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300+ Interesting Yes or No Questions To Ask Your Friends & More

photo of Friends Asking Each Other Yes Or No Questions
Friends Asking Each Other Yes Or No Questions

Random yes or no questions are ice-breaker questions to ask a friend, especially when you are on vacation, a get together or sleepover. These questions can also be used during free-time or in meetings with friends, and they can cover a diversity of topics including moral dilemmas, fun, interpersonal relationships, or fidelity.

These are types of questions meant to prompt a conversation between two people by asking each other the questions. To participate in the questions one can just ask his/her colleague, boyfriend, friend, or girlfriend a set of questions, where the respondents are to only answer with a yes or no. There are no other answers permitted other than Yes or No. The faster and confusing the questions are asked the more interesting the conversations become.

50+ Random Yes or No Questions

  1. Can you play a game of cards?
  2. Have you heard of ghosts?
  3. Do you love coffee?
  4. Do you eat junk foods?
  5. Do you take red meat?
  6. Do you like visiting friends?
  7. Can you climb a tall branchless tree?
  8. Do you like climbing mountains?
  9. Are you male?
  10. Are you female?
  11. Do you go to school?
  12. Have you ever visited the Caribbean?
  13. Do you read comic books?
  14. Can you play football?
  15. Do you have a strong mentality?
  16. Did you see a fog?
  17. Was there mist in the morning?
  18. Do you love reggae music?
  19. Have you ever seen a giraffe?
  20. Do you believe in aliens from space?
  21. Do you like watching TV?
  22. Have you ever read a romance novel?
  23. Are you interested in skydiving?
  24. Do you drink coke?
  25. Do you shower three times in a day?
  26. Do you eat lunch every day?
  27. Do you enjoy going to school?
  28. Do you believe in Father Christmas?
  29. Can you even walk more than 1km?
  30. Can you do more than 100 pushups in 5 minutes?
  31. Can you run for long distances?
  32. Do you like paint balling?
  33. Are you a preacher?
  34. Are you a thief?
  35. Do you like borrowing people money?
  36. Do you wear skirts?
  37. Do you do evening jogs?
  38. Do you like McDonalds?
  39. Are you an outspoken person?
  40. Can you be a lawyer?
  41. Can you run from your problems?
  42. Are you a fun person?
  43. Do you doubt everyone?
  44. Are you a strong believer of Christ?
  45. Do you hate Satan?
  46. Can you play Goliath?
  47. Do you believe in God?
  48. Are you comfortable in crowded spaces?
  49. Have you ever thought of where people go when they die?
  50. Can you vomit in public place?
  51. Do you have a favorite celebrity?
  52. Have you ever been involved in any project?
  53. Have you ever been involved in workplace gossips?
  54. Do you think the myths about North Pole are real?
  55. Have you ever fainted in public?
  56. Have you ever been closer to huge gorillas?
  57. Have you ever seen a male Lion from a close range?
  58. Have you ever been lost in a city?
  59. Are you comfortable with great heights?
  60. Do you sleep earlier than 8 pm?
  61. Have you ever been a part of an embarrassing discussion?
  62. Do you have something you regret doing?
  63. Have you ever taken a big step that you felt thigh pains?
  64. Have you ever had muscle pulls?
  65. Do you have a favorite novel?
  66. Is there a time you wished you were never born?
  67. Do you think Spain is Espanola?
  68. Have you ever been to Brazil?
  69. Do you know the best footballer in the world?
  70. Do you think that Jesus will still come?
  71. Have you ever been embarrassed in public?
  72. Do you believe that if you put a tooth behind a pillow you will get a dollar?

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50+ Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Friends

Friends Outing in Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Friends
Friends Outing | Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Friends

These set of questions are more perfect in creating controversies because by giving yes or no answers without making any explanations, the answers can be open to further interpretations. The fun is actually derived from the simplicity of the questions coupled with the difficulty in answering and understanding them. The questions can be divided into various sub-headings to suit the persons participating in the game and the time the game is played to create the possibility of surprises. The following are some of the yes or no questions one can ask a friend.

