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20+ Good Questions to ask kids about their parents

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The list we’ve compiled of really interesting questions to ask kids about their parents if you really need to know more about them is one of a kind. The questions are good to ask children especially if you doubt their parent have been lying to you about one or two things and you need clarity. If you need the best and true answer about a person, the best person to go for the answers are the children since they never lie. They can also be easily enticed to give more information about their parents. Some of these questions to ask are funny and interesting to ask.  However, be careful with some. Check out the list!

Best Questions to ask kids about their parents

  1. What do you think is the age of your mommy?

Age is all but a number so they say. I say it is important that a kid knows the age of his/her parent. Age has been a secret with most parents and it’s just hard to create a chance where parents talk with their kids about their age. Most parents don’t see it as important.

  1. How tall is your dad?

A nice question indeed though it is somehow a difficult question. It’s not every day that you get to talk with your dad about his age.This may happen very rarely as dads are considered the ever serious figure, non-nonsense personality. With most dads it’s always about the serious stuff, have you done your homework? Dad I need this, and so on. Though it might not matter, but it is very important for kids to know the very tiny details of their fathers.

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  1. If your dad was to be famous about something, what would that be?

A person may be famous because of their personality, who they are or what they love doing. Asking a kid such a question test her ability to associate the interest and likes of his/her father to something or someone famous. The kid will most likely answer in regard to what his/her dad likes most.

  1. What job does your mum/dad do?

Dad’s/mum’s occupation is the most basic thing a kid should know about his/her parents. This is something that comes out automatically and sometimes doesn’t need to be asked. It is a very important thing for a kid to know as it may come in handy in certain unlikely situations.

  1. What is the one thing mum/dad is not good at?

A very tricky question indeed. Adults, mostly parents are very good at hiding the things that they are very good at. And most of the times they would want to behave as they are good at almost everything. So perhaps this question will be a bit witty and easy at the same time.

  1. What qualities of your mum do you like most?

Very interesting question which most parents would like to hear the answer given. As a parent have you ever wondered what your kid likes about you? If not so will leave it at that. But I don’t need to stress the importance of this question, it’s all wide open. It matters the kind of image parents portrays to their kids.

  1. What is your dad’s favorite food?

Dad’s with food, so very apparent. You may wonder what’s my point, but it is true dads a very particular when it comes to food and it is very easy to tell what kind of food your dad likes. Their liking and disliking of a certain type of food tend to come out naturally and it won’t stress a kid to tell.

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8.  What is your dad’s favorite drink?

Dads with drinks is sought of a complicated issue. You can’t really tell unless you accompany him to a restaurant, bar or a long trip, or decide to buy him some. At home dads usually seem to like every kind of drink; water, any available soda, wine and etc., they are not that choosy. It would be tough for a kid to know just by observing and thus a need to ask.

  1. Who are you more proud of, mum, dad or both?

This kind of question would attract a very dishonest or false answer from a kid especially in the presence of both their parents. Kids would always want to make their parents happy and as such they would hesitate to pick sides. For a more honest answer, I advise you get the kid alone!!

  1. What makes you proud of your parent?

The pride of every child is a loving and caring parents. Though this may not always be the case as some kids evaluate the goodness of their parents from their actions towards them and hence this may tend to shift. A kid may dislike a parent for a very lame reason but to them it is very key. So for this question will let them be the judges.

  1. What do you admire most about mummy/daddy?

Kids have certain things that they admire from their parents. They are usually very keen in observing in detail the traits of their parents. From such traits they would pick some which they admire and would prefer having in them. It’s very rare that a kid finds only faults in their parents as there has to be one single thing that stands out.

  1. In what way do you think you and mum/dad are same?

From what they observe from their parents, kids would always try to compare with the traits they have. Some of the traits are those which they have emulated directly from either dad or mum. These may include such stuff as likes, dislikes, hobbies, and so on that they may have in common.

  1. In what way do you think you are different from mum/dad?

There are certain differentiating traits that may differentiate a kid from the parents. This may not be more apparent in the early stages of a kid but will show with time as the kid grows up. The difference emerges where the kid emulate certain behaviors from their friends and some which they develop naturally as a retaliation to some traits they dislike from their parents.

  1. What are the things that mummy/daddy do that you think is unfair?

This question may trigger complex answer in their true nature from kids. This is so because to some kids, especially those from a strict family, almost everything a parent does will be unfair. To most parents whatever they do is for the good of the child and that’s where the complication comes in. So to this I will waiver my thoughts!!

Fun Questions to ask kids about their parents

  1. Where do you like going with your parents during the weekends?

Again, the question will be limited to an outgoing parent. But believe me, it’s the joy of every kid to go out with both their parents. So to this question the answers will be on the fingertips of a kid. Also this question is good to engage a kid in a fun conversation.

  1. What do your mum/dad do in their free time?

What parents do with their free time is very important to kids. They will usually recount to their fellow kids what mum and dad did last weekend/time they were just at home. It will be even fun if the mum/dad spent the time with them.

  1. How much do your parents trust you?

Trust is a major issue between parents and kids. Most parents are not that trustful with their kids for one reason or the other. Kids are mostly playful, chicky and for some naughty, especially kids of nowadays who knows almost everything thanks to technology and social media. So on the question of trust you might want to redefine your parameters.

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  1. Have you ever seen your parents argue or even fight?

Argument and fights are most common with adults and so mummy and daddy may argue or fight sometime. At least that’s the excuse most parents give to their kids whenever they argue. Truth be told arguments and fight are always there, what matters is how they are handled in presence of kids.

  1. Have you ever seen any of your parent cry?

This question is more crazy than difficult!!! It is never that easy to see your dad/mum cry except for those rare occasions or for an unstable family that are used to brutal fights and battering. Parents would always portray themselves as very strong and brave before their kids. So the answer to this question will vary from one kid to another depending on the situation at home.

  1. Between your dad and mum, who does most of the household chores?

Some would answer this with absolute or a resounding answer mum. It is always the case that mums get to do most of the households chores as part of their parental duty as a mother, mostly in the past. In today’s world especially in western countries, household chores is shared 50/50 specifically for both working parents.

  1. Do you think your mum/dad understands you well?

The question of understanding might sometimes be a bit tricky. Sometimes you may think you understand a kid but in the very sense you absolutely don’t and this is the trickiest part. Understanding a kid is very key to a parent essentially to the stability of the relationship they have. Understanding your kid will enable you to better supply the needs of the kid.

  1. Do your parents give you money? If yes, how much?

Sometimes kids measure parental love by how much material stuff like money they are given. While at other times they demand them as their right. Money can make and destroy relationship with a kid and so it’s always good to trade with caution on this path.

  1. How do you feel about your mum/dad getting older?

Growing old is part of an adult life expected of every person. It might be nice to know what your kids feel when you grow old, like what’s their reaction. For some it can be a normal thing but for others it might not go down well with them. Either way aging should be something to be celebrated.

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What are the questions to ask kids about their parents?

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Fun questions to ask kids about their parents
1. What do you think is the age of your mommy?
2. What is your dad’s favorite food?
3. What job does your mum/dad do?
4. What is the one thing mum/dad is not good at?
5. What qualities of your mum do you like most?

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