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55+ Good and Fun Questions to ask your family

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The best thing kids can do is to use these Fun Questions to ask your family to inquire more about their family life as the information got would be helpful in planning for their families in future. The best way of getting to know your parents or relatives better is by using the below list of fun questions to ask family members.The article lists really good questions that you can use to know about your family lineage and the family way of life better.

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  1. Do you share a name with any other member of your family?

Name sharing is common among family members.Being given a name same as one of the family members is always considered an honor to the person you are named after.  It can be a name for a good family member who passed on and the family would love to remember them. It’s not always that it has to be a dead family member, sometimes it could just be a living family member.

  1. What tasks did you hate doing when you were a child?

As a child, some task you were made to do were so annoying. One would do just anything to avoid such tasks though at times they were so unavoidable. Such tasks would easily get on your nerves, I mean they were just disgusting. Though if you take a look at it closely some task were just kind of normal tasks and it was all about bad attitude towards them.

  1. Do you remember a lullaby song they used to sing for you?
Bike riding under questions to ask family
Dad and mum teaching kid how to ride a bike | fun questions to ask family

Lullaby songs are sought of things that made a special childhood.For me my favorite lullabies songs were “hush little baby” and “Cradle Song”. They were so soothing, soft, tender and sweet. They displayed a lot of love from parents and/or guardians and would give a child some feeling of security, peace and calmness thereby inducing sleep.

  1. Have you ever gone through tough times when you were growing up?

Tough times never last but tough people do. I guess this far you are eligible to be termed a tough person. Childhood gets tough at some point; so many challenges, ups and downs, moody moments you can name them. The road just never gets easy.

  1. Was there a kind of fashion your parents disliked?

Parents could be so particular at times and I know it can be annoying! But there right words, “it’s for your own good” you might be familiar with this phrase already. Sometimes parents would just dislike a certain fashion for no good reason but either way as a kid you chances were too slim and you just had to bow to their demands. It is a Fun Questions to ask family as you will also have an insight of their sense of fashion.

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  1. Did you enjoy going to school?

There is always something for kids with school! They will sometimes dislike school for their own lame reasons and would wanna avoid it at all costs. This would draw certain mixed reactions and weird behaviors mostly in the morning. Faking sickness, giving lame excuses etc. This happens a lot though not with all kids. There are those kids who loved school so much, as if it is a hobby to which they just had an automatic passion.

  1. At what age did you start going to school?

The particular age for a kid to start going to school is a discretion of the parents. And sometimes a particular naughty behavior of a kid that parents could not withstand believe me this can be good enough to get to school. Many at times parents would take their kids to school at a very early age.

  1. Do you have a favorite school memory that you still remember?

School brought about so many memories the good, the bad and the mixture of both. Whatever the memories, we got to live with them somehow. Even 40 years down the line school memories are still as fresh as ever. The power of school Huh!

  1. How did your school uniform used to look like?

School uniform were an integral part of school life. The first ever clothes that had a real impact on you. First time you ever get a school uniform it would either give you lots of joy or a sad face, either way you had no choice.

questions to ask family
really fun questions to ask family | questions to ask family
  1. How many years have you taken pursuing your education?

Education is the key to a happy life, a line used by some parents to get their kids to go to school. A person would spent as many or less years in school depending on their brilliance and excellence. For some kids they would spent a number of years in school for failing exams. Consider exam preparations study tips for future great success.

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  1. Would you describe how you used to be like as a young adult?

Being a young adult is full of different characters, changing behaviors and sometimes one would lose track of who they used to be. It is the time in life where one would want to enjoy life to the fullest, try new things and may be tour some new locations just for fun. Youth/teenage days are the most confusing days in person’s life, sometimes one doesn’t even know what they want. Though this may not be the case for some people, it is very real to majority of youths.

  1. Which member of our family pursued a unique profession?

Family is made up of a multiple of different characters, personality and professions. Different family members take different career profession depending on their passion or influence from others. Thus in a family some members would just stand out from others professionally or even generally. There is just that one person.

  1. At what age were you when you began going out during the night?

This is a very hard thing to remember and sometimes you just can’t tell. The strictness of a parent will determine this a lot. For some they had to sneak out so that they could get out at night. Others it was a little easy, they just had to ask for permission. So at what age a person started going out at night, the answer will vary.

  1. Who is more likely to follow most of dad’s/mum’s characters?

Children take different characters from either their mum or dad. They may take completely after their dad or mum. Though widely it is believed that girls take after their dads while sons take after their mum’s. Either way it is still a point open to discussion.

