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21 Interesting Family Interview Questions-The Best list

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Would you want to know your family better? Then the list below of family interview questions will absolutely be worth your while.

The questions are deep, fun and random and can be used by any person and not necessarily by family members only. Go through and remember to leave your best family interview questions on the comment section;

Interesting Family Interview Questions

  1. What are your plans for the family in the next 5 years?

Planning in advance not only for the family but for personal life is very important. Planning ahead of time especially for the family is a very healthy practice in life. It helps you avoid so many problems and keeps you focused on your life goals and achievements.

  1. What is the one character that is never acceptable in our family?

Character says everything about a person. Most at times people are judged according to the character they portray to the public. Families also have those characters they dislike in person and would not tolerate. So often the disliking of such a character is attached to a haunting past or experience or sometimes it is just adopted guiding values and principles of a family.

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  1. Is this our permanent residence or we would consider moving to another place?

Changing residence is one question that lingers in the minds of family members especially after moving to another place already. The fear of moving yet again is the big ultimate question that resides the mind of every member in a family. Getting a permanent residence or the joy of finally settling down for good brings a peace of mind to everyone.

  1. Which season of the year do you spend most of the time with your family?

Work and life struggles denies a family the joy of being together. And it usually takes a special season for the family to be together such as the Christmas season. There is no such joy like the joy of having time together as a family and just sharing the moments. It usually is the best feeling ever.

  1. If yes, what are the challenges of growing up without a sister or brother?

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In as much as there are numerous privileges of growing up as the only son or daughter, there are various challenges that comes with it. First is the issue of loneliness and missing out the fun of having siblings. Second is the annoying part of parental over protection, because to them you will always be a child. And far annoying is the fact that they would be controlling freaks and would want to have a say in everything you do.

  1. Where would you like to spend your old age?

Old age is always an issue with most people. Just the thought alone of being old at some point in life is as freaking as hell. Not everyone delights in the thoughts of getting old and becoming a burden to your family. This is why it is important to plan earlier for the time you will age in years like thinking of a place you would like to just spend your days when you get old.

  1. Do old people in your family live with younger members of the family?

Most families especially in the west would take their old ones to a health care facility. Mostly because people are busy with their daily lives and it becomes difficult to get time to look after them. Though in cultures like the Middle East and Africa the old are much respected and are seen as the responsibility of the family and so they usually taken care of at home. In the end Asia or the West, it all comes down to the family members and how convenient it is to them having the elderly around or being put in a care facility.

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  1. Are you more close to your family members or your friends?

Closeness to people goes down the person themselves. How close you can be to someone will depend on how you relate with them and the things or bond you share together. Trust is also a key determinant of family or friend bonds. To add on also the essence of time factor, we tend to be closer to people we’ve spend a long time with.

  1. Which family rules do you think shapes your character?

Family rules are very important and essential to shaping ones character. The strict family rules however annoying they might be keeps one in check and upright something that with time becomes a habit and further a character. Thus having rule in a family may be the best thing ever.

  1. Has social media impacted on your family negatively? If yes, how?

Internet brought with it a lot of challenges and impact in our daily life. Importantly is the role social media plays in our life, the effect and changes it impacts on us. Social media has a great power to influence our personality and/or behavior either positively or negatively.

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  1. Do you have any family business?

Most well-off families own businesses for the family. The business would employ family members and they would work towards empowering one another by opening a business for each member of the family. Family business are mostly associated with people of the Indian origin.

  1. Do you have any plans of starting a family business?

A family business is very important in impacting the lives of the family members positively. They create a source of employment and income for the family members and minimize the struggles and hustles of looking for a job. It is therefore, vital for families to plan on starting a family business early enough in life.

  1. Do you like taking your kids to day-care centers?

Day-care facilities are meant to help and make the life of single mother or career women easier aside from hiring a house help or nanny. Above all they are very cheap and prove effective and most efficient in keeping the child safe while mummy is busy at working fetching for the family. However efficient they may be, that doesn’t exclude the importance of finding time to be with our daughter or son especially in their childhood.

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  1. Where is the best place to raise a family, in town or upcountry?

Raising a child will depend on various key issues and not solely on a place or area of residence. It is always safe and full of basic life skills and experiences growing in upcountry, though less exposure and fun. On the other hand, growing in town has its advantages a long side disadvantages. Town offers a lot of exposure and all the cool and fun stuff you can get though it isn’t safe as compared to upcountry. There is a lot of insecurities and accidents in towns.

  1. Do you parents decide on their children’s career?

Careers and schools are one important things every parent would have to control in the life of their kids. In as much as your parents may respect your decisions and choice of a career, it doesn’t they won’t take the chance of doing that whenever an opportunity represents itself. It’s one area of life parents always perform best.

  1. What do you think is the best way of taking care of old people?

One would argue, why should we go to so much struggle taking care of the old while we can pay someone to do the work perfectly? As old as they may be they are our family and still are part of us and so they become our responsibility. They still need a family around them and importantly it is our turn to take care of them the way did us.

  1. Do you think it is good for parents to give children allowances?

Children allowance, I say that’s debatable. Different people will argue differently on this point depending on their social status. And so should they be given an allowance, I will leave that for you to decide. The issue of whether or not to give children allowance will be best justified with you.

  1. Do your parents have a say to whom their children should marry?

Choosing a spouse for their children is something parents would love to do although not all parents. If it were to them they would love to have a say in almost anything that their sons and daughters do, who they talk to, how they behave, what they think and say, who they marry etc. etc. but it is so unfortunate that time changes so fast and with every change comes a more informed youth.

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  1. Is your father the only bread winner in the family?

Fathers are usually the bread winners of a family at least that’s what is expected of them. In this time and era, men perceptions have changed a lot. They are now looking to marry wives who are a working class and emphasize on sharing responsibilities 50/50. Not that they are growing lazy or something, it’s just the demand of changing times.

  1. Are children allowed to wear what and how they want in your family?

Different families have different and unique ways of dressing. In most cases dressing codes are influenced by religious beliefs, acts of decency, and sometimes there isn’t any reason at all. It’s just the demands of family tradition.

  1. What do you think makes a family to be happy and perfect?

Many things come into play for a family to be considered perfect or/and happy. All these will depend on the image you display to the outside people about your family. Individual and collective behavior and character among the public will tell a lot about a family.

Stay in touch as we often update this list of interesting family interview questions.

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