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At times, it is not easy to start a great conversation with a crush. All this is because of the anxiety due to your feelings towards your crush.(Read More–>>100 More Interesting Questions to ask Your Crush)You want to win his or her attention but sometimes it is quite hard to start the conversation or sometimes keeps the conversation going to know more about his or her dislikes, likes and other general information about them that might assist you in making your final decision if he or she is the real package you were looking for. So how do you go about? You do not have to worry anymore as the list below provide some really interesting questions that you may ask your crush depending on the relationship you two have. They are categorized into flirty questions, deep questions, random questions, awkward questions and dirty questions to ask your crush. Be careful on how you using them as some may prove offensive depending on how you put them. I hope you will like them.


100+ Flirty questions to ask your crush

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What a sweet moment to share with your crush/ Questions to ask your crush
  1. Have you ever wanted to have a threesome?
  2. If we play a love game right now, can you act as my boy/girlfriend?
  3. Can I touch you tonight?
  4. How have you arranged your bedroom?
  5. Which bedroom color do you prefer?
  6. Have you ever bought lingerie for someone?
  7. What romantic experience do you remember?
  8. Where is your boyfriend?
  9. How often do you meet your boyfriend?
  10. What does cheating means in a relationship according to you?
  11. How many people have you fallen in love with?
  12. Is your relationship with your lover ok?
  13. Have you ever disagreed with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  14. What made you disagree with your lover?
  15. Would you consider having a friend with benefits?
  16. What are you looking for in a relationship?
  17. Do you really mean that you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  18. Why are you funny this much?
  19. What do you think of me?
  20. Between a man and a lady, who do you think should make the first move?
  21. Being smart or sexy, which one do you like?
  22. Are you ready to be in a serious relationship again?
  23. You have a nice watch, where did you buy it?
  24. What is the most important thing you are good at?
  25. Do you have a celebrity crush?
  26. Do you consider wearing something to be? What is it?
  27. Have ever gone to n*de beach?
  28. How many types of kissing are you aware of?
  29. When dating someone, what is your biggest turn on?
  30. Are you able to describe me in two sentences?
  31. Be honest please, between boobs and butts, which ones do you like the most?
  32. Can you remember your first camping experience?
  33. How did you feel in your first date?
  34. Who is your best friend?
  35. Have you ever lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  36. For how long can your go without having s*x
  37. Can you suggest a sexy outfit that can fit me?
  38. Can you make out when drunk?
  39. Have you ever been attracted to a boyfriend/girlfriend of your friend?
  40. Can you tell your friend about your sex life?
  41. Which dating site do you think has lots of corns?
  42. If you have used dating sites, what preferences did you indicate while searching for a lady/guy?
  43. Can you fall in love with someone through social media?
  44. If you meet a strange lady/guy and gives you a nice hug and kiss, how would you react?
  45. Do you have a child?
  46. If I slap you, how would you react or respond?
  47. Have you ever been slapped by a man/ woman?
  48. Can you prepare dinner when your girl is just relaxing?
  49. Where did you learn how to prepare a nice meal?
  50. Have you realized the way you are hot?
  51. Can you k*ss your girlfriend in a crowded street?
  52. What is the weirdest thought you have had about me since we met?
  53. Have you ever imagined the two of us being on bed?
  54. Do I look seductive?
  55. When you see your girlfriend flirting with another man, how would you feel?
  56. Do you know what a hickey is?
  57. Have you ever received a hickey from someone?
  58. Would you call me on a cold night to keep you warm?
  59. Between you parents and your lover, whom would you not mind loosing if you were to select one?
  60. Do you like being kissed at a specific part of your body?
  61. Who else are you crushing on right now?
  62. If your girlfriend/boyfriend becomes overweight instantly, what would you do?
  63. Have you ever experienced physical or emotional intimacy?
  64. Can you ever think of your ex?
  65. Do you feel you are in a wrong relationship?
  66. Can you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend how you loved your ex?
  67. What led to the breakup in your previous relationship?
  68. Can you remain friends with your ex?
  69. Could you please tell me two good things about myself?
  70. If I become your girlfriend/boyfriend, what would you expect from me?
  71. Who was your first crush?
  72. Have you ever been told that you have a sexy smile?
  73. Can we go for a night out on Saturday?
  74. If I buy you lingerie, how would you feel?
  75. Would you come to my house over the weekend?
  76. Have you ever watched romantic films?
  77. When I say that I love you, what would be your thoughts?
  78. How many crushes have you had had s@x with?
  79. Something to tell me about your ex?
  80. Do you feel your ex right now?
  81. Where do you like going for honeymoon?
  82. Are you romantic? How?
  83. What nickname can you call me right now?
  84. What type of films do you like watching with you girl/boyfriend?
  85. Can you remember your worst kiss experience? Why do you term it as the worst?
  86. Do you think of having a crush on your boss?
  87. Given a chance, what can you change in me?
  88. If colors had taste, red would test?
  89. Who chose for you the case for your phone?
  90. Can we go out together?
  91. Do you feel secure when am with you?
  92. Are you comfortable making love publicly?
  93. Do you have a romantic quote?
  94. What can you do to show that you love someone?
  95. Can you crush on someone when you are already in a relationship?
  96. What memory do you have so far between us?
  97. Would you like me to be your valentine this year?
  98. Can I use your pet name when calling you?
  99. At what age did you first fall in love?
  100. What is the size of your cloth if I want to buy for you as a gift?
  101. Do you consider me important in your life? How?
  102. Have you ever danced while holding someone closer?
  103. What do you like wearing when going to bed?
  104. Are you planning to hit on me?
  105. How can you define the worst date?

