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So you’ve tried a girl out and she dropped you like garbage. SO WHAT? Wipe it off probably you not the first one or the only one, it happens all the time right? Lucky for you we’ve got some photos of guys who made a worst first impression you can ever think of…….! SORRY! JUST KIDDING, probably you just the only one. #Winking. So would you love to hit her back so badly using pick up lines that will make her impressed and ashamed of her actions? Clever lines maybe just what you need to turn it all around in a flash. Clever pick up lines are that clever enough to turn around your ordeal into a success story. They can work great magic on her leaving her way off her feet smiling and so impressed. She might even want to sleep with your sorry @@S for the night.

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When clever pick up lines are applied and used well can earn you one of the greatest nights you might never have. They are good at boosting your confidence and giving you those word(s) that you’ve been wanting to tell her for like forever.

Clever pick up lines are meant to enhance and enrich your creativity while at the same time get you a life partner if not a hooker for the night. They may seem a thing for the weaker and non-creative sex, but that is just a myth.They are meant to be applied by every single people out there tired of sleeping alone, looking for fun and even those already in a relationship; to make her feel more loved, create a moment with her and even get out of a tricky situation. They have worked for some people but haven’t for some. They depend on how you might choose to apply them and the amount of creativity you will put into work to make it successful. Though at times they just don’t work on any girl so be cautioned!!!…

