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There is nothing sweeter than falling in love with the right person. It is a joy of every man to find his dream girl. However, falling in love is one thing and maintaining the relationship the fun, understanding and caring is another thing..(More on the same->100 More Interesting questions to ask your girlfriend)

So how would you be able to know what your girlfriend wants in the course of your relationship? What are the good questions to ask your girlfriend? As such, the list below provides more than enough interesting questions that a guy can ask her girlfriend to be able to know more about her feelings, thoughts and wants, and, which are paramount for every girl. Below are a list of good questions, interesting questions, romantic questions and deep and flirty questions you can ask your girlfriend and she will really love the conversation.


Good Random questions to ask your girlfriend to know her better

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Good questions to ask your girlfriend
  1. What is the most interesting thing you have learnt about me?
  2. Between your boyfriend and your dad, who do you value the most?
  3. Have you ever taken alcohol?
  4. If yes, who influenced you to take?
  5. I love your boobs, can I touch please?
  6. Have you ever had s*x since you were born?
  7. My friend said he loves you, how do you take it?
  8. Do you know how to drive?
  9. What is your favorite dress?
  10. Do you like short guys?
  11. How will you feel if I die right now?
  12. What can make a girl to be unfaithful to her boyfriend?
  13. What is your take on gender based violence?
  14. Will you ever like to be fat?
  15. Do you watch football? If yes, what is your best football club?
  16. Have you ever traveled by flight in your life?
  17. How often do you clean your house?
  18. What is your bra size?
  19. Do you believe that God exists?
  20. What is your greatest achievement?
  21. I like your necklace my love, where did you buy it?
  22. If my kidneys fail, will you accept to donate one of your kidneys so that I survive?
  23. What is your favorite spot in town where you like hanging around?
  24. Do you know how to swim?
  25. What makes you feel proud?
  26. Are you always comfortable when you see me hang out with other girls?
  27. Can I introduce you to my parents next weekend?
  28. If my elder brother gives you panties as a birthday gift, will you accept it?
  29. When do you celebrate your birthday?
  30. At what time do you wake up every day?
  31. What happened to your hair darling?
  32. Which tourist destination will you like us to travel to this festive season?
  33. If I become poor today, will you still love me?
  34. Why did you fall in love with me?
  35. Will you feel sad if I don’t respond to your calls for a day?
  36. What do you like doing at your free time?
  37. Have you ever been given a nickname? If yes, what is it?
  38. What is your favorite artifact?
  39. For how long do you take your shower?
  40. Will you ever stop loving me?
  41. How regular do you use social media?
  42. Between Instagram and Facebook, which is your most favorite?
  43. Have you ever fallen in love with another guy apart from me?
  44. Do you like junk foods?
  45. Which is your best restaurant in the State?
  46. Will you accept to be called by my sir name?
  47. If we visit a health facility and the doctor advises us to separate because our child would probably have hereditary defects, will you accept?
  48. Will you accept to leave your job so that we relocate to different city far away?
  49. Do you like cooking?
  50. Can you stay for 24hours without your phone?
  51. How do you normally feel when I switch off my phone at night when am not in town?
  52. Will you stand by me for better and for worse?
  53. People always say “love is blind”, do you agree with the statement?
  54. How far is you home from here?
  55. If your boss asks you for se*ual favors and promise to double your salary, will you comply?
  56. Between dresses and long trousers, what do you like wearing the most?
  57. Can you go to church in a miniskirt?
  58. Have you ever gone in a night club?
  59. Do you like visiting game parks?
  60. What is the most interesting movie genre according to you?

Deep and dirty interesting questions to ask your girlfriend

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Dirty questions to ask a girlfriend
  1. Do you prefer having s*x with or without a condom?
  2. Do you prefer having s*x on bed or on couch?
  3. At what time do you enjoy having s*x?
  4. What are the most important things you like most during s*x?
  5. Have you ever had s*x without protection?
  6. What would be your reaction if your close friend begins to say strange things about you?
  7. Between indoor events and outdoor, which one do you like most?
  8. Can you survive in an area with scarcity of water?
  9. What is the craziest act that you have done recently?
  10. What are the two most disgusting things a boyfriend can do?
  11. Do you like oral s*x?
  12. Have ever been found cheating?
  13. How did you meet your best friend?
  14. What could be your strongest fear?
  15. Where is the man who broke your virginity?
  16. If your ex-boyfriend wants you again, will you accept?
  17. Are you ready to kiss me in front of our parents?
  18. Between church wedding and civil wedding, which one do you prefer?
  19. Can you accept to send me you n*de photos?
  20. How do you feel being called a mother?
  21. Can you have s*x in a hotel room?
  22. At what age would you prefer to have your first kid?
  23. How can you turn on your man?
  24. When having s*x, how often do you have an org*sm?
  25. Which part of your body do you like being touched the most?
  26. If there were no men, would you think of being a lesbian?
  27. Do you like a naughty boyfriend?
  28. Have you ever attempted to kiss a guy after becoming horny?
  29. If you see me naked, what comes in your mind?
  30. Do you like sexting?
  31. What do you like, gentle or rough?
  32. Do you consider size to be important?
  33. Do you have a favorite “style”?
  34. If your man is not around, can s*x toys do you service?
  35. Foreplay or not?
  36. Can you show me your boobs if I may ask?
  37. Have you ever felt shy while undressing in my presence?
  38. What drives a successful marriage, is it s*x or love?
  39. Do you feel bored when we disagree on some issues?
  40. If my ‘manhood’ fails you for a while, will you opt to move out of the relationship?

