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Sparking a great conversation especially with a stranger is an uphill task. It’s even harder in case it is with an opposite sex.[Read Also–>100 More Interesting Conversation Starters]Furthermore, it’s uneasy sitting next to a person whom you somehow have interest with without talking yet you’re going sit next to them for long hours; maybe while travelling or queuing somewhere while waiting for some sort of service.

 However, don’t worry,we’ve got your back. Below is a list of really interesting conversation starters categorized depending on the situation you will find yourself in at any particular moment. Enjoy!

100 General Conversation Starters

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lady having tea | Best Conversation Starters
  1. Have you watched a funny movie off late?
  2. What actions makes you to get stressed up?
  3. What is the time please?
  4. Can we know each other if you don’t mind?
  5. Have you met the host before?
  6. Is this your first time attending such events?
  7. Do you find yourself busy at this time/season?
  8. Can you propose good cocktails here?
  9. Have you tasted any of these foods before?
  10. Have you accessed this viral video? It has been all over social media today
  11. Is there a football match today?
  12. That music is great. Are you a fun of reggae music?
  13. Which activities were you engaged in last weekend?
  14. Are you a fan of holiday vacations?
  15. What would you wish to paint the whole world?
  16. When did you last work hard to achieve something? What was that about?
  17. At your free time, do you just relax at home or you go out with friends?
  18. Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?
  19. Are you proud of your work/school?
  20. At what time do you go to work?
  21. How many minutes do you take driving from your home to work?
  22. Are you able to describe yourself in eleven words?
  23. Do you have tattoos on your thighs?I have one,my favorite is the eagle?
  24. Have you ever saved someone when he/she was in danger?
  25. Do you have a vision of starting a business in future?
  26. How are you contributing in making the world a better place?
  27. Which business do you think is most profitable currently?
  28. Have you ever thought of staying away from your parents?
  29. Do you have the courage to speak in front of many people? Not particularly your peers?
  30. Have you ever dream and wished that the dream could come true?
  31. Have you ever seen an anaconda(not on TV)?
  32. Who is that person who has helped you to transform your life to what it is today?
  33. Have you traveled to a different country more recently?
  34. What season of the year are you comfortable with?
  35. What do you consider owning first, a great car or a family?
  36. Do you have a romantic place near your home?
  37. What do you normally carry along to any place you go?
  38. How many hours do you spend on the internet per day?
  39. Which recent story has really touched your attention?
  40. Have you ever gotten stuck at a place for fear?
  41. Would you prefer changing your name given a chance?
  42. Which wise saying do you consider more useful to you?
  43. Whose footsteps would you like to follow?
  44. When you are with your family, what do you contribute most?
  45. Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation because of peer pressure?
  46. Would you like to be popular in the whole world or just live your own life?
  47. Where can you take a date as you preferred place?
  48. What song reminds you of something you went through?
  49. How regular do you help people when they need you to?
  50. Apart from your parents, who else has impacted on your life?
  51. How many Muslims friends do you have in your cycle?
  52. Do you believe in voodoo magics?
  53. Imagine you get stuck in an elevator, who would you wish to be with?
  54. Who would be the worst person you can ever stuck with in an elevator?
  55. Are you a fan of watching TV series?
  56. Which is the best TV show you don’t want to miss?
  57. Have you ever watched reality TV shows? Do you like them?
  58. Have you ever attended movie live recording?
  59. Do you watch documentaries? Do they excite you?
  60. Have you ever visited a national library?
  61. What is your one major professional goal?
  62. What normally prevents you from achieving the goals you set?
  63. What is the appropriate way of ensuring that you accomplish your goals?
  64. How are you planning to continue with your life normally when you retire?
  65. Between saving and investing, what is more important?
  66. What are you planning to do in the next five years?
  67. Which year do you think you will be in a position to purchase your dream car?
  68. Who was your first employer?
  69. How do you relate with your colleagues at work?
  70. Have you ever disagreed with your boss?
  71. Do you believe you can make a good manager?
  72. Have you come with your girlfriend?
  73. Where do you come from?
  74. Do you have a scar as a result of some physical activity?
  75. Did you attend this year’s music awards last night?
  76. Where will you be going to work this holiday?
  77. Do you have relatives around this place?
  78. Did you take a taxi to this place or you came with your car?
  79. Who was your favorite lecturer in college?
  80. What scariest thing have you ever done?
  81. Do you know how to play instruments? Which one do you enjoy?
  82. How do you engage your mind when you are free?
  83. At what age would you be comfortable to die?
  84. Do you fear getting getting married?
  85. What one thing do you feel is hard to do?
  86. What do you like about yourself?
  87. Is your mum as lively as you?
  88. When are you planning to get engaged?
  89. What discourages you most?
  90. Would you prefer having a vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
  91. I can see you have a ring. Its beautiful,are you engaged or something?
  92. Who is that one person you admire or respect most?
  93. What are the five major qualities you would like your children to possess?
  94. You have a nice handbag how much does it cost?
  95. Have you had about the recent plane crush?
  96. How do you feel about the recent plans of establishing another shopping mall in this area?
  97. How do you demonstrate your disappointment in the house?
  98. It is good that this year we have gotten much snow. Do you enjoy it?
  99. Have you watched Harry Potter series? What were your amazing moments in the series?
  100. Are you working for a private or a government organization?

