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70+ Really Good Questions to ask your kid

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Starting a good conversation with your kid may be an uphill task especially when you haven’t been around for long or you have very little time left to spend with your children due to your demanding occupation. However, we got you covered with good questions to ask your kids to know more about how they’re doing while you are not around. These questions are really interesting, some are funny questions and they will definitely be worth your time. Your kids will also feel comfortable as they are not really deep questions. Check out the list!

Good Questions to ask your kid

  1. What do you often day dream about?

This question might sound quite unlikely and maybe tough to kids depending on their age. But it is a nice question to jiggle his/her mind and help get to really know what that one thing kid desires most that’s out of her reach. The question will also connect you to the kid’s inner thoughts and give you a glimpse of his/her likes and dislikes. The question also allows the kid to learn to express his/her inner thoughts and feelings.

  1. Who is your best friend?

This is the simplest and most common question anyone could ask a kid. It is a good question to help you understand your kid’s social life and the type of friends he/she has. To an extent, the question shows the concern you have on the kid’s life and give you a good chance to connect with the kid’s friends. It also will give the child a notion that someone cares about their social life.

  1. If you could go somewhere today, where would that be?

Everyone has this one place they always wish to go and would give anything to be there. Asking kid this question will help you understand the kid’s favorite place, spot, city, and country, might come in handy that time you are preparing to on a tour or a holiday. It will inform your choice of a place to go for holidays, family trips or weekend outs. Plus it is a good way to start a conversation with a kid.

  1. What thing would you like to do when you grow up that you are missing right now?

This is a tricky question to ask a child and might not always trigger the kind of response you would expect. It is advisable to have an open mind while asking this question. It is a nice question to further know what the kid thinks and his/her perceptions towards adult life. It will also inform you on the kind of things the kid is emulating from his/her superiors.

  1. What would you sell if you opened a shop?

This question is really a good one. It triggers a kid’s business mind and brings out the type of product(s) the kid loves most. The first answer (toys, ice cream, pizza, candy) they will give is always of their favorite product, that thing they love the most. The question can also but not often develop strong desires to become a business person in a child. The kid will start picturing him/herself having a shop.

  1. Do you have a superhero? What is its name?

This question triggers a kid’s innermost fears and/or his/her admiration for a person or things they consider superior and powerful. Based on the different answers they will give you can tell what the kid thinks as powerful and perhaps what they are afraid of. Sometimes a kid views that person or a thing that has the ability to conquer what frightens them most as their hero.

  1. What are the powers of your superhero?

Most kids would answer this question based on their understanding of what a hero is. Most answers they usually give are informed by what they have read, heard, or watch in movies and TV programs. Knowing the certain specifics of a kid’s superhero can help influence their fears, understanding and perceptions on powerful things positively.

  1. What is the first thing that you do when you are at the beach?

This is such an interesting question to help you know what a kid knows about the beach. It certainly will display their knowledge of the beach. This question will show the level of exposure the kid has and how they picture or perceive the bitch to be. It also gives you a good chance to teach the kid on the specifics of a beach and why people go there all depending on their answer.

  1. Do you think you are a brave person?

This is a self-analysis question and can help you know and understand what a kid thinks about him/herself. It shows the kid’s level of self-esteem and what they understand by being brave. Most kids will hesitate while answering this question because most of them think that being brave requires one to have enormous strength and some form of superpowers or skills. Your input after their answer will play a significant role in helping the kid understand what it means by being brave.

  1. What makes you feel to be cared for?

Every kid loves it when they feel that someone cares and has a concern for them. It makes them feel they are loved and important. So knowing what makes a kid feel cared for is so crucial to help you channel your efforts of making him/her secure knowing they are loved. Every kid has a different specific things that when done will make them feel loved and cared for. So this question is very important in informing your actions towards a kid.

  1. What do you enjoy doing when you are with friends?

Another good question to ask a kid to help you better understand his/her general behavior and the influence they get from friends. Kids behave differently in the presence of their friends, some feel intimidated by friends while some may be domineering. So whatever a kid enjoys doing while with his/her friends says a lot about his/her feelings towards friends.

  1. What is the best design you would like your tree house to look?

It is the joy of every kid to have a tree house that’s unique and made according to their specifications. Having a tree house designed according to the kid’s specifications will give him/her a sense of ownership. You might wanna consider knowing the very design a kid would love before embarking on a tree house building. This question will also bring out the level of creativity a kid has.

  1. What thing would you like to be given by someone?

It feels nice when someone buys you a gift or something. Yet it’s even a greater feeling when someone buys you what you love the most or your favorite thing. This question is helpful to understanding what a kid loves the most and informing your decision on what to buy him/her in case you wanna bring her/him a present.

  1. Has your day been of extra laughter or smiles?

Every day brings with it different feelings depending on what we encounter. There are extremely sad and happy days while some days are just normal not very happy nor very sad. So knowing how a kid’s day was is in fact very important. This shows that you deeply care about the kid’s daily life and are interested in what goes on in their life.

  1. If you wrote a story, which experience would come in your mind?

This is another tough question that will have a kid hesitate before answering it. They would want to think about the answer first as the question tests their normal life and social experience. It gives way to learn and know the things that uniquely affects the kid and how they affect them.

