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275+ Best Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Will Make Your Crush Smile

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Be funny | Cheesy Pick Up Lines

There’s nothing more fulfilling to a guy than to make the girl or woman he adores laugh and feel at ease around him. So how do you go about this? Don’t worry as we have you covered with the best cheesy pick up lines that will make your day.[Read Also–>>Clever Pick Up Lines]These Cheesy pick up lines are mostly used by men to flatter ladies and perhaps win them over. They are somehow funny and are meant to make the lady laugh or smile. It is widely believed that when you make a lady you haven’t met before laugh or smile then you are half way there.Check out the list below.Good luck!

  1. Hi love, would like it if we grew as mold as blue cheese together?
  2. Your wits get me started because you are intelligent like cheddar.
  3. I keep on crumbling like feta because of the crush I have for you.
  4. Baby, roll with me. I assure you we gonna have a Gouda time.
  5. Hey lovely, you really are like a Gus (Colby) in my dull and disappointing day (Monterey Jack.)
  6. The great deep love I feel for you can only be liken to mozzarella deep fried sticks.
  7. Whenever I see another guy hitting on you I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him that you are a nacho type of girl.
  8. Every time you aren’t around got this feeling in the heart like a cheese filled with holes #SwissCheese
  9. My one wish is that I would be #coronary artery wrapping round your heart.
  10. Hey, you may wanna maintain a distance from me because I may fall in love with you.
  11. Hi, just been told by a nutritionist that I lack vitamin U.
  12. I may refrain from using a pick up line on you, only if you will agree on a coffee date with me.
  13. Hey, I get it, you see me as perfect stranger, I will make myself known if you don’t mind. I’m your Love! You see it is just perfect.
  14. Amazing how your beauty makes the room look lovely, I guess you are into interior design.
  15. Hi, I’m James. Can we bond?
  16. You find a lady in coffee joint, hi hottie! You still are taking that hot cup of tea?
  17. Hey my buddy up there says that you thinking that I’m not a hunk.
  18. Your beauty is so exotic that leaves too fall on you.
  19. I can’t decide on what to be this coming Halloween. Can we be girlfriend and boyfriend you and me?
  20. I wish you were a triangle because you still would be a cute angle.
  21. Hey! Look at that door! Can we go out?
  22. You stuck on my mind like a lyric to my favorite song. It is impossible to forget you.
  23. Giving her you hand, hey please help me hold it for a moment, got to run for a short call.
  24. You really are looking great, but I think you will look even greater wrapped in my hands.
  25. What are the chances that I got favor with you?
  26. I would love U to date me. Do you come from Utah?
  27. Girl you look so fine like Mickey.
  28. Hey, I’m a fortune teller; allow me your hand please to read your fortune (writing your number on her hand) I see now you got a clear future.
  29. Hey, how comes you are here? I thought angels like you belong on top of my Christmas tree.
  30. Hey, not that I wanna impress you but you sure are looking at batman right now.
  31. You look like a boxer’s daughter. You such a knockout.
  32. You got all the characters in my koala-fications. Might you be an Australian?
  33. Hey, you got this one common thing with the weather. You are all hot.
  34. You sure would make a sweet potato, were you a potato.
  35. Mind you be a status on Facebook, I will like you every day.
  36. I love you a latte. Wanna grab some coffee?
  37. I would love an apple every day because I never wanna see you leave.
  38. Boom girl! It’s like you my appendix I don’t get how you function but this thing in my tummy gives me that urge of taking you out.
  39. You really are meant for me…I’m wondering how you got past my selective permeable membrane.
  40. You made me hemophilic. You got my world painted in red.
  41. It like my cerebellum isn’t functioning well. I don’t understand why I keep on falling for you.
  42. I hope you got an inhaler with you. You take my breath away.
  43. You’ve made my dopamine level dumb
  44. I’m not sure if it is my olfactory or you surely smell good.
  45. Might you be Broca Aphasia? I’m really speechless.
  46. I would love it if you are my proximal, I would hate to be distal to you.
  47. As blue as cyanosis, as red as blood, thinking about you gives me tachycardia.
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Make her smile | Best Cheesy Pick Up Lines
