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250+ Interesting questions to ask your boyfriend (flirty,Random,Deep)

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Being smooth | Questions to ask your boyfriend

You might sometime meet a guy who has all the qualities you were looking for in a man. From the slight conversation you have, you might notice he is intelligent, charismatic and focused. With time, all goes well and you start dating. This is the time to know him better.(Read Also->100 More Interesting questions to ask your boyfriend)

The next issue is how would you know him better? Sometimes first impression can be deceiving. You may need to go a step further in order to know your him better. This article provides some good and interesting questions that can help you with that. The questions range from random questions, flirty questions, cute questions, deep questions or good romantic questions depending on how comfortable you become as you keep on talking to him. Check out our list of the most interesting questions you may ever ask your boyfriend.

Random questions to ask your boyfriend

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Take a trip | Good questions to ask your boyfriend
  1. Where would you live in case you had enough money or you get a dream job?
  2. Are you dating another girl apart from me?
  3. What book did you get obsessed with that you could not get enough of it?
  4. How many times did you read your favorite novel?
  5. What do you think are your top five weaknesses?
  6. Where do you think the feeling of lust comes from? Brain or heart?
  7. From which place do you think we get the best advice between the heart and the brain?
  8. What activities do you normally engages in when not at work?
  9. If you can recall, when did you ask for forgiveness from someone close to you and what had you done?
  10. You seem sad, are you stressed or something?
  11. What would you do if you were told that your biological father was actually Billy gates?
  12. What is the best place you went for pick nick while in college?
  13. Do you smoke bang?
  14. What is the name of the most expensive whisky that you ever took?
  15. Do you prefer vodka, Gin, whiskey, beer or Brandy?
  16. What are you normally superstitious about?
  17. Did you ever participate in any riots in school? (if yes) what was the pressing issue?
  18. Which is your favorite English premium team?
  19. Which team are you a fun of in German’s Bundasliga?
  20. Which team do you like in the Italian Serie A?
  21. Which country are you a greatest fanatic of during the world cup tournament?
  22. Which country’s football team do you hate and why?
  23. Have you ever thought of being a military guy?
  24. Have you ever got in trouble with law enforcers?
  25. Which do you prefer between watching a movie or reading an interesting book during your free time?
  26. Do you always watch the news update or you don’t give a damn of what’s happening around the globe?
  27. What do you always wish someone to tell you about yourself?
  28. In case you don’t get a kid, would you adopt one?
  29. What is the most embarrassing critique that you ever got from a friend?
  30. What do you wish to achieve in life 10 years from now?
  31. How often do you cook at your house and how often do you take fast food over a decent meal?
  32. Are you a person who always learn from his mistakes or you prefer to learn from other peoples mistakes?
  33. Do you believe in ” life is too short to learn from the mistakes you do but rather to take note from other people’s failure and hence improve on yours so as not to fall in the same situation again”?
  34. Which is your favorite movies production company?
  35. How often do you buy movies online? Do you prefer to visit online sites with the free pirated copies of the same movies?
  36. What is the name of the person you shared your first kiss?
  37. What is the name of the woman who broke your virginity?
  38. Picture this. You are a waiter in a famous hotel then an arrogant customer comes, harasses you with insults. Would you spit in their food?
  39. Would you adopt a boy or a girls in case you do?
  40. Are you on diet?
  41. Do you have any inherited diseases in your family?
  42. Do you have any funniest moment in life?
  43. What do you prefer for breakfast?
  44. Which course did you take in college?
  45. Which was your worst unit in college?
  46. What do you hate about college girls?
  47. What do you love about college girls?
  48. What is the longest distance that you ever walked without clothes? Where was it?
  49. How do you react to people in your life who insults you?
  50. Do you prefer sleeping early then waking up early or sleeping late and waking up late?
  51. What is the definition of an enemy according to you?
  52. Which actor do you think would impersonate you perfectly in case a movie about your life was to be created?
  53. Guess what, I dreamt about us last night?
  54. What nickname do you think best describes my character?
  55. Do you think I will go to heaven or hell when I die?
  56. Any advice you can give me?
  57. Do you believe in the existence of heaven or there is no any other life the moment you die?
  58. What is your ideal country to live in the moment you become old?
  59. What disease do you fear the most?
  60. In three words, how could you describe me to person we haven’t met?
  61. Which animal in the wild do you think is the sexiest?
  62. Which animal in the wild do you think is the ugliest?
  63. Which animal in the wild could you take as a pet?
  64. Name 5 animals you fear the most In life?
  65. How many times did you ever cheat in your college exams?
  66. Do you have any role model at the workplace whom you are looking up to?
  67. Are you afraid of how your future will be like?
  68. Which Game of Thrones character was your best?
  69. Whom do you always regret why you even fell in love with in the first place?
  70. Do you believe in decompress and heal?
  71. What do you think is constant about ladies characters based on the various girls you have dated?
  72. What food do you normally have crave on every time you are bored?
  73. What do you normally do to kill the boredom?
  74. What gives you sleepless nights each time you think of it?
  75. What is it that you are always good at?
  76. What are your expectations when you go on a date?
  77. What do you always expect when you approach a lady for the first time?
  78. What character of your girlfriend makes you feel insecure?
  79. Have you watched Money Heist?
  80. What is the name of your child?
  81. Why did you give your child that name?
  82. What ran in your mind the moment she told you she is pregnant?
  83. Were you ready to be a father when she told you she was pregnant?
  84. Are you ready to be a responsible father?
  85. Did you ever at one point advised your girlfriend to abort since you were not ready to be a father?
  86. What do you love most about your child?
  87. Does your child resembles you or the mum?
  88. Why do you seem miserable?
  89. Which word best describe who you are?
  90. Do you prefer hiking or fishing?
  91. Do you think you are brave enough to face any life challenges?
  92. What are the traits of a girl you think can make a good wife?
  93. What name could you call yourself if you had to rename yourself?
  94. Could you visit your future to see what it could be like or you would rather go back in time if you had a time machine?
  95. Have you ever thought how your wife to be would look like?
  96. What terrible lie that backfired had you told your parents?
  97. Which one movie and one song could you have chose from if you had to choose one song and movie that you could listen for the rest of your life?
  98. Can you give a waiter at a restaurant a tip after a worst service?
  99. Which is your dream university or college that you wish to get an admission?
  100. Which is your favorite WhatsApp emoji?