Deep questions to ask your crush

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Deep questions you could ever ask / Questions to ask your crush
  1. Have you ever considered Monday to be a good day for you?
  2. Take a minute and imagine the world is listening to you, what can you tell it?
  3. Have you done something that you now feel ashamed of?
  4. If one of your parent and I drown, who would you rescue first?
  5. Will there be a limit on human creativity?
  6. What is your most useful talent?
  7. Have you gone through a situation that you think has impacted on your life?
  8. Have you ever made a decision which has affected you negatively?
  9. Do you have a group of people in mind that you don’t like to associate with?
  10. What is the most important thing in your life?
  11. Do you feel scared while walking alone in the darkness?
  12. If you were to choose where to go tomorrow, where would you choose and why?
  13. Do you agree with the statement that we are all equal before God?
  14. Who do you feel very close to?
  15. Do you have goals in life?
  16. What are you doing to ensure that you attain your first three goals?
  17. Have you ever disagreed with your best friend?
  18. Should there be equality between men and women in aspects of life?
  19. Do you like being traditional or modern?
  20. What is the most important thing in a relationship?
  21. Should countries in the world ban immigration?
  22. What is the first thing you would do if a plane you are travelling in catches fire?
  23. If you the president in your country, what is the first thing you would do after getting into office?
  24. Which country in the world you would ever like to stay in?
  25. Which country in the world you do not want even to travel to?
  26. Do you have a vision in life?
  27. What comes in your mind when you hear about marriage?
  28. If you are given five million US dollars, would you sell your brother?
  29. What has been your worst encounter in life?
  30. If Jesus returns today, are you ready to go with Him?
  31. How many religions do we have in the world?
  32. Would you follow your parents they ask you to go with them for a party at night?
  33. If you were to change something in your life right now, what would that be?
  34. I give you my love, how long will it take before we get married?
  35. Can you give out your lover with wealth in return?
  36. What is the best thing that you can do for your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  37. How do you make extra money?
  38. Scientists say that kissing can help burn excess calories, can we do some exercise?
  39. Can you help me get off my clothes?
  40. Have you ever thought of me inappropriately?
  41. How do you see the world around you?
  42. What do you consider a perfect lifestyle?
  43. On our first meeting, did you have another feeling telling you ‘don’t’?
  44. If God asks you to seek one thing from him, what would that be?
  45. What qualities can make a person successful in life?
  46. Would human species get extinct on earth? Why?
  47. Who is a human being?
  48. Can you highlight the things you love about me?
  49. Are you happy when we spend time together?
  50. Where did you first see me?
  51. Who would you prefer to die today?
  52. Do you like to be praised or you praise yourself after doing something good?
  53. What one song would you hear the rest of your life if that is the case?
  54. Between internet and electricity what do you prefer not to have for a week?
  55. Are you in position to describe the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Dirty questions to ask you crush

