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300 Interesting Questions To Ask a Girl You Cherish

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Keeping the conversation flowing with a girl cherish sometimes may prove to be an uphill task especially when you are still strangers. The main focus at this point is to capture her attention. The best and easiest way to get a girl’s attention is by asking her some interesting questions that will make her feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the conversation. Interesting questions to ask a girl depend on the situation and the relationship you are having with her. The questions can range from romantic ,random, deep, flirty and funny.

Here is our compiled list of interesting questions to ask a girl you like or just met and also a list of questions that you should never ask her!

150+ Good random questions to ask a girl

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Amaze her with what comes from your mouth to make her want to be close to you always/ Interesting questions to ask a girl
  1. Where were you born?
  2. What is your birthday date?
  3. What year do you think the world will come to an end?
  4. Do you prefer an electric or petrol car?
  5. What is it you once tried and swear never to do it again?
  6. What do you find mysterious about the world?
  7. What fascinates you more about your friend?
  8. What is it about your past you wish you could rewrite?
  9. What do you find interesting about your friend?
  10. What is your primary wish?
  11. Do you bet?
  12. What country in the world do you wish you were born in?
  13. Which place in China do you wish to go on vacation?
  14. Which Chinese actor would you like to meet given a chance?
  15. Do you prefer to have a lot of money or to be loved?
  16. What childhood memory do you hate?
  17. What is your definition of an embarrassing moment?
  18. What was your regrettable date like?
  19. What annoys you about your look and personality?
  20. Whom do you think is the best inspiration of all times to young people?
  21. What do you miss more from your childhood?
  22. What do you hate about blind dates?
  23. Which career goals are you looking forward to achieve this year?
  24. Which is your favorite Bollywood movie?
  25. Which city in the world do you think is the safest?
  26. Which city in the world do you think is the worst and most dangerous for people to live in?
  27. What life goal do you think is the most paramount of all?
  28. What do you consider to be your best character?
  29. Could you kill me if only one person was to survive in a situation where we are two?
  30. Have you ever kissed a guy because of lust?
  31. What do you like most about one night stands?
  32. What naughty thing don’t you wish I do to you?
  33. Have you ever thought of being a lesbian?
  34. Do you prefer official wear or casual wear?
  35. When did you last watch a love tell movie?
  36. What do you normally do while watching?
  37. You know where to find me?
  38. What are you up to?
  39. What is your fantasy?
  40. Do you prefer Google search or YouTube while search?
  41. Have you ever had multiple partners?
  42. What do you enjoy doing while in a company of men?
  43. What would you change about your life if you had 24hours to live?
  44. Do you consider yourself a peacemaker?
  45. What do you think is the most irresistible way to turn on a man?
  46. What attracts you to bad boys?
  47. Which is your dream company to work for?
  48. Tiktok or reels?
  49. Who is your favorite tiktok influencer?
  50. What do you think is the most attractive between dancing and talking to someone?
  51. What do you consider as a number one mistake men make while hitting on women?
  52. What do you wish all men should do on their first date?
  53. Do you think love at first sight exists or it is more of a lustful thinking?
  54. Have you ever regretted dating someone?
  55. What do you think was your most fascinating date you ever had?
  56. What do you consider to be the greatest weakness about men?
  57. What could be the first part in a man body would you examine if you had X-ray glasses?
  58. Do you wear pajamas while sleeping?
  59. What type of car are you using?
  60. Do you know how to ride a bicycle?
  61. Between looks and brains, what do you prefer?
  62. How long do you take before giving in to a person?
  63. What is your definition of a nice person?
  64.  Can you date a nice guy?
  65. Who is your happy place?
  66. Are you okay?
  67. Do you think Facebook is losing popularity?
  68. Where are you going?
  69. Do you think black lives matter campaign is an effective course?
  70. What time do you sleep?
  71. Do you prefer zoom meeting or Google meeting?
  72. Have you ever used an essay milling service?
  73. What type of phone are you currently using?
  74. Whom can’t you sleep without hearing his or her voice?
  75. Who has the special place in your heart?
  76. Do you believe there is a reason for everything that happens in life?
  77. Which of your dad’s friends have you ever had a crush on?
  78. Would you be sharing your salary with your husband?
  79. How many teddy bears do you have?
  80. Describe the physique of your ideal date?
  81. How often do you dream?
