

  1. Reindeer of Santa beginning with D!

Answer. Donner, Dancer and Dasher

  1. Frosty, the Snowman’s nose, came from what material?

Answer. A corn cob pipe and a button

  1. Which well-known Christmas Carol was basically wrote to show gratitude?

Answer. Jingle Bells

  1. What soft drink manufacturers began the tradition of using Santa in their advertisements?

Answer. Coca cola

  1. In ‘The Christmas Song,’ who kissed Santa under the mistletoe?

Answer. Mommy

  1. According to the film Elf, Which mechanism Buddy uses while going to the North Pole?

Answer. He is taken to the North Pole accidentally

  1. Where did such clatter arise?

Answer.  On the lawn

  1. What can you take to relieve Glühwein?

Answer.  Merlot or A Pinot Noir

  1. Name the store at which Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer started off as a gimmick marketer.

Answer. Montgomery Ward.

  1. Who stole all Christmas items from “the Who’s” in order to stop Christmas from coming?

Answer. The Grinch

  1. What is Mr. Scrooge’s first name in, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens?

Answer. Ebenezer

  1. What type of trees commonly used as a Christmas tree is the most renowned type of tree to use as Christmas tree?

Answer. Nordmann Fir

  1. What assisted Frosty to come back to life as in “Frosty the Snowman”?

Answer. An old silk hat

  1. What is the number of ghosts mentioned in ‘A Christmas Carol?’

Answer. Four

  1. Which president had his own special recipe for eggnog?

Answer. George Washington

  1. In real-life, the “Miracle on 34th Street” got centered in which departmental store?

Answer. Macy’s

  1. What sparks roughly 100 accidental fires each holiday season?

Answer. Dried Christmas trees

  1. How is Snowman called in the song “Winter Wonderland”?

Answer. Parson Brown

  1. I am a Christmas beverage and I am also called “milk punch”? Who am I?

Answer. Eggnog

  1. Who assisted Rudolph while leaving the North Pole?

Answer. Hermey & Yukon Cornelius.

  1. This country has tradition of filling kid’s clogs with candies and treats every 5th of December.

Answer. Netherlands

  1. According to the English folklore, what figure is associated with Santa?

Answer. Father Christmas

  1. What alcohol is used to “spike” eggnog?

Answer. Rum

  1. How many years does a Christmas tree take to reach an ideal average height?

Answer. 15 years

  1. What thing should one do when found underneath the mistletoe with another person?

Answer. Kiss the nearest person on the cheek, after which a berry is removed from the mistletoe.

  1. Name one of Santa’s reindeers whose name is similar to a certain holiday mascot?

Answer. Cupid

  1. Which nation is regarded to be the first ever to put up a Christmas tree?

Answer. Germany

  1. What is the name of snowman based on the song “Winter Wonderland?”

Answer. Parson Brown

  1. What is considered first rule for the code of elves in the movie “Elf?”

Answer. Treat each day like Christmas.

  1. Who stirred in the movie known as the White Christmas?

Answer. Bing Crosby

  1. Tom Hanks was featured in which animated Christmas movie?

Answer. The Polar Express

  1. Other reindeer chose Rudolf for what reason?

Answer. Because she pulls Santa Claus’ sleigh.

  1. Who assisted Rudolph after leaving the North Pole?

Answer. Donner

  1. Who is the cruel person Rudolph has to avoid?

Answer.  Bumble

  1. According to a Christmas classic titled “It’s a Wonderful Life”, who’d be George Bailey?

Answer. Jimmy Stewart

  1. Traditionally, what did people place at the peak of a Christmas tree?

Answer. Angel

  1. Name the parasitic plant used traditionally for Christmas decoration.

Answer. Mistletoe

  1. This is the first rule of the code of elves in the movie “Elf’.

Answer. Treat each day like Christmas

  1. This person invented electric Christmas lights.

Answer. Thomas Edison

  1. What’s the final statement Santa Claus gives in the book, “A Visit from St. Nicholas?”

Answer. Merry Christmas to everyone, good night.

  1. What are the total number gifts given out in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?

Answer. 364

  1. Name the Christmas decoration that originates from silver strands?

Answer. Tinsel

  1. What are Santa Claus’s reindeers whose first letter begins with D?

Answer. Donner, Dasher and Dancer

  1. How is the major villain called in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

Answer. Oogie Boogie

Hope you had fun going through our list of Christmas Trivia Questions. Kindly don’t forget to add your questions below on the comment section.

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