  1. If you were to draw something that you often think about, what would you draw?

This question seeks to test the creativity of a kid and how they can fully express their thoughts. It is also a way of knowing what the kid mostly thinks about. This question will might help a kid relate his/her imaginations with a real life situation.

  1. In what way do you help others?

This question is good to learn how helpful a kid is. It tells the thoughts of a kid towards helping others. Depending on the answer he/she would give you will be able to know how much the kid values when it comes to helping others.

  1. What do you think your dream tonight will be about?

This question helps a kid forecast and vision what they would dream at night. It also projects what the kid love as most kids would want to dream about what they like or love and perhaps what they have done. This will help you to connect with the kid and start a funny conversation.

  1. Which is the most annoying sound you’ve ever heard?

There are those annoying sounds that sometimes really get on our nerves. Those intolerable sounds you can’t ignore though you would love to. Kids often find such sounds as sounds of terror, loud cracking sounds, so annoying and horrible and may even cause them nightmares. Some grow up remembering those sounds as they can’t just get it of their mind and whenever they hear them again it reminds them of the ordeal they went through.

  1. Which sound do you like most?

There are those sweet soft sounds that create good memories in a kid’s mind. Such sounds as a mother’s voice singing them lullaby’s, some nice sound they like, create a good feeling in a child and they learn to love them. This question would help a kid describe the type of things they like including sounds.

  1. What are the 10 things you like about nature?

Nature comprises of the things that surround us, trees, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, and etc. This question shows the kid’s appreciation for nature and his/her general understanding about nature. It therefore helps you understand the very things the kid loves about nature.

  1. What is the one thing you never stop thinking about nature?

This question is interesting yet a bit weird for a kid. Though it will help a kid to gain an interest on the very existence of nature and what it represents. Also the answer they will give will determine their level of appreciation for nature and how well they understand about nature.

  1. If you could ask your pet any question, what would it be?

Kids love having pets; dogs, cats, mice, parrots and etc. They often play with pets and talk to them while playing and some even consider them as real buddies. This question will help a child express the very things about the pet he/she is curious to know or doesn’t understand.

  1. You’re left home alone the whole day, what would you be doing?

It is a law and a legal policy not to leave a kid unattended and so to many kids being home alone is just but a fantasy if not an imagination. So this question would be so interesting to kid. While some would be dead scared to be alone at home, some would find it more fun. So this question will help express the things kid would do which they aren’t allowed or able to do while with other people.

  1. Which other country would you like to visit? How would you reach there?

Most kids are fascinated by the thoughts of traveling, going to new places or visiting a new country. And the mention of going to another country can create huge interesting imaginations in their little minds. This question will show the kid’s knowledge on different modes of transport and other countries away from their home country.

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Fun Questions to ask your kids

  1. Do you think animals also communicate?
  2. What language would animals be using if there talking like human beings?
  3. What do you do to make your day great?
  4. What makes you so amazing?
  5. What would you invent given the opportunity?
  6. What are the two majors thinks you want to do this weekend?
  7. Do you think it would be interesting to speak another language?
  8. What animal would make a great friend?
  9. Which photographic of yourself do you like most?
  10. What are the five good things about you?
  11. What is the most shocking thing you have ever seen?
  12. What are your two wishes?
  13. What is the most amazing thing your friend has done for you?
  14. How do you talk about me when you are with your friends?
  15. What is the one thing that happened to you that you won’t forget?
  16. What is the most challenging thing about being a child?
  17. What is the one thing I often say to you?
  18. What do you think I do when you are not around?
  19. Do you know what my job is?
  20. What skill do you think you are good at?
  21. What skill would you like to have/improve?
  22. How can I help you improve on that skill?
  23. What do you wish I knew better about you?
  24. What kind of things most people do that you dislike?
  25. What is your favorite verse in the Scripture?
  26. If you were to do away with one thing in your life, what would it be?
  27. If you are allowed to change your first name, which other name would you choose?
  28. What something bad a friend has ever done to you?
  29. Have you ever fallen out with your good friend?
  30. Would you like to restore the friendship you lost?
  31. What do you think more about daily?
  32. Between mum and dad, who should be responsible for cleaning the house? Why?
  33. Should mum be mowing the lawn or that is dad’s duty?
  34. If you were a parent, how much time would you allow your child to watch TV?
  35. Do I fail sometimes to notice that you are sad?
  36. How can I tell when you are happy or sad?
  37. What is the most enjoyable thing we did together as a family this year?
  38. Do you think I am quick at losing my temper?
  39. What do you look at to know when I am disappointed?
  40. If you were to paint our place with a different color, what would it be?
  41. How much privacy would you like to be granted?
  42. At what time would you prefer to be alone?
  43. If you were to advice your brother/sister about something, what would it be?
  44. What do you think is beyond the sky?
  45. How would you like to be handled when you are feeling unwell?
  46. Do you think you are a winner or a loser?
  47. If you knew I was to tell you the real truth, what question would you ask me?
  48. What do you think you know a lot better than me?
  49. Would you like to grown old or remain a kid?
  50. Can you tell me an example of unkindness that you saw or shown today?
  51. What would you like to eat for dinner on your birthday?

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What Fun questions can I ask my kids?

Fun questions to ask your kids
1. What do you think I do when you are not around?
2. Do you know what my job is?
3. What skill do you think you are good at?
4. What skill would you like to have/improve?
5. How can I help you improve on that skill?

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