  1. I cannot stop my eyes from winking at you. I’m scared I have developed tics.
  2. I’m a doctor and looking at you, girl you lacking vitamin Me from your system.
  3. I think you got a lot of pain in your calves because of back marching in my mind the whole day.
  4. Every time you are close to me I go through an anaerobic respiration for you take away my breath.
  5. Damn girl! You really got stimulus that’s been conditioned, you made me drool.
  6. You surely look like a math genius. Can you assist me taking the position of my X with no questions Y?
  7. Don’t get me wrong, what you looking at is not a beer belly, it’s a tank of fuel for a love truck.
  8. Why would I need the sun when you light up my world?
  9. You are so appealing. I wonder if you are a banana.
  10. I wanna learn your dance moves
  11. Allow me to take out my pencil and put it in you pencil pouch
  12. Hey, I can get married to you tomorrow, if only we can honeymoon tonight.
  13. You really are masterpiece that would I be a fly I would hover all over you.
  14. Your eyes are so beautiful I would love to stay and stare at them.
  15. I’m here at your service, you seem lonely.
  16. I have a feeling that you know you are into me so stop pretending and let’s go out.
  17. Please stop frowning, you could be denying someone a chance to fall for your smile.
  18. I wish to buy you flowers. Which ones do you like?
  19. I think your lips are asking for company. Wouldn’t it be nice if they meet mine?
  20. I’m computing a new algorithm that lacks some test data. I would appreciate it if you would tell me your measurements.
  21. Am kind of lost, I wonder if maybe you’d love to help me look for my house.
  22. Do you know how to play hockey? We can play together. I can be the net so that you score.
  23. Lady, your legs are so many more than a dozen chickens.
  24. For once I’m proud that I failed trying to suppress my feelings for you.
  25. Hey, I have this morning alarm that rings so beautiful. Are you willing to come and hear it ring?
  26. Halo, your beauty makes me stutter. Gi-ii-i-v-e m-e yo-uu-rr nu-mm-beee-err.
  27. Hey I can’t help but wonder, if you were born that cute or you had to make yourself cute?
  28. Are those diamonds in your eyes? I wonder if they are real at all.
  29. I’m kind of new in this city yet so far the only beautiful antique I have seen is you.
  30. You sum up a total of things I didn’t think I ever wanted.
  31. Would I be an OS then the top most priority I would give your process?
  32. Were girls trophies then you would be the most beautiful and valued.
  33. Hey, got a talking bed in my room. Wanna see it?
  34. Where have you been all this while? Been searching for you my whole life.
  35. Is there a chance that I know you? (No). Such a shame would really love to.
  36. It’s so marveling, I got my long lost treasure today. Does it mean that a rainbow appeared today?
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Pick Up lines | Top Cheesy Pick Up Lines
