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20 Interesting Family Tree Questions You Really Need To Ask

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Have you been looking for ways of asking your family members about your family history and you really don’t know how to go about it or what questions to ask? Worry no more! Our compiled list of Family tree questions got you covered.

Family tree questions are usually a set of questions that can be used to inquire about one’s family history, basic information and sometimes help to understand the characters and most basic information about siblings, parents etc.

These sort of questions may help one gain an understanding about their family, what they do, their values, history, their fears, strengths, and their basic understanding of the world. So, let us dive in!

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Interesting and Fun Family Tree Questions

  1. Where were you during the 9/11 attacks?

This question is somehow meant to partly show concern to whoever is asked. The question expresses a point of care and safety during such tragic time in the US history. However, at some point it just expresses one’s curiosity of wanting to know the details of 9/11 attacks and most usually it will be followed by other questions depending on how closer you were affected by the events of 9/11.

  1. What is your experience with the modern washing machines?

In this question, one’s understanding of the new technology may be tested. It set to understand another person’s experience with the new machine and sometimes this may be related to another person’s experience. It’s somehow a very good question to ask mostly that time when you are unsure of something relating to the new modern washing machine. It will help get some answers you may be looking for depending on the other person’s experience.

  1. If you were in charge of your family, what would you want to change? And why?

This question is best suited in testing one’s understanding and view of the family. It seeks to know what the other family member thinks about how the family is and some suggestions on what can be changed. In some way it also gives the other person a sense of belonging, they will feel being part of the family on the mere fact that they are involved in the leadership matters of the family.

  1. If ever asked, what tips would you give your father/mother about relationship?

Similarly, this question also aims to know how deep one understands and know their parents relationship. What is their view on their parents relate and perhaps whats they feel should be different. This question therefore tests the bond and openness in a family.

  1. How often do you get in a fight with someone over something you believe you deserved?

It is just normal and perhaps human to fight for that one thing you feel you deserve or merit. The purpose of this question is to test the brevity and the level/extend to which someone would go in standing up for themselves. It is such a nice question to ask a family member in relation to what you may already know as a dominant character in all family members.

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Ask Grandparents | Family Tree Questions
  1. What steps would you take to satisfy your spouse?

Somehow tricky or a very weird questions. Normally, the asked party will hesitate first before answering this question and sometimes it accompanied by small laugh of surprise. It may be weird as such, but it is a very important question mostly for the young adults and teenagers in the family who are just about to start dating or already in a young relationship.

  1. Do you believe in family unity?

The importance of family unity may never be stressed more. It is very vital and perhaps imperative. Mostly family unity is challenged in many occasions and its just normal for one to doubt or lose faith in such matters depending on the grounds in which their family unity has been challenged.

  1. What one word arouses your emotions?

Emotions are a very fragile part of human beings if not delicate. They are usually triggered at such a tiny act or comment. Though this may vary with different people; there those people who rarely will be emotional, there are those who know to manage and hide their emotions, there are those who are emotional almost about everything and those who don’t feel emotional at all.

  1. What is the first thing your teacher can say about you when asked to describe you?

Character says everything about you. Whatever character you portray in the public especially in school tells so much about the person you are and at some point, the person you may become in future. Most importantly, whatever your teacher says about you may speak volumes about your school relationship with students, teachers, and perhaps your true character.

  1. If asked to describe an ordeal experience you went through using one word, what would it be?

For me I’d say HORROR! Hey, don’t  be scared we all have gone through some worst experiences, some we may never wanna talk about because they bring back sad memories. Also, such ordeal experiences may mostly vary with different people depending on the environment from which they have been brought up or the living conditions. My worst nightmare or experience to some else it may be such a normal thing or even less of an ordeal depending on what they gone through in life and the vice versa is true.

  1. What’s the one most complex thing about you?

People may be said to be complicated or simple in their own way of life. Our personality is in most cases characterized by some complex/complicated things that people may not or may find it difficult to understand. That’s just who we are. Someone said “complicated human beings.” Yes we are complicated in our most basic nature as human beings.

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Interact with grandpa | Best Family Tree Questions
  1. What is your favorite piece of art (Drawing)?

This questions one’s test of the most antiques and pieces of art. In as much as it may apply to some people, it may be totally be of no importance to other people. Simply, this question is more tailored to art lovers and mostly artists.

  1. What is your imagination of how heaven looks like?

Do you believe there is heaven? Perhaps that’s the most suitable question that should be asked. As it may be, believing or not almost every person has a small imagination of how heaven looks like most depending on what they may have read or heard from other people. Vital to note, to Christians heaven is such a wonderful place characterized with the most beautiful and valuable things like gold and honey. It is a place they all wanna be after the end of this world. This question is mostly influenced by family spiritual beliefs.

  1. What did your Sunday school teacher tell you about hell?

We have all been brought up to know hell as the most terrible of all places and perhaps the reasons for the negative expressions of the word hell. “You look like hell” when a person looks terrible. This view of hell is at a great extent influenced by our Sunday school teachers for those who were raised up going to church. They would usually be told to kids to scare them from bad behaviors.

  1. If you were asked to describe your role model, who will it be?

Our life and who we want to be in future is mostly influenced by what we observe from others. Even in families there are role models, those people you wish to be like them, or influence your behaviors or motivate you to wanna be something in future. Role models play a key role in modelling and mentoring the life of those who look upon them.

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Going out | Family Tree Questions
  1. If you were given a chance to meet the Queen of England today, what one word would you tell her?

I bet you’ve once dreamt or had an imagination about meeting some key personalities in the world. Whoever it may be, meeting the Queen of England may have been a dream for many. Some even have a glimpse of the things they will do or behave or that one memorable word they will tell her.

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  1. Can you kiss a girl in public? Why?

This question tests the level of courage a man may have. Kissing someone in public requires a great deal of courage for some guys while it may be a simple thing for others. Such a question may be used to test how courageous a family member may be mostly brothers.

  1. What is the most beautiful thing you can or have ever tell your mum?

Our mums are a very special part of our lives. The sacrifices, the love name them, can never be measured to anything. As such it is important that sometimes we  just show some degree of appreciation to their great untold works in the family. Just a word may be enough.

  1. What’s the one thing you will do if ever taken to Disney land?

Disney is a dream of almost every kid. it is the one thing that most kids long for and  would look forward for such an amazing feeling and fun of going to Disney land. To them it’s a little heaven on earth and there is usually that list of things they would want to do if ever taken to Disney.

  1. Do you talk in your dreams?

Hahaha, really funny!! Do You? This you may not really know and you often told by the person or people that you sleep with. It usually a funny thing and has been used in making fun of one another. People, especially in a family will give stories about how someone talked in their sleep and what he/she said and laugh about it. At most, they will make fun of it the whole day.


Recap:- Perhaps,as you’ve learnt above, the most significant role of family tree questions is to equip you, a kid, teenager, or an adult, with simple questions that one can use to interview family members, grandparents, parents, uncle and relatives.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our list of family tree questions.Make sure to contribute to the topic by leaving your question on the comment section below.

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