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50+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Resume and CV Writing

CV and Resume are terms that are often used interchangeably. While they are not exactly the same, a resume or curriculum Vitae is often the first impression that people make when applying for a job. Consequently, applicants strive to write a stand out resume. Writing a CV can however be a daunting task. Most people struggle to find the best formats, templates or language for their CV. There are also different types of CVs.

Additionally, different types of jobs may call for different types of Cvs. This article will guide you on  how to leverage AI tools by exploring ChatGPT prompts for resume and CV writing. AI Chatbots can help you write your resume better and faster. However, to get the best out of an AI chatbot, it is important to know how to ask it precise questions in order to get it to do exactly what you want. This is why we are going to look at ChatGPT prompts for resume and CV writing.Also check Best ChatGPT prompts for essay writing

1. ChatGPT  Prompts for Resume writing:

        a)  ChatGPT  Prompts to get you started on writing a resume

  1. Skills and work experience often go hand in hand. How do I differentiate between skills and work experience when writing a resume?
  2. Which resume layout should I use when applying for a job at [Insert text – a law firm]?
  3. How do I customize my resume for applying for a job [Insert text – in insurance field]?
  4. What is the typical length of a resume?
  5. How do I shorten the length of my resume without losing important information?
  6. Is it necessary to use a template when writing a resume to make it [Insert text– more visually attractive]?
  7. What is the best [Insert text– font] to use when writing a resume applying for a job as a [Insert text]?
  8. How do I customize [the language] of my CV when applying for [ a job in marketing]?
  9. What kind of [personal] details should I include when writing a resume to apply for [a teaching job at a high school]?
  10. I am creating a resume for [an entry-level engineering position]. What are the  key elements I should include?
  11. I am writing a resume for [a career switch from banking to the IT field]. What skills should I emphasize?
  12. I want to demonstrate [Insert text– my commitment to sustainability] in my resume. Any tips for this?
  13. I have been praised for [my negotiation skills]. How can I illustrate this skill on my resume? Here is my resume: [Insert resume]
  14. How can I infuse [Insert text -storytelling] in my resume to make it more engaging?

           b) ChatGPT Prompts to help you improve your resume

  1. Proofread my resume and [Insert text– correct grammatical errors, punctuations mistakes and spelling errors]. Here is my resume: [Insert resume ]
  2. Can you [Insert text -use language] that will make my resume sound more professional. Attached is my resume: [Insert resume]
  3. I am applying for a job as [Insert text -an accountant]. How can I [Insert text– improve the formatting of my resume] to be most suitable for this job application?
  4. Can you check if the [Insert text– awards section] in my CV is relevant for applying for the job of a [Insert text– pharmacist]? Below is my resume: [Insert resume]
  5. I want to include [Insert text -more skills] in my resume. My other skills are [Insert text -building web apps with python]. Include that in the skills section in my resume.
  6. My resume is [Insert text– 500 words long]. Can you help me [Insert text -shorten it to around 300-400 words] without losing important information? Here it is [Insert resume]
  7. I want the [Insert text -skills] included in my resume to sound relevant to the job application. Can you [Insert text– rephrase the wording of the skills section] of my resume to make them [sound more impactful]? Here is the section: [Insert section]
  8. I want you to  adjust [Insert text-the format] of my resume to use a [Insert text-chronological format]. My resume is as follows: [insert resume]
  9. How can I highlight my ability to [Insert text -work under pressure and problem-solve] in my resume? Check my resume
  10. My resume feels [Insert text-too formal]. How can I make it sound [[Insert text -more personable] without losing its professionalism?
  11. I have done a lot of work in fostering diversity and inclusion in my previous roles. How can I emphasize this on my resume? Here is my resume.
  12. How can I creatively present [Insert text -my proficiency in multiple languages] on my resume?
  13. I have successfully [Insert text– helped revive a failing project] during my previous job. How can I showcase this accomplishment effectively in my resume?

