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50 Fun Family Feud Questions for Kids and Answers

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Family feud questions for kids are generally meant for kids an excellent fun to watch them answer the questions. The trick is all about making the questions as fun as they can be, befitting of a party. This means the need to re-frame the questions on family-related topics where simple guesses can be made to answer the questions as correct as possible. Thus, players are largely encouraged to make the questions as interesting as possible.

While playing the game might be easier, there is need to explain the tenets of the game to a first time player. Perhaps a good way to pay the game, is first to take some time to find ways on how the game will be played. This will prevent any sort of interruption on the flow of the game. This will be key to maintain the attention of the kids, while keeping them engaged. The following questions might help you give the kids the fun they deserve.

Family Feud Questions for Kids and Answers

  1. What are of the things one might see in the ocean?

a). Wave                                                    b). Boat

c). Dolphin                                                d). Shark

e). Cruise ship

  1. What activities do people do right before going to bed?

a). Brushing teeth                                     b). Drinking water

c). Pray                                                      d). Read

e). Watch movie

  1. Name some of the most quiet animals

a). Snake                                                   b). Lizard

c). Worm                                                   d). Fish

e). Cat

  1. What are some of the important meals for a day?

a). Fruits                                                    b). Breakfast

c). Snack                                                   d). Lunch

e). Dinner

  1. What are some of the things fathers look for in a man that’s courting their daughter?

a). Financial stability                                 b). Type of job

c). How much responsible one is              d). Ambition

e). Personality

  1. Which places are kids restricted from entering?

a). Surgery room                                      b). Clubs

c). Bar                                                       d). Chemical manufacturing firms

e). Mine caves

  1. What do kids do when they fall sick?

a). Cry                                                      b). Sleep

c). Tell their parents                                 d). Take medicine

e). Throw up

  1. Name things you expect to find on the floor in a messy kid’s room?

a). Clothes                                                b). Toys

c). Sweet Wrappers                                  d). Paints

e). Clothes

  1. Point out some things that kids find too cold

a). Snow                                                   b). Ice

c). Ice cream                                            d). Morning mist

e). Wind

  1. Why would a teacher want to talk to a student?

a). Exam cheating                                     b). Mischief

c). Good performance                              d). Skipping classes

e). Exemplary conduct

  1. List the various card games

a). Poker                                                    b). Old maid

c). Yu-Gi ho                                               d). War


  1. What are some of the things that an astronaut can find in space station?

a). Alien                                                     b). Sun

c). Moon                                                    d). Mars

e). Saturn

  1. What does kids use to write with?

a). Pencil                                                     b). Paints

c). Pen                                                         d). Stencil

e). Crayon

  1. Name of the fruits that can be used to blend juice?

a). Oranges                                                 b) Mangoes

c). Pawpaw                                                  d). Pineapple

e). Apple

  1. Name some fruits that can be included in a a fruit salad

Salad dessert family feud questions

a). Banana                                                                               b). Watermelon

c). Avocado                                                                            d). Bitter roots

e). Mango

  1. What are some of the names that can used to refer to “Litter”?

A). Garbage                                                                            b). Junk

c). Trash                                                                                  d). Waste

e). Rubbish

  1. What melts when exposed to heat?

a). Ice scream                                                                          b). Snow

c). Butter                                                                                 d). Cheese

e). Wax

  1. What are some things that you can’t do without closing your eyes?

a). Making a wish                                                                    b). Playing Hide and sick

c). Sleeping                                                                             d). Sneeze

e). Swimming

  1. Identify some of things that kids commonly do when they are happy

a). Sing                                                                                    b). Jump

c). Dance                                                                                 d). Laugh

e). Smile

  1. Name things that kids do in school

a). Learning                                                                             b). Playing

c). Reading                                                                              d). Doing assignment

e). Answering questions

  1. Where do kids ask for help when they need some?

a). Siblings                                                                              b). Friends

c). Parents                                                                               d). Teachers

e). Grandparents

  1. What are some of the things that are commonly associated with pirates?

a). Parrots                                                                                b). Ships

c). Eye patch                                                                           d). Sea

e). Weapons

  1. Name some of things parents do not allow kids to touch

a). Naked electrical wires                                                        b). Electrical appliances

