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150 Interesting Family Feud Questions

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Family unite | Family feud questions

Family feuds are somewhat unique in every spec. They have been people’s most favorite since early 70s. They are known to create the funniest moments just because they include several wrong answers that are blurt and even ridiculous in nature. The most known family feuds are perhaps those seen in Steve Harvey’s Show. For its lovers, Family feud questions are unlike other games.

Family feud questions entail some bits of mind juggling questions, a mixture of difficult and most simple questions based on everyday life events.For a regular family feud fan, they can almost answer all the questions at ease and getting high scores. There are a variety of family feud questions including family feud game questions, Family feud funny questions, Family feud kids questions, and family feud Christmas questions among others. Therefore, below are some of the unique Family Feud Questions you have never heard of, giving you an excellent chance to use them at home for the family game night

     50 Family Feud Questions

  1.  What foods do people on diet eat?

a). Vegetables                                                             b). Fruit

c). Yoghurt                                                                  d). Salad

e). White egg

  1. Name some things that would not be here 100 years to come.

a). Reading glasses                                                      b). Video games

c). Postage stamps                                                       d). Batteries

e). Telephone poles and wires

  1. Apart from self-driving cars, what other things will exist in 100 years to come?

a). Super artificial intelligence                                    b). 3D printers

c). Flying cars                                                              d). Teleporters

e). Jet packs

  1. What are some of the things that one can smell before buying?

a). Air freshener                                                          b). Toilet soap

c). Perfume                                                                  d). Body lotion

e). Rose flowers

  1. What are some of the activities that one can do in front of a mirror?

a). Brushing teeth                                                        b). Dressing

c). Wearing makeup                                                    d). Doing hair

e). Trying new clothes

  1. What things are often sticky?

a). Gum                                                                       b). Glue

c). Tape                                                                       d). Band-Aid

e). Stickers

  1. What items can one buy on Infomercials?

a). Hair products                                                         b). Toys

c). Exercise equipment                                                d). Worthless junk

e). Weight loss products

  1. Identify things that can be fixed by a tape

a). Pictures                                                                  b). Paper materials

c). Electronics                                                             d). Box

e). Books

  1. List things that can be multiplied times a day

a). Blink                                                                      b). Talk

c). Drink                                                                      d). Walk

e). Brushing teeth

  1. List some things that are to be held with care

a). Eggs                                                                       b). Laptops

c). Glass                                                                      d). Babies

e). Phone

  1. Name five common laptop brands

a). HP                                                                          b). Dell

c). Lenovo                                                                   d). Apple MacBook

e). Samsung

  1. What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

a). Football                                                                  b). Javelin

c). Gymnastic                                                              d). Field and Track

e). High jump

  1. How can you smuggle a item into a prison?

a). Bribe the guards                                                     b). Hide it up your Sleeves

c). Hide it inside your mouth                                      d). Through an inmate

e). Through a small kid

  1. As a father, what topics would you freely talk to your son about?

a). Sports                                                                     b). Alcohol and Drugs

c). Relationships/women                                             d). Hunting

e). Career

  1. How many hours are medically recommended that one should sleep at night so that they remain active during the day?

a). 6 Hrs                                                                      b). 10 Hrs

c). 8 Hrs                                                                      d). 9 Hrs

e). 7 Hrs

  1. Which language can make something sound sexy?

a). Spain                                                                      b). French

c). German                                                                  d). Portuguese

e). Italian

  1. Which part of the body do people often apply plastic surgery?

a). Face                                                                        b). Breast

c). Butt                                                                                    d). Lips

e). Nose

  1. What are some of the activities one would avoid doing on Sundays?

a). Going to work                                                        b). Run errands

c). Go to the farm                                                       d). Do house chores

e). Wake up early

  1. What would do with a million dollars if you win a lottery today?

a). Take a vacation                                                      b). Buy a house

c). Throw a classic party                                             d). Buy a Bugatti new model

e). Pay debts

  1. Which fruit can remind one of some of their body parts?

a). Banana                                                                   b). Watermelon

c). Grape                                                                     d). Apple

e). Cantaloupe

  1. List of the most famous athletes who hit the headlines for being in a scandal

a). Oscar Pistorius                                                       b). O. J. Simpson

c). Tiger Woods                                                          d). Mike Tyson

e). Colin Kaepernick

  1. List some places where one pick up a girl who doesn’t want a serious relationship.

a). Club                                                                       b). Mall