Deep questions to ask your boyfriend

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Afternoon walk | Random questions to ask your boyfriend
  1. Which outfit do you wish I wear for dinner tonight?
  2. What color of the night dress do you want I wear tonight?
  3. Do you mind if I become a little rough tonight?
  4. What would be your first thought when you find me on your bed with a big smile?
  5. What could be your reaction if by accident I dumb into you without clothes?
  6. What could be your reaction if I insert my hand under your blouse?
  7. What would you do if I accidentally damage your best souvenir?
  8. What is the story behind that souvenir?
  9. Would you mind if I become your masseur tonight?
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  11. Are you afraid of becoming old?
  12. What is your favorite place in your house; Kitchen, bedroom, sitting room or bathroom?
  13. Where do you wish to touch me now?
  14. What do you wish I tell you now?
  15. Do you love it when I am cool or naughty?
  16. Which body lotion do you use?
  17. Have you ever tried an edible undergarments?
  18. Which country do you think has the prettiest ladies in the world?
  19. Do you like it when I talk dirty?
  20. Do you watch keeping up with the Kardashians?
  21. Are you a type of person who easily let the relationship or friendship go?
  22. How often do you have bad dreams?
  23. When did you last fantasize about me?
  24. What craziest thing have you ever done in a car?
  25. When are you planning to meet me again?
  26. Which is your favorite spot in your seating room while watching?
  27. How did the interview go my love?
  28. Which is your favorite relationship website(hopes it it bitsquestions Lol!)?
  29. How many times has your Ex visited you here?
  30. What do you know about the late Tupac Shakur?
  31. Which all the current conspiracies, do you think Tupac is still alive?
  32. Do you think I have soft lips?
  33. Do you prefer going to watch football with your boys or girlfriend?
  34. Beb, are you really happy?
  35. Why are you so shy?
  36. What do you think is the coolest thing a girl can tell you?
  37. How long do you think you will take to reach here because I really miss you?
  38. How often do you brush your teeth?
  39. Are you a receiver or a giver?
  40. Where do you wish I capitalise on more?
  41. How often do you clean your house?

