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50 Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

Image Family Feud Game Questions and Answers
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Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

I have played many games, but these Family Feud Game Questions and answers are usually on another level. They form great games to be played in friendly get-togethers, classrooms, youth and birthday parties. Unlike the other family feud subtopics, Family Feud Game Questions are mostly played in two or three rounds with the last round being a fast money question.

A standard game begins with three common rounds with each round featuring a question each. Following these rounds is one Fast Money round holding up to five questions. This makes each game to a maximum of eight questions each. An amazing thing is that Family Feud Game Questions can also work well with Zoom, Skype, and various video conferencing programs. And it does not require any special setting. Thus, there is no limitation to where you can play the game or on which platform. This makes it a great game and flexible game, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions.

Game #1

Round 1: Why do many people love summertime more than winter?

a). Opportunity to go swimming                                 b). Fun times

c). Lots of fun                                                                        d). Going to the beach

e). No snow

Round 2: What is the other thing people do during lunchtime other than eating?

a). Go shopping                                                           b). Hangout with friends

c). Napping/Sleeping                                                   d). Reading

e). Chatting on phone with friends

Game #2

Round 1: what type of guide book would you be interested in most?

a). Cooking                                                                 b). Computer

c). Gardening                                                              d). Making money

e). Losing weight

Round 2: What would say is the true measure of success?

a). Having loads of money                                          b). Good job

c). Peaceful life                                                           d). Great family

e). Time

Game #3

Round 1: What are some of the transport services where bad driving should not be encouraged?

a). Ambulance services                                               b). Taxi services

c). Long haul transport                                                d). Auto racing

e). Bus services

Round 2: What are some of the specific things that people are required to make a reservation for?

a). Flights                                                                    b). Car rental

c). Dinner                                                                    d). Hotels

e). Vacations

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Game #4

Round 1: what do you have that a neighbor can borrow?

a). Broom                                                                    b). Shovel

c). Hammer                                                                 d). Lawnmower

e). Ladder

Round 2: Which words end with “Day”?

a). Holiday                                                                  b). Birthday

c). Weekday                                                                d). Today

e). Everyday

Game #5

Round 1: How much money can you comfortably raise per week?

a). $1                                                                                       b). $10

c). $100                                                                                   d). $50

e). $500

Round 2: Which movies do you consider age sensitive?

a). Spartacus                                                                            b). Sex and the City

c). Walking Dead                                                                    d).  Gone Girl

e). Fifty Shades of Grey

Game #6

Round 1: What things do children hard learning to use?

a). Motor cycle                                                                        b). Driving

c). Toilet                                                                                  d). Spoon

e). Pencil/Pen

Round 2: What colors make a rainbow?

a). Red                                                                                    b). Yellow

b). Green                                                                                 d). Purple

e). Indigo

Game #7

Round 1: What are some of the activities used to reduce weight?

a). Dancing                                                                              b). Running

c). Riding a bicycle                                                                 d). Walking

e). Yoga

Round 2: Which phrases or words are particularly used by the British?

a). Jolly good                                                                          b). Ta-ta

c). Bloody                                                                               d). Banter

e). Cheerio

Game #8

Round 1: What are some of the things right hand people can’t do with their left hand?

a). Throwing stones                                                                 b). Swinging baseball bat

c). Writing                                                                               d).  Using scissors to cut

e). Play the guitar

Round 2: What are some of the excuses teenagers use on their parents whenever they come late?

a). Car breakdown                                                                  b). Lost track of time while reading

c). Missed the bus and had to wait                                         d). Ran out of gas

e). Had a slight accident on the way home.

Game #9

Round 1: Point out different types of music you know

a). Rap/Hip Hop                                                                      b). Rnb/Love songs

c). Country music                                                                    d). Jazz

e). Reggae

Round 2: Identify different types of singers

a). Opera singers                                                                     b). Rock singers

c). Rappers                                                                              d). Solo singers

e). Choir

Game #10

Round 1: What are some of the things that have wooden legs?

a). Couch                                                                                 b). Wooden table

c). Rocking horse                                                                    d). Captain hook

e). Pinocchio

Round 2: What invention interests you the most?

a). Motor vehicle                                                                     b). Electricity

c). Air Condition                                                                     d). Mobile phones

e). Computers

Game #11

Round 1: What are some of the things that might hold you back from getting out of bed?

a). Bad weather                                                                       b). Rainy morning

c). being exhausted                                                                 d). Warmth

e). Dark morning

Round 2: Which activities qualify into your most favorite list of hobbies?

