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30+ Eye-Opening Questions To Ask About Your Family History

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Eye-opening questions to ask about your family history | Family History Questions

It’s very important to know more about your family history. But how do you go about it? Do not worry as we’ve got your back. The list below entails really good questions that would help you in knowing more about your family; the family way of life, the family origin, how the family has maintained a strong bond over the years and how they plan to instill the same virtues to the future generation. This list of random questions to ask can be directed towards your parents, uncle, aunt, grandparents and other close family members. Check out our list, and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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  1. What are your parents’ full names?

It is perhaps the most basic thing for a kid to know the full name of his/her parents. It may seem a simple thing or just a by the way, but it carries all the weight. To some people the first thing a kid should pronounce clearly is the parent’s name.

  1. What of grandparents, full names?

Knowing the full names of grandparents is sometimes taken lightly and even ignored depending on how close the parents are to the grandparents. It always left until in the later days of a kid’s child. The importance varies from family to family.

  1. What memory do you have of your grandparents?

Memories are an important part of a kid’s life especially in the coming days. Good memories are the ones created during childhood and they are known to stick for a very long time. Essentially, memories created with ones grandparents they keep on being new every day and one can’t just talk enough of them. View it as an inheritance from grandparents to future kid’s.

  1. What are things you liked doing with your brothers and sisters?

Answers to this question will mostly rely on the relationship between siblings. The greater the relationship, the fun and nice the answers will be. In some families sibling’s rivalry is usually so strong that they will just never do anything together due to lack of understanding. For such a family, no kid will be willing to talk about their brothers or sisters.

  1. Who were you named after?

Name giving is a very treasured and valued stuff among Africans and partly Asians of the Middle East. To them a name must be attached to some meaning. Kids are always given names after some person; grandparents, uncles, aunties, public figures, sportsmen and other important people in the society. The west usually don’t give a great deal in names and it doesn’t have to follow some specific patterns. Usually it’s open for the parents to decide.

  1. What was your religion when you were growing up?

To a religious family, religion is just everything and an unavoidable. You can skip anything but not religion. In these families, a kid is introduced into religion right from their early days and made to know and embrace its importance.

  1. Did you have a different religion from your parents’ when you were growing up?

To those families with no strict values and attachment to religion, one is always free to choose their own religion. For kids, they always choose a different religion from that of their parents as influenced by friends and or neighbors. A kid will like a religion because of various influencing factors; it can be that their best friend believes in such a religion and they would not to be separated and just stories from other kids of how good is their religion

  1. What church do you go to now?

Again, the choice of a church for a kid will always be influenced by their parents, family or guardians. It’s only until they are fully grown up are they allowed maybe to choose another church of their interest. So church remains a very important part in a godly family as sign of unity and togetherness.

  1. What about your siblings and parents?

There is always that one thing that a kid will not hesitate to tell about his/her parents or siblings. It can be negative or positive, this to them isn’t that different depending on how interesting the story is. A happy family will mean a happy story and the contrary is true.

  1. Were you told the characters of the person you were named after?
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Interesting questions to ask about your family history | Family History Questions

The important part of naming a kid after a certain person could be family, important in the society or a public figure is that it is attributed to the person’s character. Most often parents will take time to tell their kids about the character of the persons they are named after. Either way, character plays a major role in such naming.

  1. What nickname were you given when you were growing up?

Nicknaming is a critical part of a child life while growing up especially among friends. It’s normal to be given a name sometimes not once or twice but thrice especially when you keep on moving. Different friends will almost always give you a new nickname depending on how you relate with them.

  1. Why were you called that nickname?

Nicknames would be given depending on that one dominant character in a kid or different talking accent, quire behavior or what they love most. Nicknames depends on the closeness or the relationship shared among friends. And just sometimes one is given a name just for no reason.

  1. Apart from your real name, do you have any other name you are called by your family members now?

Not common with many families but actually there are those nicknames given by family members. The name just sticks around the house and sometimes o outside friend would know about it. The names are usually inspired by something one has done that really made some impact among the family members and when a kid shows some behavior related to someone famous in the family and some other various reasons only known to the family members.

