35 Funny Pick Up lines That Will Definitely Make Your Crush Smile

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Before anything else, you might want to start her up with a laugh or a smile. This way she will be easy to talk to and the conversation will flow just well. That’s what funny pick up lines are for.

They give you that glamorous and jovial start that will earn you results. Remember, it would be wise not to give the impression that you are more of a joker or something, so I will recommend that you choose your lines very carefully.  Trust me some funny pick up lines will make her walk while some may make her wanna stay for a funny light moment. So stop sitting there on your own wishing you could talk to her and stuff yourself with some funny lines to hook her up.

  1. Been looking at your #profile for almost over 30 secs thinking of a word that get you to say, (take me now honey)…
  2. I would fight a pack of wild lions with hands tied behind me if that is what it will take to have you go out with me on a dinner party.
  3. Please come with me to brunch. If you don’t you will break this heart of mine.
  4. Hey would you be a spider lover? I guess you can make a long mummy legs.
  5. Hey, lovely hair you got. Wanna catch up on some cookie dough sometime?
  6. Babe, you sure look sodalious. Are you a product of #coca-cola.
  7. Were you a chicken, you would look #impeccable.
  8. If asked I would rather use my awkwardness to seduce you than flirting with you.
  9. Are you still taking applications to your fan club?
  10. Hey you look pretty, I’m ugly. Wanna make kids who are average?
  11. Hey, please trade careful. I’d hate to be the one who got away.
  12. Hey, I know your momma, she said I should say hi whenever I see you.
  13. Hey wanna know my two greatest things? I love commitments and branding myself.
  14. I bet you got a wonderful personality.
  15. Sure looks bright outta here or could be your halo?
  16. It isn’t my thing to check out pretty ladies like this but for you I’m willing to make an exception.
  17. Hi, is it still nice to stalk a person? You’ve been stalking me there for while.
  18. Hey, I can liken you to a large log of tree, I keep on #Falling over U.
  19. Your last name sure sounds lovely. Would you let me have it?
  20. You seem like you are really good in math. You really are beautiful in all angles.
  21. I’m really shy to ask you out. Hey, let’s get out from this place. There I just did.
  22. Hey, I’m in dire need of your help, I’m so late for a date with you.
  23. Hi, I would love to talk, walk and be with you, honestly.
  24. Just as #Cheerios are good to my heart so are you.
  25. They say that we get destroyed with the stuffs we love most. Baby I wanna be so destructed right now.
  26. Me in my bed and you in yours. I think between us two one is in the wrong place.
  27. Hi sister, I’m just unable to taste my lips, wanna help?
  28. The love I feel for you is like trying to share 0 with 10 it is just indefinite.
  29. Hey, I’m really grateful for the butterflies.
  30. Hi, I’m really not that good of romance and words but it would certainly make me very happy to see you every day.
  31. Darling, let’s run away from my dreams and actually be real.
  32. Hi, I’m still single because your parents won’t allow you to have a boyfriend yet. Wanna present them a husband instead?
  33. Hey lady, you dead pretty! Recent studies show that we should be engaged by now.
  34. Hey, since you said you dislike small talks, should I text you using bold caps?
  35. If I would not have met you today, I would live my whole life as a celibate.
  36. Continuation–>>More Funny Pick Up Lines

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