  1. I wish you were milk. How i yearn to add you to my breakfast to make it a full breakfast.
  2. Hey, would you like to save a #horse and get to ride a #cowboy.
  3. Those outfits alone are just but mere clothes, but in you they are a #FashionStatement.
  4. Would you be having a towel with you? Looking at you makes me so dirty.
  5. Hey, you just like my homework, you so ready to be done.
  6. If beauty was treason, you would be executed by now.
  7. Hey, could be The #Matrix? Coz I’m really The #One.
  8. Let’s just say I toss a coin, do I have a chance with you?
  9. Honey, would wanna see a pot full of #Gold at the touch line of my #Rainbow?
  10. Could be chili? Because honey, you chilling Hot.
  11. How is it that a nice guy like me doesn’t have your number?
  12. Hi gorgeous, may I request for your number please? Because I have a feeling it will look nicer in my phone than your mind….More Clever Pick Up Lines
  13. Hey lady, I give myself to you as your cowboy coz you are my #DixieChick…please will you take me away with?
  14. Could you have an idea of where I can get an insane asylum anywhere nearby? I assure you, I’m madly insane without you.
  15. Imagine I were naked with a piece of cake and ice cream in my hand…which would you eat for dessert?
  16. Your eyes are such like a monkey’s wrench, coz they tighten my #balls each time I look into them.
  17. The only two vowels that would ever interest me are U & I.
  18. Hey, you sure look like you going to a #BBQ. Sorry I meant my piece of meat in your grill.
  19. You sure look like a professional jumper. You raising my bar each time I’m around you.
  20. Hey ladies, it isn’t my intentions to come between or should i?
  21. Would you love milk? Because I can see it around your Lips.
  22. Hi, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a room for chatting, but my got this intense urge to chat with your lips.
  23. Would you have passed through fire while coming? Coz honey, your hair is smoking.
  24. Lol! It may look like a needle but I assure you it works just like a swing machine.
  25. Would it interest you to play with me pool. Coz I’d love to shoot my balls inside your hole.
  26. Hi, my just got fitted with a soundproof material, wanna go test it?
  27. Would love #Punani? I sure would to eat some.
  28. Correct me if I’m right but I’m I have seen you somewhere in the dictionary next #KABLAAM.
  29. I heard apples don’t fall far from the tree. Your mum must sure be as hot as you.
  30. A person said that the beauty of a girl is inside them. Then that can only mean your body doesn’t have an inside!
  31. If you not a boxer, then you can go on your knees and give me a blow on my head as well.
  32. You haven’t realized it yet! The Screw Rhymes between me and you.
  33. Are you a guitarist? Coz you are giving my heart beat a rhythm.
  34. Hi, would mind a dinner? Got a mean private cook at my place.
  35. Hey lovely, got my underpants fully stretched out! Could you know what it means?
  36. Hi, I’m looking for an #Extendo ladder, because the wall you build between us is just too high for my ladder.
  37. Hi love, I can see that the two of us are both FINE #specimens, can we make more of us?
  38. I think I may need an oven mitt. You so damn hot!
  39. Wanna see my darts skills? Allow me to use you hit a bulls eye.
  40. Hey babe, would you mind putting your love on this handles? (offering her your hands)
  41. Hey, did you get rain on or is it that I just made you wet?
  42. Wondering if you brushed your teeth when you woke up! How about I taste them to know?
  43. I need to make a complaint to the authorities against you because it’s the worst crime to be as beautiful as you are.
  44. You just so addictive like #Cigaratte.
  45. I sure can say hello in a multiple of languages, which language would you want me to use it on you in the morning?
  46. Hey, I can bet you that we’ve met before, though I’m not usually good with names but I so good when it comes to numbers.
  47. Hey, do you have bones? Then we must be having so many things in common.
  48. Hey love, you really are perfect, I’m wondering just how many are there before me?
  49. Girl! You sure look like a library attendant; I mean you increased my circulation.
  50. Hey, can it be that I’m just happy to see you, or could I have put a canoe in my pocket?
  51. Does that smile mean you wanna sleep with me or you just see the victim hold back a smile?
  52. #LOVE is always the #ANSWER, but while looking for that answer, XXX brings up some real pretty questions.
  53. Hi love, have you noticed that I can produce about three thousand RPM through my mouth?
  54. I’m a boxer; let me blow your mind off!
  55. Hey, unlike that lady over there, I hope you love SCREWS, I can sure give you lots of y
  56. You are more than a #dime because dimes get spent; you more like a #diamond because diamonds live #forever.
  57. Hey, I work as an art appraiser and I’ll be glad to tell yah that your body is so priceless.
  58. #StarBright, #StarLight, would you go home with me this night?
  59. Hey beautiful, I’m sure God hesitated to make you because he thought that angels would be jealous of you.
  60. Lovely smile! Could that be the only one thing your lips could do?
  61. Hey, I just can’t find my gun #HOLESTER would you mind if I use yours?
  62. Excuse my curiosity, could you be going abroad? Coz you’ve just packed so much A*s.
  63. Evening, would you allow a thorn sit with lilies/roses?
  64. I think I might know the type of perfume you are wearing. Could it be #CATCH-OF-THE-DAY#?
  65. If pretty were a crime, then you would be DEATH RAW.
  67. I think you have to be a SHIP because you have been constantly in my radar.
  68. If you in a relationship right now, then I’m also in one, it still does not mean we can’t have relations.
  69. Hey sister, you have a father? Would mind a DADDY?
  70. Hey, you got lips like candy and I be the fat boy.
  71. How about you come to #MySpace and I will #Twitter You with @MyYahoo till I #GOOGLE# on your #FACEBOOK#.  More Clever Pick Up Lines
  72. I got a pencil, you got a number, what can possible go wrong?
  73. I wanna take you to my place so that I Netflix you and we can chill later.
  74. Not that I’m so fun or something, but I think I would be all up in that A*s.
  75. Are a party lover? I’d give you a chance to go up my panty and have a ball.
  77. Wish you were aspirin; I would really like to take you after every four to six hours.
  78. Hey, I guess anyone can come in here and buy a drink, that’s why I’d love to take you on a dinner.
  79. Hey, would you just hold back from being #Prepaid and allow me a minute?
  80. Could be Katniss? You have just started an uprising in my district……More Clever Pick Up Lines
  81. Hey, I would love to C_DDLE but it’s just too impossible for me because I’m missing U.
  82. Hey, I can picture you as a good amount of Red phosphorus and me a proportioned tiny Match Stick. We sure are a match.
  83. Hey, wanna know the funniest book ending ever? I think it’s Becca Ftzpatrick’s “Undress to Impress”
  84. Hey honey, wouldn’t it be a lot fun you eating with me some sought of crispiest bacon riding on a unicorn.
  85. A quick question please to prove you not a Nazzi! F**k 1, Marry 1, kill 1? Answers, Me, Hitler, Me again. Would you F**k me, kill Hitler and Marry me?
  86. Hey, I’m a prince from Nigeria and would really make you wealthy, just need your number.
  87. Are you jobless? Coz I searching for a lady to carry me when I’m playing PS the whole day.
  88. Hi, I just made my higher mark of 873 pushups, feel pretty hot wanna cool me down?
  89. Are you an employee at KFC? Damn girl! Those nice Tits and legs.
  90. Hey, I wanna split your legs so badly like an orio cookie and eat all the delicious stuff in the middle.
  91. Hi, they say that XXX is feeling triggered by an attraction the moment a guy inputs his spot in a ladies destination. Got the statement or would love a DEMO?
  92. HEY, would you please help me with your phone? Agreed with my X that I’d call her righ back when I get a better and hotter chick than her.
  93. Hey, I kinda was looking for a type of a woman who is cute enough to wanna take care of me.
  94. Please believe me, my heart is out for you. would you want it?
  95. Hey, would you be a Vozik, I would love to break down your barriers.
  96. Honey, could you be a #Golgoroth? I’d love to capture your gaze.
  97. If you were a #Aksis, I would always come back for a second round.
  98. Hey, you’ve so perfect all night long could be a Septik?
  99. Hey, wanna get you out of those cortex so badly like a Psoin Flayers.
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