  82. Which do you think is the most popular social media platform?
  83. What is the most horrifying dream you had?
  84. What is the best dream you ever had and you wish it would come true?
  85. Between being respected and liked, which one do you prefer?
  86. What deal breaker do you consider the weirdest?
  87. What do you think is your purpose in this life?
  88. What building do you think is the most beautiful in town?
  89. Do you love flowers?
  90. How often do you buy flowers?
  91. What type of flower scent do you love?
  92. What is the first thing you see every time you pop through the window of your house?
  93. Where do you always start to look for your phone every time you misplace it in the house?
  94. Do you love dancing while in the house alone?
  95. Which public figure do you wish was your dad?
  96. Describe your life without a phone?
  97. Which cigarette flavor is your favorite?
  98. Which language do you wish to know how to speak?
  99. Have you ever had an affair with your best friend’s boyfriend?
  100. Whom among your ex had the weirdest character
  101. Which smart phone application do you use the most?
  102. Does make ups define your confidence?
  103. What is it that every time you remember it makes you laugh?
  104. What do you think is the silliest pick up line guys use to get your attention?
  105. Can you swim in a pool full of slugs and frogs for 20000$?
  106. How much did you buy your smartphone?
  107. Do you love teddy bears?
  108. What do you love about life?
  109. What awkward thing do you often do while taking a shower?
  110. Which animated character do you have a crush on?
  111. Which pet do you think is the sexiest?
  112. What was your high school nickname?
  113. What do you think was the most terrible interview experience you ever had?
  114. What was the worst punishment your parent gave you that you would never try on your children?
  115. If given a chance to read people’s minds. Whom would be the first person to try?
  116. What wild animal best describes your partner? If you are made invisible for two hours. What would you do?
  117. Which fiction character would you wish to be even for a day?
  118. Have you ever had a crush on a person with the weirdest traits that you even felt ashamed of telling your friends?
  119. Which cloth do you consider the ugliest in your closet?
  120. What must you do before the day ends and your day will be incomplete if not done?
  121. Which TV program are you addicted to?
  122. Whom do you think is the ugliest soap opera actor of all time?
  123. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman?
  124. What do you hate the most without a valid reason?
  125. What shaming thing has your partner ever done to you in a public gathering?
  126. Have you ever had a crush on your Dad?
  127. What inspires you the most about this life?
  128. What was your reaction the last time you saw your Ex after the break up?
  129. What would you say if God asks you now to give a reason why He should let you in heaven?
  130. What animal would you wish to be if you could wake up tomorrow as an animal?
  131. How would your life be if you knew the day and place where you would die?
  132. What could you do differently if you could go back to school?
  133. What do you think is the stumbling block towards achieving your life goals?
  134. What achievements have you done in pursuing your dreams?
  135. Do you think a person’s morality is as a result of nature or nurture?
  136. Do you think one hundred years ago was better than the present?
  137. Picture this. There is a machine that predicts what activities a person will engage in future. What would you recommend for those people that will be flagged off as criminals?
  138. What would you do differently in case you were immortal?
  139. How often do you see your father and mother?
  140. What do you think your friends will say about you at your funeral?
  141. What do you wish to be buried with when you die?
  142. What would you do to murderers and criminals if you could become God for a day?
  143. What is the hardest lesson that you had to learn from experience?
  144. How often do you visit your grandparents?
  145. Do you think there is a reason behind anything that happens or things just happens because they were meant to be?
  146. How often do you take hamburger?
  147. Do you believe in the power of a curse?
  148. What do you think matter the most for the senior citizens?
  149. What could you tell your younger self if you could write a note to it?
  150. Do you think some people’s life matter the most than others? Why?
  151. Which is the most expensive electronics in your house?
  152. What is your favorite horror/thriller novel?
  153. In a scale of 100, how satisfied are you with your current job?
  154. Do you still have your favorite childhood Teddy bear?
  155. Where do you often go and do during your free time?
  156. Do you mind being a second wife?
  157. How many boyfriends do you have?
  158. How is your relationship with your siblings?
  159. Who is the meanest person in the family?
  160. Where did you see the scariest thing in your life?
  161. Where do you often go with your best friends during your free time?
  162. Who was the last person you went with to watch a movies?

