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40+ Good Questions to ask kids about school

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Good Questions to ask kids about school

It’s an obligation of every parent or guardian to know how their kids are faring on while at school. A lot usually happens to kids when at school. It’s at school where kids meet others, mingle and learn. In the process of learning, the child may face some experience that might affect them directly or indirectly. As such, it is hence paramount for the parent to ask questions as to how their kids day was at school. These good questions will help you understand your kid even better. Check out this list of good questions to ask kids about school;

Good Questions to ask kids about school

  1. What did you tell the new kid in your class today?

Kids talk about stuff with fellow kids mostly I school. They would talk about what they ate the previous night, in the morning, what daddy did to mummy!!, and almost everything that happens at home. This is prevalent with most kids especially the talkative and social type. But there are those kids that are very quiet, anti-social and will always keep stuff to themselves, for this type of kids it’s another story all together.

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  1. Which subject do you think will be useful to you?

There just certain subject that appeals to a person, some naturally while others it’s because of the subject teacher, pressure or motivation from parents; list is endless. More still, there some kids popularly boys who will be attracted to a subject for such reasons as cute girl who’s charmed the little guy and other various reasons. Most importantly a subject will be useful to a kid depending on the career path they’ve chosen or their favorite subject.

  1. Which subject do you have hate most?

I think I would not be hanged by a jury to say that almost everyone has had that one subject that never appealed to them and they hated it the most. Maybe because of It being hard, the teacher (boring, nagging, ugly, etc. etc.), it comes some time before lunch I don’t know, but there always was a reason! Kids also have those subjects they really hate, it just doesn’t work for them. The subject would usually make them sick or worst scenario, they will cry the whole lesson…..!!

  1. What school rule would you like to change given the chance?

There is always something with school rules! Maybe to juggle you a little with the old school saying “Rules are meant to be broken” will leave it at that. During my time if I were asked this question… I would wanna change ‘em all. Come to think of it as a kid what school rule you wouldn’t have changed given a chance if not for that rule that permits lunch breaks and other breaks? Still some would want to make them longer. Kids also feel the same.

  1. If you were to introduce a new rule in your school, what would it be?

I would say play, play, play and eat!! End of story!! Every kid got some rules they wish would be introduced in school somehow. This rules differ depending on personal hobbies, interest and likes/dislikes. This question can attract a lot of funny answers among kids, so prepare to laugh.

  1. Have you ever been punished in school?

Good question to ask and sometimes obvious question for some kids. Here character and behavior would really come in handy. There are just certain unlikable behaviors that wouldn’t avoid punishment whatsoever. So this would go down to testing a kids character, though there are those teachers who would punish you just for no good reason.

  1. How often does your teacher complement you in class?

Teacher’s compliments may not always be guided by a kids excellence or good behavior. Sometimes a teacher may complement a kid based on several other factors being; they are close friends with the family, favorite kid, they like the kid’s elder sister or brother, they come from a wealthy family. Teachers will pick on just anything to make a complement.

  1. Which games do you play at school?

“Work without play makes John a dull boy” I think this saying appeals more to kids. The best part of school is playing time and the types of games there is, at least for most kids. Imagine school without games time, I just can’t bear that thought! The point is games are a very important part in a kids life.

  1. If you knew your friend in class had stolen your item, what action would you take?

For kids this is totally a different case. Kids are so particular when it comes to their items and not even close friends will be spared from the wrath. When it comes to stealing everyone is treated the same mostly depending on how valuable the item is to the kid.

  1. What do your friends say that they like most about you?

No matter how bad or awful a person is, there is always one thing about them that strikes out, maybe not for you but to someone else. Same with kids, they can be as bad or ugly as they come but they will always have some likable character among that ugliness.  Importantly, to a kid, what friends think and say about them matters a lot.

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  1. How often do you ask questions in class?

A very canny question that seems to be welcomed mostly by those brainy kids or call them book worms. For an academically regular or below average kid, this is the hardest and most annoying question you can ever ask. Call it what you want, but asking questions in class really is not there thing.

  1. Do you dance some times in school the way you do at home?

Most part of a kid’s behavior at home, especially those new adopted behavior, are learnt and inspired from school. Though this may vary from one kid to another. While to another kid it’s more fun at school and they are able to learn and try new things/games, to another kid it is totally the opposite. They are freer to do some things at home than at school and vice versa.

