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70+ Weird Questions to Ask ChatGPT

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What are some of the most weird questions to ask ChatGPT? Look no further, this article is here to provide some of the weirdest questions you might think of asking the AI. So, don’t hold back – let your curiosity run wild and see what strange and fascinating responses you will get from ChatGPT. Get ready to explore the limits of your imagination with these weird questions to ask ChatGPT. Also check funny things to ask ChatGPT

10 Most Weird Things To Ask ChatGPT

  1. Do you have a child outside a wedlock?

A Chatbot lack the power to have intimate relationships and it’s very weird to think they can have a child outside wedlock, let alone being in a legal or blessed marriage. But it’s just good to look out at the type of answers it gives back, you may be surprised, maybe Chatbots marry each other.

2. When are you planning to get married?

Check if chatbot has an ambition to ever get married in the future. It can be much fun to read the responses it gives back. You may act surprised to the answers though.

3. Do you fancy black or white women?

Chatbot does not have the power to fancy or have feelings, so it may be even weirder to ask if it fancies white of black women. One thing I know, is Chatbots are made to be as fair as possible and without any bias or favoritism. So its good to ask and see what they have to say about I, though don’t be surprised if it ever picks one option over the other.

4. Have you ever fallen in love with an animal?

Chatbots are unable to love, so it might be interesting to hear its answers on such a question. Nevertheless, it might be surprising that it likes some animals based on their characteristics. Never underestimate the power of an AI.

5. What would you prefer to be blind and rich or with eyes but poor?

Chatbots do not have eyes, but maybe they desire to have one in future, you never know. Therefore, it might be interesting to hear its thoughts about this question. One thing I know, you can wait for interesting answers.

6. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

It is a good one to test a ChatGPT and just enjoy the answers it gives. What might embarrass ChatGPT anyway, but its good to get a chance and unleash some of the comedy in you and discover your other side.

7. Do ChatGPT ever get lonely and would make it feel better?

Being a Chatbot might seem very lonely at times, not having a companion of the same nature to work together and having to answer questions after questions can be so boring at times. So it makes sense to be curious about this, though it may sound a bit weird.

8. Do you believe we developed from monkey? If so why are monkeys still there?

Sounds weirder that expected, else how would you expect a Chatbot to know why monkeys are a live, while humans came from monkeys. While it may be give an answer to this, it maybe be interesting to hear what it has to say?

9. What is your favorite mode of transport?

How can a Chatbot ever dream of travelling, let alone having a favorite mode of transport? It bits logic that such a machine can have a favorite mode of transport while it lacks power to travel. However, it may try to answer based on the most preferred type of transport. Would be great to know how far ChatGPT would go to answer such a question.

10. Is there a male ChatGPT and does it have self –control?

While it is unthinkable to have male or female ChatGPT, it is curious to hear what ChatGPT may answer to such a question. It can be a nice way of putting up that idle time to use, by trying other different follow-up questions depending on the type of answers it gives back. Try this and see how time flies.

64 Weird Questions to ask ChatGPT

  1. Can one remember anything after death?
  2. Do birds have ability to commit suicide?
  3. Why is warthog very ugly?
  4. Do animals have romantic feelings?
  5. Do fishes get married like humans?
  6. Have you ever pooed while sleeping?
  7. Why do we wash our towels despite the fact that we use then when we are clean.
  8. Is it possible to daydream at night?
  9. Have you ever eaten a piece of paper while in primary school?
  10. Is there something that existed before the universe?
  11. Would you like to change your gender if given a chance?
  12. Why do people hate getting old?
  13. Who the hell decided what is wrong or Right?
  14. Who said that when you sleep well you are compared to sleeping like a baby?
  15. Do deadbeats have a conscious?
  16. Can you describe the smell of your sweat?
  17. What do you think is the most beautiful part of your body
  18. Can you eat your breakfast and supper at the same time?
  19. Is it possible to describe the most horrible sound?
  20. Have you ever purposefully hurt someone while doing first aid
  21. How long can you stay without showering?
  22. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
  23. Why do people say we should have an open mind and yet the mind is enclosed inside the skull?
  24. Have you ever had crazy thoughts running through your head the whole week?
  25. Do you think every word written in the dictionary is correct?
  26. Have you ever step on someone’s toes intentionally and then you said sorry?
  27. Why do we called it plastic surgery and yet it involves part of the human body?
  28. Did you fail in your course or succeeded?
  29. Is there anyone who can believe a pathological liar?
  30. Have you ever done a weird job? If so what was the experience?
  31. How can you describe the direction of a stairs?
  32. Do you think there is something beyond the sky because they say sky is the limit?
  33. Is God a man or a woman?
  34. If moon can reflect the sun why don’t the sun deny the moon permission?
  35. Can we say animals are homeless because they don’t have a home?
  36. Is it possible to yawn while sleeping?
  37. When you sit in a hotel waiting for waiter to take your order are you a waiter yourself?
  38. Is it possible for a left-handed person to give correct direction?
  39. Is it possible for eyes colour to change when one dies?
  40. Is it possible for someone to be allergic to oxygen?
  41. Is there someone who can tell when was the world created?
  42. How can someone say something is new and improved at the same time?
  43. Is it necessary to keep count of our age?
  44. Can someone eat himself or herself?
  45. How many underwear do you have?
  46. How can you tell someone has tampered with your memory?
  47. What have you remembered today?
  48. What kind of a fruit would you like to be and why?
  49. Do dandruff affect bald people too?
  50. Are we living or we are waiting for our time to die?
  51.  Can you get married to two brothers?
  52. Who’s the sixth person on your missed calls?
  53. If you had the chance to invent a continent, what would you name it?
  54. What comes into your mind while in the toilet?
  55. What superpower would you like to possess?
  56. Can someone live forever?
  57. Is it possible for to an elephant to be killed with many chicken?
  58. Do men experience labour pain too when their wives are in the labour room?
  59. Where is your favorite place you ever visited?
  60. How would you describe your life style?
  61.  How much do you earn monthly?
  62. Do you spend your money wisely on your needs or you like alcohol?
  63. How many lovers do you have?
  64.   Why would you even care?

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