10+ Interesting questions to know more about the girl family

Image of interesting questions to ask a girl about family
Taking the initiative to know more about her family is crucial / Interesting questions to ask a girl
  1. What is the blood group of your parents?
  2. Whom between your parents does your blood group match?
  3. Who is the most polite person in your family?
  4. Who is the trouble maker in your family?
  5. What is it that your family do that you consider immature?
  6. How often do you have family dinner?
  7. How often do you go on a family vacation?
  8. What do you hate about family retreats?
  9. What are your parents’ weirdest behavior?
  10. Do you have a famous person in your family?
  11. Has any of your family members ever been arrested? If yes, what happened?
  12. Whom between your mother and father were you very close to while a child?
  13. Do you think your parents sacrificed a lot to raise you?
  14. What worst thing did you do as a child that your family never knew about?
  15. Whom in your family do you tell your secrets to?

10+ Deep questions to ask a girl

Image of flirty on interesting questions to ask a girl
Cheer her up by engaging her in flirty talks / Interesting questions to ask a girl

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  1. Between men and female masseurs, who do you like?
  2.  Can you cheat on your husband with an Ex you still have a strong chemistry with?
  3.  Do you prefer a submissive or dominatrix?
  4. What worst thing have you ever been texted by a man?
  5. Do you think you are the type of a lady to make me happy?
  6. Do you mind a wild experience?
  7. Do you mind a Solomon type of guy in your life?
  8. Do you prefer a silent guy or a wild guy?
  9. How can you rate guys who like boasting a lot?
  10. Do you prefer a chubby or a skinny guy?
  11. Are you a pro abstinence type of girl?
  12. Do you like a guy with a six back or big tummy?
  13. Which skin lightening pills could you recommend for your girlfriends?
  14.  Whom among your friends is the easy goer?
  15.  Do you mind going for plastic surgery?

