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45+Funny Family Feud Questions

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Playing mind game || Funny Family Feud Questions

Funny Family Feud Questions are intended to bring humor and laughter among the family and participants. These questions are used to create funny,hilarious,  enjoyable, and fun moments, where the family can crack jokes in the form of feud questions. Thus, they can lighten up the mood among family members, usher in a sense of happiness and bonding through funny moments. This is true especially given the fact that most families love relaxing with game shows in the evening.

Thus, if you are among such families that love spending an evening being more active, then you can consider involving your own home-version of the funny feud questions. Playing the funny feud questions would be an excellent way of steaming off some heat after a long and tiresome day. Therefore, to help you come up with the most awesome and funny family feud questions, here are some questions and answers that can be applied or used as a guide to play at your leaving home.

Funny Family Feud Questions

family feud questions and answers
Fun moment | family feud questions and answers
  1. What things would make cowboys sad when they happen?

a). Death of their horse                                               b). Getting bucked off by a horse or bull

c). Being called a cowgirl                                           c). Losing their hats

e). Losing a gunfight

  1. What things grow big when filled with air?

a). Tire                                                                         b). Balloon

c). Diving kit                                                               d). Ball

e). Raft

  1. Name things that make one strong and healthy

a). Getting enough sleep                                             b). Doing exercise

c). Regularly drinking water                                       d). Adding vegetable to your diet

e). Drinking milk

  1. Name things that a dog can do

a). Barking                                                                  b). Putting the tongue out

c). Rolling over                                                           d). Licking

e). Scratching

  1. Name things that can be found on a beach

a). Seaweed                                                                 b). Sand

c). Seashells                                                                 d). Ocean

e). Seagulls

  1. Name things that are most interesting about school

a). Reading                                                                  b). Playing

c). Friends                                                                   d). Class trips

e). Riding on a bus

  1. List things that can be found in the kitchen

a). Spoons                                                                   b). Plates

c). Dish washer                                                           d). Oven

e). Cooker

  1. What are some of the old TV shows teenagers love to watch?

a). One Tree Hill                                                         b). The Office

c). Gossip Girl                                                             d). Friends

e). The fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  1. What might one do with a photo after taking a selfie?

a). Share on social media                                            b). Share with specific friends

c). Edit by adding filters                                             d). Set as wallpaper

e). Set as profile picture

  1. Name some places where one can go thrifting

a). Goodwill                                                                b). Northern Quarter

c). Depop                                                                    d). Donna

e). Etsy

  1. Name some places one can thrift in the US

a). Riverside                                                                b). Orlando

c). Atlanta                                                                   d). Tampa

e). Columbus

  1. Which types of foods can one eat with hands?

a). Fruits                                                                      b). Pizza

c). Sushi                                                                      d). Burger

e). Tacos

  1. What are some of the reasons that make people not to respond to a text?

a). Forgetting                                                              b). Unwilling to talk to the sender

c). Lack the right words to say                                   d). Being busy

e). Lacking words to say

  1. Name some of the things that teens look forward to.

a). Money                                                                    b). Trips

c). Smart phones                                                         c). Video games

e). New/trending fashion

  1. Where can one expect to hear music?

a). Night Clubs                                                            b). Concerts

c). Radio                                                                     d). Road shows

e). Restaurants

  1. What are some of childhood games that adults and teens still enjoy?

a). Hopscotch                                                              b). Twister

c). Candyland                                                             d). Go fishing

e). Hide & Seek

  1. What things can one find at a carnival?

a). Sporty lights                                                           b). Carousel

c). Fried food                                                              d). Ferris wheel

e). Cotton candy

  1. What things do parents dislike?

a). Lack of job                                                             b). Laziness

c). Drug abuse                                                             d). Lying

e). Stealing

  1. List some of the things that one can beat

a). Record                                                                   b). Eggs

c). Fate                                                                                    d). Drums

e). Opponent

  1. List some of the things that friends might exchange

a). Clothes                                                                   b). Shoes

c). Text                                                                        d). Bags

e). Ideas

  1. Name something that friends would quarrel about

a). Girlfriend/boyfriends                                             b). Parents

c). Bad mouthing                                                        d). Phone privacy

e). Social media bullying

  1. Name things that can be found in a bachelor’s room

a). Radio                                                                     b). Laptop

c). Bed                                                                        d). TV

e). Pictures of women on the wall

  1. What are some of the chores that people dislike?

a). Doing dishes                                                          b). Laundry