  1. Are you often afraid?
  2. Do you sing while taking shower?
  3. Have you ever screamed so hard that you lost your voice?
  4. Do you have nightmares?
  5. Do you love your friends?
  6. Can you gift your best friend every day?
  7. Do you like hanging out with cool friends?
  8. Are you an outgoing person?
  9. Do you take advantage of your friends?
  10. Do you depend on your friends for emotional support?
  11. Do you have many friends?
  12. Do you like socializing?
  13. Are you talkative?
  14. Are you selfish?
  15. Are you compassionate?
  16. Can you help a friend in trouble?
  17. Can you take a bullet for your friends?
  18. Are you a loyal friend?
  19. Can you trust your friend to bail you out when you are arrested?
  20. Are you a reliable friend?
  21. Are you able to tell out your friend when they are doing bad things?
  22. Are you a controlling freak?
  23. Do you fit in?
  24. Are you an influencer?
  25. Do you correct your friends sometimes?
  26. Do you like taking things without permission?
  27. Do you act first, questions later?
  28. Do you take time to know how your friends are doing?
  29. Do you have a weird friend?
  30. Do you have a close bestie?
  31. Do you keep secrets?
  32. Are you a snitch?
  33. Do cats really eat mice?
  34. Do snakes crawl?
  35. Do dogs really sing?
  36. Do elephants run fast?
  37. Do monkeys even eat people?
  38. Do you love watching horror movies?
  39. Can you act a thriller movie?
  40. Were you born in winter?
  41. Do you celebrate birthdays?
  42. Can you cheat in a game of cards?
  43. Do you play hockey?
  44. Can you even sing?
  45. Do have a role model?
  46. Do you eat eggs?
  47. Do you cook?
  48. Do you like taking hot shower?
  49. Do you even shower every day?
  50. Do you know how to dance?
  51. Do you cry when hurt?
  52. Have you ever wet your bed?
  53. Do you like fancy clothes?
  54. Do you know how to make a tent?
  55. Can you drink snail soup knowingly?
  56. Can you eat raw rat meat for a 100 backs?
  57. Are you even tall?
  58. Do you like giving?
  59. Are you a bully?
  60. Can you take poison for 100 million US dollars?
  61. Are you Muslim?
  62. Do you believe in evolution theory?
  63. Have you ever had a pet?
  64. Did you ever get gifts while growing up?
  65. Would you build your own house?
  66. Have you ever ran out of time?
  67. Do you have any hidden skills?
  68. Have you ever had a mentor?
  69. Do you think of a retirement scheme?
  70. Do you have savings?
  71. Have you ever had a dream you never understood?
  72. Do you have a good relationship with your family?
  73. Are you a friend to animals?
  74. Can you keep a parrot?
  75. Can you share your phone?

50+ Yes or No Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

Guy with his Girl in Yes or No Questions to Ask your Girlfriend
Guy with his Girl | Yes or No Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

Among the most classic and best games one can play with their girlfriends is the Yes or No questions. The rules of this game are quite simple and can make the game most interesting, with a chance to add some form of creativity within the game. When using these questions, it is important that the boyfriend makes it clear for his girlfriend the importance of giving a simple Yes or No first until all the questions are answered then they can give further explanation later.

However, whichever way the two may agree to play, with the rules that suit their preferences, it is key to understand that the interesting part of the game relies more on the questions used. So however the host may opt to play this game, he has to know the best Yes or No questions fitting to ask a girlfriend. Well, the hustle to find the right Yes and No questions for your girlfriend, here are some few questions to get you started. Below are a number of the best Yes or No questions to ask a girlfriend.

