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Before anything else, you might want to start her up with a laugh or a smile. This way she will be easy to talk to and the conversation will flow just well. That’s what funny pick up lines are for.

They give you that glamorous and jovial start that will earn you results. Remember, it would be wise not to give the impression that you are more of a joker or something, so I will recommend that you choose your lines very carefully.  Trust me some funny pick up lines will make her walk while some may make her wanna stay for a funny light moment. It is quite clear that funny lines are powerful enough to land you a long time date or just a one night stand depending on how you gonna use them. With right skills and a lot of creativity, they will never fail you, not a day because there is always a space for laughter in everyone. If she/he doesn’t laugh then it is a sign sure enough that they are not interested and you may also never like such a person. So stop sitting there on your own wishing you could talk to her and stuff yourself with some funny lines to hook her up.

  1. Hey, have been sitting over there wondering what it would take to enter in drunk dial list.
  2. Hey, you seem the talkative type! Should we meet for a pizza and a F**K? Oh I see you hate pizza.
  3. Been looking at your #profile for almost over 30 secs thinking of a word that get you to say, (take me now honey)…honestly its quite not me to work this hard for a lady.
  4. Hey lovely, how much of a seafood dinner will it take to make you an #Bedroom-acrobat for the coming years?
  5. Hi, just saved a life of a young seal. So whatsapp?
  6. Hello sweets, you’d either give me your number or I’m keeping this up till that time I’ll be whispering drake lyrics in your ear.
  7. I would fight a pack of wild lions with hands tied behind me if that is what it will take to have go out with me on a dinner party.
  8. Hey, I’m really making efforts to #put a ring on it, oh my #dong.
  9. Have you ever been licked in you’re a*s? Sorry, just kidding you really a beautiful watch.
  10. Hey lovely, it’s been five years now since I abstained from XXX, would you like to hit that lock?
  11. Hey, guess we have something in common. We all have better taste, I mean this is just us; I do all the talking and you just look pretty looking at me.
  12. Hey, are you able to conceive? Kind of in need of a favor. I should have a kid by the coming summer for me have my inheritance.
  13. Please come with me to brunch. I you don’t you will break this heart of mine.
  14. I love your tits and #bangs, so would let me bang your tits. Hi, call me Hulk, how do you do?
  15. On a scale of 9 to none what is the probability of seeing you naked?
  16. Hey, I thought you should know that before retiring from rap game, I was called #Jenuwine #Ryhme. I stormed the whole of Brooklyn.
  17. Got a big problem…I just like them bad B**ches.
  18. Hey got some tattoos and #scars and can make a #mean #Grilled-Cheese.
  19. Hello, you sure got them big and juicy. Do you know how to twerk them?
  20. Hey would you be a spider lover? I guess you can make a long mummy legs.
  21. Would visit my pace for some hypnotique and #diet-sprite
  22. Hey, lovely hair you got. Wanna catch up on some cookie dough sometime?
  23. What are you on #MLK day? Wanna get wasted?
  24. Hey, would a band make you dance?
  25. Babe, you sure look sodalious. Are you a product of #coca-cola.
  26. Were you a chicken, you would look #impeccable.
  27. If asked I would rather use my awkwardness to seduce you than flirting with you.
  28. Hey you wanna come upstairs for a talk? I’ll show you the real difference between XXX and a simple talk.
  29. I’m gonna kiss right now. To stop me all you do is just say #KissMe.
  30. Are you still taking applications to your fan club?
  31. Hey you look pretty, I’m ugly. Wanna make kids who are average?
  32. Hey, please trade careful. I’d hate to be the one who got away.
  33. Honey you have almost everything but you just lacking one thing, my D**k between you’re a*s. wanna let me put mine there.
  34. Hey girl, wanna dance, or do return to hell again?
  35. I love your #web #Surfing stance it looks real good.
  36. Hey, I know your momma, she said I should say hi whenever I see you.
  37. Hey, could be that something unpleasant happened to you or just usually this ugly?
  38. You are more beautiful, that you’ll look good in a beer commercial.
  39. Hey wanna know my two greatest things? I love commitments and branding myself.
  40. Seriously, your sweating is that bad as common to fat babes.
  41. With such a beauty as yours, I can bet right now fart smells nice.
  42. I bet you got a wonderful personality.
  43. Can go out with a stranger? Then hi, I’m YouhTah.
  44. Hi, wanna dance? [No] its like you didn’t get me right…. I just made a comment that your pant makes you look real fart.