c). Campus                                                                  d). Tinder/Online

e). Bar

  1. List some of the foods that can be sold in cart at the park.

a). Churro                                                                    b). Ice Cream

c). Pretzel                                                                    d). Soft drink

e). Water

  1. Which month of the year are most babies born?

a). June                                                                        b). February

c). January                                                                   d). December

e). July

  1. Why do people take loans?

a). Buy a car                                                                b). Purchase Land

c). Pay School fees                                                      d). Start a business

e). Pay bills

  1. Which items are largely made of rubber?

a). Rubber shoes                                                          b). Rubber band

c). Eraser                                                                     d). Tyre

e). Ball

  1. How do people try to avoid speeding tickets?

a). Plead for warning                                                  b). Bribe

c). Plead innocence                                                     d). Speed off

e). Cry

  1. What are of the problems both democrats and republicans fail to agree on?

a). Education                                                               b). Immigration

c). Foreign affairs                                                        d). Presidential elections

e). Abortion

  1. Who would rather not bump in when coming from a date?

a). Drunkards                                                              b). Muggers

c). Father/Mother                                                        d). Spouse

e). Priest

  1. What other road safety conditions do drivers violate, except for bump even though it is important?

a). Yield sign                                                               b). Yellow light

c). Red light                                                                d). Children crossing sign

e). Carpool lane

  1. What are some of the things one would hope their plane pilot isn’t doing?

a). Sleeping                                                                 b). Drinking alcohol

c). Bathroom breaks                                                    d). Abusing drugs

e). Stewardess

  1. After how long can one consider his/her relationship to be serious?

a). One month                                                             b). Three months

c). Two months                                                           d). Six months

e). Nine months

  1. Where would you want to rob if there is a chance you’d get away with it?

a). Boutique                                                                b). Casino

c). Bank                                                                       d). Supermarket

e). Jewelry shop

  1. Who would you hate to see while having a good time with spouse?

a). Mother-in- law                                                       b). Parents

c). Serial killer                                                             d). Side chick

e). Her/his friends

  1. Who is the most likely person to know a man’s most shameful secrets?

a). Doctor                                                                    b). Parent

c). Best friend                                                             d). Spouse

e). Best friend

  1. List some of the movie actresses whose looks are most valuable.

a). Julia Roberts                                                          b). Scarlett Johansson

c). Halle Berry                                                             e). Angelina Jolie

  1. List some types of work where workers are mostly naked.

a). Money laundry                                                       b). Prostitution

c). Modelling                                                               d). Stripping

e). Acting

  1. Name some of world leaders during the Second World War

a). Mussolini                                                                b). Weston Churchill

c). Hitler                                                                      d). Roosevelt

e). Stalin

  1. How do ladies react when they catch their men looking at another lady?

a). Cry                                                                         b). Yell

c). Call him out                                                           d) Slap him

e). Assume/ignore

  1. What can a man do to a lady to get into the mood?

a). Cook for her                                                           b). Use colorful lights

c). Give her a massage                                    d). Buy her flowers

e). Light candles

  1. Which body parts often get blurred on TV?

a). Breast                                                                     b). Male genitalia

c). Middle finger                                                         d). Female genitals

e). Mouth

  1. List things that scare adults even though they shouldn’t

a). Dark                                                                       b). Dentist

c). Injection                                                                 d). Monsters

e). Ghosts

  1. Whats the easiest way to turn down a date?

a). Say you not interested                                           b).  In a relationship

c). Say you gay                                                           d). Act sick

e). Say you working

  1. List some of the gift items one can buy at the last minute.

a). Card                                                                       b). Liquor

c). Candy                                                                    d). Cash

e). Book

  1. List a number of first letter of words that can be bleeped on live TV.

a). F                                                                             b). S

c). C                                                                            d). A

e). M

  1. If a man gets a new lady in his midlife crisis, what could be the woman’s age?

a). 65 and above                                                          b). Below 25

c). 20                                                                           d). 18

e). 25

  1. Which holiday do kids enjoy than adults?

a). Christmas                                                               b). Halloween

c). Easter                                                                     d). Birthdays

e). New Year

  1. List some presidential candidates in the US who did not win.

a). John McCain                                                          b). Hillary Clinton

c). Bernie Sanders                                                       d). Ralph Nader

e). Al Gore

  1. List some of that one isn’t allowed to send on email.

a). Virus                                                                      b). Videos more than 1GB

c). Password                                                                d). Sexually sensitive material

e). Sensitive information

  1. List some phrases that include the word strip.

a). Air strip                                                                  b). Landing strip

c). Strip club                                                                d). Strip mall

e). Strip tease

Family Feud Game Questions

Game #1

Roughly, how much money do you have in bank account or piggy bank?

a). $100                                                                       b). $50

c). $500                                                                       d). $1000

e). Can’t Say

Game #2

How would you simply call your Grandmother?

