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300+ Interesting questions to ask to spark a boring gathering

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The hardest task you can ever have in your life is to cheer up a bored/boring crowd. At this point, it is obvious that the concentration level of the gathering is close to zero. Even an interesting story may prove futile as the mood is already bad. However, don’t worry as the article provides a list of interesting questions to ask in a boring gathering that will definitely cheer them up. The list contains more than enough questions that will brighten the day again and everyone will leave contented with the company afterwards. These questions to ask are quite engaging depending with the kind of gathering that you are in. Check out!

150+ Random Interesting questions to ask to spark a boring gathering

  1. What are you going to do with your degree?
  2. Which type of dress do you think suits me the most?
  3. In which sector would you like to work?
  4. Where are we going for shopping this weekend?
  5. Do you think of going for internship?
  6. What is the importance of having a family gathering?
  7. How do you relate with your college mates?
  8.  How have I behaved this week?
  9. What is it that you think I enjoy doing?
  10.  Which serious punishment have you ever received while in school?
  11. Among us, who is the greediest person?
  12. What food you cannot go for a week without eating?
  13. What is the best thing you can do for us as your children
  14. What is a family?
  15. How long can you stay without visiting your family?
  16. What is the weirdest thing I have ever done that surprised you?
  17. How would you feel if I hide your most valuable thing?
  18. What is the most expensive thing that bored you few days after purchasing?
  19. What is the most important thing a child can do for his/her parents?
  20. How many cups of coffee can you take in a sitting?
  21. What family tradition do you consider to be most significant to us?
  22. How many minutes can you take to finish taking a cup of coffee?
  23. What can make people to be quite?
  24. Is it because they have nothing to say or they don’t know where to start?
  25. Which one word can you use to sum up your college experience?
  26. What is the most dangerous kitchen failure you have ever experienced?
  27. What can you tell regarding your first day in school or your first teacher?
  28. Which type of man/woman would you like me to marry?
  29.  Which is your preferred subject in high school? Why do you like it?
  30. Do you find it nice when we eat together as a family?
  31.  Which type of car would you wish to purchase?
  32. Who knows how to prepare a delicious meal among us?
  33. How can you spark a boring gathering?
  34. When you are talking to someone while standing, where do you normally place your arms your sides, pockets or use them for gestures?
  35. For how long can you remain silent?
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  37. How many magazines have you subscribed to? Do you read all of the?
  38. Do you like holding you TV channel remote in your hands or keeping it away after using?
  39. When you plan to travel, how much do you pack?
  40. Have you ever bought something from telemarketers?
  41. Would you rather spend time with your pet or go out with your drunken friend?
  42. How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?
  43. Do you think your heart always tells you the truth or sometimes it lies to you?
  44. What part of your heart you would like people never to see?
  45. What steps are you taking to improve your own health?
  46. What funny magic trick can you perform for us?
  47. Between buying a house and a nice car, what is your first priority?
  48. How many hours a day do you watch TV? Would you like to reduce or increase?
  49. Which is your best New Year resolution this round?
  50. Where do you place legs while sitting on the floor?
  51. What is strongest among you five senses?
  52. What one question do you regularly ask yourself these days?
  53. Has your heart ever skipped a beat after seeing someone?
  54. Who is the best at gossiping among us?
  55. To what degree do you trust your own body instincts?
  56. What things can you do to heal a broken heart?
  57. How often do you buy lottery tickets? Have you won something?
  58. Do you believe “tit for tat is a fair game”?
  59. Who think is best in spelling words? How many seconds can you take to spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?
  60. What keys on a computer keyboard do you think are useless?
  61. How do you express you love to someone? (gifts, words, time spend together)
  62. How would you want to be shown love? (Given gifts, through touch, or spending time together?
  63. At what time do you feel much lonely?
  64. Do you feel bored waking up early in the morning, everyday?
  65. Would you like to be used as a warning or an example?
  66. What song really moves you? Would you mind sharing a line of it?
  67. Thesaurus and a dictionary, which one would you like to purchase?
  68. What sound do you produce when stung by a bee or any insect?
  69. Who has never lied on a hospital bed?
  70. Who has ever addressed a large congregation?
  71. What can I do to gain courage when I want to talk to many people?
  72. What is the fieriest thing you have ever done?
  73. What is the best time to propose to your boy/girlfriend?
  74. Is alright for a woman to propose to a man?
  75. Who has ever been to a dance lesson? Who would you want to dance with?
  76. Have you ever been embarrassed by your teacher in class?
  77. Who is good here at keeping secrets? What secret you can never tell anybody even at a cost?
  78. What did you want to own when you were a kid? Have you ever gotten it?
  79. What is the funniest lie you have ever told your employer as an excuse not to report to work?
  80. Who has ever lost one of the most important document or item?
  81. What is the funniest thing your spouse does when in the house?
  82. When you wake up, what is the first thing that you do?
  83. Would you rather be ugly and live forever or look attractive but die early?
  84. Think of this case, you realize that your cute looking and charming one-year-old kid isn’t yours because there was a mix up at hospital, would you rather retain the kid or go for your real kid?
  85. Would you rather lie to the court holding a holy book so you save your friend or say the truth to allow your friend to be jailed for life?
  86. If you were to choose one person, lock in a room and torture the person for an hour, who would you choose and why?
  87. What is the funniest event that you get disappointed for having missed?
  88. Who would you wish to be exactly like when you wake up tomorrow?
  89. What is the most disgusting question you hate answering?
  90. Who would you like to know what he/she is thinking about you?
