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20 Good Interview questions to ask kids

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Good interview questions to ask kids

It’s never easy to know what a kid wants or need unless you ask him or her. In most cases kids may be unable to express themselves and hence decide to use actions which may in the long run make their parents think that their kids are rude or something. To avoid such scenarios, it is quite paramount for the parents or guardians to take the initiative to be able to know what their kids really need/want. As such this article provides quite a number of good interview questions to ask kids in order to understand them better. Try the questions as they would be the only list you have been searching. Good luck!

Good interview questions to ask kids

  1. Do I do something that you feel I love your sister/brother more than you?

Love to kids is everything. Kids interpret our actions differently and while to you it may seem that you love everyone equally to kids it isn’t the same. Sometimes we act unconsciously in way that suggest that we love one more than the other, okay maybe to adults this may not be the case but to kids it sure is. The importance of this question is that it allows you to know certain actions that though very innocent, kids may interpret differently or may otherwise suggest different reaction to a kid.

  1. Have you ever been bullied by a friend at school?

Bullying is a major problem mostly associated with kids. They get bullied all the time in schools, while playing and even in social gatherings. Some kids may not freely talk about being bullied and if not asked, they will continue suffering in silence. A fact that has majorly contributed to a kid disliking school, being antisocial and worst depression.

  1. What do you do when you see your sister/brother being sad?

This is such a good emotions question to ask a kid. Maybe just to question ourselves, do kids really care? Maybe not or maybe they do really care. The fact still remains it won’t hurt to know what a kid feels when others are hurting and how this affects them emotionally.

  1. What step do you take to make your sister/brother happy?

Happiness is key to any kid and to them seeing a brother or sister being happy is enough. There are different situations in which a kid will do anything just to see his/her siblings happy. This question will help you know to what extend will a kid go in pursuing the happiness of others.

  1. If you could choose to befriend anyone, who would that be?

Friends play a major role in a kid’s life. They may either influence a kid positively or negatively depending on the type of friends he/she have. A large part of a kid’s habits are emulated from friends he/she associate with. So it is very important to know the type of friends that appeal to a kid and this question is the key to this.

  1. What action can you take when you see your friend being bullied?

This question prompts you to know the intentions of a kid towards his/her friends and what they feel when their friends are in trouble. Different answers will emerge from this question so don’t be surprised at all. However they will answer, it will reflect the bond between their friendships. The lesser the bond the negative the answer as kids tend to care depending on how close or tight the relationship is.

  1. Do you feel jealous when you see your friend with something you don’t have?

Interesting is the level of jealous among kids. Very few kids will be okay with their friends having something they don’t have. It is in their nature to want those things they see others with as to them that’s is the best compared to theirs. This question connects to a kid’s reaction whenever they lack something their friends have.

  1. What do you do to comfort yourself when you’re jealous?

Another interesting question to ask a kid. Jealousy is very common with kids and perhaps a normal thing for a kid to feel. The bigger concern here is what they do after being jealous. It is very important to know how a kid handles him/herself when they are jealous, for this will help you understand their different and sometimes abnormal behavior.

  1. How do you feel when you are denied something that you like?

Not so many kids take it lightly whenever they are denied something they really like. Many would do just anything to be given what they like most commonly seen is expressing their anger through crying out loud, boycotting certain things like eating while some even withdraw from others completely and would want to stay alone. Though this is not the case with all kids, different kids will react differently to such cases.

  1. What do you think is the best thing with being alive?

Everyone have a reason to want to stay alive. Same with kids, they all have something they would love to do tomorrow, the next day and the next……. So it would be very interesting to know how important it means for a kid to be alive. I would also really love to hear out there thoughts and answers because it really is interesting.

Fun interview questions to ask kids

  1. What do you think is the best way to deal with anger or fear?

Anger and fear are a natural and common thing with every one of us, so are kids too. No matter how much a kid struggles to fight fear and/or steer away from the things that makes him/her angry, it just not something he/she can avoid. So what a kid thinks as the best way to deal with this problem really matters a lot and knowing it is the key to helping him/her through such ordeals.

  1. How do you express your anger, cry?

Kids have different and unique ways of expressing themselves, their happiness, anger, crying and etc. A kid may act in a way that you may not understand, yet they are just expressing themselves. So it would be very important to know and understand how a kid expresses his/her anger, crying.

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Good questions for kids | interview questions to ask kids

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  1. How different would you be 10 years from now?

Common to adults, kids also have expectations or visions of what and how they want to be years from now. This question may be a lot of fun as many funny answers will be given, I bet you will laugh your intestines out!! Knowing how a kid view him/herself 10 or more years from now is key to helping the kid achieve that which they dream and guiding them towards a better path in life.

  1. Do you think lying is good or bad?

We all teach kids that it is bad to lie. In my Sunday school, they taught us that lying is for children who belong to Satan. Every kid wants to be a child of God right? So understand me when I say I did everything possible not to lie. Same with most kids out there, knowing what they think about lying is very important.

  1. What do you like most about your sister? Brother?

Children are very good at emulating and imitating their seniors, both brothers and sisters. They are very keen and observant of the behaviors and habits portrayed by those they look up to. A fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, so it is said. Likewise, kids have different things they like and dislike from observing their senior brothers and/or sisters.

  1. If you were to run from home, where would you decide to go?

This question has both sides of the coin. Some will argue that asking a kid such a question will give him/her an idea of running from home some day in future and most people would tread carefully when it comes to this question. Truth is, we can never project what will happen in future and so it not worth risking anything. It is important to ask this question so that whenever such a thing happens you will know where to go first.

  1. Are you interesting?

Most kids want to be seen as they matter. And they now and then do things that will strike them forth as interesting. So asking a kid such a question will allow you to know how a kid views him/herself or what he/she thinks of themselves.

  1. How do you know that someone is interesting?

Being interesting is somehow associated by being fun, and cool to hung around with. To kids this may be different, for they have different that interest them far away from what me and you may think. It is a tough but good question to ask so as to know what appeals to the kid.

  1. If you were mummy/daddy, what would you tell your children?

This question gives a kid a mind in the future and helps him/her to imagine him/herself s parents. Somehow this question will let you know what the kid thinks and how he/she views his/her parents to be. It can also be a fun question and may draw funny answers that will bring lots of laughter but it will be awesome to engage their mind and know what they think on parenting.

  1. Would you wish to be a popular person in future?

Being popular and famous is a thought or dream most people had or have, at least at some point in time. Kids also have some thoughts of being like Jay zee, Obama, Lil Wyne and the likes in future. In as much as they are most likely to say Yes on this question, don’t be surprised that some kids will say No. So it’s an open question that may attract different answers from different kids.

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Mum teaching kid | interview questions to ask kids

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What are the Fun Interview Questions for kids?

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Interesting Interview Questions For Kids
1. Have you ever been bullied by a friend at school?
2. What step do you take to make your sister/brother happy?
3. What do you do to comfort yourself when you’re jealous?
4. What do you think is the best thing with being alive?
5. How do you express your anger, cry?

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