c). Fire                                                                                     d). Poisonous substances

e). Knives and other sharp objects

  1. Which days do kids get up early?

a). Birthdays                                                                           b). First day in school

c). When going on a trip                                                         d). School days

e). Christmas

  1. What are some of the things that you learn in elementary school?

a). Math                                                                                   b). Painting

c). Reading                                                                              d). Patterns

e). Language

  1. Name some of the most popular wars

a). World War I                                                                       b). Afghanistan War

c). Vietnam War                                                                      c). World War II

e). Iraq war

  1. How can people move from one place to another?

a). Walking                                                                              b). By bus

c). By train                                                                              d). By airplane

e). By Motorcycle

  1. What comes in pairs?

a). Shoes                                                                                  b). Eyes

c). Socks                                                                                  d). Scissors

e). Twins

  1. Which nations are members of the European Union?

a). Italy                                                                                    b). UK

d). Germany                                                                            d). Spain

e). Greece

  1. What are some of the things that can be seen in a treasure map?

a). Water                                                                                 b). Spots marked with “X”

c). Treasure chest                                                                    d). Land

e). Monster

  1. Name some of the things that wake a kid up in the morning

a). Alarm                                                                                 b). Strong lights

c). Loud music                                                                        d). Parents

e). Siblings

  1. Name the things that are associated with witchcraft

a). Flying Broom                                                                     b). Magic

c). Black long coats                                                                 d). Warts

e). Halloween

  1. Name some words that rhyme with “Power”

a). Flower                                                                                b). Tower

c). Hour                                                                                   d). Sour

e). Glower

  1. What colors are typical for many houses?

a). Gray                                                                                   b). Brown

c). White                                                                                 d). Blue

e). Yellow

  1. Name some of the biggest cities in the US

a). San Francisco                                                                     b). New York

c). Chicago                                                                              d). San Diego

e). Pennsylvania

  1. What are some of the things that can be identified in an old deserted house?

a). Cob webs                                                                           b). Rodents

c). Dust                                                                                   d). Bugs

e). Rust

  1. What are some of things that kids often lose?

a). Toys                                                                                   b). Books

c). Pencil                                                                                 d). Money

e). Balls

  1. What do children love doing while in the field playing?

a). Running                                                                             b). Jumping up and down

c). Dancing                                                                              d). Skipping rope

e). Singing

  1. What do kids love doing?

a). Watching cartoons                                                             b). Playing video games

c). Playing with toys                                                               d). Visiting parks

e). Camping

  1. How do children express their emotions?

a). Crying                                                                                b). Smiling

c). Laughing                                                                            d). Sitting quietly

e). Jumping

  1. Why do people hate winter?

a). A lot of rain                                                                       b). Cold weather

c). Snow                                                                                  d). Limited playing

e). No fun

  1. What are of the things that can be found in Lady’s arm?

a). Bracelets                                                                            b). Tattoo

c). Scar                                                                                    d). Watch

e). Hair

  1. What can you cut with a knife?

a). Tomatoes                                                                            b). Vegetables

c). Onions                                                                                d). Meat

e). Potatoes

  1. Which Products are of milk?

a). Tea                                                                                     b). Butter

c). Yoghurt                                                                              d). Cake

e). Cream

  1. Which desserts is presently famous?

a). Pastry                                                                                 b). Pie

c). Cake                                                                                   d). Ice cream

e). Cookies

  1. Which pets are commonly kept by people?

a). Cat                                                                                     b). Dog

c). Mouse                                                                                d). Parrot

e). Rabbit

  1. Which subjects do kids often find hard?

a). Math                                                                                   b). Science

c). Chemistry                                                                           d). English

e). History

  1. What are some of the drinks that people take to feel warm?

a). Coffee                                                                                b). Tea

c). Porridge                                                                             d). Hot Tea

e). Hot water

  1. `What are some of the topics that people discuss during family gatherings?

a). Food                                                                                   b). Current affairs

c). Politics                                                                               d). Sports

e). Old memories

  1. Name places where kids nowadays spend most of their time

a). School                                                                                b). Internet

c). Park                                                                                    d). Mall

e). Bedroom

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