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90+ Good Questions To Ask Your Grandparents

Questions to ask your grandparents
Grandmum teaching grandson | Questions to ask your grandparents

If you want to better understand your lineage, the best solution is to have a number of good questions to ask your grandparents. They are an ideal source of information. However, how would you go about it? The way you approach them also matters a lot as it would determine if you will get sufficient information or not. However, worry not as we have a list of good questions that would prove effective. These family questions to ask are random and fun and hence would make your grandmother or grandfather feel at ease. Have fun and don’t forget to contribute to the topic by leaving a question on the comment section below!

  1. What place did you like going to relax?

Relaxing and places of leisure were not such a thing in the past. People believed in working and relaxing was a thing for the lazy born. Though for young grandparents it may not be the case because their time is different.

  1. What important world event do you still remember?

For most grandparents this would be the world wars especially for grandfathers who fought in the wars. They would tell words unending about their experience at that time. They would tell their experiences with such momentum and excitement you would feel like you right there.

  1. What world event impacted on your life when you were young?

World events given their effect on masses and the impact it had on the affected people had both severe and positive impacts on peoples life. To some this was a turning moment in their life they live to tell while to others it might be the bitter past they would never wanna remember. So it all depends on the nature of the event.

  1. Did you like eating together as a family?

In the past family togetherness and unity was the loudly emphasized. People would do stuff collectively and share the fruits. Eating together was a very important aspect of the community beliefs and values.

  1. How did you celebrate your holidays when growing up?

In the days of our grandparents there were certain celebrated holidays which were strictly practiced. On such occasions people would come together to have fun, play games, eat and most importantly it would not go without singing and dancing.

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  1. How was my father behaving in school?

One thing with grandparents is they are so good at giving detailed explanations. Asked on the behavior of their son, they would not spare any word out. They will describe the behaviors vividly as it happened and make it funny.

  1. What things did my parents hate while growing up?

Some parents parade as if they were so perfect in their childhood that they never had something they hated except for bad stuff. They always tell of a perfect past. So grandparents are the best sources of such information. They will usually tell it as it went down.

  1. Who was your oldest family member when you were young?

Imagine another oldest family member than your grandparents. The fact is also grandparents were once young something they may not look at the moment. Sometimes they are so old that you tend to bypass the thoughts that they ever young. Talking about their youthful days is something they love the most and would go on and on about it.

  1. Which one thing do you remember of your romantic life?

Romance is always a subject to reckon with especially for grandparents. It’s one question they will always hesitate to answer especially when asked by grandchildren. Romance is always to weighty subject to freely talk about to kids or other people for that matter. The answers to this question will always rely on how happy their past was.

  1. On what topic would like to advice your grandchildren about?
GrandDad and Grand Son taking a walk in Questions to ask your grandparents
GrandDad and Grand Son taking a walk | Questions to ask your grandparents

There are so many topics grandparents would love to give advice to their grandchildren on. On this they would almost automatically get something to say. The experience and wisdom they have immersed all through the years quite permits them to.

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  1. What three things you missed doing, that you liked doing when you were young?

Being young presents a lot of things to do that you would wish to do them forever. Among such things there are just those 3 or 4 things you live to remember. The kind of things that when you think of it puts a smile on your face and lights up your moods.

  1. What is the best thing with being a parent?

I’d say the best thing about being a parent is being in control and being right all the time. We are always brought up to know whatever your parent says is always right. Being a parent comes with all the advantages but it is always a big responsibility to carry.

  1. What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

Life itself if carefully lived is an achievement in itself and a big one at that. How we choose to live our lives matters a lot and will determine your achievements and/or accomplishments. While you strive to live a good life, the focus you have towards your goals and plans will lead you to your greatest accomplishment in life.

  1. What was your profession? Did you choose for yourself?

Choosing a profession is always influenced by so many things. There are model figures, mentors, family history, pressure from parents, personal interest and so on. Point is, choosing a profession will always be influenced differently depending on different circumstances.

  1. What are you proud of being a grandparent?

To grandparents, living long enough to see ones grandchildren may be all the joy and pride they can get. Though along the way in life they encounter so many things part of which they draw a lot of pride from but family holds some significance in all that. In sum, pride can be drawn from so many things that played a critical role in one’s life and can always be connected to life accomplishments.

  1. What is the most valuable thing you learned from your parents?

Parents teach a lot of things to their children. Not all of them will have an impact to their children life. Only those that make long term impact remains to be the most valuable.

  1. What is the most unique thing about our family name?

Names give a family an identity and are not always drawn from just anywhere. Every family name has a meaning and can be associated to someone, something or a historical figure. This is what makes the name unique and very important part of the family. In some instances names are connected to certain family lineage and will be passed from generation to generation.