  1. Where were you born?

Place of birth a very important place of origin, one that will associated to you in every part your life. To kids this question wouldn’t familiar because it’s very rarely that one will ask this question. So not so many kids will have an answer their and then but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to know.

  1. Do you remember where your first home was?

First home is always the real home and place where one’s heart remain. No matter how may times they move, the first home will always be a point of reference to any kid and they will judge a place in relation to the first place they ever called home. Kids will always have an unending connection with their first home.

  1. Apart from your present residence, where else have you lived?

Kids seemingly keep an account of the places they have lived once in time and will never hesitate to recount whenever asked. Moving is sometimes an avoidable part of life as things will keep on changing. It may negatively affect a kid and professional in the mental field caution that it can cause depression. Maybe! Maybe not! But sometimes moving is circumstantial and not a thing of choice.

  1. What reason made you to migrate to your current residence?

Migration to new places is often motivated by various reasons sometime some which you just don’t have a choice. It is commonly associated with changes in work place, new projects, insecurities, and bad memories and at times just for fun. To kids the reason why, doesn’t matter. What matters is what they think and what the previous place meant to them.

  1. What is your best memory of your first home?

Memories have been majorly associated with the first places, things and/or people. There is always a memory with the first home, bad or good it is a memory! Kids will always connect to the first things that ever happened to them. Thus the importance of the first home can never be stressed enough.

  1. Do your sisters and brothers have nicknames?

The fun part for a kid is to ask them about a funny thing about their brothers or sisters especially when it is to do with nicknames. They will always have a nickname for their elder siblings and it’s not always that everyone will know. Some names will just live with them and they would say them whenever no one is hearing.

  1. If yes, please tell me what were they?
Questions to ask about your family history in Family History Questions
Questions to ask about your family history | Family History Questions

Kids will answer this question with a lot of enthusiasm. And you will never lack an answer for they will always makeup one. It’s what they like to do, giving names, something they are very good at.

  1. What funny thing your family used to do when you were a child?

Each family has their secrets and stuff they do that is just so different yet sometimes funny. It is not always that a family will be fighting, quarreling or something of that sought. There are those special moments when a family will just have fun and do so many funny stuff especially when one is a child. It’s called the joy of having a child. This are the things that make up the good moments and memory in a kid’s life.

  1. What household chore did you hate so much?

There just certain chores that are so annoying and would be given to you as a punishment. Kids hate such chores which parents use to their advantage either to caution or punish a kid. Such chores as doing dishes, laundry and such chores are usually very annoying and would easily get to one’s nerve.

  1. Which kind of movie you enjoyed watching?

With movies, there is just that one movie that gets your attention and you wouldn’t mind watching it over and over. Almost always with kids, they will have that one movie that they would usually repeat watching it severally without getting tired. The movie becomes new every time they watch it.

  1. Did you like attending Sunday schools?

Sunday schools are not always a thing for every kid. To some kids it’s very boring and not ever appealing. Several reasons would cause a kid to hate Sunday school including the Sunday school teacher, form or method of teaching to mention a few. While some kids will hate and despise going to Sunday school, some will find it fun and would be looking forward for Sundays all week through.

  1. What bedtime story do you remember being told by you parents?

Some kids are very fortunate to have experienced the joy and fulfillment of hearing a story every night before going to bed. Well, good for them, to some that never happened not once in their childhood, I say too bad. Bedtime stories are a wonderful and effective way of telling a kid goodnight. They bring the feeling of safety, love and care.

 Fun questions to ask about family history

Family History Questions
Questions to ask about the family history | Family History Questions
  1. Did your family have financial hardships such that you often lacked basic needs?
  2. Did you like playing with your neighbors kids?
  3. Were you restricted sometimes going out with friends when you were growing up?
  4. What jobs were your parents doing when you were young?
  5. Were you going out with your parents when you were a child?
  6. Does our family have a naming tradition?
  7. What do you consider when giving a child a name?
  8. What is the unique recipe that has been passed down our family?
  9. From where is the origin of our family??
  10. What is the story behind that famous person in our family?
  11. How many organizations or groups have you been part of?

More Family History Questions to come,follow the blog for future updates..

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