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When you meet the guy you like or enjoy spending time with, there is one thing you need to do also, you need to keep his attention.(Read also–>>100 More Interesting Questions to Ask A Guy)

In most cases, it has always been men who try so hard to break the ice but what if your guy has had a long day or is not in his moods as always? As such, the article provides a list of really interesting questions to ask a guy to help in keeping the conversation going. These questions are really good questions to ask,quite romantic questions to ask,some are deep and dirty questions to ask and  some are very funny questions to ask that will will bring him back to his moods in case he was bored.


200+ Random interesting questions to ask a guy

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Leaning on her makes your nerves relax /Questions to ask a guy
  1. I cannot believe I have forgotten my mobile phone number, can I have yours then?
  2. In case you were an actor in Hollywood. What character do you think would fit you?
  3. Can you spell the word antidisestablishmentarianism in one minute?
  4. In case you were an actor, which role would you prefer to play between a villain and the good guy?
  5. Which TV character do you think is the funniest in the whole world?
  6. Which movie star do you think in the most villain character of all time?
  7. What is the most evil thing have you ever thought about a person?
  8. How often do you give tips to waiters for great service delivery?
  9. How have you used your most important skill to improve your life?
  10. Have you ever taken a bribe to cover something bad?
  11. What is the frequent thought comes in your mind every morning?
  12. Where is your original home and how many new places have you lived?
  13. What is that thing you have wanted to do but you haven’t yet?
  14. Are you the type of guy who takes “NO!” for an answer when approaching a lady?
  15. Where do you wish to propose for you longtime girlfriend?
  16. What role do you play in church?(if he is a church dude)
  17. How many applications from girls have you received so far?
  18. What is the number 1 trait that you are looking in a woman of your dreams?
  19. Would you date a girl from another race? What do you find attractive about them?
  20. How many friends from another race do you have?
  21. Is your friend of your race or he is from a different race?
  22. What turns you off when dating a woman from a different race?
  23. Would your parents support your affairs when you date a girl from a different race?
  24. What do your parents and relative says about dating girls from the other race?
  25. Would you miss your favorite and the most awaited game to spend time with your girlfriend?
  26. What do your friends say about me?
  27. Who among your friends hates your girlfriend so much? And why?
  28. Who among my friend do you like the most?
  29. Who among my friends do you not like at all? Why?
  30. If you could be a woman, how long could you have awaited to get married?
  31. If you wake up one day and find yourself turned into a woman. What about your life do you think will change with immediate effect?
