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50+ Interesting Random Trivia Questions To Ask Anyone [2022 Edition]

Random trivia questions Under Creative Design
Random trivia questions | Creative Design

Random trivia questions are somewhat catchy as they push a participant into testing their knowledge by answering a set of questions. Lest to mention, random trivia questions may be fun and joy to read and range from multiple choice questions to simple questions. Therefore, they are not only comprehensive and knowledgeable, but they are also entertaining and pleasurable.

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Importantly, it helps players open up their minds to new perspectives of information and knowledge, while compelling players to remain competitive and tolerant to each other. I therefore welcome everyone who are interested or eager to grow and learn, to find more than 70 random trivia questions with answers below.

  1. The initial Christmas tree was set up in the US. True or False

Answer. True

  1. Which nation has a culture of filling up kid’s clothes with treats and candies every December 5?

Answer. Netherlands

  1. Who came up with Rudolph, one of Santa’s best reindeer?

Answer. Robert May

  1. Which year did the Coca-Cola Company begin involving Santa Claus in their advertisements?

Answer. The 1920s

  1. Who designed the very first Christmas card? And when was it first sent?

Answer. Henry Cole, in 1843.

  1. During MTV Video Music Awards of 2010, what female singer appeared in a dress made of meat?

Answer. Lady Gaga

  1. Prince George was born in which year?

Answer. 2013

  1. Who were known as the “Fab Four”?

Answer. The Beatles

  1. When was the Game of Thrones first premiere on HBO?

Answer. 2011

  1. Kim Kardashian has been married how many times?

Answer. 3

  1. Which famous company launched their streaming service in 2019?

Answer. Apple TV+

  1. What is the most gross video game franchise to date?

Answer. Pokémon

  1. In China, what do you get if you order “white tea,”?

Answer. Boiled water

  1. Which famous choreographer went uncredited on “White Christmas?”

Answer. Bob Fosse

  1. How many Americans buy artificial Christmas trees?

Answer. 54 percent of Americans

  1. What whiskey brand was advertised with two terrier dogs?

Answer. Black and White

  1. What is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage?

Answer. Beer

  1. Who has the most followers on Instagram as of now?

Answer. Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Pulque comes from which plant?

Answer. Cactus

  1. What is the most complicated cocktail to generate in the world and it is composed of how many ingredients?

Answer. Commonwealth, contains 71 ingredients

  1. When was McDonald’s found?

Answer. 1940

  1. How many baseball players take the field in a baseball game (both teams included)?

Answer. 18

  1. In the film It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, who starred as Mr. Rogers?

Answer. Tom Hanks

  1. Caitlyn Jenner used to be known by what name?

Answer. Bruce

  1. Complete this famous Queen line: “Is this the real life or…”

Answer. “…is this just fantasy.”

  1. Who was the first artist to be seen on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

Answer. John Lennon

  1. The body of a human being comprises of numerous parts. Which part is known as the helix?

Answer. Big toe

  1. The Star Spangled Banner refer to which state’s national anthem?

Answer. USA

  1. What cocktail is prepared with brandy and white crème de menthe?

Answer. Stinger

  1. All Chick-fil-a restaurants are closed for business on which day of the week?

Answer. Sundays

  1. Complete this famous Britney Spears phrase: “Oops I have done it once more, playing with your heart…”

Answer. Oh baby I got lost in the game.

  1. On human body, which parts continue to grow throughout one’s lifetime?

Answer. The ear and nose

  1. What is the national animal of Canada?

Answer. The beaver

  1. Which fast food restaurant aired their new breakfast menu in 2020?

Answer. Wendy’s

  1. What is the difference between mezcal and tequila?

Answer.  mezcal can be made from 50 different species of agave while tequila can only be made from the Blue Weber variety

  1. What was the career of Lady Diana before getting married into the royal family?

Answer. Worked as a nursery teacher’s assistant

  1. Which will be the last season for CW’s Supernatural?

Answer. Season 15

  1. If you order a boilermaker in a bar what would you be given?

Answer. A beer and a shot, taken together

  1. The alcohol Absinthe was banned in the United States in which year?

Answer. 1912,

  1. Finish this popular statement, “RESPECT…”

Answer. Respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity

  1. The European Union flag has how many stars?

Answer. 12 stars

  1. Complete this famous phrase: “Hold me closer tiny dancer…”

Answer. Count the headlights on the highway

  1. How many years were between the two L.A. Olympics?

Answer. 52 years

  1. Prohibition ended in which year?

Answer. On December 5, 1933

  1. What is the significance of Christmas lightsome trees?

Answer. Symbolizes Jesus as the light of the world.

  1. The Advent wreath contains how many candles?

Answer. 4 candles

  1. Who is Raphine’s younger brother in, “A Christmas Story?”

Answer. Ian Petrella

  1. In “A Wonderful Life” George Bailey’s guardian angel has which name?

Answer. Clarence Odbody

  1. What type of spirit is traditionally combined with butter then eaten with pudding at Christmas?

Answer. Brandy

  1. Viagra was originally used to treat this.

Answer. To treat hypertension and angina pectoris

  1. What is the symbolic of advent wreaths?

Answer. Symbolizes God’s endless love.

  1. Home Alone 2 features a cameo from what president?

Answer. Donald Trump.

  1. What item is hanged above the fire point for Santa to fill it with foodstuffs?

Answer. Christmas stocking

  1. Which country stretches its border up to the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean?

Answer. India

  1. In which modern Arab country will you find Constantine, a traditional Phoenician city?

Answer. Algeria

  1. Which nation crosses 8 time zones and borders 14 countries?

Answer. Russia

  1. The capital city of Cuba is known as?

Answer. Havana

  1. Which popular holiday plant is known to be an aphrodisiac?

Answer. Mistletoe

  1. The country with the majority of natural lakes is?

Answer. Canada

  1. Riyadh is known for being which country’s capital city?

Answer. Saudi Arabia

  1. “The Saviour” is an English phrase referring to which Central American state?


  1. Lake Bled is found in which country?

Answer. Slovenia

  1. Santa Claus’s costume which is white and red in color is allegedly said to have been introduced by which drink

Answer. Coca Cola’s drink

  1. The sperm whale is the loudest animal on earth. Yes or no.

Answer. No

  1. The gestation period of an elephant is how long?

Answer. 2 years

  1. A Flemish Giant refers to what type of animal?

Answer. Largest breeds of domestic rabbit

  1. “River Horse” is a term that refers to hippopotamus?

Answer. True

  1. What horned figure disciplines wicked children at Christmas time in relation to folklore of Austria among other countries?

Answer. Krampus

Hope you got all the random trivia questions you might use with your friends. Kindly don’t forget to leave any of your interesting random trivia questions with answers down in the comment section below .

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