c). Cleaning the toilet                                                  d). Folding clothes

e). Lawn mowing

  1. List some foods that often spoil fast

a). Potatoes                                                                 b). Avocado

c). Ripe bananas                                                          d). Mushrooms

e). Vegetable salad

  1. Which numbers do people frequently memorize?

a). Bank account pin                                                   b). Phone numbers

c). ID number                                                              d). House/street number

e). Social security number

  1. What events only take place once after several years?

a). World cup                                                              b). Eclipse

c). General elections                                                    d). Olympics

e). African cup of Nations

  1. Name some topics people tend to avoid talking about during holidays

a). Family problems                                                     b). Financial issues

c). Politics                                                                   d). Religion

e). Farming

  1. What are of the things that people frequently run out of in their houses?

a). Sugar                                                                      b). Cash

c). Toilet paper                                                            d). Gas

e). Milk

  1. How did people communicate in the past before texting came?

a). Letters                                                                    b). Telephone calls

c). Physical Meeting                                                    d). Telegram

e). Carrier pigeon

  1. Name some popular car names

a). Mercedes                                                                b). Lamborghini

c). BMW                                                                     d). Rolls Royce

e). Chevrolet

  1. Name some popular car companies

a). Ford Motor                                                            b). Toyota

c). Mazda Motor Corporation                                     d). Mercedes Benz

e). Honda Motor Company

  1. Name some of the most prominent companies across the world

a). Microsoft Plc                                                         b). Apple Plc

b). Nike                                                                       d). Samsung

e). Toyota company

  1. Name some of the popular mobile phone brands

a). iPhone                                                                    b). Samsung

c). Huawei                                                                   d). Tecno

e). Oppo

  1. Name some of the popular fast food restaurants

a). Subway                                                                  b). KFC

c). Dominos                                                                 d). Burger King

e). McDonalds

  1. Name the best five coffee shops in the world

a). Starbucks                                                               b). Dunkin Donuts

c). The Coffee Collective                                            d). Heart Coffee Roaster

e). G&B Coffee, LA

  1. What is California most famous for?

a). Hollywood                                                             b). Angel Island

c). Golden Gate Bridge                                              d). Disneyland

e). Yosemite National Park

  1. Apart from sweaters, what other thing can be knitted?

a). Socks                                                                      b). Blanket

c). Scarf                                                                       d). Marvin caps

e). Baby shawl

  1. Apart from toilet paper, what other items can be bought in a roll?

a). Film                                                                        b). Serviette

c). Bandages                                                               d). Foil paper

e). Bandages

  1. What are some of the things that one has to shake prior to using?

a). Cocktail                                                                  b). Dice

c). Nail polish                                                              d). Hairspray

e). Protein shake

  1. Which items are mostly provided on an airplane?

a). Ear buds                                                                 b). Magazines

c). Neck pillows                                                          d). Snacks

e). Water

  1. What are some of the things that women often leave lipstick on?

a). Children                                                                 b). Men shirt

c). Straw                                                                      d). Love partners

e). Napkin

  1. What are some of the things that are mostly associated with Spiderman?

a). Costume                                                                 b). Wall-crawling

c). Durability                                                               d). Speed

e). Jumping over buildings

  1. Name things that are mostly associated with superman

a). Flying                                                                     b). Super strength

c). Enhanced vision                                                     d). Super-speed

e). Costume

  1. Which items do people complain most about?

a). Politics                                                                   b). Spouse

c). Weather                                                                  d). Electricity bill

e). Money

  1. List somethings that can be dug up?

a). Information                                                            b). Weeds

c). Gold                                                                       d). Diamonds

e). Potatoes

  1. What items do people attempt to sneak in?

a). Cigarette                                                                b). Pets

c). Drugs                                                                     d). Long queues

e). Food

  1. What other things are mostly related with the word bubbly?

a). Hot springs                                                             b). Fish tank

c). Hot tub                                                                   d). Champagne

e). Gum

  1. What items can one dispose after a divorce?

a). Clothes                                                                   b). Pictures

c). Furniture                                                                d). Gifts

e). Spouse favorite cup

  1. What are of the things that squirt?

a). Lemon                                                                    b). Shampoo

c). Water gun                                                              d). Pimple

e). Perfume

  1. Apart from Gambling, what other things do people leave to chance?

a). Dying                                                                     b). Skydiving

c). Getting pregnant                                                    d). Starting a business/venture

e). Love

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