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Given a positive complement creates a great feeling | Cute pick up lines

You can imagine this situation, you’ve entered a train and this hot bubbling cute chick comes and sits right next to you. She sweeps you off your feet that you crazily fall for her but there is one problem you just have so many things you wanna tell her but just don’t know how to start the conversation……! Fear not cute pick up lines got you covered! Using cute pick up lines can be so forthcoming in starting a conversation with a stranger. They are really effective and can cause a great reaction. Mostly when you trying to impress her and maybe pick her home it will come in handy, for in this situation corny or dirty lines would probably earn you a slap in the face or a glassful of drink or water.

Cute pick up lines if well delivered will hand her successful into your arms or at least make her sorry for turning you down. They necessarily, help reduce the tension between the two of you and even give her a smile. They are suitable for social settings and parties, just don’t think how you will look using them on the other person. Keep yourself cool, smooth, assured and amicable.


  1. Violets are blue, bananas are yellow, and would you love to get away from this place with a nice small fellow?
  2. I feel cuddly in your presence.
  3. Hey honey, love the game? Then press start and join as a 2nd
  4. Would ever be Monday, I would forever be Tuesday so I could follow always.
  5. I can see a reflection of the moon in your eyes through your earrings.
  6. I could see your beauty from a far, you must be a star.
  7. Hey, would you watch have a second hand by any chance? I would love to know the time it took me to fall in love with you.
  8. I find it more difficult to explain the feeling I have for you than explaining the taste of water.
  9. How I wish that my pillow would just be as huggable as you are.
  10. My life is so unbearable without you in it. Hi I’m Lukas.
  11. Were you a Sunday, I would wish that every day would be Sunday because your beauty is so exotic.
  12. My eyes wouldn’t let go off you unless you notice me and then I would look the other side quickly and pretend that nothing happened.
  13. Hey, I think Santa got a naughty list because of you.
  14. I think I need an eraser, would you have one? Because I just can’t remove you from my heart.
  15. For sure I couldn’t tell whether you were a pretty angel or a sweet devil, but being closer to you I can see clearly, I can spot heaven in your eyes.
  16. If I were to choose a position in the alphabet, I would choose to be next to U.
  17. If it were possible to write the name love on every grain of sand in the desert it still won’t be enough to the great love I have for you.
  18. I asked God for just one wish and he could not grant it and instead he send me to you because I wished to see your name and mine in a wedding cake.
  19. Your beauty is just way far from reality, would you allow me to pinch you and see if I’m in a dream?
  20. You really are looking #pretty, think I’m looking #cute. Together we will be Pretty-Cute.
  21. Would likely be a lover of water? Wow! Awesome, because I think you already in love with 70% of my body.
  22. You are fine and sexy I sure would like to make you mine.
  23. You got to be a #HairSpray coz you so stuck in my head.
  24. Hey, honey I have learnt from you what it means to be in love.
  25. Hey, I’m scared being a lone I just love someone I can get crazy with is there an extra space on your table for one more?
  26. You must be 100% water, because I can’t understand how you survive that hotness in you honey.
  27. Being around you creates this hotness inside my collar; please allow me to remove my shirt.
  28. Could you clothes be #flame #retardant? Girl, you are blazing hot.
  29. Hey, would you please buy me frozen juice. You have just made me real thirsty.
  30. You just resemble a #smooth #drag on #MentholCigarette; you are so refreshingly addictive.
  31. Were your eyes brighter than that, I would be definitely blind?
  32. Are there emergency life guards somewhere? You got me drowning inside yoh beauty.
  33. Honey, wouldn’t confess that I’m #ho*ny but I sure love trombone.
  34. Might you be a DMV guide? I’m really running crazy because of you.
  35. Were you a line at #DMV. I would love to wait my whole day to have your number.
  36. Could you be bag of M and M’s? I wouldn’t mind melting inside your mouth.
  37. Were your eyes gold, they would sure be valued loads of millions.
  38. If every time you came across my mind I would be given a dollar then I would be the world richest man ever seen.
  39. I’m sure you must have drowned in a pool of honey, coz Damn girl; your tush looks so sweet.
  40. Would you like a Hershey’s kiss? I have lots of those.
  41. Honey, you sure look like a pair of #Dentures at during bedtime, I would sure love to take you out.
  42. Hi sweets, you really look like a magical paint of the eye. I just can’t get my eyes off yah.
  43. Hey miss, could be suffering from hereditary #Onset #TrickleItis, coz you are madly HOT.
  44. I thought Saccharine were sweet but seeing you, I think you are sweeter.
  45. If I would choose to follow my dreams, they always lead me back to you so we sure can get it over with.
  46. Hey you look familiar; I think I now remember we were together working on hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous solution, I think that is chemistry.
  47.  My family has a diabetic history but I still won’t mind being with you given how sweet you are.
