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50+ Best Christmas Fill In The Blank Game Questions

The holiday season is synonymous with joy, laughter, and traditions that bring families and friends together. One delightful tradition that adds a playful touch to Christmas celebrations is playing games. Among these, the Christmas Fill in the Blank game stands out as a versatile and entertaining choice for all ages.

So, gather ’round and get ready to create lasting memories with the Christmas Fill in the Blank Game. Let the festivities begin as we dive into a world of jolly blanks, where each answer is a gift waiting to be unwrapped, revealing the true magic of the season!

Let’s dive into the world of this delightful game and explore the creativity it can unleash.

Christmas Fill in the blank Game Questions for Biblical history

  1. The three Wise men brought three gifts namely ______, ______ and ______. (gold, frankincense, myrrh)
  2. The three Wise men were guided by ______ to the birth place of Jesus. (a star)
  3. The King of Israel when Jesus was born was known as ______. (King Herod the Great)
  4. Angel ______ appeared to the shepherds to inform them of the birth of Jesus. (Gabriel)
  5. When Jesus was born, his parents had moved from _____ to ______ for a census. (Nazareth, Bethlehem)
  6. The prophet who predicted the birth of Jesus is known as _____. (Prophet Isaiah)
  7. The emperor who ordered the census during the birth of Jesus was known as Roman Emperor _______. (Augustus)
  8. The story about the birth of is found in the bible in the book of _______. (Luke)
  9. The first people to visit Jesus were the ________. (shepherds)
  10. Elizabeth was related to Mary. She was her _______. (cousin)
  11. The mother who recognized Jesus when he was presented at the temple was known as ______. (Anna)
  12. Angel _______ appeared to the shepherds to tell them of the birth of Jesus. (Gabriel)
  13. Jesus was also given the name _______ meaning God with us. (Emmanuel)
  14. The three Wiseman came from the _______ direction. (east)
  15. The first person to recognize Jesus as the Messiah when he was a baby was called ________. (Simeon)
  16. Mary and Joseph left the city of _______ to go to Bethlehem for the census. (Nazareth)
  17.  After King Herod ordered the killing of children born during the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph escaped with Jesus to _______. (Egypt)

Christmas tradition questions

  1. The _____ tree is hanged in doorways for people to kiss under as a Christmas tradition. (mistle toe)
  2. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree originated from ______. (Germany)
  3. The 12 days of Christmas begin on _____ and end on _____. (25th Dec, 5th Jan)
  4. The tradition of leaving out cookies and milk on the Eve of Christmas originated from ________. (the United States)
  5. The traditional Christmas cake made with dried fruit, spices and marzipan is known as _______. (fruit cake)
  6. Songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus which are usually sung during Christmas are known as _______. (Christmas carols)
  7. The song “all i want for Christmas is you” was created by a popular artist known as _______. (Mariah Carey)
  8. In Christmas folklore, the sleigh used by Santa to deliver gifts is driven by an animal known as the _______. (reindeer)
  9. In Christmas folklore, Santa has over 600,000 helpers are referred to as _______. (elfs)
  10. The celebration of Christmas is said to have begun in the ______ century. (4th)
  11. The _______ during Christmas is said to represent the forgiveness of God. (snow)
  12. _______ is a Christmas tradition that goes as far back as the birth of Jesus. (gift giving)
  13. An _____ is hid on the _____ for kids to find, as a Christmas tradition. (elf, shelf)
  14. In the song 12 days of Christmas, five golden rings are gifted on the ______ day. (5th)
  15. The _______ of Rudolf the reindeer is said to glow like a light that guides Santa to delivering gifts. (Red nose)
  16. During the ______ century, Christmas was banned Puritans in England due to the belief that the celebrations were too frivolous. (19th)
  17. The candy cane is said to symbolize ________. (the staff of shepherds)
  18. The Holly tree as well as the _____ tree are used for Christmas decorations. (fir)

Questions on fun facts about Christmas

  1. The tradition of burning a huge log in the fireplace on Christmas is known as _______. (the Yule log)
  2. The Christmas tradition of kissing under the mistle toe originated from _______ mythology. (Norse)
  3. The _______ Christmas tradition originated from pagan winter celebrations. (Yule log)
  4. Eating the Christmas _______ was believed to bring good luck. (fruitcake)
  5. A 4th century Bishop known as ______ inspired the modern day, Santa Claus. (St. Nicholas)
  6. In Japan it is traditional to eat ______ thanks to a successful marketing campaign. (KFC)
  7. In Polish tradition, it is traditional to eat a 12-course meal on Christmas day. Each meal represents one of the _______. (apostles)
  8. The Christmas candy cane was initially all white but gained its iconic strips in the _____ century. (20th)
  9. The modern image of Santa wearing a red suit was popularized by an advertising campaign for _______ company. (Coca-Cola)
  10. In Icelandic folklore, the ______ is said to eat people who don’t receive new clothes. (Yule Cat)
  11. In _______ they celebrate Christmas day on Christmas eve. (Peru)
  12. In Sweden, they leave ______ for Santa instead of milk and cookies. (coffee)
  13. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree was first adopted from the Germans by Prince Albert in the year ____. (1800)
  14. The popular Christmas song broadcast to space by Apollo astronauts is known as ______. (Jingle bells)
  15. ________ is the most recorded Christmas song, with over 700 versions. (silent night)
  16. Christmas ________ are responsible for sending 15000 people to the ER during Christmas. (decorations)
  17. ________ is the first song broadcast into space. (jingle bells)
  18. ________ is the red nose reindeer that flies Santa to deliver gifts. (Rudolph)
  19. The famous Christmas tree which produces red berries is called the _______. (Holly)
  20. The ________ is the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time. (Grinch)

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