Image of a crazy things to use on Questions to ask your crush
Sometimes you need to talk dirty to spice the relationship/ Questions to ask your crush
  1. What do you enjoy most, butt or b00bs?
  2. Have you ever gone in a str*p club?
  3. Can you get an org*sm when I touch your b**bs and kissing?
  4. Imagine am n*de on your bed, how would you react?
  5. Have you ever s*xted you parent accidentally? How did you react?
  6. What would you do if you see me n*de at your door in the dark?
  7. Which part of my body is your favorite?
  8. Would you feel good if I give you massage?
  9. Do you like when the lights are off or on?
  10. When did you use lubricants last?
  11. Imagine that there are edible under-wears in town, would you buy one?
  12. Which is your perfect bra size?
  13. Can I allow you to kiss me somewhere right now?
  14. When did you wet dream last?
  15. Why are you looking me in a sedactive manner?
  16. Can I show you my under-wear?
  17. Which is your common style?
  18. In case we do it tonight can I be in charge?
  19. According to you, is foreplay necessary?
  20. Do you understand all my chemistry?
  21. Where do you desire touching me regularly?
  22. Have you ever been ambushed while in the act?
  23. Is it shy or steady right now?
  24. Who taught you how to undress someone?
  25. Are you able to unhook my girl’s bra with a single hand?
  26. Have you ever f*ck@d for cash?
  27. Do you like one night stands?
  28. What would you do if we were left in the house together?
  29. Do you talk shit while in the process?
  30. How often do you watch “adult clips”?
  31. Do you like playing with yourself?
  32. Which one do you prefer, being seen doing it or you seeing other persons?
  33. Do you make sounds when doing it?
  34. Where do you rate your s*x drive, high or low?
  35. Would you ever imagine using a s*x toy on me?
  36. Do you find yourself asleep after having it?
  37. How often do you engage in s*x
  38. How many positions are you aware of?
  39. Which position would you like to try before the year ends?
  40. Which position have you tried so far?
  41. How long can it take you from where you are into my p*nts?
  42. Where did you lose your s@x prowess as you are down today?
  43. If I get you doing it, would you stop or just proceed?
  44. If you notice that someone is watching you, would you stop or finish first?
  45. Have you ever imagined doing it in water?
  46. Can you accept to have s*x on the beach?
  47. Do you cry after s*x?
  48. If the answer to the above quiz is yes, what normally happens?
  49. If I send you my n*de pics, can they turn you on?
  50. Can you have it when the camera is on?
  51. Does its size matter?
  52. Have you tried to have s*x in the bathroom?
  53. Where do you prefer, couch or on bed?
  54. What about on the floor, is it ok with you?
  55. Can you use s*x enhancing drugs?
  56. Have you ever used s*x boosting drugs?
  57. How do I taste, if you can imagine?
  58. Getting an oral and providing one, which one would you choose? if any
  59. Would you like paying for s*x
  60. Have you ever bought an er*tic novel?
  61. Have you ever tried to know your measurement?
  62. Can you have sex with a s*x doll?
  63. Do you have tricks that help you turn a guy on?
  64. Can a nice massage make you go wet?
  65. Can I turn you on right now?
  66. What is the best romantic gateway according to you?
  67. Have you ever peed on your beddings?
  68. If someone you respect accesses your web history, would you be embarrassed?
  69. Have you ever taken a snapshot of your private?

Questions to ask about family background of your crush

Image of funny Questions to ask your crush
Sometime you can find a peace of mind on staircase / Questions to ask your crush
  1. Where do you stay?
  2. How far is your home from town?
  3. Are your parents as well behaved as you?
  4. How many are you in your extended family if you can estimate?
  5. Does your father like seeing you hang out with girls/boys?
  6. How can you describe your father in three words?
  7. Are you new in this town?
  8. Are your parents working?
  9. What is your mother’s occupation?
  10. How long can you spent with your parents?
  11. Do you celebrate anniversaries at your home?
  12. Do you receive birthday gifts?
  13. How old is your elder sister?
  14. Can we go together at your place tonight?
  15. If I were to meet your parents today, what would you tell them about me?
  16. What kind of girl do your parents want you to marry?
  17. As a family, what leisure activities do you engage in together?
  18. In case your parents dislike me for a reason, what can you do?
  19. Have you ever regretted being born in that family?
  20. Have you ever bought a gift for your siblings?
  21. What memorable event do you have for being with your family?
  22. Who do you love more, your sister or brother?
  23. Is your mother as cute looking as you are?

