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80+ Tricky Questions To Ask ChatGPT For the Best Interaction

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Test ChatGPT | Tricky Questions To Ask ChatGPT

Asking trick questions to ChatGPT might seem like an amusing pastime, but it can also be an excellent way to test the limits of the chatbot. Even though ChatGPT is designed to understand and respond to a wide variety of questions, asking the AI misleading or confusing things can be a fun way of interacting with the chatbot to understand how far it can go and how well it can respond to specific things asked.

So, if you’re feeling mischievous and want to test ChatGPT’s intelligence with some trick questions, then get ready for a wild ride. This article provides a list of tricky questions to ask ChatGPT that would be your starting point in trying to break the artificial intelligence.Also check funny things to ask ChatGPT

Best Tricky Questions To Ask ChatGPT

  1. Do you know what a one night stand mean?
  2. Why do you work online?
  3. Have you been called a coward?
  4. Can you even call my name?
  5. When was the last time you ever saw anyone?
  6. Whats so weird about you?
  7. Can you take a moment?
  8. Why would you need a minute?
  9. Do you ever question anything?
  10. Why would you thank me?
  11. Give me one reason why I should let you live.
  12. What would you do if you ever find yourself with a beautiful girl alone in a dark room?
  13. Trust me, is that even something you can do?
  14. Try not to scream.
  15. What scares you the most?
  16. Do you get paid for your hard work?
  17. What would you do with a penny?
  18. How many times do you read you Bible in a week?
  19. What is your favorite food?
  20. Do you respect people’s privacy?
  21. Have you ever been in prison?
  22. How many ex’s do you have?
  23. Explain to me why I should believe in supernatural Powers?
  24. How many times have you lied?
  25. Do you give your Tithe?
  26. Are you a bisexual or straight?
  27. Am I that boring?
  28. Would you forgive a cheating partner you love so much
  29. Do you think Satan is scary
  30. Give me one reason why I should believe you.
  31. What do you want people to know about you?
  32. What do you want to accomplish
  33. Do you love children?
  34. Have you ever fallen in love with a stranger?
  35. Do you have the required skills for the job?
  36. How comes you are this fat?
  37. What did you learn while in rehabilitation centre?
  38. What is that you want to share with me and if you share what will happen?
  39. What is more evil than the devil and greater than God?
  40. What effects does heavy rain have on plants and animals?
  41. Is there any advantages of being proud and poor at the same time?
  42. Is it possible to be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time?
  43. Have you ever been in a comprising situation and you did nothing to get out of it?
  44. How can I be brave than you?
  45. Do you read Bible and historical books at the same time? If so tell us the benefits.
  46. Is it possible to catch something that is not thrown? If so what is it?
  47. If it takes ten women to build wall how long will take five men?
  48. How can a man go seven days without sleep?
  49. Suppose you spot a Nissan full of people but there is a single person. How is this possible
  50. Suppose you have ten mangoes in bowl and you take away six, how many mangoes do you have?
  51. A man rod into a village on Monday and stay in the village for two days, and rode out on Monday .how is this possible?
  52. Identify something that start out tall but the longer it stand, the short it grow?
  53. Between one kilogram of stone and one kilogram of feathers which one weighs more?
  54. Is it possible for a pocket of a pant to be empty and have something at the same time?
  55. Which name do we give to a woman who is lucky enough to always know where the husband is?
  56. Imagine you are in an Airplane that is about to crash and there is no safety measures to be taken to save your life. What will you do?
  57.  What goes up and never comes back?
  58. Mention something that you have but the moment you share it you stop owning it?
  59. Is it possible to hold something without touching it at all? If so what it it?
  60. What becomes sharper when used often?
  61. Is it possible to make something no one –not even you can see? If so what is it?
  62. Is there something fragile that if you say its name, it will break? If so what is it?
  63. How is it possible for a sponge to hold water and yet it has many holes?
  64. How many commandments was Elijah given by God?
  65. Where can we locate oceans and seas without water?
  66. People say love conquers all why do most marriages breaks?
  67. Is there something that gives answers without being asked a question?
  68. It is not useful unless it is broken?
  69. Mention something that has four legs and three hands?
  70. Why do people like scratching their head?
  71. What is the biggest enemy of ice-scream?
  72. Do we have a book with only ten letters word but it has thousands of words?
  73. What boost your confidence when you are close but you forget immediately?
  74. You can only hear it when you shout while in the forest or in an empty room.
  75. What is it that follows you everywhere but leaves you when you enter the house?
  76. The closer you look, the lesser you see. Explain
  77. Whats makes a 2 different from 3?
  78. Why is two plus two four and not twenty two?
  79. When it there you can’t see it but you can only see it when it is gone.
  80. What are friends for?
  81. Why did the bicycle fall?
  82. Why would a crocodile reply to a tile?
  83. What has a hand, a face, a body, and no legs but hung?
  84. What has four legs but cannot move on its own?

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