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  1. What is the common physical characteristic that runs in our family?

There are those certain common physical features that can be associated with a family. The features are mostly common to a specific family and are related to other family members and sometimes as far as from the great great grandpa. This features may include birth marks, height, and or body stature.

  1. Do you have any special document that has been passed down in our generations?

Special inherited documents are a very key piece in a family. They most often serve as the breaking point of a family as it can attract fights and quarrels among family members. Generational documents handed down from ancestors are an important pride of a family and a point of reference for the family history.

Questions to ask your grandparents
Grandparents hiking | Questions to ask your grandparents

Fun questions to ask your grandparents

  1. How did your first house look like?
  2. Did you have electricity connection in your house?
  3. How were you keeping in touch with other family members who were far?
  4. What was the means of transport when you were young?
  5. Did you have schools near your home?
  6. Does your name have a special meaning?
  7. How were you spending time together as a family when you were young?
  8. What thing did you like spending extra money on?
  9. What is the most challenging situation you experienced when you were growing up?
  10. Where did you meet grandpa/grandma?
  11. What event always reminds you about your wedding day?
  12. What is your favorite vacation memory?
  13. What is the most challenging thing about getting old?
  14. What do you want your grandchildren to behave religiously?
  15. Do I behave like my mum/dad when they were young?
  16. What thing do you want to accomplish that you haven’t?
  17. Do we cook the way your parents used to cook when you young?
  18. What activities do you enjoy at this time?
  19. Do you know how to play any musical instrument?
  20. Have you ever undergone surgery?, If yes, what was it for?
  21. Were you working for a private or public company?
  22. What age did you retire?
  23. Do you remember how your wedding ceremony was like?
  24. Who were your witnesses/bridesmaids in your wedding?
  25. Have you ever gotten married more than once?
  26. When did your spouse die? (if one is deceased)
  27. What disease did she/he died of (if yes)
  28. What is the greatest memory do you have about your spouse?
  29. Do you still love each other the way it used to be when you were young?
  30. What do you still admire about your spouse the most?
  31. How/why did you decide to have that number of children?
    Granny bonding with grand daughter under Questions to ask your grandparents
    Granny bonding with grand daughter | Questions to ask your grandparents
  32. Was there any other child who died?
  33. If yes, at what age did they die?
  34. What was their name (s)?
  35. What memories do you have about them?
  36. Do you remember the unique things that your children did for you when they were young?
  37. Who was your funniest child when he/she was young?
  38. Who was the most polite child when young?
  39. Who was the most stubborn child at a younger age?
  40. What is the funniest thing that your child did to you that you still remember?
  41. What is the most enjoyable event you had as a young parent?
  42. If you had a chance to change something about the way you raised your children, what would it be?
  43. Did you ever find it challenging to raise children?
  44. Where you a strict parent?
  45. Did any of your children break your most valuable item?
  46. How did you treat your children, same or differently?
  47. How did you fell when took your oldest child to school at first day?
  48. What memory do you have about your in-laws?
  49. What jobs were your in-laws doing?
  50. Where were they living (in-laws)?
  51. Who is your closest relative that is still alive?
    Grandmum out with grand daughter under Questions to ask your grandparents
    Grandmum out with grand daughter | Questions to ask your grandparents
  52. Where and when did your father/mother die?
  53. Where your parents hospitalized before they passed on?
  54. What do you still recall about the death of your parents?
  55. Were you ever punished by you parents for having a bad habit?
  56. When did you see a car for the first time?
  57. What is the major difference between the current society and the society when you were young?
  58. What do you remember about the American civil war?
  59. How did the World War I and II affect your life?
  60. Which president or leader have you ever admired?
  61. Did the country experience food shortage when you were growing up?
  62. If yes, how did you manage the situation?
  63. What is the name of your friend who has been with you for many years?
  64. What is the decision that you made while you were young that has impacted on your life even now?
  65. When was the first time you used a mobile phone?
  66. Are you always comfortable with the way we behave when we are with friends?
  67. What is the major difference between the currents and those of your days?
  68. What behaviors would you never want your grandchildren to have?
  69. What did you want to become when you were young?
  70. Have you lived your dream?
  71. What time of food do you like eating for a better health?
  72. Are you on the medication?
  73. Are your bones hurting?
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Questions To Ask Your Grandparents
Grandparent teaching her grandkids | Questions To Ask Your Grandparents

What questions can I ask my grandparents?

image good-questions-to-ask-your-grandparents

Great questions to ask your parent
What memories do you have about your childhood?
Who was your funniest child when he/she was young?
Who was the most polite child when young?
What is the funniest thing that your child did to you that you still remember?
What is the most enjoyable event you had as a young parent?
Did you ever find it challenging to raise children?

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