  45. Sure looks bright outta here or could be your halo?
  46. Wanna join the huge bawdiest wolf for a dance? No, its fine the last 2 #pigs also said no.
  47. It isn’t my thing to check out pretty ladies like this but for you I’m willing to make an exception.
  48. Hey, I’m sorry. I know I may never apologize enough and that’s was thinking what if you could give me digits so I can be calling you every morning to apologize.
  49. Not that I have a girlfie or something, but I have an idea of a lady who would get so mad if I say so.
  50. Did you just said #Polar-Bear?!! Hey, just needed to break the ice.
  51. Hi, is it still nice to stalk a person? You’ve been stalking me there for while.
  52. Hey, I can liken you to a large log of tree, I keep on #Falling over U.
  53. Your last name sure sounds lovely. Would let me have it?
  54. You seem like you really good in math. You really are beautiful in all angles.
  55. Hi, photography is my life and I have been searching for such a beauty as yours.
  56. Hey, I somehow refused a date once or twice I’m not sure but it must once coz I don’t repeat the same mistake more than once.
  57. Hey, would love to take you on date this Sat but I can’t because I will be having a headache this weekend. So what you say we get on it tonight?
  58. Hey, you really are super beautiful, I’m you are the one who took my share.
  59. I’m really shy to ask you out. Hey, let’s get out from this place. There I I just did.
  60. Hi, lovely I’m just so tired of having you in my dreams, wanna make it a reality?
  61. Wow! You have my #Heart running, it’s I just light a #McQueen.
  62. Don’t scare away honey, you got it all figured out, wanna kiss babe?
  63. Similar to DVDs from Netflix, I have been enhanced with #Fast-Play.
  64. You really have to be #Pumbaa? I really have nothing to worry about.
  65. Hey, I in dire need of your help, I’m so late for a date with you.
  66. Hi, I would love to talk, walk and be with you, honestly.
  67. Hey, I’ma be your 8th sexy dwarf.
  68. Would you trust me when I tell you that we won’t do something that you don’t want?
  69. Just as #Cheerios are good to my heart so are you.
  70. You wanna know what I find lovely? Its reading the first word of this sentence again.
  71. You are so rare to come by, would you be Waldo?
  72. Hey, here have this lime it has my number on it. Consider that my pickup-lime.
  73. I wanna wish a lovely ‘alentines day, if you come with me to my place I will give you the V.
  74. Would love to see my under pants in your bedroom?
  75. Could you be #David? Because surely it’s natural that you were #Crafted in Michelangelo hands.
  76. You wanna learn driving a Stick? I’m deeply dying to!
  77. Would you love a 1875 scotch? Get your lovely soft mussels to my house and I might just let you in my bar.
  78. Do I #feel #real to you?
  79. Would that be a #roll of #Quarters deep your pocket? They give the urge to have XXX you.
  80. Twinkling, twinkling stars, would you XXX me in my car?
  81. Hey handsome, I may never be close to #Ranpuzel but I’m willing to have you pull my hair.
  82. They say that we get destroyed with the stuffs we love most. Baby I wanna be so destructed right now.
  83. You wanna know a sad life? Imagine the D**k’s life, its hair is so unkept, the only family is #nuts, has a neighbor whose an A*shole, it’s only Bestie is a P**sy and how it’s owner treats it harshly at times. So sad yeah!
  84. Hi, would you make 68 and go hard on me, will surely owe you two if you do that.
  85. Hi, wanna know the BS I would only love in my life? That would be #Breakfirst and SXX.
  86. I just feel like bouncing on a wet P**sy for some hrs.
  87. Me in my bed and you in yours. I think between us two one is in the wrong place.
  88. Hey, guess something that is long when hard and has #C*m in it? Hell no way! Its Cu-cumber anyway I love your thinking.
  89. Hey,I have been coaching P**sy eaters for a long time now. Wanna know how the teacher would perform.
  90. Hey, I got this flu that would make you shake, ache, sweat, moan and groan till you scream your brains out aloud begging for it to stop, and it’s done with you it leaves you weak for days. Curious to know the truth?
  91. Hey, did you know that back in 90’s camels would come to the shore and lay eggs? Huh! Call me Corny…what might your beautiful name be?
  92. Hey, have you heard? Scientist say that it is now certain that eve ate the apple in Eden and that’s why it’s impossible for girls to choose what to eat while on a date because the last time they choose something to eat it F**ked up with the human race.
  93. Hey, have a super night and in any case I appear in your dreams, don’t forget I love it rough.
  94. Hi, is it really true that if you allow a M****rF*cker to slide, they begin thinking that it earned them a right to Ice-Skate?