  91. When you are walking alone in the dark and you hear something move, who or what do you think it is first?
  92. Has someone lied to you about their real names?
  93. Would you stalk a dangerous hit man for a million dollars?
  94. What is the strangest thing you have ever tasted?
  95. Which musician do you hate his songs?
  96. What do you think about when you attend a birthday party? Someone is getting old?
  97. You were the president, what funny ministerial position would create? Who would appoint to be in charge?
  98. Would you rather seek advice from someone or search it yourself on the internet?
  99. Who has ever been misled by a stranger when you asked for direction?
  100. If you are eager of doing something yet you don’t possible outcomes, would your rather do it and wait for the results or never do it fearing something negative might come out?
  101. Which word you like using each time you address people?
  102. Would you like to be called by your nickname anywhere, anytime?
  103. What one thing happened to you and you had no explanation?
  104. Between a street and an ocean, which one would you like to be called after your name?
  105. How do you feel when you fail to take breakfast?
  106. Who has ever fallen in love with two people at the same time? How long did you last with both of them?
  107. How would you like it to be, Glass half empty or glass half full?
  108. Would you prefer going to the mountains or the beach?
  109. If your boss fires you today, what would be the first thing to say?
  110. Who would still be okay if retirement was today?
  111. Have you ever been told by people that you resemble a certain celebrity?
  112. Which famous person you think you are better off than him/her? In which way?
  113. If you could resurrect one person, who could that be?
  114. Do you believe being honest a good virtue one can possess?
  115. Who would you never want to be like?
  116. If you were to choose one thing for a week, between changing your clothes without bathing or wearing the same clothes after bathing. Which one would you prefer?
  117. Have you ever appeared on TV? As who?
  118. What is the last thing you have searched on the internet?
  119. How do you celebrate when you are happy?
  120. Do you consider yourself to be self-centered?
  121. Have you ever injured yourself serious?
  122. Do you regularly doodle?
  123. How do your doodles look like?
  124. What do you normally do if you find it difficult to sleep at night?
  125. If you were a fruit, which fruit would you be?
  126.  Which is the most romantic animal you have ever seen?
  127. How many days could stay confined alone? What would you be doing?
  128. Do you still have the old greeting cards or love letters?
  129. How good are you in singing (on a scale of 1-10)?
  130. When you are in house, do you wear socks, shoes, slippers or barefoot?
  131. What could be the greatest thing pressing your heart this days?
  132. Have you ever given shelter to a homeless person? What did you tell the person afterward?
  133. How can you describe your most cherished romantic times?
  134. If you were to choose, would you prefer going to the past you didn’t experience or the future that you don’t know?
  135. If your four-year old kid asks you what sex is, how would you respond to it?
  136. What is something that people do in traffic that disturbs you?
  137. What room in your house depicts your personality?
  138. How have you benefited from you height?
  139. Have you gone for a picnic most recently?
  140. How do you react when you see a cockroach in your bag?
  141. Have you ever collected autographs? Whose were they?
  142. Do you have something that you are supposed to through away but you find it difficult?
  143. What food have you eaten today?
  144. What is the maximum speed can you drive your car if there are few cars on the highway?
  145. Have you ever had a one-on-one conversation with a prominent person so far? Who was that?
  146. Who is the most famous person you would wish to meet before the week ends?
  147. When was your last time you stubbed your toe such that felt like crying?
  148. How do you react when you get pesky calls and messages from telemarketers?
  149. When was your last time you were selected to deliver a speech?
  150. How regular do you get ill?
  151. When you go to an amusement park, what draws your attention, the tamest merry-go-round or the scariest roller coaster?
  152. What is the scariest animal you have every touched?
  153. How many hours to you spend surfing the web?
  154. Who is a good artist among us? What has been your best work of art?
  155. What is that weird habit you struggle so much to break?
  156. What is that disgusts you about men?
  157. Which is the worst habit a woman can have?
  158. Who likes playing jigsaws or crosswords?
  159. Do you like window or isle?
  160.  Which animal park is your favorite?
  161. Which is you favorite town or city? Why do you like it?
  162. Which fast food restaurant would recommend somebody to go for lunch?
  163. When you drive, do you prefer listening to radio, CD or just a quite environment?
  164. How do you learn and memorize new ideas?
  165. Have you ever participated in a strike in your life? What is the main issue?
  166. Do you have the best cook that you know? Who is she/he?
  167. What something about you are you sure you will never change?
  168. Are you a rule keeper or rule breaker?
  169.  How do you control your temper?
  170. Would you rather have wisdom or be intelligent? Why?
  171. Are you the kind of person who arrives on time, late or early?
  172. Do you believe that you are a patriotic citizen? How do you show your patriotism?
  173. Do you consider procrastination as one of your habit?
  174. Where do you prefer doing your shopping?
  175. What sort of collection do you have in your house?
  176. Have you ever been forced to do something against your will?
  177. Are you able to maintain five different conversations at the same time?
  178. Have you ever sent a “wrong” message to your girl/boyfriend by mistake?
  179. Have you ever become absentminded? An example?
  180. What were you to fulfill today but you did not? Why?
  181. Who is smartly dressed among us?
  182. If you were to introduce your own unique holiday, what name would you give it?
  183. When are we going to have such a meeting again?
  184. Would you suggest a guest speaker we need to invite in our next meeting?
  185. Have you ever mistaken a person with someone you knew? How did you react after realizing that you were wrong?
  186. How much do you spend on fashion?
  187. What is the importance of saving some cash?
  188. Have you ever organized for a night party at your home? What was you theme?
  189. Do you meet over the weekend to discuss company issues?
  190. What is the most awkward belief you have had as a child?
  191. What is the most embarrassing thing you have observed someone do in public?