  1. a) Big Mum b). GrandMa

c). Mum Mum                                                             d). GrandMum

e). Granny

Game #3

What are some of the things that women never forget?

a). Birthdays                                                               b). Anniversaries

c). Each time they are wronged                                  d). Children

e). The day he proposed to her

Game #4

Which phrases begin with the word “Happy”?

a). Happy Anniversary                                                b). Happy Birthday

c). Happy New Year                                                   d). Happy Holidays

e). Happy Moments

Game #5

What type of services when you call you expect to be put on hold?

a). Telecommunication services                                              b). Medical services

c). Insurance services                                                              d). Bank services

e). Electric power services

Game #6

Identify some items found in a mansion

a). Servants                                                                             b). Furniture

c). Chandelier                                                                          d). Painting

e). Antiques

Game #7

Name five former presidents of the US?

  1. a) George W. Bush Jr. b). Barrack Obama

c). Bill Clinton                                                            d). Abraham Lincoln

e). Ronald Regan

Game #8

Identify some of the things that are bottled in a spray bottle

a). Perfume                                                                              b). Paint

c). Toilet Spray                                                                        d). Window Cleaner

e). Hair Spray

Game #9

What type of people are found in Wax Museum?

a). Monsters                                                                            b). Royalty

c). Murderers                                                                           d). World leaders

e). Performers

Game #10

Who are the most famous people you wish they weren’t dead?

a). Michael Jackson                                                                 b). John Kennedy

c). Martin Luther King                                                            d). Jesus Christ

e). Kobe Bryant

Game #11

Name some of the most popular search engines

a). Google Chrome                                                                  b). Mozilla Firefox

c). Bing                                                                                   d). Yahoo

e). Windows Explorer

Game #12

What are some of the things you might find under the bed?

a). Money                                                                                b). Bedbugs

c). Clothes                                                                               d). Socks

e). Cigarettes

Game #13

Point out some of the drinks that are tasty when cold

a). Iced Coffee                                                                                    b). Milk Shake

c). Soda                                                                                   d). Beer

e). Juice

Game #14

Where would one keep a handgun?

a). Safe                                                                                    b). Closet

c). Drawers                                                                              d). Closed Cabinets

e). Under the Bed

Game #15

Other than engines, what else do vehicles have?

a). Wheels                                                                               b). Windscreen

c). Spark plugs                                                            d). Radiator

e). Fuel tank

Game #16

State different types of medical practitioners

a). Surgeons                                                                            b). Nurses

c). Pedestrians                                                                         d). Pathologists

e). Lab technicians

Game #17

What are some are of the closets one would not put clothes in?

a). Utility closet                                                                      b). Storage

c). Linen                                                                                  d). Pantry

e). Box closet

Game #18

What sought of tips can be found in men’s magazine?

a). How to handle women                                                      b). Personal hygiene

c). Shaving tips                                                                       d). Cooking

e). Cleaning/Washing

Game #19

Which animals would one find hard to kiss on the lips for any amount?

a). Bat                                                                                     b). Mongoose

c). Porcupine                                                                           d). Bear

e). Dirty pig

Game #20

What are some of the things people commonly fake?

a). Smiles                                                                                 b). Sickness

c). Eye lashes                                                                          d). Identity

e). Sleep

Game #21

Name some machines that can crush

a). Computer                                                                           b). Teller machines

c). ATM machine                                                                    d). Electric circuit

e). Mobile phone

Game #22

List different breeds of horses

a). Pinto                                                                                   b). Clydesdale

c). Mustang                                                                             d). Stallion

e). Palomino

Game #23

What are some of the activities people engage in right after waking up?