a). Sky diving                                                                          b). Sight seeing

c). Travelling                                                                           d). Road trips

e). Zip lining

Game #12

Round 1: Which cities are most fascinating to visit?

a). Paris                                                                                   b). New York

c). Dubai                                                                                 d). London

e). Rome

Round 2: Name some of the best world economies

a). China                                                                                  b). USA

c). Russia                                                                                 d). Germany

e). Australia

Game #13

Round 1: What makes the eyes blink?

a). Surprise                                                                              b). Wind

c). Watery eyes                                                                       d). Dust

e). Strong light

Round 2: Identify some items that use antenna

a). Radio                                                                                 b). TV

c). Car                                                                                     d). Walkie-talkie

e). Airport

Game #14

Round 1: Identify items that are commonly objects of sibling rivalry

a). Parental love                                                                      b). Toys

c). TV programs                                                                      d). Gifts

e). Clothes

Round 2: Things that children hate doing

a). Doing Dishes                                                                     b). Washing

c). Taking bath                                                                        d). Homework

e). Farming

Game #15

Round 1: Identify words that end with “EY”

a). Money                                                                                b). Monkey

c). Key                                                                                    d). Hey

e). Kidney

Round 2: Which words have “SK”

a). Sky                                                                                     b). Skid

c). Skill                                                                                    d). Skip

e). Skank

Game #16

Round 1: What are some of the things that children can take to the field?

a). Cats                                                                                    b). New toys

c). Bicycle                                                                               d). Kite

e). Ball

Round 2: Name some words that describe diamonds

a). Carat                                                                                  b). Sparkling

c). Precious Stone                                                                   d). Rock

e). Brilliant

Game #17

Round 1: What are some of the things that commonly make kids grounded?

a). Fighting                                                                              b). Abusing parents/visitors

c). Stealing                                                                              d). Misbehaving

e). Telling lies

Round 2: if you were involved in an accident, who are the first five people you would call?

a). Parents                                                                               b). Best Friend

c). Spouse                                                                                d). Brother/Sister

e). Priest

Game #18

Round 1: What are some of the things people attach their name on?

a). Shops                                                                                 b). Letters

c). Personal Cheque                                                                d). Bills

e). T-shirts

Round 2: What are some of the occasions that are easily forgettable?

a). Father’s day                                                                       b). Men\s day

c). 3rd anniversary                                                                    d). 30th birthday

e). Doctor’s appointment

Game #19

Round 1: What are some of the tools firemen must have?

a). Water                                                                                 b). Fire extinguisher

c). Axe                                                                                    d). Ladder

e). Helmet

Round 2: What products would you expect from telemarketers?

a). Books                                                                                 b). Magazines

c). Time share                                                                          d). Credit scratch cards

e). Donation cards

Game #20

Round 1: In which place would it be nightmare if you find yourself naked?

a). Church                                                                               b). Public Park

c). Boss’s office                                                                      d). Supermarket

e). Football stadium full of people

Round 2: Which phrases contain the word ‘Dirty’?

a). Dirty linen                                                                          b). Dirty mind

c). Dirty job                                                                             d). Dirty talk

e). Dirty Harry

Game #21

Round 1: What do most people do at 12.30 am?

a). Drink water                                                                        b). Take mid-night snack

c). Watch a movie                                                                   d). Go to bed

e). Watch CNN news

Round 2: What are some of the professions that require wearing mask?

a). Surgeon                                                                              b). Firemen

c). Circus                                                                                 d). Clinicians

e). Painters

Game #22

Round 1: What are some of the events that take place in the Olympics?

a). Javelin                                                                                b). Short put

c). Jumping                                                                              d). Running

e). Swimming

Round 2: Which types of food products take the shape of a ring?

a). Sliced onions                                                                      b). Doughnuts

c). Cheerios                                                                             d). Cookies

e). Hamburger

Game #23

Round 1: List different breeds of Dog

a). Germany Shepherd                                                            b). Bulldog

c). Shih Tzu                                                                             d). Poodle

e). Huskies

Round 2: Which phrases end with “Off”?

a). Turn off                                                                              b). Switch off

c). Put off                                                                                d). Keep off

e). Take off

Game #24

Round 1: List different types of cows

a). Friesian                                                                               b). Galloway

c). Red Angus                                                                         d). Braford

e). Black Hereford

Round 2: List some of the things mothers-in-law frequently complain about their daughter-in-law

a). Laziness                                                                             b). Poor cooking skills

c). Not clean                                                                            d). Controlling

e). Heavy spenders

Game #25

Round 1: What are some of the things that make children smile?