50+ Spiritual questions to ask to spark a boring gathering

  1. What inspires you to pray?
  2. How has your trust in God affected your life?
  3. What answer can you give for the existence of difference religions in the world?
  4. What do you fear most about God?
  5. Do you really believe that punishment is the best method of correcting someone?
  6. Do you believe that all religions are the same? Why or why not?
  7. How does heaven and hell look like?
  8. What do you think hell is like?
  9. What has changed in you significantly after you  were baptized?
  10. If God asks for you to meet Him right now (after you die) would you be comfortable? Or you would ask for another day?
  11. Why do you believe God does not do much about suffering and evil?
  12. In your car compartments, where does God fit? (Back seat, driver’s seat, trunk, glove compartment)
  13. What normally hinders you from focusing on your spiritual journey?
  14. Who do you think you will meet in heaven?
  15. What religious issue is facing people nowadays?
  16. How often do you discuss spiritual matters with other people?
  17. What things do you pray God to help you more frequently?
  18. If you were to prepare a religious sermon today, what would be your topic?
  19. Who has ever seen ‘hell’ here on earth?
  20. What nonspiritual behavior irritates you when you see many people with?
  21. Do you think God is always aware when terrorists attack people?
  22. If God called you today, what would you tell him you were doing on earth?
  23. What reason would you give someone to show that indeed God exists?
  24. Have you ever gone through something you call a “spiritual experience”?
  25. Which Bible verse do you like reciting often?
  26. What would you propose to be the most appropriate way for God to demonstrate love to His people?
  27. What Bible assurance keeps your hope alive?
  28. Why were you born?
  29. If you were to meet God right now, what question would you have for Him?
  30. Would you complain something to God if you were to meet him?
  31. Is there something you still struggle to understand about God?
  32. Would you like to receive a miracle from God right now? What would it be about?
  33. Is becoming a Christian a process or a one-time event? Why do you think so?
  34. Do you believe there can be God’s Justice, God’s love and hell at the same time?
  35. How are you able to differentiate between your own thoughts and God’s voice?
  36. Have you ever doubted about the existence of God?
  37. If you were to rearrange the alphabets in your own order, which would be your first letter?
  38. What do you think is the meaning of sin?
  39. Do you believe it is true to say that all sins are equal? There is no big sin or small sin?
  40. How would you describe the way God has changed you?
  41. Do you believe that “wait” is also an answer from God? Why?
  42. What three characters tell you that this person is a real Christian?
  43. In which ways do you “feed your soul”?
  44. Have you ever been closer to having an encounter with God?
  45. What one thing you thank God for?
  46. How many times have God answered your prayers?
  47. Do you believe sin detaches people from God? Why or why not?
  48. Do you thank God for every situation whether good or bad?
  49. How has your religious beliefs affected the way you live?
  50. Does going to church every Sunday make you a true believer?
  51. What are some of the misconceptions about your religion?
  52. What do you dislike about religion?
  53. How does religion shape traditions and norms in your country?
  54. How would you explain to your child what eternal life is?
  55. If God gives you power, what problem on earth would you solve first?
  56. Do you believe that all human beings are equal in the eyes of God?
  57. How would you describe the face of God if asked?
  58. Do you believe that you are the true image of God?
  59. What is faith?
  60. What things do you look at when deciding which religion is best for you?
  61. Where does evil come from?
  62. What do you like or dislike about a church service you recently attended?
  63. What are the various ways through which people try to earn forgiveness from God?