  1. I had no idea angels fly this low.
  2. Perhaps you may like a date with me on a Christmas.
  3. Not that I’m staring at you. I’ve just been caught in the loop.
  4. Hi, love your top. Can I feel the material?
  5. Thank God I got my gloves on, you so hot to be touched bear hands.
  6. On a probability of 1 to Zambia, how available are you the day after today?
  7. Hi Honeydew, you are looking perfectly fine today. You look like a fruit.
  8. Please show me the way to the bakery, I wanna buy a cutie pie just like you.
  9. I wanna be the boss at your place of work. I’d love to be enslaved by your love.
  10. Honey, my joy would be to herd my cows in valley because it’s so fertile there.
  11. Love to be at the top of everything. Would be interested in being counted one of them?
  12. I’ve lost one of  my most valuable thing. Would you allow me to search it on your chest?
  13. I think you got holes in your heart. I’ve been trapped in there and I just I’m unable to locate a way out.
  14. You must be a genius when it comes to puzzles, because hardly had my day started than you ended it that soon.
  15. Please switch off the lights I want us to the only ones on.
  16. Your hotness can bake cookies, I swear.
  17. Whenever you need me just take me. Will always be here waiting.
  18. You are just like sprite; I can’t help but obey my thirst.
  19. Hi, are there any vacancies in your heart for lovers? I would want to apply for a position.
  20. Whenever I’m with you time stops moving. Maybe it my watch that has a problem, I need a new one.
  21. I will let you see my tan lines if you allow me see yours.
  22. You make me autocomplete!
  23. You make my heart beat real fast like a horror movie.
  24. You so red hot than greased donuts.
  25. Would you please return to my house, I have a nice party gift I would love to give you?
  26. You got to smile for you sleep by my side.
  27. Got a small painful cut on my lips would you please give me a kiss? I promise it make it feel better.
  28. You heard that? It’s the sea begging you to accompany me for a drink.
  29. What’s the value of your love?
  30. It is a new order of the world. Make your way with me.
  31. Sorry, I’m not sure if we ever met. But I’m sure if we ever met I definitely remember your lovely face.
  32. Your hotness would melt the devil.
  33. You are hot like an oven that my heart melts when you hug me.
  34. You hot like a campfire, I just can’t get more of you.
  35. I will be a willing buyer whenever you will put yourself on advertisement.
  36. Hi, you say you married, but I thought they say “happily”
  37. Summer would end the moment you will fall for me.
  38. You must be a man-hole. Amazing how easily I fell for you.
  39. A time like this a year from I wish we’d be laughing together.
  40. I wish I were your monthly periods so I would pay you a visit on a monthly basis.
  41. Did you know Hershey’s give thousands of kisses in a single day? I’m just asking for a kiss from you.
  42. You are truly fine that were you coffee from the ground, you would be an Espresso.
  43. You open my eyes. Now I know that the lap of Santa isn’t the only thing one would wish for.
  44. Am really so cold. Were you a jacket I would love to get a hug from you.
  45. I can give you rings with a bang come New Year.
  46. What do you love most between blue berries and strawberries, I wanna know what pancake to order every morning.
  47. Are sure you not gonna regret this come morning? Because we can sleep-in till afternoon.
  48. Wanna be unique and different? Try me.
  49. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are both single.
  50. You have such a beautiful hair. Would like to mess it up?
  51. You’ve been blamed for increased global warming. You just extremely hot for the planet.
  52. For every time you are around me, you really work up my cardiovascular system.
  53. I am not sure but that could be my heart lagging.
  54. I saw no stars in the sky the other night because the whole heavenly body was before me.
  55. I hate losing you like a pig hate being bacon.
  56. I promise to make you shiver from my deliveries.
  57. It’s a pleasure to meet. My name is gorge and you are…lovely.
  58. I cannot repair broken windows but given a chance I can heal your broken heart.
  59. Might have a minute to put down my number?
  60. Could be that you fell in puddle of water or you are just excited you’ve seen me?
  61. You complicated like bars of candy. One side they are sweet, and they are nuts on the other side.
  62. You wanna dance? Nice…then allow me to read you a bedtime story while tucking us in bed.
  63. Were a laser, you would forever be stunning.
  64. A face lacking freckles can be liken to an empty sky at night.
  65. What! I always knew that “Very-Fine” existed only in a bottle.
  66. Baby you are my music, my worst destruction, my rhythm and blues, please allow me to be a apart of you forever.
  67. The way you snacked inside my heart, I think you have to be a ninja.
  68. I’m really not sure if I’m in love with you, at least not until I kiss you.
  69. Had you were down with fever? You just so hot.
  70. Could you be a hipster? I don’t understand why my hip is stirring.
  71. Can I sign your mouth with my lips?
  72. Just wondering, could have a pair of hearts, I seem to have lost mine to someone.
  73. Honey, you too hot that when you stop at the equator it looks like a north pole.
  74. I hope you got a pen because I wanna rewrite your future and rub your past.
  75. You must be a power button, else how would you have turned me on like that?
  76. Baby, you got fire all over your body, could just stop, fall down and roll over?
  77. I feel the chemistry between us; could there be a science lab around?
  78. Could you be Lana Del Rey by any chance? I would love to ‘la na del raise’ your children.
  79. Have ever been in Nickelodeon? You really look a-Dora-ble!
  80. Have you watched Star wars? I think YODA one for me.
  81. If only I was an octopus, I would own eight limps to hold you.
  82. Am confused, do I cry because friends is all we can ever be of should I be happy that at least we got to be friends.
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Meet Up | Cheesy Pick Up Lines