  1. Are you in love with me?
  2. Do you love my voice?
  3. Do you like going out with me?
  4. Do you like ice creams?
  5. Do you know my parents?
  6. Do you take alcohol?
  7. Can you take a bullet for me?
  8. Can sacrifice your job for our relationship?
  9. Do you have another boyfriend?
  10. Do you like how I laugh?
  11. Can you carry me when I can’t walk?
  12. Will you still love me even when I go blind?
  13. Will you love me if I for some reason lose my legs?
  14. Would you care for me if I’m critically ill?
  15. Would you always cook for us?
  16. Would you go with me anywhere?
  17. Would you like it when I tell you each time I cheat on you?
  18. Are you patient enough to wait for me for 10 years?
  19. Can you wear my boxer?
  20. Can you wear my T-shirt or shirt?
  21. Can you wash me?
  22. Do you like having me around?
  23. Can you wash my feet?
  24. Would you deny me when threatened with death?
  25. Are you a good kisser?
  26. Can you smile while crying?
  27. Do you lie?
  28. Can you use my toothbrush?
  29. Do you like watching football?
  30. Can you share me with another lady?
  31. Are you intelligent?
  32. Are you lazy?
  33. Do you love pets?
  34. Can you happily wash my stinking socks?
  35. Can you shower with me?
  36. Do you like swimming?
  37. Do you wear Tyra shorts?
  38. Are you a strong believer?
  39. Do you cry often?
  40. Would you kill yourself if I breakup with you?
  41. Would you make the bed everyday if we get married?
  42. Can you watch me being tortured?
  43. Do you believe in us?
  44. Can you catch a live crocodile to save my life?
  45. Would you leave me for a million US dollars?
  46. Do you like cuddling?
  47. Are you a good kisser?
  48. Do you want a serious relationship?
  49. Would you kiss a frog for me?
  50. Would you scream you love me in a public place?
  51. Do you like going out?
  52. Do you have a crush?
  53. Do you snore while sleeping?
  54. Do you like eating?
  55. Are you a good singer?
  56. Can you kiss me in front of my parents?
  57. Would you hug me in front of your parents?
  58. Can you defend me from your parents?
  59. Can you fight my mum when she attacks you?
  60. Can you shout at my parents when you feel wronged?
  61. Can you withstand a violent man?
  62. Do you like romancing?
  63. Can you hate my siblings?
  64. Do you like fries?
  65. Do you eat chicken?
  66. Do you wear makeups?
  67. Do you talk a lot?
  68. Do you love chocolate?
  69. Do you hate liars?
  70. Would you have kids with me?
  71. Would you go through my phone?
  72. Do you have insecurities?
  73. Do you know how to cook?
  74. Can you do laundry?
  75. Are you a clean person?
  76. Do you like clubbing?
  77. Would you give birth to seven kids for me?
  78. Would you kill me if asked to save your life?
  79. Do you love shopping?
  80. Are you into material things?

50+ Yes or No Questions to Ask your Crush

Guy with His Crush in Yes or No Questions to Ask your Crush
Guy with His Crush | Yes or No Questions to Ask your Crush

Communication is highly important, particularly in starting a relationship or getting that one all-time person you have had a crush on. However, for many people maintaining a conversation with a crush can be quite challenging. Therefore, using Yes or No questions can be the most interesting way to get the conversation with a crush going, while increasing intimacy. It could be a lot interesting if one gets to ask a crush some of your favorite and funny questions strictly based on Yes or No questions.

It would be easier to engage a crush in the name of a game that gives you a chance to ask Yes or No questions while getting a chance to inquire on those unique questions that one is curious to know about their crush. It can be even more interesting to use a timer set for a specific time, maybe 5 seconds for each questions. The fun comes when the person answering the questions is restricted to giving quick questions that keeps him/her alert and attentive to the questions. Making it a little harder can make quite interesting. So here are some of the best Yes or No questions to ask a crush.