a). Stretching                                                                           b). Rolling over

c). Switch of the alarm                                                            d). Open eyes

e). Yarn

Game #24

List phrases that begin with “Hot”

a). Hotpoint                                                                             b). Hotpot

c). Hotdog                                                                               d). Hotspot

e). Hotcake

Game #25

What are some of the products that are made in chunks?

a). Peanut butter                                                                      b). Dog food

c). Pineapple                                                                            d). Cheese

e). Chicken

Game #26

List some small vegetables that can be eaten by one bite

a). Squash                                                                                b). Celery

c). Tomato                                                                               d). Lettuce

e). Carrot

Game #27

What are some of the things people hire cleaning services for?

a). Windows                                                                            b). Carpets

c). Clothes                                                                               d). Large floors

e). Cars

Game #28

Name the cutest male movie actors in the world

a). Tom Cruise                                                             b). Chris Evans

c). Bradley Copper                                                                  d). Robert Pattinson

e). Liam Hemsworth

Game #29

List some celebrities who became drug addicts

a). Lady Gaga                                                                        b). Whitney Houston

c). Gerard Butler                                                                     d). Keith Urban

e). Kanye West

Game #30

What are some of the things people are highly afraid of even when they know they don’t exist?

a). Boogie man                                                                        b). Ghosts

c). Vampire                                                                             d). Aliens

e). Monsters

Game #31

What are some of the things that shine?

a). Gold                                                                                   b). Silver

c). Diamond                                                                            d). Sun

e). Stars

Game #32

Name types of food children love

a). Easy mini Bagel pizzas                                                      b). Taco

c). Chicken Nuggets                                                               d). Fruit snack

e). Cheese Sandwich

Game #33

What are the most difficult things you could ever tell someone else?

a). Admit that you had lied                                                    b). The Truth

c). They have bad breath                                                         d). Demise of a family member

e). Sorry

Game #34

List some items that can be hired for a wedding event

a). Camera man                                                                       b). Bridal Cars

c). Tents/wedding hall                                                            d). Event planner

e). Catering services

Game #35

List some of the cheapest stable foods

a). Macaroni                                                                            b). Oatmeal

c). Tuna                                                                                   d). Tortillas

e). Eggs

Round 3: Why would someone sue a hotel?

a). Food poisoning                                                                  b). Presence of pest in the food

c). Bad food                                                                            d). Foreign objects

e: Slippery floors without warning signs

Game #36

What foods are offered in a fast food?

a). French fries                                                                        b). Chicken nuggets

c). Tacos                                                                                  d). Hamburgers

e). Smashed potatoes

Game #37

What’s so special about New York?

a). Titanic                                                                                b). Casinos

c). Shopping                                                                            d). Good food

e). Museums

Game #38

List states in the US that begin with letter “M”?

a). Minnesota                                                                          b). Mississippi

c). Missouri                                                                             d). Michigan

e). Massachusetts

Game #39

What are some of the stylistic devices that can be found in a story?

a). Foreshadowing                                                                  b). Allusion

c). Epigraph                                                                             d). Euphemism

e). Foreshadowing

Game #40

List some of the phrases that include the word “King”?

a). King’s collection                                                                b). King size

c). King Kong                                                                         d). Kingdom

e). Kingpin

Game #41

What are some of the things that teenagers feel they have outgrown?

a). Cartoons                                                                             b). Clothes

c). Sleeping with siblings                                                        d). Toys

e). Extreme parental supervision

Game #42

What are some of the irritating sounds that might come from the house of a neighbor?

a). High music                                                                         b). Barking dogs

c). Yelling/screaming                                                              d). Noises

e). Pounding

Game #43

What are some of the items that are commonly hung on the Christmas tree?

a). Ornaments                                                                          b). Angel objects

c). Tinsel                                                                                  d). Ribbons

e). Balloons

Game #44

Which phrases begin with time?

a). Timeout                                                                              b). Time machine

c). Time flies                                                                           d). Timeline

e). Time bomb

Game #45

What things would a 10 year old child pray for?

a). Toys                                                                                   b). Food

c). Teacher                                                                               d). Friends

e). Siblings

Game #46

Which profession involves a lot of sitting down?

a). Truck/bus driver                                                                 b). Secretary

c). Computer programmer                                                       d). Web designer

e). Telephone operator

Game #47

Which type of food are usually considered unhealthy?

a). Sugary drinks                                                                     b). French fries

c). Sweetened breakfast cereal                                               d). Broiled food

e). White bread

Game #48

What are some of the information pilots pass to passengers?