  32. Are you a playboy?
  33. How many girls are you seeing now?
  34. What do you find interesting about dating many girls at the same time?
  35. Can you marry a disabled girl?(who cannot walk)
  36. Your face looks familiar, are you from….. (Name the place you think you once saw him)?
  37. What is the latest I can call you in the evening?
  38. Where did you meet your current girlfriend?
  39. Do I look like your potential girlfriend?
  40. Have you ever supported xenophobic in your life?
  41. What was the reason for dumping your girlfriend?
  42. Do you regret for dumping your girlfriend?
  43. Have you ever been dumped by a girl? What did you do or happened?
  44. What was your ex-girlfriend’s favorite music?
  45. What are you most committed to in life?
  46. Who have you ever made out with?
  47. How many times have you had s*x this year?
  48. How many ladies do you intend to make love to before the end of the year?
  49. Do you prefer to date fat or slim ladies?
  50. Do you prefer to date a girl older than you, age mates or younger than you?
  51. How many older women have you dated in life so far?
  52. Which category of women do you think is easy to approach; younger than you, age mates or older women?
  53. Have you ever been embarrassed by a lady in public? What happened?
  54. Whom did you share your first kiss with? (Name)
  55. Who was your childhood girlfriend?
  56. What do you think about my dress code today?
  57. How many jobs have you quit so far this year?
  58. What is the most exotic thing that you have ever purchased?
  59. Are you planning to change your occupation?
  60. Who do you think is the most handsome/cute movie star in the world?
  61. Who do you think is the prettiest actress in the world?
  62. Which among all the movies you have watched do you rate very low?
  63. Which this year movie you think is the best?
  64. Which movies are you waiting eagerly for the release?
  65. What do you love about Disney world production movies?
  66. Are you a fun of cartoon and animation movies?
  67. Which is your favorite cartoon movie?
  68. Which genre of movies don’t you like?
  69. Who do you try do had to be nice to?
  70. What is the most expensive item you have ever broken accidentally?
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Feeling nature and the ground besides you love/ Questions to ask a guy
  1. Have you ever told someone, “You see, that is what I told”?
  2. How many riddles can you tell me right now?
  3. Have ever gotten hiccups while taking a drink in an important meeting?
  4. How do you feel when a girl you have always admired is kissed by a guy in your presence?
  5. Imagine seeing your spouse being given a tight hug by smartly dressed guy, do you take it easy?
  6. What romantic movie quotes do you use when you meet your crush?
  7. What things you like doing would you miss most when you grow old?
  8. What picture or movie makes you laugh even if you look at it several times?
  9. What game are you most addicted to on your smartphone?
  10. Do you eat food that looks fine yet it is past its expiry date?
  11. Would you accept to act like a baboon in the animal zoo for 5000 dollars per month?
  12. Among your best friends who do think has no filter their mouth and brain?
  13. Which foreign language do you wish you could be in position to speak fluently?
  14. What one habit do you regret you could have started much earlier?
  15. Think of this scenario, you have a car with capacity to carry only one person, your wife and your other gets stranded at night, between the two who would you leave behind?