a). Funny face                                                                         b). Tickling

c). Mommy’s presence                                                            d). Throwing them in the air

e). Feeding

Round 2: What are some of the things that men consider manly?

a). Drinking beer                                                                     b). Hunting

c). Watching Football                                                             d). Fixing cars

e). Lifting weights

Game #26

Round 1: List some items that can be pressed

a). Clothes                                                                               b). Buttons

c). Elevator button                                                                  d). Pants

e). Flowers

Round 2: What do women do when they get the urge for change?

a). Exercise                                                                              b). Go for vacation

c). Going shopping                                                                  c). Decorate

e). Make over

Game #27

Round 1: What are of the professions that people with height phobia should not do?

a). High-rise Construction                                                                   b). Skydiving

c). Window cleaning                                                               d). Roofing

e). Pilot

Round 2: What are some of the things men do to women to prove they are gentlemen?

a). Protecting her honor                                                          b). Bring her flowers

c). Opening doors                                                                   d). Pulling out her chair

e). Carrying her over puddle

Game #28

Round 1: List some things often done while sleeping

a). Dreaming                                                                           b). Snoring

c). Sleep Talking                                                                     d). Sleep walking

e). Scratching

Round 2: Who are some of the funniest actors in Hollywood today?

a). Eddie Murphy                                                                    b). Rowan Atkinson

c). Kevin Hart                                                                         d). Tina Fey

e). Whoopi Goldberg

Game #29

Round 1: List some popular people that are known for losing their cool

a). Donald Trump                                                                    b). Mel Gibson

c). Michael Richards                                                               d). Hillary Clinton

e). Mike Tyson

Round 2: Name famous people who lost their minds

a). Marilyn Monroe                                                                 b). Chris Cornell

c). Alexander McQueen                                                          d). Kate Spade

e). Robin Williams

Game #30

Round 1: Which places are people assigned sits?

a). Cinema                                                                               b). Airplane

c). Concerts                                                                             d). Schools

e). Sports event

Round 2: List some of the things people look forward to the whole year

a). Tax refund                                                                         b). Christmas

c). School end year ball party                                                 d). Birthdays

e). Thanks Giving

Game #31

Round 1: List some of the most famous rivers

a). River Nile                                                                           b). River Jordan

c). Congo River                                                                       d).  River Thames

e). Mississippi River

Round 2: What are the world’s most popular lakes?

a). Crater Lake                                                                        b). L. Ontario

c). L. Baikal                                                                            d). L. Tahoe

e). L. Superior

Game #32

Round 1: What things are difficult to control?

a). Sun                                                                                     b). Smoke addiction

c). Weather                                                                              d). Rain

e). Anger

Round 2: Name some of the World’s most exquisite hotels

a). Mardan Palace, Turkey                                                      b). Burj Al Arab, Dubai

c). Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas                                               d). Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

e). The Plaza, New York

Game #33

Round 1: List things men would want to possess right after their best friends have them

a). Cars                                                                                    b). Large Screen TV

c). Motorbike                                                                          d). Wife

e). House

Round 2: List things that can pop

a). Balloons                                                                             b). Champaign Cork

c). Popcorns                                                                            d). Gums

e). Fire crackers

Game #34

Round 1: What are some of the human basic needs?

a). House                                                                                 b). Water

c). Clothe                                                                                d). Food

e). Health

Round 2: List some things that are strongly associated with rattling

a). Kid’s rattle                                                                         b). Rattlesnake

c). Coins                                                                                  d). Vehicle engine

e). Shakers

Game #35

Round 1: What are some of city names that are used as first names for girls?

a). Savannah                                                                            b). Charlotte

c). Virginia                                                                              d). Carolina

e). Augusta

Round 2: List some of the cheapest stable foods

a). Macaroni                                                                            b). Oatmeal

c). Tuna                                                                                   d). Tortillas

e). Eggs

Game #36

Round 1: What are some of the common appliances in many homes?

a). Oven                                                                                  b). Iron

c). Dishwasher                                                                        d). Laundry machine

e). Toaster

Round 2: What are some of the menial jobs teenagers can do?

a). Part-time waiters                                                                b). Car washing

c). House chores                                                                      d). Baby sitting

e). Shop attendants

Game #37

Round 1: Which games have good-looking men?

a). Wrestling                                                                            b). Rugby

c). Basketball                                                                          d). Football

e). Wrestling

Round 2: What is so spectacular about Dubai?

a). Luxurious hotels                                                                b). Fascinating buildings

c). Good and unique food                                                      d). Modern cities

e). Shopping

Game #38

Round 1: Which cities begin with letters “San”?