a). Put seat belt on                                                                  b). Arrival and departure time

c). Altitude                                                                              d). Landing time

e). Delays

Game #49

What are some of the things that do not last as long as expected?

a). Finances                                                                             b). Holidays

c). Nice Foods                                                                         d). Good times

e). Vacations

Game #50

In which places on the body might women find unwanted hair?

a). Face                                                                                    b). Legs

c). Chin                                                                                   d). Chest

e). Below the lip

Feud Questions for Kids

  • List some reason that would make another kid make fun of your toys.

a). Old                                                                         b). Ugly

c). Small                                                                      d). Cheap

e). Few

  • What are some of the things that might scare you when camping in a forest?

a). Snakes                                                                    b). Lizards

c). Bears                                                                      d). Wolves

e). Skunk

  • List some words that have ‘key’ within them.

a). Monkey                                                                  b). Turkey

c). Keychain                                                                d). Keystone

e). Keyboard

  • At what ages is one considered a kid?

a). 1 Month – 1 year                                                    b). 1 year – 3 years

c). 3 years – 6 years                                                     d). 6 years – 9 years

9 years -12 years

  • List some of the things children would throw at each other

a). Food                                                                       b). Toys

c). Pillow                                                                     d). Clothes

e). Paper

  • If your toys could talk, what would they say?

a). Stop mistreating me                                               b). I love you

c). I’m hungry                                                             d). I’m thirsty

e). Take for a walk

  • List somethings in your dreams you wish they would be real.

a). Living in Disney land                                            b). Being a superstar

c). Having powers like Spiderman                              d). Sleeping in store full of candy

e). Making all kids want to be my friend

  • List some sounds you like most

a). Music sound                                                           b). Creepy sound

c). Sound of a breaking glass                                      d). Sound of the wind

e). Car sound

  • You are allowed to go out for a whole day, what are some of the things you would do?

a). Visit friends                                                           b). Go to a toy store

c). Take a walk in the woods                                      d). Go swimming

e). Go to a mall

  • If you were to draw everything that comes in your mind, what would you be drawing now?

a). Superman                                                               b). Talking toy

c). Robot                                                                     d). Cartoon

e). House

  • How do animals communicate?

a). Through signs                                                         b). By making sounds

c). Through feelings                                                    d). By jumping up and down

e). By refusing to do something

  • What can make your day special?

a). Not going to school                                               b). Meeting your favorite artist

c). A tour to the Whitehouse                                      d). Featuring in a kids magazine

e). A tour in a world class museum

  • Which animal can become a great driver?

a). Cheetah                                                                  b). Antelope

c). Hare                                                                       d). Tortoise

e). Chameleon

  • List some of your most favorite characters in a storybook.

a). Peter Pan                                                                b). Matilda

c). Cinderella                                                               d). The Gruffalo

e). Winnie-the-Pooh

  • If you were given the chance to give everyone in your family a new name, what would be the names?

a). Johny                                                                      b). Scary

c). Zombie                                                                   d). Angel

e). Lovely

  • If you had a dragon as a pet, how would you name it?

a). Draggy                                                                   b). Sam

c). Oregon                                                                   d). Jimmy

e). Gregon

  • What activities can you do with other kids?

a). Playing                                                                   b). Reading

c). Riding bicycle                                                        d). Camping

e). watching cartoon

  • List some of the things that make you laugh.

a). Funny characters                                                    b). Cartoons

c). Bad dressing                                                          d). Comedy

e). Ugly faces

  • If you are a given a store, what items would you sell?

a). Candies                                                                  b). Toys

c). Chocolate                                                               d). Biscuits

e). Cup cakes

  • List some of the questions you would ask an animal if given a chance.

a). Name                                                                      b). Who is their mother?

c). Where they were born                                            d). How they communicate

e). Where is their home?