  16. If you were a crazy scientist, what experiment would you do involving women?
  17. Among your family members, who do think is the luckiest person? Why?
  18. Which private beach you have been to? How was it, beautiful?
  19. What social trend among your friends are you tired of?
  20. Have you ever pretended to know lot about an issue but in real sense you have no idea?
  21. What are the most important principles that you have?
  22. Have you attended a wedding? What lessons did you learn from it?
  23. How would our marriage be if we moved in together?
  24. Where have you ever slept but felt so much uncomfortable?
  25. Do you like singing? Which song do you only know its chorus?
  26. If you wanted your roommate to go crazy, what kind of note would you leave for him on the table?
  27. Have you ever felt embarrassed for mispronouncing simple words? What were they?
  28. What is most expensive thing that you can buy for your girlfriend?
  29. Do you think your name has contributed to who you are?
  30. What profession you would never like to be?
  31. Are you proud of being a man? or you would wish to be a woman?
  32. Have you ever applied the slogan “fake it until you make it”?
  33. If you were a grandparent today, what interesting stories would you tell your grandchildren?
  34. How many hours do you spend sleeping?
  35. When you meet your crush, do you always say the truth or you hide some things?
  36. Do you like my choice of dressing?
  37. When you go to a restaurant, do you prefer to pay then eat or eat then pay?
  38. What are your ambitions? How are you planning to fulfill them?
  39. Where do you access daily news?
  40. What is the best way of firing someone from work?
  41. Do you still have the photo you took when you were a small kid? How did you look like, handsome?
  42. If you were a celebrity, what things would you do to ensure that you always on the news highlights?
  43. What would be the worst thing to see or hear when you are going for a heart surgery in theatre?
  44. What one thing would you like to do to be included in the Guinness Book of Records?
  45. Have you ever regretted for despising something your war warned before?
  46. How would you like to be addressed when people are talking to you?
  47. What designer jacket do you possess?
  48. What is your best item of clothing? Why do you like it?
  49. What is the worst thing that can end your relationship?
  50. If you found you’re your girlfriend in the act with another man, would you forgive her?
  51. What are the characteristics of a good husband, do you possess them?
  52. What social controversial issue do you feel deeply about?
  53. What one thing makes you hate/like about politicians?
  54. Have you ever dreamt to be a politician? Why or why not?
  55. How many are you in your family? How do you relate with your siblings?
  56. What is the most challenging situation that you have gone through?
  57. What is that thing that you spouse would like you to change? Are you ready to change?
  58. What do you enjoy most with your girlfriend when you meet?
  59. What is your dream vacation? How are you planning to make it a success?
  60. What has been the most challenging time you have experienced in your relationship?
  61. Have you ever disagreed with your girlfriend? How did you handle it?
  62. What thing you enjoyed doing while you were a child but you still do it now?
  63. What has always motivated you as an individual?
  64. Can you think of your best fictional villain?
  65. When do you feel happiest and most contented?
  66. Between your friends and your family, who are in position to describe you more accurately?
  67. What would be the things they would mention while talking about you?
  68. What can you tell someone about your spouse?
  69. What are the possible concerns do you think your wife can have about you?
  70. Do you visit your parents regularly? When did you meet them last?
  71. What is the best thing about being a man?
  72. What is the worst thing of being a man?
  73. What thing would not do or do when give one million dollars
  74. What type of food do you hate absolutely?
  75. Have you ever received a serious injury? How did you get it?
  76. Have people said you own too much of something? What is that?
  77. Have you ever experienced a situation that made you sweat? How did you go about it?
  78. Between school and college, what has impacted on your life the most?
  79. What have you ever done to improve someone’s life?
  80. What area would you wish to be an expert in?
  81. What personal thing would you struggle to save when your house caught fire?
  82. What good think you would like at least everyone to experience in life?
  83. Have you ever done an unusual thing? What was that?
  84. Did you like watching cartoons when you were a child? Which one was your favorite?
  85. Are you good at any game/ sport?
  86. Do you like playing cardboard games?
  87. Which one is your most preferred/least preferred cardboard game?
  88. Have you ever felt extremely sorry for someone in a movie?
  89. What thing could you do all day long without getting bored?
  90. What have you learnt recently?
  91. Have you ever lost something that was precious to you? Did you find it?