a). San Antonio, Texas                                                            b). San Francisco, US

c). San Jose, Costa Rica                                                          d). San Luis Potosi, Mexico

e). San Salvador, El Salvador

Round 2: Which states start with “Ne”?

a). New York                                                                          b). New Jersey

c). New Hampshire                                                                 d). New Mexico

e). Nevada

Game #39

Round 1: What are of the common themes found in Country music?

a). Love                                                                                   b). People

c). Country/city                                                                       d). Difficult times

e). Break-ups

Round 2: What are some of the stylistic devices that can be found in a poem?

a). Rhymes                                                                              b). Repetitions

c). Personification                                                                   d). Assonance

e). Onomatopoeia

Game #40

Round 1: Name some of the activities that are most tiresome during Christmas?

a). Food preparations                                                              b). Decorations

c). Gift wrapping                                                                    d). Preparing a Christmas tree

e). Shopping

Round 2:  Name the activities that take place during Halloween

a). Curving out pumpkins                                                       b). Attending Halloween costumes

c). Apple bobbing                                                                   d). Lighting bonfires

e). Visiting haunted places

Game #41

Round 1: What specific events require taking photos?

a). Graduation                                                                         b). Birthdays

c). Weddings                                                                           d). Funerals

e). Anniversaries

Round 2: What activities take place in a courtroom?

a). Case reporting                                                                    b). Giving judgement

c). Case hearing                                                                       d). Case registration/recording

e). Receiving of affidavits

Game #42

Round 1: What are some of the places where you expect to find a fence?

a). Zoo                                                                                     b). Prison

c). Snake park                                                                         d). Defence department

e). Statehouse

Round 2: In what ways can someone spice up a dull room?

a). Installing lights                                                                  b). Painting

c). New furniture                                                                    d). Decorations

e). Introducing extra windows

Game #43

Round 1: Identify some of the most popular cartoon programs?

a). The Power puff girls                                                          b). Johnny Bravo

c). Tom and Jerry                                                                    d). Scooby Doo

e). Despicable Me

Round 2: What are some of the things that people tend to sniff before purchasing?

a). Fish                                                                        b). Perfume

c). Flowers                                                                              d). Fruit

e). Meat

Game #44

Round 1: Where can one read peacefully?

a). School                                                                                b). Library

c). Bedroom                                                                            d). Living room

e). Under a tree

Round 2: Which phrases have the word good at the start?

a). Good morning                                                                    b). Goodnight

c). Good afternoon                                                                 d). Good luck

e). Goodbye

Game #45

Round 1: What are some of the most important things in a house?

a). Furniture                                                                            b). Air conditioners

c). Money                                                                                d). Electronics

e). Appliances

Round 2: Which ingredients are primarily used to spice food?

a). Salt                                                                                     b). Cinnamon

c). Garlic                                                                                 d). Tomatoes

e). Chili Sauce

Game #46

Round 1: What type of gifts can be inscribed by the words “Love” or “Mum” on it?

a). T-shirt                                                                                 b). Mug

c). Handkerchief                                                                     d). Plate

e). Hoodies

Round 2: What items can be used by a gymnast?

a). Trampoline                                                                         b). Jumping ropes

c). Rings                                                                                  d). Weighing balance

e). Gloves

Game #47

Round 1: What things can be opened?

a). Bottle top                                                                           b). Zip

c). Doors                                                                                 d). Letter

e). Schools

Round 2: Name places that are popularly known to having poor food

a). Prison                                                                                 b). Hospital

c). Roadside Kiosks                                                                d). Schools

e). McDonald

Game #48

Round 1: What are of the things that men are well-known to avoid?

a). Commitment                                                                      b). Directions

c). Conflicts                                                                            d). Responsibility

e). House chores

Round 2: What are some of the things men love doing?

a). Watching sports                                                                 b). Working out

c). Watching movies                                                               d). Playing computer games

e). Climbing trees

Game #49

Round 1: Identify professions that require big body size

a). Wrestling                                                                            b). Weight lifting

c). Boxing                                                                               d). Bodyguards

e). Rugby

Round 2: Identify some parts found within the body

a). Intestines                                                                            b). Liver

c). Lungs                                                                                 d). Ribs

e). Kidney

Game #50

Round 1: What things people use many times in a day?

a). Water                                                                                 b). Coffee

c). Snacks                                                                                d). Cigarettes

e). Meals

Round 2: Which subjects are usually considered private?

a). Finance                                                                               b). Relationships

c). Religion                                                                              d). Weight

e). Bedroom matters

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