  48. Your body glamour’s with perfect brilliance but your smile gets it there.
  49. Wow! You got the prettiest dog ever; I can now see who she takes after.
  50. Hi honey, if you willing to become my lady, I promise I will be your #Tramp.
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You do not have to meet someone to tell them some sweet words | Cute pick up lines
  1. Hey, am marveled by how cute your dog is. Might it have a mobile number?
  2. Could it be fate, that my dog that my dog is humping your dog?
  3. Hi pretty, is that romance melting in your hands?
  4. Sorry, but you are annoyingly beautiful, I’m just so helpless around you.
  5. I’m sure God could have found a much better planet to place you, were it not for my prayers.
  6. Honey, I sure can see my future in your eyes. Wanna unveil it?
  7. Hey gorgeous, looking I can’t help but imagine you being a student and I’m the math assignment, because you are the solution to all my problems.
  8. It must be a wonderful feeling walking around and you can’t find one single person that measure up to your beauty.
  9. You are uniquely cute that I think you must be so lonely having no one like you. hey, I think I got a solution to that, why don’t we make as many look-alike baby girls as you and that way you won’t be lonely ever
  10. Hey, so you know my father was #Fred Astaire and my mother #Ginger Roger, that’s just how good a dancer I am. You wanna dance?
  11. How I wish you were my car, so I could wax and ride you all over my place.
  12. Let’s imagine! Were you camping and then one morning you wake up with a used CD inside you, how would you react? Nice can I take you out camping?
  13. Hey, I’m campaigning for presidency this year and I would sure love to have your vote. Here scribble down your number and I can call you we discuss my agendas.
  14. You bring me back them memories of pop tart, I mean you pretty cool.
  15. It would be my great joy seeing you hot and sweaty and hear you breathing hard… so would mind running?
  16. I was sure I would love running in on a loveliest lady on earth, just didn’t think it would be this soon.
  17. You got eyes like a time machine. Each time I stare in them, it turns hours to minutes.
  18. Hi, could you be Earl Grey? You sure taste like hot cup of tea.
  19. You are that pretty that my clothes wanna fall for you, what’s your clothes thinking of me?
  20. As long as the earth is surrounded by the moon and the sun, would you fall for me if I ever sing a tune for you?
  21. I have just unfollowed every online site I was following because now I just wanna follow you alone.
  22. I wanna be with you so badly than how snape wanted to be with lily, now that we on such a subject, would it please to know that I further would love being a wizard?
  23. Hey honey, could it be that you obsessed with insect? Because each time you are around me I feel butterflies in my stomach.
  24. If for every time you make me smile I would stretch and touch a planet, I would be holding the whole universe in my hand right now.
  25. I thought I saw you on a cover of the leading fashion show magazine!
  26. Hi, have you heard? You are the chick with the cutest smile ever.
  27. I’m always so attracted to sweetness and girl I’m madly attracted to you right now.
  28. Hey pretty, I’d give up my heart for your number. So what do you think?
  29. Hey princess, are you Cinderella? because I’d love to be the handsome prince.
  30. Hallo gorgeous, I have a genie, wanna ride on my magic carpet?
  31. Hey, are you a shooting star? because I can visualize you landing in my place and never going back to where you came from.
  32. Were it not for the sun, then you would be the hottest thing to ever exist.
  33. Would mind me take a bite of the crime (beauty) on you?
  34. I really need some sunscreen ASAP! I’m burning all over with your love.
  35. Could I be in hell? Because honey you F**kin hot.
  36. Hey, would love someone to wake you up with a kiss every morning, prepare your breakfast, lay you down on a bed full of roses every night, give you shoulder to lean on when you down…I’m that and much more, just don’t let your chance slide away.
  37. Forgive my boldness, but did I just hear you say you like me or is it just my ears?
  38. Hi, that guy over there just said you called me up! Did you?
  39. Hey, I prayed for so many things but God choose to give me you. Let’s just fulfill his will.
  40. Hi lovely, I’m so stressed and down, the only comfort I have found so far is in your eyes. Can I look in them a little longer?
  41. Hey I think you missing something in your phone. My number. Don’t worry; you can call your number using my phone.
  42. It’s so confusing just how your skin is dark yet you shine that bright.
  43. Hey, I had a heart surgery; you wanna know what the doctors got inside? They found you well packaged in it and asked me to find you because you my long time medicine.
  44. You seem like you have just come out of a beauty magazine.
  45. It would really break my heart to know that you out of market. Are you?
  46. I feel charmed that finally I have met my prince Charming.
  47. It had never occurred in my mind that I would ever meet a clone of George Clooney.
  48. Hey love, I just discovered you looking at me, so I said why not come over and say hallo. Have seen something that might interest you?
  49. Hey, you sure look like you wanna dance? Kiss me if I’m wrong.
  50. Hallo, there are so many things I wanna tell, can I just start by telling how pretty you looking tonight?
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