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45+ Interesting Animal Trivia Questions To Ask Anyone

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Two Elephants in the wild | Animal Trivia Questions

If you are a great fan of animals then you will enjoy these interesting animal trivia questions. They are a fun way to test one’s IQ or knowledge about animals, get to know some new exciting facts, and having fun while doing it. Interestingly, it is not age limited, one is free to use them on people of all ages.

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Well, you may wonder how this game is played. Don’t worry, it is very easy!! To bring you to speed, the animal questions include questions about insects, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles, beginning with the simplest animal questions to difficult ones. We’ve rounded up a list of 50 interesting animal trivia questions below with answers. All for you to enjoy!

  1. Many lions grouped together are known as?

Answer. A pride

  1. What name is given to the oldest panda giant that passed on at the age of 114?

Answer. Jia Jia

  1. Array refers to what group of animals?

Answer.  Hedgehog

  1. What bear has a bite that is much stronger and capable of breaking a bowling ball?

Answer. Grizzly bears

  1. What is the collective noun for a flock of owls?

Answer. Parliament

  1. What color is hippo’s sweat?

Answer. Pink

  1. What do we call the domestic cavy?

Answer. The guinea pig

  1. What are levelers

Answer. Babies of a hare

  1. The largest bird on earth is known as?

Answer. Ostrich

  1. Which monkey species is the heaviest

Answer. The mandrill

  1. What is Scotland’s national animal?

Answer. Unicorn

  1. A Karakul is what kind of an animal?

Answer. Is a sheep breed originating from of central or west Asia.

  1. Which bird is considered to be a symbol of peace?

Answer. Dove

  1. How many eyes does a shrimp have?

Answer. Two compound eyes

  1. For how long can a snail sleep?

Answer. 3 to 15 hours

  1. The animal with the highest blood pressure in the world in known as…

Answer. Giraffes

  1. What bird with the inability to fly was credited to be a national symbol New Zealand?

Answer. The kiwi

  1. What animal has stripes and belongs to the genus Equus?

Answer. Zebras

  1. Name the natural habitat of arboreal animals?

Answer.  Trees

  1. What is the slowest animal on earth?

Answer. Sloth

  1. Rabbits are born blind. True/False

Answer. True

  1. What is the scientific name for an elephant’s trunk?

Answer. The trunk

  1. Which category of farm animals does not have teeth on their upper jaw?

Answer. Ruminants

  1. What object does a male penguin offer its female counterpart as a gift?

Answer. A Pebble Proposal

  1. Murder refers to a flock of which type birds?

Answer. Crows

  1. A lobster has how many legs?

Answer. Ten legs

  1. In Rome, which animal is legally protected?

Answer. Cat

  1. Which mammal is the largest on earth?

Answer. The Blue whale

  1. What animal never sleeps?

Answer. The bullfrog

  1. What animal is one of the largest animal on earth but cannot jump?

Answer. Elephant

  1. What is the name of the common breed of cat that has no hair?

Answer. The Sphynx

  1. Mohair is obtained from which animal?

Answer. Angora goats

  1. The horn of a rhino is made up if which material?

Answer. Keratin

  1. Which modern household pet was originally domesticated by the Incas over 3,000 years ago?

Answer. Guinea pigs

  1. What type of an ape has a name originating from a Malay word which translates into “man of the forest”?

Answer. Orangutan

  1. The fastest fish in the ocean is known as?

Answer.  The sailfish

  1. What is the name given to a female deer?

Answer. Doe

  1. What do we call a male swam?

Answer. A Cob

  1. What common name refers to the female tiger and the young one of a male lion?

Answer. A liger

  1. What type of animal is an impala?

Answer. Medium-sized antelopes

  1. Which type of animal has a name originating from the traditional Greek phrase “horse of the river”?

Answer. Hippopotamus

  1. Among birds, which one has the largest wingspan than the rest?

Answer. Wandering albatross

  1. Which mammal is very strong that it can raise its hind legs off the ground while standing on the tail?

Answer. Kangaroo

  1. In what mountain range would you find the snow leopard?

Answer. The Himalayas

  1. What common animal has “Mus musculus” in its Latin name?

Answer. House mouse

  1. Alpine, Fainting, and Pyrenean are all breeds of which animal?

Answer. Goat breeds

  1. The French Poodles come from which country?

Answer. France

  1. What type of dog was Lassie?

Answer. Rough Collie

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Hope our list of animal trivia questions will get you started. Kindly don’t forget to leave any of your interesting animal trivia questions with answers down in the comment section below .

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