  1. Have you ever attended family reunion events?

Family reunions are meant to bring the family together after a very long time of living apart and far away from each other. Its importance ranges widely among different families. To some families this is a tradition that is strictly adhered to and the worst crime will be to miss out. While to another family it is never that important and worse still some families never ever follow such events.

  1. How many people of your extended family have you met?

Without family reunions, meeting with members of the extended family can be as difficult as hell. It only takes special events to meet up with the extended part of your family. Such events apart from reunions as burial ceremonies of a family member, weddings, birth, and/or baptism of a new born baby are known to bring families together even though sometimes not all of them.

  1. What are the important things that your parents really expect from you?
Young family out under fun questions to ask family
Young family out | fun questions to ask family

At times parents have great expectations with their kids.  As such it can be a very difficult burden for a kid to bear and sometimes exhausting trying to meet up their parents high expectations. Parents would get so much hope with their kids that they end up being disappointed along the way. I was once told great expectations make frustrated people.

  1. Who among your family members do you think is difficult to handle?

Some people may just be so difficult to handle or get along with especially in a family. They always seem to attract and bring problems with them. For such people a great deal of patience and tolerance will be crucial.

  1. Do you often have any influence on family issue?

Family issues are always more or less complex. Sometimes they can be as difficult to handle as they can get. Though this is not to say you cannot have an influence on them. To have or not to have influence upon such issues will depend with your position in a family and/or your past experience with such issues.

  1. Are you allowed to stay out late?

Staying out late is major issue with a family either you still living with your parents or married. It is very crucial in both circumstances and can cause a lot of pain or frustration ensuing a strong quarrel and misunderstanding. So matters to do with staying out late are usually permissible depending on special circumstances.

  1. At what time are you allowed to be out latest?

Family curfews are always difficult to handle. The time limits to when should you be out late are sometimes annoying and belittling mostly for men. But responsible people don’t even have to be given time limits. They are automatically principled enough to know by what time should they be home and they make it a habit.

 fun questions to ask family
fun questions to ask family | questions to ask family
  1. What is the one thing that people know about your family?

Families are most often described by how they behave and relate with other people. Some families may strike out as very polite, humble, generous, hospitable, witches, bullies and so on. Frankly, at times a family is judged and identified by what they did in the past, positive or negative.

Random Fun Questions to ask family

  1. Is there any member of our family working outside the country; Africa to be precise?
  2. Which kind of family would you like to have, one with many children, few or none at all?
  3. Who do you think is a mama’s boy in the family?
  4. Does your family have curfews sometimes?
  5. How small or big is your family?
  6. Do you assign children house duties in your family?
  7. Does your family pressurize you to act in a certain way?
  8. Did you have an opportunity to meet any of your great grandpas?
  9. Are you always in touch with your brothers and sisters?
  10. How do you relate with your in-laws?
  11. Do you have shared rooms in your house, or each with his/her own room?
  12. Does your mom compel you to clean your room?
  13. Do you stay with any of your grandparents at your home?
  14. Have you ever argued with your dad/mum? If yes, over what?
  15. Does your family have any adopted children?
  16. How many close cousins do you have?
  17. Do you have uncles and aunts? If yes, how many are they?
  18. How often do you meet your cousins?
  19. How often do you see your uncles and aunts?
  20. Do your parents spank children as way of disciplining them?
  21. Do you think children should have the right to choose their religion or follow that of their parents?
  22. Are you in the same religion with your parents?
  23. What do you usually do when you come together as a family?
  24. What is your opinion on married couples who deliberately decide not to have children?
  25. Do your mum and dad look like your grandparents?
  26. What best memory do you have about a family event you had?
  27. What will you educate your children concerning family values and beliefs?
  28. Do you have a black sheep in your family?
  29. Would you be engaged in your in-laws’ family problems?
  30. Would you like to stay with your in-laws in your house?
  31. Would you live with your parents in the same compound after marrying?
  32. How much should children help with house chores?
  33. What household work is inappropriate for children to do?
  34. Is your family nuclear or extended?
  35. What do you think is the advantage of living in nuclear family?
  36. What is the good thing with extended family?
  37. What do you think are the challenges that face nuclear/extended families?
  38. What do you think is the major cause of divorce in families?

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What Fun questions can I ask my family members?

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Good and Fun questions to ask your Family Members
1. Are you always in touch with your brothers and sisters?
2. How do you relate with your in-laws?
3. Do you have shared rooms in your house, or each with his/her own room?
4. Does your mum compel you to clean your room?
5. Do you stay with any of your grandparents at your home?

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