  1. Baby I can compare you to pizza, even when you look ugly you still so sweet and loved,
  2. I wish I were pizza, I would be a lover of such a fine lady as you.
  3. You will never require keys to run me crazy.
  4. Allow me to complete this sentence with a preposition.
  5. Are you the owner of McDonalds because am into you.
  6. I promise to prepare you supper if you would make me breakfast.
  7. It doesn’t matter if there wasn’t gravity in this world, I still would have fallen for you
  8. You are like my highest score in chemistry because I would love to bring you home and proudly tell my mum what I got.
  9. Were you a chick, you could be impeccable.
  10. Girl, I never thought there was anything more precious than diamonds until you came in my life.
  11. You as hot as tamale.
  12. Honey you look really sweet, I could drink your shower water.
  13. Kindly be not near the bar, because you make all the ice melt.
  14. You are a charger and I’m the phone. When I’m on my own I can die.
  15. This love I feel for you is like a bowel movement that’s loose, I’m just unable to hold it in.
  16. Allow me to write you a poem over your beautiful body using my lips.
  17. Might you be an orphanage? I have this urge to give you children.
  18. I would die more than a million times just to be with you.
  19. You so much like a glass of freeze water and I’m the world’s thirstiest man.
  20. People think that Disney is the most outstanding place in this world, so sad that none has ever stood by your side.
  21. Are you by any chance a pot smoker? I bet weed look lovely together.
  22. Could you be Netflix, damn, I can stare at you to the ends of the earth.
  23. Could be a Jew? You really are ISRAELI HOT.
  24. My mind sort of, pretty, kind of, basically thinks about you.
  25. Do away with the cupcake please, you are already pretty sweet.
  26. Four multiplied to two equals eight, me multiplied by you the result is fate.
  27. You ever read Dr. Seuss while you were a kid? For green eggs……Damn!
  28. Your beauty blows be away so strongly, that I wonder if your name could be Katrina Hurricane.
  29. Was I a vinegar, you would be baking soda, because you give this bubbly feeling inside.
  30. You just so hard to forget, are a treatment for Alzheimer?
  31. You really are hot that when you eat bread you’d give out toast.
  32. Forget making men warm and happy, what else do you do to earn a living?
  33. Can I pizza you? That is!
  34. I thought I was contented with my life until I saw you.
  35. I could be a snow flake for falling for you?
  36. You got to be a very valuable book, because whenever I see you, you highlight my day.
  37. Hey, I just couldn’t locate your name in the dictionary in the Shazaam column.
  38. Please mind our health and just say yes. Need I tell you how rejection results to emotional stress and stress begets physical abnormalities such as headache, ulcers, cancer, tumor and at times even death.
  39. I think you have breakfast’s lucky charm. You miraculously delicious.
  40. I think I’ve seen a fox, can I please borrow your phone we got to call animal control.
  41. I love how your flawlessness, I wonder was your dad ever a diamond seller?
  42. We both love Legos, should we just build a relationship?
  43. Love, I may never be Sriracha source, yet still I can surely spice your life up.
  44. Did you wipe your trouser using Windex? You as clear as the mirror.
  45. Are you a Swiffer? Baby you’ve just swept my feet off the ground.
  46. Excuse! You just dropped a thing back there; on a second thought can we just take later together?
  47. You feel like bowling? I think it just there right on your alley.
  48. Are you Dwayne Johnson? You somehow are rocking my world.
  49. Hopefully you aren’t no vegetarian, my mission goal is to meat you up.
  50. You so magnetic that my cell phone becomes so hot by only speaking with you.
  51. A million dollars won’t be that meaningful if you inherit them with a weak heart.
  52. Was I a heart surgeon; I would tear out my heart and give to you.
  53. Sweetheart, I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I have the ability to make your bedrock!
  54. I implore you to turn that beauty some other direction, you can burn the carpet.
  55. It seems like you are a cat. You just so Purrrfect.
  56. Can I smash your face with my lips?
  57. You know what? It has been said that skin is the biggest organ in the body, well not for me….
  58. I have learnt in history about the significant dates, would you love to be part of them?
  59. Baby you get me satisfied like snickers bar,
  60. Hey you wanna kiss the “owie” on my lips?
  61. Touching her #hand honey, here is John bringing you the weather. Please make me your warm front.
  62. Being a telepathic I can feel that you are in love with me. Correct? Sorry I always get mixed up when it comes to love and lust.
  63. Hi, not that am dump or something, just that I’m compelled to let you know that you are the most perfect lady I have met.
  64. Could your parents be gods of Greece? I’m quite certain that there has to be two gods to make a goddess.
  65. Better get the Life Alert, because I can’t wake up from falling for you.
  66. I don’t have anyone else in mind I would want to survive with the vampire apocalypse but you.
  67. Baby how did you make that happen? Looks lovely.
  68. What have you done to your teeth? Because your smile brightens the whole room like a lamp in a room full of darkness. Would you want we go prove if it’s true?
  69. You are invited to live in my heart where you won’t have to pay rent ever.
  70. Baby you such a nine, I bet we would be a perfect ten together.
  71. You too hot, I’m so sure you can spark a candle to light even if it’s 10 paces away.
  72. Was I an octopus I would have given you all my three hearts.
  73. If ever we lived in the same compound, I would bring your tulips and my tulips together that way we have two lips attached.
  74. If asked to choose between having to spend a night with you or winning a lottery I’d sure go for winning the lottery….though it were closer real closer to what I would choose. Hahaha!