2. ChatGPT Prompts for CV writing

            Prompts to get you started on CV writing

  1. Which CV format is ideal to use when applying for a job as [Insert text – an accountant in a Technology company]?
  2. What is a[Insert text- ATS optimized] CV? How do I make my CV [ATS optimized]?
  3. When writing the [Insert text -education section] of my CV, what details should I include?
  4. Give me examples of [Insert text– keywords] to use when applying for a job as a [Insert text-technician at a Cable Tv Company]?
  5. I want to include [Insert text– career objectives] in my CV. Show me how to do this for my CV to apply for a job as a [Insert text -Data Scientist at a tech firm].
  6. What is the most appropriate [Insert text-font and style] for writing a CV to make it appear professional?
  7. I would like to  use a [Insert text– template] to make my CV to appear visually attractive. Give me a tip on [Insert text– colors for the template] that will make it appear professional.
  8. As an [Insert text-undergraduate equipped with skills but little work experience], which is the best format to use for my CV?
  9. I am shifting careers from [Insert text– marketing to data analysis]. How can I [Insert text– best present my transferable skills] in my CV? Here is is my CV: [Insert CV]
  10. Can you guide me in [Insert text e.g writing a professional summary] for my CV for a job in [Insert text e.g a software company]?
  11. Can you help me translate [Insert text-my military experience into civilian terms] in my CV? Here are the details: [Insert details]
  12. What should I include in my CV as a [Insert text-self-employed individual] looking for a full-time position?
  13. I am applying for a [Insert text -remote position]. How should I adapt my CV for this? Here is my CV: [Insert CV]

            Prompts to help you update and improve your CV

ChatGPT Prompts for Resume and CV
Best CV | ChatGPT Prompts for Resume and CV
  1. I would like to add [Insert text– an achievements section] to my CV. My [Insert text -achievements] are [Insert text– Google coding hackathon winner]. Help me phrase this appropriately.
  2. Suggest [Insert text-keywords] that I should include in a CV to apply for a job as a [Insert text-sales manager at a cosmetics company].
  3. Edit my CV to remove [grammatical and spelling errors]. My CV is as follows: [Insert CV].
  4. I want to make my CV [Insert text– sound more clear and concise]. Remove [Insert text -ambiguous statements] from my CV and apply [Insert text– a professional tone].
  5. Help me [Insert text– summarize my publications] and include them in my CV for applying for a job as a [Insert text– data analyst at a data firm]. My [Insert text– publications] are as follows: [Insert publications].
  6. Can you [Insert text -add social media handles] to my CV? My [Insert text -social media handles] are as follows: [insert social media handles]. Here is my CV.
  7. My CV is [ Insert text– 4 pages long]. Can you [ shorten it to 2 pages] and [ Insert text-maintain key information] relevant to applying for a job as a [ Insert text– consulting doctor at a clinic].
  8. Can you critique [Insert text– my CV] and suggest areas of improvement? Here is my CV [Insert CV].
  9. How should I highlight my [Insert text– volunteer experiences] in my CV? I have volunteered in [Insert text–  environmental cleaning]
  10. I have a [Insert text-gap in my work history] due to personal reasons. How should I address this in my CV?
  11. How can I highlight [Insert text-my leadership roles in extracurricular activities] while writing a CV for a managerial position?
  12. I am [Insert text– a gamer and I want to transition into the game development industry]. How should I reflect [Insert text-my gaming passion and knowledge] in my resume?


What do we mean by ChatGPT prompts for  resume and CV writing?

These are prompts that can be used on ChatGPT to guide you through the resume or CV writing process. These prompts will help you get the best results from ChatGPT by asking clear and concise queries.

What is a resume?

A resume is a summarized document that highlights the work experience and relevant skills of a job applicant. It strictly focuses on the requirements that may qualify the applicant of the job. Details that are not necessary to the job being applied for should not be included in the resume.

What is a CV?

A Curriculum Vitae is a document that provides a comprehensive history of the applicants academic credentials, skills, achievements, publications, awards among other things. It also touches on work experience and allows for inclusion of more personal information such as hobbies and character traits.

What is the difference between a CV and a resume?

A resume is commonly used by applicants for the job application process. It majorly highlights a candidates work experiences and skills. A CV is also used for job applications in some countries. However, a  CV also documents ones professional career and achievements among other things.  A CV is more specialized for applying for academic, research or education related positions.

What are some of the advantages of using ChatGPT for resume or CV writing?

ChatGPT is great for writing resumes and CVs because it is time saving. It can identify grammatical errors and correct them much quicker and precisely than a human.

ChatGPT can also offer tips on how to improve your resume or CV. It can proofread your resume or CV and help make it sound more professional. Furthermore, it can assist you in selecting the best formats and style for you resume or CV.

ChatGPT allows the applicant to craft the resume or CV by iterating through different versions until you create the best resume or CV possible.

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