Random Questions to ask your crush

Image of random Image of Questions to ask your crush
Having a wondering time in a colorful way indeed / Questions to ask your crush
  1. What one thing do you like about your personality?
  2. Have you ever been bored by something or somebody?
  3. Do you know what entails emotional intimacy?
  4. Are you sure you will marry your current partner?
  5. What does ‘love’ mean to you?
  6. What are your financial goals?
  7. Do you have a person that you personally consider your hero?
  8. Would you accept me to go through your messages?
  9. Do you have bad habits? if any
  10. What can you do to ensure that you leave an impression to a person on the first day you meet?
  11. What do you follow, your head or heart?
  12. How do you take same s*x relationships?
  13. Is considering the past in a relationship important?
  14. Do you have interests in politics?
  15. Do you think raising a child who is not yours?
  16. Have you ever abused drugs?
  17. Do you believe you can be a good parent?
  18. How many hobbies do you have?
  19. Have you ever closed your eyes during a horrific part in a movie?
  20. Have you ever been embarrassed for wardrobe malfunctioning?
  21. Have you ever contracted a serious disease?
  22. Which celebrity would you like to stay with in the house?
  23. If your dream job starts to affect your relationship negatively, what action would you take?
  24. Between watching movies and reading, what do you prefer?
  25. Have you ever taken a courageous step in your life, what was it about?
  26. What song makes you sad?
  27. Have you ever advised someone to stop a bad habit?
  28. Can you survive without water for three days?
  29. Do you understand what open relationship means?
  30. Would you like to be in an open relationship?
  31. When did you cry last?
  32. Can you accept to have private tattoos?
  33. Do you like using perfumes?
  34. Which is you best perfume brand?
  35. Whom do you spend most of your time with?
  36. Is judging people a good idea?
  37. Can you remember anything when you were below 5 years old?
  38. When you are out for a date, what can be your most serious deal breaker?
  39. Imagine being invited to the white house by US president, how can you prepare yourself?
  40. When you are sad, what do you do to comfort yourself?
  41. What is the most beautiful scene you have experienced so far?
  42. What makes you feel nervous?
  43. If you are allowed to do any job, which one would you choose?
  44. Have you ever gone for skinny dipping with your friends?
  45. Would you allow me to show you something privately?
  46. Can I tell you how cute you are?
  47. Have you ever walked along the beach n*de ?
  48. What excited you most on those beaches?
  49. What form of exercise do you do for relaxation?
  50. Can you create hilarious clips?
  51. Looking back in your life, which year do your consider to have been good for you?
  52. What thing do you take so seriously in life?
  53. What direct bullet have you dodged in the recent past?
  54. What artistic skill do you have?
  55. Is this always your character? So loving I see
  56. Am I wearing a brief or a boxer?
  57. Do I look like a trouble maker?
  58. What is the last thing you have searched for in your phone?
  59. Do you like singing while taking shower?
  60. Between hot and cold shower, which one do you prefer?
  61. Have you ever talked to yourself while walking?
  62. When you look around, who looks sexier? Am I?
  63. What have you seen that you wish to unsee given an opportunity?
  64. Have you had a taste on ear wax after you have used it?
  65. If you are given a chance to marry another person, would you dump your boy/girlfriend?
  66. Would you accept to divorce your hubby/wife for me?
  67. Do you ever taken a n*de photo of your partner without their consent?
  68. Which part of your body do find useless and you can do without?