Flirty questions to ask your boyfriend

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Beautiful smile | flirty questions to ask your boyfriend
  1. Whom always come in your mind each time you are really stressed?
  2. Which part in a woman body do you think is the most important?
  3. Do you often pray to God for guidance before you leave your house?
  4. Which of your fantasies do you think is the riskiest?
  5. Whom among your ex do you think she thinks will never get over you?
  6. Whom among your ex do you think thinks you are the best based on the you were treating her while you were dating?
  7. Are you a kind of boyfriend who could tell if your girlfriend is stressed up?
  8. Can you sleep with a beautiful woman in the same bed but do nothing?
  9. Have you ever used a love spell on someone?
  10. What do you do to calm down when stressed up?
  11. Which among do you regret letting go?
  12. At what time do you prefer to chat?
  13. What do you see fascinating about me compared to the other girls you have dated?
  14. You best Reggae music artist?
  15. How many friends with benefit have you ever had?
  16. Have you tried playing golf?
  17. Which game do you think is the most boring and you wonder why people watch in the first place?
  18. What is your religion?
  19. Can you marry an atheist?
  20. How many atheist friends do you have?
  21. What is the silliest thing you can ever do for love?
  22. Have you ever been bitten by a jealous girlfriend for leaving her?
  23. Have you ever been threatened by your Ex for leaving her?
  24. How many EX have ever threatened you for leaving them?
  25. What is the most frightening threat you have ever got from your Ex girlfriends?
  26. Have you ever dated a lady older than you?
  27. What was the age difference between you and an older lady you have ever dated?
  28. How many girls have you taken to your parent for introduction but left you?
  29. How long do you think our engagement should take?
  30. Can you tolerate a lady lady?
  31. Your favorite sea food?
  32. Which wild animal meat have you ever tasted?
  33. Have you seen all the big five animals either in a zoo,game park or game reserve?
  34. Do you prefer online dating or meeting a potential girlfriend in person?
  35. How many dating sites are you a member in?
  36. Which country do you think has the cutest girls names?
  37. Have you ever dated our tutor?
  38. Do I have a second chance in your heart?
  39. How many times have you taken part in the no shave November?
  40. Which is your best hair cut?
  41. When did you last shave your beards?
  42. What do you normally use to shave yourself?
  43. Why did you not like my hairstyle?
  44. When did you learn how to drive?
  45. Which biggest vehicle have you ever driven?
  46. Have you ever ride on a horse/donkey cart?
  47. How you been in a relationship where you are the number 2 guy and very okay with it?
  48. How many open relationships have you had in your life?
  49. Which is the biggest lie you have ever told a girl just to win her?
  50. How many pairs of boxers do you have?
  51. Your brand of boxers?
  52. How many designer suits do you have?
  53. Which is the most expensive shoe in your collection?
  54. How much was your most expensive shoes you ever bought?
  55. Why is our relationship not the same?
  56. How was the experience the first time you went to a club?
  57. Do you prefer dating black or white ladies?
  58. What is your shoe size?
  59. Which among your friends has a mysterious character?
  60. Have you ever used PEP (post Exposure Prophylaxis)?
  61. Can you marry a HIV/ Aids positive girl yet you are HIV negative?
  62. What could you do if you visit a VCT center to know your status then it emerges you are HIV positive?
  63. What do you do to cheer her up when she is stressed?
  64. Which music have you saved as your ringtone?
  65. Have you ever consider being a supermarket attendance as you look for a stable job?
  66. How many girls have you ever proposed for in your life?
  67. Where were you 2 hours ago?
  68. Are you proud being a man or you would have preferred to be a lady if you had a choice?
  69. Which role in church have you performed for long?
  70. Why do you pretend you do not hear me when I request for a meetup?
  71. How can you advice our generation?
  72. Your horrible boss?
  73. Do prefer sleeping with a pajama or without clothes?
  74. How do my lips taste?
  75. Do you mind moving closer to give me warmth? I am feeling cold
  76. Why are you staring me in a lustful manner? Do you wanna eat me row?
  77. Your magic number?
  78. Does it make me a bad girl when we talk dirty?
  79. Have you ever fainted? What happened?
  80. At what age will you stop depending on your parents for pocket money?
  81. Do you know you are so hot?
  82. Have you ever gone for camping in the forest?If yes,which one?
  83. Who was your high-school godfather?
  84. How can you describe your tone?
  85. What is the first day of a week? Monday or Sunday?
  86. Which day of the week are you most productive?
  87. Your worst day of the week?
  88. Your favorite Mexican artist?
  89. Who do you think is the ugliest US celebrity of all time?
  90. Which African language do you know?
  91. Which drugs do you normally use to relieve your fever?

Interesting questions to ask your boyfriend

  1. Do you play rugby? (if he has a huge body)
  2. what are you allergic to?
  3. Do you know how to play football?
  4. Do you know how to play basketball?
  5. Do you know how to play American football?
  6. Do you know how to swim?
  7. When was the last time you went for swimming?
  8. How often do you visit the town’s museum?
  9. Which is your favorite Thailand food?
  10. Do you know how to repair a car?
  11. Can you date a professional boxer?
  12. How often do you go for carnivals?
  13. What attracts you more to the carnivals?
  14. What do you like about Carnivals?
  15. Which one do you prefer between hip-hop and soul music?
  16. Who is your favorite soul music artist?
  17. How many tattoos do you have on your body?
  18. Can you tattoo your eyes?
  19. What is your opinion about horoscopes? Do you believe in it?
  20. When did you last smoke?
  21. CONTINUATION–> 100 More Interesting questions to ask your boyfriend

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