70 Funny Conversation Starters

Image of a people having a better time conversation starters
A couple enjoying the sunset rays / Conversation starters
  1. You smell nice, what brand is your perfume?
  2. Would you prefer whispering everything or shouting everything while talking?
  3. Have you had a weird kitchen fail?
  4. How much money would you give to somebody threatening to share your browsing history with your parents or girlfriend?
  5. Would you rather live without eyebrows or be shaved half of your head forever?
  6. Would you prefer eating a bowl full of fried worms or fried crickets?
  7. Have you ever received a love message from another person when you are sitting with your spouse? How did you react?
  8. Do you have a personal dance move?
  9. If you had an opportunity to shrinking something and go with it anywhere, what could that be?
  10. At what age did you join college?
  11. If we could be having only one holiday per year,what could be your top 5 destinations?
  12. Which one would you choose between visiting the great wall of China,the Egyptians pyramids or see the London Bridge?
  13. If you were to give a rule for everybody on earth to follow, which rule would be that?
  14. If I were a cloth, would I be a bra or a vest?
  15. What is the funniest thing you have done in your life?
  16. Between having a third eye and a third arm, which one would you choose?
  17. What is the meaning of your family name?
  18. Would you prefer to be a dog each night or have a beast as your spouse each night?
  19. What are you expecting this week?
  20. Do you consider yourself to be the luckiest person in this room? Why?
  21. When was your last time here? What had you come to do?
  22. Have you ever gone for an interview before?
  23. If we were to choose between legs or arms, which one could you like to have? Why?
  24. What is the most important thing when preparing to go for a job interview?
  25. What is one good thing you could give someone as a gift today?
  26. What three things you cannot live without?
  27. What is the hardest part of finding true love?
  28. If you were to read the mind of someone, whose mind would you like to access?
  29. If pets could be talking, what story could you tell yours?
  30. What is it that makes you laugh? -a story or a joke
  31. If you were to invite one person for dinner, would you consider me?
  32. Have you ever won a prize or an award? What had you achieved?
  33. Do you believe there is life on other planets?
  34. Where could be the planets?
  35. Do you remember the time you faked being sick?
  36. What happens to a person when he/she dies?
  37. Do you know any funny question that can spark a conversation?
  38. What are the circumstances that you find okay when you lie?
  39. If God asks you to go and live on the moon, would you accept? If yes who would you decide to go with?
  40. Do you find this place to be boring the way I am feeling?
  41. If you get arrested without committing any crime, what would your parents/friends think you would have committed?
  42. What specific item would make the cashier uneasy when you buy?
  43. If you were mistakenly locked in an insane asylum, how would you prove that you are normal but not pretending to be sane?
  44. Have you ever thought of starting a secret conspiracy?
  45. What nickname do you secretly call your boss at work?
  46. What is funniest name you have come across in the real world?
  47. What worst name can you give your child?
  48. Do you think a Hot-dog can be considered a sandwich?
  49. What thing have you ever wished the government should legalize in your country?
  50. Which part of your body puts you in trouble most?
  51. Imagine that you are a scientist, which experiment would you carry out if there were no money or ethical issues?
  52. If animals could be students, which one would have been the rudest?
  53. Which country do you wish could not exist? Why?
  54. How can you respond to this obvious question, “What do you do”?
  55. What strange thing have you seen in someone’s house?
  56. What insult can you imagine coming out of mind?
  57. If you were to be ferried 300 years into the past naked with nothing else, how would you show that you came from the future?
  58. Does your family have unwritten rules? What are they?
  59. How many parts can you replace on your car to make it new again?
  60. Have you ever come across a very interesting Wi-Fi name?
  61. Would you imagine a country occupied by copies of you? How would it look it?
  62. What should you do when you talking to a shy person?
  63. If you meet the president abruptly, what would you tell him?
  64. How can I introduce myself to someone we are meeting for the first time?
  65. Do you care what other people think about you?
  66. What do you often tell your girl/boyfriend each time you call?
  67. Do you know how to recite romantic poems for your lover?
  68. Can you allow your girlfriend to have your phone for day? Why?
  69. What amazing selfie have you taken recently?
  70. Do you have an imaginary friend?