10+ Good questions to spark a conversation with a girl just met

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Do not be dull all the time. Spark interesting ideas / Interesting questions to ask a girl
  1. Which town did you go to school?
  2. What is your dream city for vacation?
  3. What do you do often?
  4. Were you a stubborn or a polite kid?
  5. What music do you hate?
  6. What is the story behind your nickname?
  7. Are you a dog or a cat person?
  8. What do you like about this town?
  9. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  10. What makes you jovial?
  11. What do you think is your calling in life?
  12. How do you spend your weekends?
  13. How often do you cook?
  14. Who was your favorite college lecturer?
  15. Who do you think has influenced your life a lot?
  16. What is your passion?
  17. Do you like playing computer games?
  18. What do you wish I could know about you?
  19. Which year was your first born sibling born?
  20. What was your first car like?
  21. What type of food do you prefer for energy?
  22. Do you prefer to be happy but poor or rich but sorrowful?
  23. What was the reason behind the last time you shed tires?
  24. Do you remember the last time you felt nervous? What was the reason for the feeling?
  25. What surprise are you planning for your parents?
  26. What is your father’s worst habit?
  27. If you were to have extra ordinary powers for a week. Which one would you choose?
  28. Do you have a crush on a fictional character? Which one is it?
  29. You said you adore me. What makes you to feel that way?
  30. What do you consider strange about the world?
  31. Who is that one person that tolerates your weird character the most?
  32. What did you hate the most about high school life?
  33. Which was your favorite food in high school?
  34. Which book did you love reading while a teen?
  35. Which Syfy movie do you consider the best movie of all time?
  36. Which year was your worst while growing up and you do not wish to have such an experience again?
  37. Which sport were you playing in high school?
  38. When were you last slapped with your parents?
  39. What had you done the last time you were punished with your parents?
  40. Which one do you consider; ask for permission or do it then you will ask for forgiveness?
  41. Good health but poor or sickly but very wealthy?
  42. What should I do to win your heart?
  43. Vacation in Dubai or an adventure in Africa?
  44. Did you run for any students leadership position while in campus?
  45. Whom do you prefer to date between an introvert and extrovert?
  46. How could your personality have changed if you were a celebrity?
  47. What could have been the title of your first album if you could have been a singer?
  48. Which genre of music could you have sing if you were a singer?
  49. Which is the one song that drives you crazy every time you listen?
  50. Which song when you listen always reminds you of your trying moments?
  51. Which one do you prefer; Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or cancer?
  52. What number of people is ideal for a perfect birthday party?
  53. When did you last fight with a person? What was it all about?
  54. What is that you cannot tolerate in a relationship and you would rather end it?
  55. Are you a one minute person?
  56. Which actress resembles your sister?
  57. Do you consider your mother or father to be stingy?
  58. What is your goal between to make money and to earn money?
  59. How often do you watch TV news?
  60. Which is your favorite TV news channel?
  61. Which TV show was the favorite in your childhood?
  62. Do you prefer to settle within the city or around the city suburbs?
  63. The most offensive word a person can tell you?
  64. You are given 1 billion dollars to start a company. What company will you start with the cash?
  65. What can you do if you are given 1 billion dollars to spend within 5 days?
  66. The most awkward gift that you were given with your friends?
  67. Are you an atheist?
  68. Do you believe that ghosts exist?
  69. Have you ever seen a ghost?

40+ These are the questions never to ask a girl or your girlfriend

Image of never on Interesting questions to ask a girl
Sometimes you need to trade carefully not to piss her off / Interesting questions to ask a girl
  1. What is your weight?
  2. I’m I your Mr. Right?
  3. Why are you so insecure?
  4. Will you pay for our dinner tonight?
  5. Do you have a hot sister like you?
  6. Do you mind if I read your phone texts?
  7. I’m I better than your ex-boyfriend?
  8. Are those rings really yours?
  9. Are you sure you have not enhanced your lips?
  10. Do you want to know what I loved more about my ex?
  11. Do you think you are my ideal girl?
  12. Can you lend me some cash?
  13. How many hours do you take to apply make ups?
  14. Do you mind dating a terrorist?
  15. Are you proud of your weight?
  16. Why did you cheat in your last relationship?
  17. What do you like about that skirt?
  18. Why are you still friends with those bad friends of yours?
  19. How much is your salary?
  20. Do you know what I hate about you?
  21. Why do you even dare cheat in a relationship?
  22. Why do you think you are the ideal girl for me?
  23. Can you keep off from my life?
  24. Must you follow me everywhere I go?
  25. Can’t you see I am tired of your many questions?
  26. Can’t you read between the lines that I do not want you?
  27. How long will it take you to embrace the word “No” for an answer?
  28. Why do you like taking alcohol?
  29. I am going to take some French fries, do you want some salads?
  30. What do you love about being a bad girl?
  31. What makes you believe that I love you in the first place?
  32. Are you a cheap lady?
  33. Why do you not value yourself?
  34. Are you a gold digger?
  35. Did you know you embarrass me sometimes?
  36. Will we go to my place on our first date?
  37. Do you mind if I kiss you on our first date?
  38. Can you mind your business please?
  39. Why do you fall for a person so easily?

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What are the interesting questions to ask a girl?

Interesting questions not ask a girl 1

300 interesting questions to ask a girl
1.What do you find mysterious about the world?
2. What fascinates you more about your friend?
3. What is it about your past do you wish you could rewrite?
4. What do you find interesting about your friend?
5. What is your primary wish?

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