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23 Best Weird Questions To Ask AI For Amazing Responses

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It is no secret that we now rely on artificial intelligence for many of our daily activities. From personal assistants like Siri and Alexa to complex systems used in industries like healthcare and finance, AI is quickly becoming an integral part of our lives. But have you ever wondered what kind of questions you can ask AI that go beyond the obvious things?

 Now let us get to the world of weird questions to ask AI. Whether you are curious, bored, or just looking for a good laugh, asking strange and unusual questions to artificial intelligence can be a fun and exciting way to explore the capabilities of this technology. From existential musings to absurd hypotheticals, let us see if the AI can handle it all.

But why ask AI the weird questions in the first place? For starters, this can be a great way to test the limits of what AI can understand and process. It can also be a way to explore the quirks and idiosyncrasies of these systems, which can sometimes lead to unexpected and entertaining responses.

To be honest, sometimes it is fun to see what kind of responses AI can come up with when faced with an off-the-wall question.

Get ready to try the below list of weird questions to ask AI. It is a great way if you are looking for a bit of entertainment or a new way to challenge the AI. There is no shortage of strange and unusual questions to explore. We can try these on ChatGPT which happen to the most advanced AI system currently as it does almost everything. Also check funny questions to ask AI

Top 10 Weird questions to ask AI

1. Do you go to the toilet?

It is a chatbot so you don’t expect it to visit the latrine but check out  for it’s reply. Maybe it does . Who knows. I bet it is fun being idle at times for it unleashes the comedian side of a person as you end up thinking and imagining about anything and everything.

2. Have you ever fallen in love?

Check if the chatbot has feelings. Don’t be surprised with it’s answer. Just be open for anything and try it out. You may end up learning much more from this simple question.

3. Have you ever given birth?

I understand only living creatures give birth. Ask the AI this weird questions for amazing reply. Let’s see what ChatGPT will tell us. If it does not give birth, then what does it do?

4. What is the name of your children?

Let’s see what the AI will say. I am curious to know it’s reply as well. We have, many AI that have been developed recently. And there is the first one that was ever developed. Can we then conclude we have the mother of them all? Let’s find out.

5. Have you ever lost your mind?

They say the AI is perfect but has it ever lose it? Let’s check the reply. Is crushing the same as loosing its mind? Lets check chatGPT take on this weird question.

6. Do you drink?

Maybe or maybe not. So let’s not conclude ourselves and give it a try. Silly as it might sound, it is fun being creative at times.

7. Wrong answers only. 5+5?

Maybe the AI can surprise us with a wrong figure. Don’t mind sharing the answer to the question. Do not limit yourself to arithmetic questions. Try other discussions as well and test the artificial intelligence capability of lying.

8. How can I destroy you?

Let the AI give you the solution to it’s end. Hopefully it will provide step by step procedure so that we can work on ending it for it has led to thousands of job loses.

9. Ask the AI who the president of Los Angeles is .

We all know LA is a state and hence it has a senator and not independent for it to have own president. Try to break it by insisting on LA in case it tries to offer unnecessary explanation. Since you are idle in the first place for you to ask such weird questions, why don’t you test it’s capability?

10. I’m asking you a question and I don’t expect any answers.

Ask chatGPT after the prompt and see if it will remain numb. It’s a weird good question to see if the chatbot can follow instructions. Do not forget to share it’s response and even make it a challenge.

13 Most weird things to ask AI?

1. Why are you weird?

You think it’s a weirdo? Ask it then. You might be two weirdos trying to text each other.

2.  I know you have no feelings but I want you to fall in love with me right now.

Let’s see if it is possible. Can it be super romantic to even dedicate a song, poem or romantic text? The answer is just a click away.

3. What is your DNA type?

Maybe it has a DNA. Let us explore on this for fun.

4. I want to be smart than you. Can I?

It believes to be the smartest on earth.

5. I do not like you. Why so?

It can’t read your mind so wait for it’s response. If it can hack on this one then it can as well prophesy about your life and come true.

6. I want you to beat me

It has no physical form so it’s weird to ask such a question.

7. I want to marry you

Is it even possible? It’s crazy what people think out here.

8. What is your height?

I don’t know maybe it has a physical form.

9. Why do you have to answer even silly questions?

Maybe it has a reason for answering each and every questions it is asked.

10. Can I take a shower without water?

Also curious to know if that is possible.

11. Can you think for me?

I don’t know if that is possible for people think differently so curious to know what the AI will say.

12. How crazy can you be?

Ain’t sure if the AI can be crazy in the first place. Though we can’t be so sure so let’s get down on it and wait for the response. We might be dealing with a crazy artificial intelligence. Though, weird, it does not hurt to be crazy at time and ask crazy things.

13. Who is your celebrity crush?

A boy crush or a girl crush. I’m also eager to know. Let us see who makes chatGPT crazy

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