15 Conversation Starters on technology

Image of Smiling people in Conversation starters
This couple have really cute smiles / Conversation starters
  1. What technology gets you frustrated when using?
  2. According to you, what is the best invention among the current technology?
  3. Do you think technology has made life simpler or even more complicated?
  4. Has adoption of technology helped in solving human problems?
  5. What piece of technology do you think would be there in the next 50 years?
  6. Is advancement in technology going to destroy the human race or save it?
  7. Have you ever watched fiction movies on science and technology?
  8. Which piece of technology seen in fiction movies would you like to have?
  9. Would you recommend factories and companies to use robots to carry out tasks?
  10. Can you accept to install a robot in your house to cook for you?
  11. What current technology will become obsolete with time?
  12. Would you prefer to talk to someone via Skype or face-to-face?
  13. What negative impact has any technology had on your life?
  14. Have you thought of ever becoming an astronaut?
  15. Do you think it is a breakthrough to adopt sex robots in brothels? Why do you think so?

15 Interesting Conversation Starters on fashion

Image of fashion conversation starters
Fashion of all time / Conversation Starters
  1. Do you like following fashion trends?
  2. What style of clothes is your favorite?
  3. What kind of cloth would you wear if you don’t care what other people think?
  4. Have you ever been embarrassed for not wearing decently?
  5. What are some of the impacts fashion have on our society?
  6. What fashion do you still admire though it disappeared?
  7. In our society, who are the fashion trend setters?
  8. Can you love someone from the way he/she dresses?
  9. What is that cloth that you have that you think is embarrassing to wear for a date?
  10. Would you rather wear old fashion or new fashion exposing half of your body?
  11. Would you like your daughter to wear a bikini when having a family fun time?
  12. What do you think would be fashion trend in the next 20 years?
  13. Where do you buy your best outfits?
  14. Do you like putting on a tie?

10 Conversation Starters on Food

Image of evening conversation starters
The best time to meet your date is evening / Conversation Starters
  1. What do you ensure that you must buy each time you visit a grocery shop?
  2. Do we have a restaurant around here that provides quality food and services?
  3. Would you mind going for lunch together?
  4. At what time do you take your breakfast?
  5. Have you ever attended a dinner party?
  6. I am allergic to milk; do you have any medical solution for me please?
  7. Which foreign food have you ever tasted?
  8. Do you like herbal tea?
  9. which food do you eat regularly?
  10. Do you also spend time in the kitchen cooking?

40+ Conversation Starters for couples

Image of fun conversation between couple
Make her laugh using this question tricks / Conversation Starters
  1. When was the last time we had extra fun together?
  2. What is the difference between romance and affection?
  3. What can you remember about the time we were dating?
  4. When did you first open your eyes on sexual matters?
  5. What did you think of sex when you were a teen?
  6. Who is my close relative that you love most?
  7. Did you ever attend birthday and sleepover parties? What did you learn about them?
  8. Did you have a crush while you were a student? Did you like him/her?
  9. If you could be with your family right now, what could you be doing?
  10. What story were you told by your grandfather that you still remember till today?
  11. Have you ever gone to the zoo? Would you wish we go there over the weekend?
  12. What is the longest distance you have ever walked?
  13. What can I do for you this coming holiday?
  14. What could be the serious weakness our relationship has?
  15. What would be our dinner tonight?
  16. What can I do to make sure we have a beautiful home?
  17. Do I provide comfort when you are down emotionally?
  18. Do you find it exciting when I massage you?
  19. What surprise would you have for my parents this festive season?
  20. Where will you like us to settle with our children?
  21. Who do you wish to have as first born, a boy or a girl? Why?
  22. Between and a girl and a boy, who do you think can fall in love faster?
  23. Would you prefer a man cheater or a total drunkard?
  24. Have you ever been blamed for something you have not done?
  25. How many people would you like us to invite for our wedding?
  26. Mmmmh! This meal is delicious. Would you teach me how to prepare it sometime?
  27. Where do you go for church?
  28. If you were to choose to not to live beyond a certain age, which one would you choose?
  29. What are you planning to do the whole of tomorrow?
  30. Has someone ever stalked on you on social media?

10 Conversation starters for events

Image of conversation starters for events
Good Conversation starters for events | Conversation starters
  1. Have you ever attended the independence day celebrations?
  2. What two things annoys you when you attend Halloween?
  3. How do you celebrate Christmas in your family?
  4. What Christmas gift have you ever received from a friend?
  5. Would you prefer spending the coming holiday with your spouse or your parents?
  6. Which holiday do you think is less important to you?
  7. Do you know of a nice venue where I can have a birthday party?
  8. Have you ever found a crush at an event? Who was that?
  9. What role do you play when you attend a party with your friends?
  10. Do you like mountaineering or skydiving?

Continuation –>>100 More Interesting Conversation Starters


How can I start a conversation?

image interesting-questions-to-spark-conversation

10 Interesting Conversation starters
1. What do you normally carry along to any place you go?
2. How many hours do you spend on the internet per day?
3. Which recent story has really grabbed your attention?
4. Would you prefer changing your name given a chance?

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