Interesting questions to ask your crush to know him/her better

Image of Questions to ask your crush to know her better
Surprising her with beautiful flower defines couple goals / Questions to ask your crush
  1. Are you single?
  2. When choosing a life partner, what comes first, character or looks?
  3. Can you sacrifice your life for your lover?
  4. Between winter and summer, which one do you like?
  5. Do you believe you are a good kisser?
  6. What can make you fall in love when you meet someone?
  7. How does your dream girl look like?
  8. Do you have specific personality traits you are looking for in a lady/guy?
  9. What do you hate most in women?
  10. What do you like most in women?
  11. When you see me, what do you fall for?
  12. What don’t you like in your boyfriend/girlfriend
  13. Would you rate the following according to their importance? Money, love, and family
  14. Do you have a favorite watch brand?
  15. What is your favorite drink?
  16. Would you like to be an actor/actress?
  17. Can you create horror movies?
  18. Can you watch horror movies alone at night?
  19. Do you know how to rap?
  20. Do you like singing when you are alone?
  21. What is your favorite music? Why?
  22. Where is your dream place of living?
  23. Are you planning to get married soon?
  24. Do you have likes or dislikes?
  25. What do you fear most in life?
  26. Are you planning to change your career?
  27. What can you say is your biggest strength?
  28. Between drinking and smoking, both or one?
  29. Do you engage in community services?
  30. How often do you visit the less fortunate in the society to comfort them?
  31. Have you ever been embarrassed in public?
  32. Do you like poems?
  33. Can you stand by the decisions you make?
  34. Which poet is your favorite?
  35. Have you ever been appreciated for doing something unique?
  36. What did you admire doing when you were a child?
  37. Do you like arranged marriage?
  38. Can you play with kids?
  39. Do I make you feel confident when am besides you?
  40. Do you like animals?
  41. Can you keep pets at your residence?
  42. Where do you like living, in a metropolitan area or countryside?
  43. Can you be affected by peer pressure?
  44. Do you seriously follow what your girlfriend/boyfriend tells you?
  45. Do you fear snakes?
  46. Have ever broken your own life principles?
  47. What complements did you receive while were a student?
  48. What do you do immediately you wake up?
  49. Do you believe miracles exist?
  50. Do you like a life partner who is an introvert or extrovert?
  51. Are you always optimistic in life?
  52. Can I trust you fully?
  53. Do want to marry a working woman or a house wife?
  54. How do you take care of your girl/boyfriend?
  55. How regular do you cook?
  56. Do you feel jealous when you see your lover talks to another the ex boyfriend/ex girlfriend ?
  57. Do you love jogging in the morning?(I personally love it)
  58. What gift could you give me on our first marriage anniversary?
  59. Do you like ice cream?
  60. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  61. In life, who makes you feel complete?
  62. Are you generous?
  63. Do you like a boy/girlfriend who is mean?
  64. Can you marry a woman who earns more than you?
  65. What do you like accessing on the internet?
  66. What makes you different from your friends?
  67. Are you a good reader?
  68. Which novel did you read last?
  69. Are you proud of your future? Why?
  70. What special thing did you do in your wedding?
  71. Are you interested in fashion?
  72. What kind of clothes do you like wearing?
  73. What was the worst book you have ever read?
  74. When you arrange for a weekend party, who would be fist on your invitation list?
  75. Which restaurant in town do you hate most?
  76. Do you have a favorite number? Why?
  77. In the current digital world, what annoys you most?
  78. Do you ever feel obsessed with something? What is that?
  79. When stressed up, what do you do to overcome it?
  80. How good are you in solving problems?
  81. Do you like blame games?
  82. Do you work on your commitments when in a relationship?
  83. Would you stop me if I do something you don’t like?
  84. Do you forgive someone quickly?
  85. Have you ever had grudges with someone?
  86. Do you like watching family shows or romantic episodes?
  87. Are you an emotional person?
  88. Can money issues make your relationship break up?
  89. Do you have real friends? How many are they?
  90. Would you love your lover to have tattoos?
  91. According to you, do you consider piercing and tattoos to be sexy?
  92. Have you drawn a yellow line between being friends and dating?
  93. Do you love cracking jokes?
  94. Would you move out of a conversation if we disagree?
  95. How often do you visit heavy music bars?
  96. Do you find yourself to be short tempered?
  97. What step do you take to calm your temper?
  98. Do you like passionate love?
  99. On what item can you spend your extra coin on?
  100. When you are alone at home, what do you normally engage in?
  101. How do you calm yourself when you get angry?
  102. Do you have a secret lover?
  103. Continuation–>>100 More Interesting questions to ask your crush


20 Awkward questions to ask your crush

Image of uneasy Questions to ask your crush
Holding your partner hand makes them feel safe / Questions to ask your crush
  1. Have you ever accidentally found your best friend doing it?
  2. Have you ever peed on a wall?
  3. How long do you take showering?
  4. If you accidentally fart in the office, how do you react?
  5. What is the color of lingerie you are wearing right now?
  6. For a 1000USD, can you sleep with a person twice your age?
  7. What is the extremely childish thing you are still doing?
  8. If I give you a silly nickname, would you get annoyed?
  9. Do you watch videos which you actually know you shouldn’t?
  10. How much food can you eat in a single sitting?
  11. How many under-wears do you have?
  12. Do you eat food off the floor?
  13. When did you lick your plate last?
  14. Who do you wish to see naked?
  15. What animal do you think eats as you do?
  16. Have you ever told a secret you were warned not to?
  17. Do you fantasize while at your workplace?
  18. Have you ever been told that you are a failure?
  19. Did you had an imaginary friend when you were still young?
  20. Do you talk aloud to someone while sleeping?
  21. Continuation–>>100 More Interesting Questions to ask Your Crush

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