30+ Deep thinking questions to ask to spark a bored gathering

  1. Would you rather love and lose or never to love?
  2. Have you ever felt isolated in a crowd?
  3. Do you feel free revealing your emotions to other people?
  4. Are you ever satisfied or dissatisfied? Explain why
  5. Who can you really say you have been in love with?
  6. What can really make you to rise up and cheer?
  7. How happy do you feel (on a scale of 1-10)?
  8.  What is the one thing you regret you wouldn’t have bought though you already have it?
  9. What has ever broken your heart in this world?
  10. Have you ever been excluded in an activity you wanted to participate in?
  11. Have you ever honored your parents? How?
  12. Have you ever been bitten by a snake?
  13. What is your best surprise you can give to your spouse?
  14. Have you ever thought that you have misused the word love?
  15. What has been your most stressful situation?
  16. What thing always gives you a smile when you hear or see it?
  17. What has contributed contributed to your moods today?
  18. What stupid thing have you ever done to someone in the name of love?
  19. What is the best advice you can give someone who is depressed?
  20. When you get into a relationship, are you often the heartbroken one or the heart-breaker?
  21. Who have you lost connection with and you still wonder what might have happened?
  22. What is the cowardly thing that you have done recently?
  23. Who do you love in your life more than anyone else?
  24. At what age or period do you think you were happiest?
  25. What recent situation has made you to feel much overwhelmed?
  26. What one thing do you wish you could own right now?
  27. What is your most common dream? Do you tell people?
  28. What can make you feel more secure in life?
  29. What was the greatest year of your life?
  30. How do you interpret your dreams? What could they be meaning?
  31. What thing would wish to be rescued from?
  32. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?
  33. How can you rate the love for your girl/boyfriend to that love for your family?
  34. Which one person in your life has never let you down? Who is the person?
  35. What situation can make you to restrain and safeguard your heart?
  36. What are the things that make you feel out of control?
  37. What virtue have you emulated from your parents?
  38. Do you consider yourself to be a more sensitive person? How?
  39. Has someone ever done something to you that you knew you didn’t deserve?
  40. What is the relationship between morality and spirituality?
  41. What do you think is the impact of scientific discoveries on religion and God?
  42. Would you like to switch responsibilities with your boss? Why or why not?
  43. Do you like changing your priorities? Why?
  44. What can you do to promote teamwork among colleagues?

30 Questions on viewpoints that can spark a bored gathering

  1. Do you think there would be a time where the whole world would be peaceful?
  2. According to you, what do you consider the worst tragedy, a murderer being set free or an innocent person getting life imprisonment?
  3. What do you look at to say this person is beautiful?
  4. What makes people become unkind and cruel?
  5. Why does an innocent and just person suffer most?
  6. Do you think science can solve all human problems?
  7. Would you like to be cloned? Why or why not?
  8. What do you consider to be more important, a healthy body or a healthy mind? Why?
  9. What do you understand by the phrase “unconditional love”?
  10. What is the meaning of “two people having chemistry”?
  11. Have you ever spent time meditating?
  12. Between what you say and how you say it, what is more important?
  13. Have you ever used a threat to get something you wanted?
  14. What can you do to earn another person’s trust?
  15. Do you find freedom at your place of work or family?
  16. How can one misuse the freedom given to him or her?
  17. How can you tell that someone is lying at you?
  18. What is the ideal age of accountability?
  19. Would you prefer to engage in conflict head on or avoid it?
  20. What does being cute mean?
  21. Do you find yourself to be competitive? In which way?
  22. Would you rather speak the truth or please people around you?
  23. Can you judge someone from the way he or she appears?
  24. Do you prefer to have friends more close to you or your relatives?
  25. What is the most interesting dream you have ever had?
  26. What one of your vacations lasted too long?
  27. How many glasses of water do you drink per day?
  28. What is the significance of doing regular exercise?
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Hope you’ve enjoyed our list of questions to ask to spark a boring gathering. Make sure to contribute to the topic by leaving your question(s) on the comment section below.

How can I spark a conversation?

Questions to ask to spark a boring gathering
What are you going to do with your degree?
Which type of dress do you think suits me the most?
In which sector would you like to work?
Where are we going for shopping this weekend?
Do you think of going for internship?
What is the importance of having a family gathering?
How do you relate with your college mates?

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