Flirty Interesting questions to ask your girlfriend

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Bring smile on her face and she would love you more/ Questions to ask your girlfriend
  1. When you hear about Israel, what comes in your mind first?
  2. If we were to choose our gender at conception, would you choose to be a girl or a boy?
  3. Between family and career, what is your first priority?
  4. How often do you say ‘Hi’ to your parents?
  5. What else do you do apart from your ordinary job?
  6. What do you hate most?
  7. At what age did you join college?
  8. Are you pursuing a career you admired since childhood?
  9. Between you and me who do you love so much?
  10. Do you support racism?
  11. Given a chance, would you like to be a politician?
  12. Career wise, where do you expect to be in the next 4 years?
  13. Once you settle down in marriage, will your relationship with single ladies be as usual?
  14. Do you like computer games?
  15. Have you ever felt embarrassed because of a man?
  16. Do you like using makeups regularly?
  17. How often do you read your bible?
  18. Have you ever fallen asleep during a church service?
  19. For how long can you date a guy before saying ‘I do’?
  20. Between a loving and broke guy and a rich but stubborn guy, who is your preference?
  21. Do you believe that there is life after death?
  22. Do you pray before you eat or sleep?
  23. Do you like wearing high heeled shoes?
  24. What is your take on habit of young girls dating older people? Do you support it?
  25. How many are you in your family?
  26. Have you ever felt so much depressed? If yes. What caused it?
  27. What is the reason why you broke up with your first boyfriend?
  28. Do I have qualities of a good husband?
  29. Are you expecting ‘visitors’ today?
  30. Why do you hate your tutor this much?
  31. If you the Jesus, would you have accepted to die for people’s sins?
  32. Are there p*nty sizes?
  33. Would you accept to auction your young baby for $1M?
  34. When did you last eat processed fish?
  35. Do you like singing?
  36. Who is your best dancer among the most famous classical music stars?
  37. If I had a child out of wedlock, would you treat her as your own?
  38. Who inspired you to keep dressing decently?
  39. Can I take you out for lunch?
  40. Are you feeling alright?
  41. Is there anything you would like to know about me?
  42. Imagine that you are a man in a minute, what thing you would first do for your wife?
  43. What do you think you waste a lot of time doing?
  44. What is your most favorite ice cream formulation?
  45. Have you ever been insulted so seriously? What had you wrong had you done?
  46. Do you own a pet?
  47. Have you learned any important lesson from you parents?
  48. Are you able to keep secret for long?
  49. Have you ever seen something that you regret to have seen it?
  50. What is the most important role of a man in a relationship?
  51. At what time do you more comfortable?
  52. Who is your role model?
  53. What thing you like doing when power goes off?
  54. If the president says that the internet is going to be shut down for the next 2hrs, what thing would you spent the remaining time downloading?
  55. Have you ever heard a fun lie from someone?
  56. Do you find difficulties in falling asleep?
  57. Among the things that you own, which one is your best?
  58. What is your most horrific movie that you have ever watched?
  59. What reasons make you to look down upon someone?
  60. What are the most disgusting things that happen through social media?
  61. Do you have a piece of clothing that people comment about it once you wear?
  62. What big mistake have you committed in your life
  63. What is the one thing you know that should not be aware of?
  64. When you go out for dinner with your man, can you pay bills on his behalf?
  65. What do you find to be the best thing about money?
  66. How do you manage you cash?
  67. What is the most important thing you still remember since childhood?
  68. Have you watched a movie that impacted on your life, positively or negatively?
  69. If allowed to do anything you want before you die, what would be the first one?
  70. What do your wear before going to bed?
  71. Imagine we are together and there is blackout instantly, what would we do?
  72. Do you believe there is love at first sight?
  73. What is the biggest mistake that a man can do when flirting with a girl?
  74. What is your most passionate thing?
  75. Can I read your messages?
  76. Are you night or morning type?
  77. Do you like coming to this site regularly?
  78. Where did you attend school?
  79. Do you like having body massage?
  80. Between you mum and dad, who do you love most/
  81. Have ever been caned in your life?
  82. Have you ever been caught doing it?
  83. Has another girl kissed you before?
  84. Given a chance, do you have a celebrity in mind to sleep with?
  85. Have you ever regretted in life? Why?
  86. Do you have a family story that you remember?
  87. Which member of your family are you proud of?
  88. Can you tell me the love story of your parents?
  89. Do you meet your best friend regularly?
  90. Do you still have your grandparents?
  91. How can you tell about your relationship with your parents?
  92. What thing do you want to learning from me today?
  93. Do you fear death?
  94. What is the meaning of your name?
  95. Given a chance, can you leave your current job for another one?
  96. If your house gets on fire, what is your most important thing to grab?
  97. Could you describe yourself in two words?
  98. If a film about your secret part of life is produced, would you watch it in a company of your parents?
  99. If you knew you are immortal, would start living a careless lifestyle since you won’t die after all?
  100. Do you have some habits holding you from success?
  101. What is the strangest food you have tasted?
  102. What is the best thing of being girl?
  103. What thing about you can surprise your parents when they hear about it?
  104. How do you describe me before your peers?
  105. Have you had nightmares?
  106. Do you like going out for dinner party?
  107. What place inspired you after visiting it?
  108. Have you ever seen a warthog?
  109. Have you ever been stuck somewhere due to one reason or another?
  110. Which skill you wish you would be having?
  111. Among your family members, which one do you admire most?
  112. Do you have a talent?
  113. Have you ever gone out for date with a stranger?
  114. What is the best gift you have ever been given?
  115. Do you follow everything that your friends tell you?
  116. Do you like taking photos often?
  117. Which song brings back good memories?
  118. How significant is marriage to you?
  119. In case you find out that I had a criminal record, would you still remain with me?
  120. In your opinion, what do you think is the most important feature in a phone between camera pixels and processing speed?
  121. Which is your worst phone model that you swear never to buy?
  122. What is the best thing you would hear while in bed?
  123. If you die today, what would you be remembered for?
  124. Looking at smartphone technology, what do you like about it?
  125. If you win a lottery today, would you continue working?
  126. Do you engage yourself in meditation?
  127. Which dressing makes you fill sexy?
  128. How would you like to be treated on a Valentine’s Day?
  129. When you were still a child, how did you imagine your life would be?
  130. Did you love toys when you were a child?
  131. If you encounter a problem, who do you call first for help?
  132. Have you ever received a complement? What was it all about?
  133. Do you ever find something to laugh at when you are alone?
  134. Do you feel good when people call your name?
  135. How often do you remember your dreams?
  136. Besides social media, which website do you visit regularly?
  137. What is the most vital lesson you learnt from the past relationship
  138. Do you have traditions in your family?
  139. What one habit would you like me stop?
  140. Do you find enough time with me?
  141. Are you comfortable with our sexual experience?
  142. What is your long term goal?
  143. What events make your weekend to be perfect?
  144.  What is on top of your bucket list?
  145. Have you ever participated in modeling events?
  146. If we were to travel to a foreign country tomorrow, which country would you choose?
  147. For a lady, at what age do you thing is perfect to start a family?
  148. What moment in life makes you feel proud?
  149. Would you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?
  150. Which of one of your characters would you not like your children to have?
  151. What is the name of the guy you hated the most while in college?
  152. Have you ever attended entrepreneurial lessons?
  153. What attracts you the most in a guy ?
  154. How were you behaving as a kid?
  155. How do you consider yourself to be, an introvert or extrovert?
  156. Do you have a favorite day of the week?
  157. What is the name of your pet?
  158. Can you propose to a guy?
  159. Which type of food you don’t like?
  160. Have you ever lost money while walking?
  161. If you get a rubber band, what thing would you do with it?
  162. Do you like a guy who snores in bed?
  163. Do you like watching children shows at your age?
  164. Have you ever felt awkward? What made you?
  165. What would you like to eat right now?
  166. Do you make New Year resolutions?
  167. Have you ever fulfilled all your New Year resolutions?
  168. How old is your dad?
  169. Are your parents working?