  92. Have you ever received a complement that has always stuck in your mind?
  93. What comes in your mind when you come a across a homeless man?
  94. What goal have you attained last?
  95. How is your best close friend?
  96. Are you comfortable with all things happening in your life?
  97. Who would you like to accompany you to a foreign country?
  98. Do you wish that you could live forever? Why/ why not?
  99. What is your favorite means of transport? Why do you like it?
  100. Do you think your parents raised in a perfect way?
  101. What did you miss when you were growing up?
  102. Would you rather fix things yourself or ask for assistance?
  103. Do you believe horoscopes really reflect your real life experiences?
  104. Between casual and official attire, which one do you prefer?
  105. What or who do you thank God most for having given you?
  106. What habit is accepted socially but you feel uncomfortable with?
  107. What do you find so strange about you?
  108. Which celebrity would you wish to have as your president?
  109. Which celebrity do you think would be a nuisance if he/she is the president of your country?
  110. What (if any) makes you become so much afraid?
  111. What is your favorite flower? I may consider buying you one.
  112. Where do you want to visit before the end of this year?
  113. Which is the serious problem that is facing the world today you would like to solve given an opportunity?
  114. Who is your oldest relative who still alive? How old is he/she?
  115. What is the most significant and unique tradition your family has?
  116. What kind of people you cannot stay with for a day?
  117. What wakes you up every morning?
  118. Are you a fan of music?
  119. Who is your favorite music star?
  120. If you were to design and built a house on your preferred tree, how would it look like?
  121. What features would that house have?
  122. Which movie would you wish life to be more like?
  123. What are the three things you can never spend your mone on?
  124. How many phones have you owned so far?
  125. Do you like reading/watching historical books/movies?
  126. If you have ever the history of the world, would you prefer living in the past or present?
  127. Have you ever gotten stressed up over something but later turned out to be no big deal?
  128. What current story is you tired of hearing again?
  129. What is the most important thing that people get it wrongly?
  130. Who has lost your trust and respect completely? What is the reason?
  131. How would you like the government address the crime issue?
  132. Between health and wealth, what do you pray for often?
  133. Would you think of one person you met once, but left big impression on your life? Who was that?
  134. What question do you ask someone when you want to know more about him/her?
  135. What signs tell you that this person would be successful in future?
  136. What have you always been doing wrong but you knew the perfect way of doing it recently?
  137. Would you rather buy a great book or a great movie?
  138. Would you rather listen to your heart or your brain?
  139. Would you rather ask for forgiveness or ask for permission?
  140. Do you consider yourself a superstitious guy? What is it about?
  141. Which is the worst movie you have ever bought?
  142. Do you like peeing in the shower?
  143. Would you rather be in the shape of a hologram or two dimensional?
  144. Do you remember your childhood nickname?
  145. Have you ever received a prank call? Tell me the story.
  146. What rules have set for yourself?
  147. What is the strangest thing you have seen someone do in public?
  148. What can you recommended to person who is free and don’t know what to do?
  149. Are you a religious person?
  150. How often do you read you Bible/Quran?
  151. What is the worst animal you can never imagine attacking you?
  152. How far have you walked along in total darkness?
  153. Which dream do you wish it would come true?
  154. What tactics did you use in college to pass exams?
  155. Would you like to marry a girl from your neighborhood?

Dirty, flirty and funny questions to ask a guy

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Surprise her with a fun questions/ Questions to ask a guy
  1. How can you describe my body odor?
  2. What signs would make you to think I am h@rny? How do you normally behave when am h@rny?
  3. How long do you always last in bed?
  4. Are you proud of your m@sturbation habits?
  5. Do you still experience wet dreams?
  6. Do you think you are ugly or handsome?
  7. How do my lips taste?
  8. Would you rather say all that you have in your mind or never to talk again?
  9. If you were a waiter and your clients are complete jerks, how would you handle them?
  10. If you were a disease, what would be your symptoms?
  11. Would you have cure?
  12. Have you ever played a father as a child, whom was the mother and what did you do as husband and wife?
  13. Have you ever been caught naked with your crush?
  14. Have you ever been caught by the police for peeing in public places?
  15. What would you do if you found a briefcase with one million dollars inside? Would you keep it to yourself or you would take the cash to the police station to look for the owner?