  1. Do you have a name?
  2. Do like fun guys?
  3. Can you love an outgoing person?
  4. Can you date a nerd?
  5. Do you like site seeing?
  6. Do you like travelling?
  7. Do you like red color?
  8. Are you into boys?
  9. Do you like pizza?
  10. Do you like taking evening walks?
  11. Do you exercise in the morning?
  12. Would you like dating?
  13. Are you single?
  14. Do you dream about me?
  15. Would you like someone like me?
  16. Is there a chance for us to be together?
  17. Would you like going on a lunch date with me?
  18. Do you like bike riding?
  19. Do you have some particular preferences for a perfect match?
  20. Would you like skating with me?
  21. Do you love playing chess?
  22. Are you an angel?
  23. Were you dropped from heaven?
  24. Have you ever been in Paris?
  25. Do you like handsome people?
  26. Do you wash your hands before eating?
  27. Do you like golfing?
  28. Would you play bowling?
  29. Do you like teddy bears?
  30. Are you taller than any of your friends?
  31. Would you stay up all night talking to somebody?
  32. Would you like me to touch you?
  33. Do you like massage?
  34. Do you like steam bathing?
  35. Would you watch a romantic movie with me?
  36. Can you hold my hands in public?
  37. Would you follow me on social media?
  38. Would you like my pics on Instagram?
  39. Would you give me your Instagram handle?
  40. Can you introduce me to your friends?
  41. Are you a smoker?
  42. Do you like car racing?
  43. Can you run with me?
  44. Can you give me your number?
  45. Can I call you mine?
  46. Can I call you sometimes?
  47. Are you into tall people?
  48. Would you like a drink with me?
  49. Do you eat vegetables?
  50. Do you live in heaven?
  51. Are you taken?
  52. Do you have a twin sister?
  53. Can I take you to the moon?
  54. Were you the last survivor of a tragic killing of the most beautiful people?
  55. Can you shake your waist?
  56. Would you mind getting married?
  57. Are you a selective eater?
  58. Do you have likes and dislikes?
  59. Can you speak French?
  60. Is James your favorite English name?
  61. Can you play Kahoots?
  62. Do you have a crush?
  63. Have you ever been outside the country?
  64. Are there any dreams you would love to fulfill?
  65. Have you ever kissed on a first date?

50+ Tricky Yes or No Question

Girl Thinking in Tricky Yes or No Question
Girl Thinking | Tricky Yes or No Question

Tricky Yes or No questions are a type of yes or no questions that are able to trick the respondent and make them want to think first before giving an answer. These sort of questions are good for either couples, friends, colleagues, or a group. They tend to juggle the brain and a person’s capacity to think fast while also testing the creativity of the person asking or formulating the questions. It a nice way to constructively pass time while having fun together.

The players are encouraged to think widely, get some interesting questions to make the game even more fun. If the questions are well formulated and asked, one can be surprised at how much they may end laughing at each other. For instance, a question like “Can you find a Bigfoot?” The trick is in the word “Bigfoot”, while it means a characters in a computer-animated film, Bigfoot can be twisted to mean a person with bigger feet. So the respondent will keep wondering what to answer because they are not sure what Bigfoot means. Here are some of the trickiest and most interesting Yes or No questions.

  1. Would you stick your bachelor degree on the wall of your office?
  2. Have you ever used your toes to text?
  3. Do you like snake bites?
  4. Do you love urban bites?
  5. Have you ever felt like someone is constantly watching you?
  6. Do you share your name with anyone?
  7. Have you ever been in the last position?
  8. Have you ever played any games?
  9. Are you a player?
  10. Do you think you are popular?
  11. Do you think Bigfoots exist?
  12. Have you ever lost any keys?
  13. Can I have a key to your heart?
  14. Do you know the menu of your favorite hotel?
  15. Have you ever watched a TV series?
  16. Were you ever the last person to be kissed by someone?
  17. Is the moon visible from your bedroom window?
  18. Do you think aliens spy on planet earth?
  19. Do you have an enemy?
  20. Are you a smiling machine?
  21. Are you always sad?
  22. Are you a funny person?
  23. Do you think you are lovable?
  24. Have you ever been asked out?
  25. Do you date?
  26. Were you ever hurt?
  27. Can NASA people reach Neptune?
  28. Is there a ninth planet?
  29. Does the sun move?
  30. Does the moon only appear at night?
  31. Are there any unknown planets?
  32. Are there robots in Pluto?
  33. Will there ever be a fight between super AIs and humans?
  34. Would smart phones be ever replaced with another type of communication devise?
  35. Do you think earth would be unable to support life in the next 100 years?
  36. Would you live for more than 80 years?
  37. Is earth is even round?
  38. Can you live without a smartphone?
  39. Can you willingly give out your only laptop to a needy person?
  40. Are you generous?
  41. Do you think you are a good person?
  42. Have you ever made someone cry?
  43. Are you sure you are okay?
  44. Would you mind being given $1000 for free?
  45. Do you mind giving out one million dollars?
  46. Have you ever been given $100 bills in coins?
  47. You don’t mind a new phone? Do you?
  48. Do you think humans are dangerous animals?
  49. Do you prey?
  50. Do you drink?
  51. Have you ever influenced a friend to change their hobby?
  52. Were you ever forced to change something that you like most?
  53. Have you ever changed your hobby into a skill?
  54. Are you a sportsperson?
  55. Do you think board games are games played by a group of corporate board members?