  • Name some of the craziest things you ever ate

a). Soil                                                                         b). Stones

c). Pepper                                                                    d). Mucus

e). Puke

  • Which rules would you remove at home if given a chance?

a). Restriction on type of games                                 b). Limited playing time

c). TV restrictions                                                       d). Early bedtime

e). Early mornings

  • If given a chance, what holidays would add to the calendar?

a). Kids day out                                                          b). No school day

c). Friends day                                                                        d). Unlimited Games day

e). Parent-Child day

  • List five things people may not about you

a). Funny                                                                     b). Clean

c). Scared of Crickets                                                 d). Can’t shower by myself

e). I cry at night

  • What are some of the things people do on the beach

a). Busk in the Sun                                                      b). Swim

c). Drink juice                                                             d). Sea skating

e). Playing games

  • List some of the things you look forward to when you wake up.

a). Take my favorite breakfast                                    b). Hug mum and dad

c). Play with my favorite toy                                      d). Jump on the bed

e). Join my friends to school

  • List some of the things that make you feel brave.

a). Dad                                                                                    b). Big brother

c). My dog                                                                  d). Action movie

e). Superman suit

  • List some memories that make you happy

a). Trip to France                                                         b). First day in school

c). First birthday                                                         d). Playing crazy games with friends

e). A visit to grandpa’s

  • Mention five things that make you feel loved.

a). Warm hug                                                              b). Gifts

c). Friends                                                                   d). Trips

e). Being heard

  • If given a chance, you’d write a book on which topics?

a). Comic games                                                          b). How to treat a kid

c). Best toys                                                                d). Bedtime Stories

e). Life as a kid

  • List some ways through which you show people that you care.

a). Buying them gifts                                                  b). Sharing with them my toys

c). Hugging them                                                        d). Talking to them nicely

e). Telling them sorry

  • If you were to give something to charity, what would you give?

a). Toys                                                                       b). Savings

c). Clothes                                                                   d). Candy

e). Food

  • If you make a tree house, what would be inside?

a). Toys                                                                       b). Seats

c). Bed                                                                        d). Sweets and chocolate

e). Pet

  • Mention things that you’d love to do in summer holiday

a). Visit grandpa                                                         b). Go on a trip

c). Play with friends                                                    d). Visit Parks

e). Cycling

  • What are your favorite songs?

a). Wheels of the Bus                                                  b). Baby Shark

c). If you are Happy and You Know                          d). Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

e). Baby Jesus

  • What is your favorite family tradition?

a). Bedtime stories                                                      b). Family hugs

c). Family meals                                                          d). Family day out

e). Pizza Tuesday

  • What is your favorite color?

a). Pink                                                                        b). Red

c). Yellow                                                                   d). Purple

e). Black

  • What is your favorite joke?

a). Knock Knock jokes                                                           b). Animal jokes

c). Banana Joke                                                           d). Silly jokes

e). Dad Jokes

  • What is your favorite day of the week?

a). Friday                                                                     b). Wednesday

c). Terrific Tuesdays                                                   d). Saturday

e). Throwback Thursday

  • What is your favorite time of year?

a). April                                                                       b). September

c). October                                                                  d). December

e). June

  • List things that are usually cold

a). Ice cream                                                                b). Iced water

c). Pudding                                                                 d). Snow

e). Ice cubes

  • What are the five favorite things you can do with friends?

a). Playing                                                                   b). Going on a trip

c). Camping                                                                 d). Doing assignments

e). Watching TV

  • Mention five favorite places you can go on a vacation?

a). Paris                                                                       b). Disney Land

c). Rome                                                                      d). California

e). New York

  • Name five of your favorite desserts

a). Ice cream                                                                b). Pudding Cups with Gummy worms

c). Candy pie                                                               d). Cookie sticks

e). Chocolate

  • List five favorite things about you.

a). I’m loving                                                              b). I’m fun

c). I’m cute/beautiful                                                  d). I love pets

e). I’m adorable

  • If you could be any animal, what five animals would you be?

a). Rabbit                                                                    b). Puppy

c). Dolphin                                                                  d). Cute kitten

e). Pigeon

  • If you could be any age, what age would you be?

a). 61 years                                                                  b). 50 years

c). 30 years                                                                  d). 20 years

e). 15 years

  • If you could be a famous person for a week, who would you be?

a). Justine Bieber                                                         b). Selena Gomez

c). Jaden Smith                                                           d). Miley Cyrus

e). Ariana Grenade

  • If you could go back and do something differently, what would it be?

a). Respect mum and dad more                                  b). Be more obedient

c). Be more serious with schoolwork              d). Never abuse people

e). Spent more time with family

  • When was the last time you made someone smile?

a). A month ago                                                          b). Two weeks ago

c). Yesterday                                                               d). Few hours ago

e). A week ago

Hope you have enjoyed our list of family feud questions. Make sure to leave your best family feud questions on the comment section below.

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