  16. Who do you think was the most funny childhood friend?
  17. Who among your childhood friends always got you into trouble?
  18. Whom among your childhood friends used to be very polite but now he is everywhere?
  19. Which vocabulary do you think I normally use?(A day cannot pass without me using it while we are talking)
  20. Have you ever been bitten by a lady thoroughly?
  21. What genetic modification you would like to be done on you?
  22. Have you ever done a quickie somewhere dangerous?
  23. Have you ever deleted your own social media post? What was it about?
  24. Do you think you can knock out some out someone out of their senses by a single punch?
  25. Can you make out with someone of your same S@x if it was the only option that could save the world from ending?
  26. Have you ever made love to a s@x doll?
  27. Do you think the current inventions of Samantha the s@x doll will render women useless?
  28. Are you planning to buy Samantha the s@x doll?
  29. Do you think the introduction of Samantha the sex dolls is a necessary evil to save men from girls ever demands?
  30. When did you last had s@x with a s@x doll?
  31. Do you think Samantha the s@x doll will ever quick human desire for intimacy?
  32. Have you ever been approached by a female teacher?
  33. Which body part would you ensure it has been enhanced if you were to change your S*x?
  34. If we end up together in the future, whom would you wish our children to resemble?
  35. Have you ever felt like you own me?
  36. Do you think I owe you anything?
  37. When your dog farts terribly, do you tough it out or leave the room for it?
  38. Have you ever called me with a private number? Yes. What was your intention?
  39. In your own opinion, do the size of a male “gadget” matter?
  40. How many times could you have sex in a day if you had the chance?
  41. What turns you on faster between sexting and phone sex?
  42. Assume I am a baby. How would you explain to me the difference between a bird and a bee?
  43. Whom do you consider a jerk of all the girls you have met in life?
  44. Have you ever been embarrassed for touching a girls butts yet it was accidental? (How did you feel?)
  45. How often do you find yourself scratching yourself down there?
  46. Do you use plain water or soap to clean your “gadget”?
  47. Do you feel comfortable farting loud while with your girlfriend?
  48. What must you do at night before you sleep?
  49. On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is more romantic, where do you consider yourself to be?
  50. What could you do if you notice I was starting to get a crush on you?
  51. If you were to choose an African country to live for the rest of your life, which country would you prefer?
  52. Have you ever been drunk till you passed out?
  53. When you meet a girl, how long can you take before having s@x with her?
  54. What memory about us is still fresh ever since we met?
  55. What made you to stop cheating in exams in college?
  56. Have you ever been slapped with your best friend? If yes, what had you done to him?
  57. Do you watch p@rn with your girlfriend?
  58. Which extreme adventure sport have you played in life?
  59. Have you ever winked at yourself in a mirror?
  60. What is the most expensive staff in your closet?
  61. What was the cheapest staff in your closet? How much did you bought it?
  62. Which of your sexual fantasies are you yet to share with me?
  63. When did you last indulge in PDA? Whom did you want to make jealous?
  64. Do you think I have a manipulative behavior which turns you off sometimes?
  65. What is it that you must do when in a relationship with a girl?
  66. Is s@x among your top five goals in a relationship?
  67. Can you abstain from s2x with your girlfriend till marriage?
  68. What would you do if you date a girl who is a terrible cook and lazy?
  69. Which means of transport have you ever used and you would wish to try before you die?
  70. Is there a sexy scene in a movie that you would to do live with me?
  71. Where would your eyes move faster to see if my dress falls off?
  72. If you were to touch your girlfriend at a single place, where would that be?
  73. What name do you find sexier?
  74. What shows that you are proud of your girlfriend?
  75. How well can you explain how a plane operates?
  76. What is the one thing you tell yourself in the mirror?
  77. Have you ever asked your friend to give you pickup lines before approaching a girl?
  78. Would you wish to spend a day with aliens?
  79. What always rings in our mind when you see a sexy lady?
  80. If mentally disturbed girl approaches you asking for s@x with no strings attached, would you give in?
  81. If animals were human beings, which animal could make a good wife for you?
  82. If you were a girl which type would you have been? Hard to get type?
  83. Have you ever attended a s*x party?
  84. Would you like to know exactly what your girlfriend thinks of you after having s@?
  85. What dirty thing have you thought of doing to me?
  86. Have you thought of someone else while having s2x
  87. Who comes in your mind when you pleasure yourself?
  88. What is the silliest thing you have done with your friends when you are on vacation?
  89. Between booty and boobs, what attracts men’s attention most? Where do you belong?
  90. If you had eye glasses that can help you see someone’s body even if he/she has clothes, who would go for first?
  91. How do you know that your girlfriend is satisfied with the private act?
  92. Can you have a crush at your boss if she is a lady?
  93. Can you walk n@de with your girlfriend on an active beach?
  94. Would you rather be a rapist or a serial killer?
  95. Do you have a friend with benefits?
  96. What food would you prefer to be liquid form for you only to use a drinking straw?
  97. If you were a girl, how would you prefer yours body shape to be like?
  98. Can you go for a sleep over at your girlfriend’s place?
  99. How long should intimate session take?
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Sometimes you need to be naughty to make him smile back/ questions to ask a guy