50+ Yes or No Questions for Couples

Couple Out in Yes or No Questions for Couples
Couple Out basking | Yes or No Questions for Couples

The importance of communication in a healthy relationship cannot be expressed more strongly. This is particularly true for couples in any relationship, they need to communicate, they need to learn more about each other, and more so they need to create ways through which they can bond and interact freely. Yes or No questions promise to give such opportunity, where one partner is able to ask some interesting questions that can tell him/her more about their partners.

The essence is getting answers to some of the questions one was dying to ask, with yes or no answers and perhaps a chance to explain later. The game should be purely based on good intentions like playing games or having fun. Therefore, couples are highly encouraged to try out these questions and spice their relationship a little more. You never know, you may get to know more about your partner through such questions or understand them better. Couples can try some of the best and well-researched yes or no questions for couples below.

  1. Do you love your partner?
  2. Would you knowingly hurt your partner?
  3. Does your partner know the pin of your bank account?
  4. Do you trust your partner?
  5. Can you slap your partner for $1000?
  6. Can you be mistreat your partner when drunk?
  7. Can you help your partner with household chores?
  8. Is your partner your all time crush?
  9. Do you know your partner well enough?
  10. Do you think she/he is the right person for you?
  11. Would you pick your partner if ever given a chance to start again?
  12. Are you a loyal partner?
  13. Have you ever had fights with your partner?
  14. Is there a part in your partner’s personality that you hate the most?
  15. Do you think your partner is faithful?
  16. Do you love someone else other than your partner?
  17. Do you have nicknames that you call each other?
  18. Is your partner good in bed?
  19. Are you two meant for each other?
  20. Do you have goals as couples?
  21. Do you have secrets that your partner does not know?
  22. Do you shop together as couples?
  23. Would you allow your partner to fall when you can help them?
  24. Would you comfortably take your partner to your parents?
  25. Have you ever introduced your partner to your grandparents?
  26. Do you go for dates more often?
  27. Do you already have a name that you will call your unborn child?
  28. Do you consult each other before doing anything?
  29. Did he propose to you?
  30. Do you cook together?
  31. Do you have some specific activities that you do together for fun?
  32. Do you have some dos and don’ts in your relationship?
  33. Is there equality in your relationship?
  34. Have you been together for long?
  35. Do you think you in the right relationship?
  36. Did you know each other before becoming a couple?
  37. Are you from the same place?
  38. Do your parents know each other?
  39. Do you want to have three kids?
  40. Do you think of you partner while at work?
  41. Are you into swimming?
  42. Do you have any favorite games?
  43. Have you ever had similar hobbies?
  44. Are you two part of any professional group?
  45. Did you have similar interests?
  46. Do you have other couples that mentor you?
  47. Have you ever attended couple\s counselling session?
  48. Have you travelled to another country together?
  49. Did you do a Christian wedding?
  50. Are there things that you love about your partner?
  51. Have you had issues that you could not solve together?
  52. Did he make the first move?
  53. Do you enjoy making new friends?
  54. Can you wear clothes with similar color and design?
  55. Are there things that brought you two together?

Hope you’ve enjoyed our compiled list of Yes or No Questions. Make sure to contribute to the topic by leaving your question on the comment section below.

Interesting Yes Or No Questions?

yes or no questions 1

1. Do you believe in God?
2. Do you think you are a good person?
3. Have you ever made someone cry?
4. Do you have a crush?
5. Have you ever been outside the country?
6. Have you ever kissed on a first date?

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