  75. Hey, you still shine in the dark. You are like the moon.
  76. For a while there I was scared that I was dead and I had reached heaven, but I realize I’m so alive and that heaven has brought me to you.
  77. You look as priceless as a MasterCard.
  78. Surprisingly, I have been starring at your eyes the whole night; I just can’t understand how such dark eyes would emit so much light.
  79. Right now I love you much, but in 10 years’ time I would be so much in love with little girl who will call me daddy.
  80. My face turns all red whenever am around you.
  81. I want my love for you to be as endless and irrational as the pi.
  82. I had doubts if you were really an angel or a devil, but now I see it closely in your eyes, I get the feeling that I’m in heaven.
  83. I’m not sure what’s beautiful any more, the sky in your eyes or the water.
  84. Hey baby, sky is blue, roses are red, we both showing hearts can we make out?
  85. I don’t have to be DQ to treat you well.
  86. I had no idea that angels were allowed on campus!
  87. I will require more than 140 letters to let you know how much you mean to me.
  88. I think I’m gonna be late for class, when I’m crazily attracted to your magnet like this.
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Relaxing | Cheesy Pick Up Lines
  1. Hey I think it would be a lot less hard to take you off your feet if you were up on your legs.
  2. Could I be (cosine)2 and you (sin)2 we would equal 1.
  3. Hey my lady, if you were a cop then you would be America’s finest.
  4. A lady asking you what the time is. It is now two flirty and the date we got together.
  5. I can’t help but blush each time I’m around you.
  6. Could you be the new genitor in our school because I hear you sweep men off their feet?
  7. It is brighter out here than ever before, is it the sun or is that your halo?
  8. It would be such an honor to add to the number of boyfriends you’ve had only I wanna stay permanently.
  9. You too hot the sun dies of jealousy for you.
  10. Hey, see that. I got large feet. Can you imagine?
  11. Santa just brought me this long list, got a feeling you are inside it.
  12. Would I be asked to write an essay on beauty, I would have to minimize the fonts or single-space so as to meet the least page requirement?
  13. Hey, I’m an FBI (Fine Body Investigator). Am here to request to please take your right position.
  14. If you wouldn’t be here, that would make me the hottest person around.
  15. What is such a beauty like you doing around this place? You got to be in my heart honey!
  16. Sure that’s an iPhone in my jacket; it is also amazing to meet you.
  17. You are my east honey, a place I look at every evening to satisfy my heart desire.
  18. Should we shift to talking or should we continue flirting in a distance?
  19. I wonder God just removed thunder from the skies and placed it right in your thighs.
  20. You sure you aren’t parking yah? No offence I just guessing to know what your sign really is.
  21. You really are familiar! Could we have met?
  22. If you were a cake .I am sure I would have loved a piece of that.
  23. You are really looking right. Might you be a ninety degree angle?
  24. You can surely generate electricity with water through hydro power. Cause Damn!
  25. It might sound cheesy but you looking great.
  26. I have cold feet because you knocked off my socks.
  27. I could have swallowed a magnet? Because the attraction is just great.
  28. I think you are suffering from the new disease called Beauty.
  29. Be a little patient, it is not yet time. You still gonna get juicy right here.
  30. How comes such an attractive, cute and smart dude has everything but not your number?
  31. Hey you can shelter at your place, I mean the rate at which homelessness is growing is alarmingly sad.
  32. I think I will have to kiss heaven goodbye, cause it is a terrible seen to run away from home.
  33. Honey, would you be interested in seeing my baby elephant?
  34. Are those real? Hey a drink…?
  35. Would you love your eggs fertilized or scrambled in the morning?
  36. Hey, I’m Leonardo Da Vinci; I wanna make you Moan Alyssa.
  37. Hey Sophia, did you have any idea that your name rearranged can make “hi soap”? It is totally beautiful because soaps make scents.
  38. Can you guess what would happen when I call your name eight times? Such a shame we could share true love.
  39. I feel like opening the window, because I wanna let some Erin here.


What are the best Cheesy Pick up lines?

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10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines
1. I hope you got an inhaler with you. You take my breath away.
2. You’ve made my dopamine level dumb
3. I’m not sure if it is my olfactory or you surely smell good.
4. Might you be Broca Aphasia? I’m really speechless.
5. I would love it if you are my proximal, I would hate to be distal to you.
6. As blue as cyanosis, as red as blood, thinking about you gives me tachycardia.

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