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10+ Best Harry Potter Trivia Questions To Ask Anyone

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Hi, before we get started with our best curate Harry Potter trivia questions , how well do you understand the Wizard and witchcraft world? Or rather, how well do you think you know Harry Potter and the whole Harry Potter movie? It’s quite noticeable that there is a special bond between Harry Potter fans that begins the moment they meet another fan. You’d hear them ask each other some Harry Potter trivia questions in some bits of enthusiasm.

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The whole Harry Potter talks is usually so deep and enchanting that if haven’t watched the movie or have no clue of it, you may find yourself in a very strange world. However, regardless of how well or poor you know Harry Potter, with these Harry Potter trivia questions, you can be sure that you in for a fun game. Check these out;

  1. Who informs Harry for being a wizard?

Answer. Rubeus Hagrid

  1. What name is Harry Potter’s pet?

Answer. Hedwig

  1. What is the name of the father and mother of Harry Potter?

Answer. James Potter (father), Lily Potter (mother)

  1. Who killed the parents of Harry Potter?

Answer. Voldemort

  1. In which house the sorting hat put Harry Potter?

Answer. Gryffindor

  1. What is the name of the giant three-headed dog?

Answer. Cerberus

  1. Which stone has the ability turning any form of metal into gold and giving rise to potion that provides immortality?

Answer. The Philosopher’s Stone

  1. In the beginning, Harry thought that ______ tries obtaining the stone so as to change Voldemort into physical from.

Answer. Severus Snape

  1. Who attempted to demand for the philosophical stone?

Answer.  Butler

  1. Which house wins the cup?

Answer. Hogwarts House

  1. In which university did Harry Potter attend?

Answer. Hogwarts School for the wizard.

  1. What is a golden snitch?

Answer. Is the smallest and the third ball used in Quidditch

  1. What do we mean by the term “death eaters”?

Answer. This is a group of witches and wizards led by Lord Voldemort.

  1. Harry Potter was protected how many times by Snape?

Answer. Eleven times

  1. What is the number of students received at Hogwarts every year?

Answer. 143 students

  1. Who is Tom Riddle?

Answer. A famous writer form the United Kingdom

  1. Harry Potter plays which position on his Quidditch Team?

Answer. Seeker

  1. How do we call the room that Harry uses to educate Dumbledore’s Army?

Answer. Room of Requirement

  1. What name is given to the Hufflepuff house ghost?

Answer. Fat Friar

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