  1. Do you think you are shy in class or more active?

To many kids it is always very difficult to accept that they are shy, at least not to everyone. Shyness is an act of cowardice and not something to busk in for most people and thus one would hesitate to accept that they are usually shy. Every kid wants to be told they are active, jovial and talkative. So depending on the person asking the question, most kids will deny being shy.

  1. How do you ensure that you complete the class assignments in time?

Assignments, homework, work homes call them anything you like, but this is partially the most difficult part of school safe from exams. Mostly parents makes it difficult and somehow annoying or to look like a punishment. You got homework you can’t do this or that, you almost can’t do anything not until class assignment or homework is done. So making effort to complete assignments in time is a kids number 1 rule or a parents for what is worth!

  1. Have you ever been given an award at school? if yes, what was it for?

School awards are not just for any person at least that’s how it looks like from way down here. Awards are for those outstanding and excellent students, so not many kids will give a positive answer to this question. In as much as it feels so great to get an award in school, not so many kids would testify to this.

  1. What is your target grade this term?

This question is often asked by parents, teachers and even strangers. It is that question that haunts you for the rest of the semester depending on how high your target is. Common to kids and most people this is the type of question you would want to avoid given the chance.

  1. Is there any subject you find difficult to understand?

For some genius, this is a very irrelevant question. But to normal kids, not always do you get to comfortably understand all the subjects. There are those subject that blows off your mind, some would call them sleeping peels!

  1. How are you planning to improve on your grades more?

Another question that is so annoying and sometimes very hard to answer. Improving grades is another thing and mostly would look easy especially by just saying it but the strategy or approach to get you there is the thing. Ways on how to improve grades are almost similar with most kids. The answers are never that different because they aren’t so many.

  1. What should you do to ensure you continue being top in your class?

This question is limited to only those above average and topping in class. So its never that difficult for them to answer for they got all the answers to that though some may seem unrealistic but it’s an answer right. There is no such pride as being asked such a question.

  1. Do you read your books when you are on holiday?

Reading is never a hobby for so many people not even kids. It has always been a hobby in writing and maybe saying it when you seem to be out of ideas on what your hobby is. So rarely many kids will read books mostly during holidays.

  1. Have you been given other responsibilities in your class?

To kids being given responsibilities in class is sought of a good thing. It means you are better and/or more favorite than others. So most kids would feel so good if a teacher gives them some responsibility in class aside from class work and would take it so seriously.

  1. Do you think you can lead your class?

Matters of leadership are always not easy to take or accept and sometimes scary as they attract a lot of judgment and finger pointing. Though with to some kids it would be a dream come true and the joy of every parent. But to some it just not their thing and they wouldn’t hesitate to down the offer.

  1. Who did you sit next to during lunch hour?

This is a good question to ask a kid. They will always remember things they did during lunch time, who they sat with and what they ate. They can easily forget what they were taught but not what happened during lunch time or games time. This among other fun stuff builds most of the memories in kids.

Interesting questions to ask kids about school 

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Kids are always happy when their parent or guardian visits them at school | Questions to ask kids about school
  1. What did your teacher taught you today?
  2. Did someone do something awkward that made you laugh?
  3. What game is more popular when at recess?
  4. Did you help your friend at school? How?
  5. Did you thank anyone today? What did they do?
  6. Did you learn something you didn’t know before?
  7. Do you feel unsafe while at school?
  8. Did you hear something that surprised you today?
  9. Who was your play mate at recess?
  10. Did you get challenged by something? What was it?
  11. Was your lunch delicious?
  12. Did any of your friends get in trouble today?
  13. What question did you ask your teacher today?
  14. Have you been given homework?
  15. What are you going to read tonight?
  16. What school rule is hard for you to follow?
  17. Are you looking forward to something tomorrow?
  18. Did you share your snacks with your friend at lunch time?
  19. Did you see your teacher get disappointed in class today?
  20. What made you teacher happy today?
  21. What new word did you learn today?
  22. If you were to switch seats with someone in your class, who would that be?
  23. What is your favorite part of your school building?
  24. Which part of your school you don’t like going their? Why?
  25. If you were a teacher tomorrow, what would you teach the pupils?

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What questions can I ask kids about school?

10 Fun questions to ask kids about school
1.What game is more popular when at recess?
2. Did you help your friend at school? How?
3. Did you thank anyone today? What did they do?
4. Did you learn something you didn’t know before?
5. Do you feel unsafe while at school?

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