Really sweet and romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

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Romantic questions to ask
  1. Have you ever felt uncomfortable telling me something?
  2. What can I do for you to appreciate most?
  3. Do you remember the first day we met?
  4. What immediately came in your mind when I approached you?
  5. Would you accept to be in a long distance relationship?
  6. What is your strongest wish for me?
  7. Who was your first true love?
  8. Would you leave a guy for being too much alcoholic?
  9. Do you feel afraid when you are alone in the house at night?
  10. Am I your best friend?
  11. Can you go for a day without thinking about me?
  12. How often do you do kegel exercise?
  13. What is your favorite place to go for a night out?
  14. Do you like trying new things?
  15. Do you appreciate your body size?
  16. Would you prefer calling me by my name?
  17. Do you have any silliest fear?
  18. Have you ever felt embarrassed for accidentally sexting a wrong person?
  19. What are you good at?
  20. Do you still write love letters?
  21. Have you met all your needs in life?
  22. Have I ever disappointed you though you haven’t told me?
  23. Do you believe that I love you?
  24. What do you think of abstinence till marriage in a relationship?
  25. Did you know that you are falling for me?
  26. Are you proud of telling people your exact age?
  27. How many hours are ideal for sleeping?
  28. Do your ever fall asleep during the day?
  29. Would you accept me to be in your life forever?
  30. Between domestic violence and unfaithfulness, which one is the worst?
  31. Can you entrust me with you heart?

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