  1. What is the sexy thing I can do for you? Give you pleasure while driving?
  2. Can you compare me with other girls you have ever been with?
  3. Do we taste the same? What differs?
  4. How many women can you go with in one day?
  5. Do you ever brag to your friends about your girlfriend?
  6. Have s@x with your boss (lady) and get a promotion. How do you find it?
  7. How old was the oldest woman you have ever slept with?
  8. Do you feel any difference when using a cond@m and when it is flesh squared?
  9. Can you watch a romantic movie with your parents in a sitting?
  10. What thing would you wish you see me wear?
  11. What are you best at while in bed?
  12. What something new would you like to try when you go with me in bed?
  13. Between you and your girlfriend, who mostly make the first move?
  14. If I ask you to send me a sexy pic of your favorite body part, which part would that be?
  15. What do you think of when you pass by a brothel?
  16. What have you discovered to be the best/worst thing about being a woman?
  17. What can a man help is wife relax, when she returns from work stressed?
  18. How often do you day dream? What dream keeps on recurring?
  19. When you first saw your current girlfriend, was it love at the first sight?
  20. How can you describe my body using only two words?
  21. Do you like when your girlfriend is much possessive over you?
  22. What excites you, flirty skirt or tight jeans?
  23. Who is a real man according to you?
  24. If you were to marry one fictional character, which would that be?
  25. What is the one thing you would like your spouse to do that she has not done?
  26. In the backseat. Have you ever tried it?
  27. How would you react if you receive my n@de photo?
  28. Were you ever given “the bees and the birds” talk?
  29. Which one do you prefer, giving or receiving?
  30. Would you guess right what I am wearing now?
  31. What music do you like when it plays in your bedroom at that time?
  32. How many s@x positions have you tried so far?
  33. What word expression do you like using when you ask for s2x from your girlfriend?
  34. What would you do if open your door and find me in my birthday suit?
  35. How often do shave parts around your package?
  36. Have you ever dreamt about me?
  37. For how long can you go without that experience?
  38. Would you like watching your girlfriend touch herself?
  39. Would you rather see me n2de or in p@nty
  40. Would you like to have toys in your bedroom?
  41. How do react when you are watching a movie with your parents and a dirty scene appears?
  42. What actions do you do to woo girls? Which one works best for you?
  43. Have you ever bought lingerie as a gift for a lady? What was in your mind?
  44. What good thing can you receive from a woman when in bed?
  45. Where would you prefer if you were to give me body massage?
  46. How many single girls have saved in your phonebook?
  47. Do you flirt with ladies that you have their phone numbers?
  48. Have you ever wanted to tear your girl’s clothes so that you access the goodies faster?
  49. At what age did you lose it?
  50. What reality drives guys to approaching girls, sex or love?
  51. Would you describe your love making to be a natural disaster or a weather event?
  52. Who taught you how to put on cond@ms?
  53. What kind of movies do you search for online?
  54. Do you still have your ex’s number? Why/ why not?
  55. Have ever told someone that you are in an open relationship? What did you mean?
  56. Which one is your way to go, lights on or off?
  57. Are you a fan of cuddling?
  58. How would you feel when you do it outside?
  59. Has someone of your sex ever attracted to you? What can be reaction if it happens?
  60. Have you ever pretended to be a girl?
  61. Would you like to also walk in heels?
  62. If you were a girl would you ever leave your house without putting on makeup?
  63. Have you ever been found doing an embarrassing thing? How did you react if you were?
  64. What funny name can you call your muscles? Guns?
  65. How many seconds or minutes can you take to reach there?
  66. Do you like being noisy?
  67. What animal resembles you in appearance?
  68. What animal can you compare your personality with?
  69. How many rounds are you planning to go your wedding night?
  70. If you were invisible for one hour, what would you spend that time?
  71. Which is you best animal sound? Would you do it for me?
  72. Do you think you would ever drive a SmartCar?
  73. When you look at yourself, do you think you can survive a zombie apocalypse?
  74. Would you rather prefer intelligence or happiness?
  75. Do you consider yourself to be more intelligent or happier?
  76. Have you ever tried to commit a crime? Did you or what stopped you?
  77. Would you rather be a zombie or vampire? Why?
  78. Would you rather be carried in a tanker or submarine?
  79. Do you try to hit a target while peeing? Do you succeed?
  80. How do you do it, wet the toothbrush before or after you have placed toothpaste?
  81. What part of my body would you draw perfectly?
  82. Do you ever think of getting mad at me?
  83. Would you rather not hear or not see?
  84. Would you prefer to scream each time you sneezed or fart each time you yawn?
  85. What would be the most interesting game if players were to get drunk before going to the field?
  86. For how long can you hold your breath? Would you try it?
  87. If you are given one hour with a strange what things would you ask him or her?
  88. Have you ever been attacked by a gang while you are with your girlfriend?
  89. Have you ever thought of using lubricants?
  90. Do you think I am wearing something else apart from my jeans?
  91. Can we do the act outside? Like in a forested area?
  92. Do you look at me as a wife or a girlfriend?
  93. What thing can you do with your girlfriend but not your wife?
  94. What would you do if your ex- that you loved most brings you a gift during your wedding?
  95. Can I wear something when we go to bed or nothing at all?
  96. Are you able to unhook my bra using one hand?
  97. Who would you wish to find in the act?
  98. Do you like talking shit when having s@x?
  99. When do you feel when you have an orgasm?
  100. What attracts you most when you look at me?
  101. Do you like skinny dipping?
  102. Do you think you immediate neighbor gets disturbed when you do it loud?
  103. What would you do if your sexy neighbor knocks at your door in a bikini?
  104. Are you still a virgin?
  105. Have you ever been attracted to your cousin?
  106. Do you have a favorite porn star?
  107. What position you would never try again?
  108. Have you ever tried hand job while driving?
  109. How do you feel when i have not worn any underwear?
  110. Would you mind doing it when I have “visitors” in the month?
  111. For how long do you check me out when I move away from you?
  112. Would you like to cuddle with me?
  113. Have you ever had a threesome?
  114. Have you ever used a tape measure to know yourself better?
  115. Would you like to have a threesome with your friend?
  116. Have you ever taken someone to a strip club?
  117. Have you ever been paid for s@x
  118. Toys during s2x- are they useful?
  119. When were you blindfolded last?
  120. Have you ever slept naked? Why?
  121. Why do men fall asleep after having s2x?
  122. Have you ever thought of me in a bad way?
  123. Have you ever realized how hot you are?
  124. Can you employ the services of your tongue when in the act?
  125. Would you stop or keep going if you realize that someone was watching you?
  126. Continuation–>>100 More Interesting Questions to Ask A Guy

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