  95. Call me #Nemo, I’m not scared to touch you’re a*s.
  96. Hey, did you know that the word P-U-S-S-Y mean Push Until She Screams?
  97. Hey, heard that are women are magicians, they Wet without #Water, Bleed without being #Injured and turn a #Boneless hard. True?
  98. Hi sister, I’m just unable to taste my lips, wanna help?
  99. The love I feel for you is like trying to share 0 with 10 it is just indefinite.
  100. Worry not I used to play #Tetris while I was a kid I will never miss.
  101. Hello, I just had a thought, I think life is just like a D**k, at times its down and another times it’s up but one thing for sure it can never be hard forever. I’m Allan
  102. Hey, wanna know something? I’m usually so soft on giving 2nd chances, I can give Seven or sometimes Eight just to realize how an idiot I am.
  103. Hey, I’m really grateful for the butterflies.
  104. Hi, I’m really not that good of romance and words but it would certainly make me very happy to see you every day.
  105. Darling, let’s run away from my dreams and actually be real.
  106. Hey, wanna join me in saving the #Unicorns race by making many kids together?
  107. Call me an appetizer, I will always come first.
  108. Hi, you wanna attend my trial next week. They are tryina take me to jail for neglecting an animal…#TheSickPython under my Zipper, wanna see it?
  109. Hi, it funny how it turned out we are such a match. Never thought would meet you again?
  110. Hey, were you a chick and me an egg, I still can’t stop wondering who would #Cum out first!
  111. Hey chick, glad to see you finally cumming out of your shells, it happens we could end up birds of the same feathers.
  112. Chick, you so pretty, would you mind us going out and ruffle out some feathers?
  113. Hi Sundra, did you know that if we remove the D from your name it become Sun-ra? Do you still want a #D?
  114. Hey, I think I’m your appendix because I’m just not interested in helping you do something really important than just yearning to burst inside you.
  115. Hey, I’d love it if you would just treat me like an ill organ in you and get me removed, baby!
  116. I once had fun but it was so awful, would want to transform my experience?
  117. Going all over town looking for someone to make keep me company. You really don’t want to keep me here for a lifetime.
  118. A saying that good guys always finish last because they are kind enough to ensure that their girls #cum first. What’s your take on that?
  119. Would those be #Softball pants you wearing? Coz girl! Your #butts are just way outta my league.
  120. My name is Thor, please be my magic hammer?
  121. Hey do have a #Virgina? Sorry, I’m Juma and what might your pretty name be?
  122. Hey, I hear niggas never measure seasons; they only sprinkle and shake till their ancestors’ spirit tell them that it’s enough? Crazy huh!
  123. Hey, you just blushed! It ain’t that bad after all they say that blushing easily and often is a sign of a good lover.
  124. Hey honey, I feel so miserable without you, it is almost as the same as when you are around.
  125. Hey, I never would kill anyone but I’d sure read my Exes obituary with so much pleasure. Hi, I’m….
  126. Hey, I don’t have enemies, but all my friends’ sure dislikes me, wanna help me out?
  127. Hey, just started working out because I would love to carry my future and make it a reality, you sure look like my future.
  128. Hi, I’m still single because your parents won’t allow you to have a boyfriend yet. Wanna present them a husband instead?
  129. Hey lady, you dead pretty! Recent studies show that we should be engaged by now.
  130. Hi honey, would go against the Eighth law of Moses if I would take away your heart?
  131. Hi, just like a chlorine smell, I will never go away from you.
  132. Hey, since you said you dislike small talks, should I text you using bold caps?
  133. If I had better skills as a thief I would plan to steal your heart, but since that can’t happen now about just a date and I will give you my heart.
  134. Hey, are you a dragon’s kid? Coz honey, you spitting fire like hell.
  135. Would you have taken a muscle strength portion, because you just haven’t stopped running in my mind all day long.
  136. Hey lovely, I’m sure falling in love with you comes with a whole lot of parks!
  137. Hi, I can’t help noticing your eyes, they are as #Flawless as an #Amethyst.
  138. Hey, everything in you is just#Magika.
  139. Hey, I just hope you love your things hot, because I’m#Pyromancer.
  140. If I would not have met you today, I would live my whole life as a celibate.
  141. Hey, what’s your strength? One handed or 2 handed?
  142. Hi #Sweetroll! I have just casted #Oak-flesh hope you know what I mean.
  143. Fuuss RrO DaaiiimnN Garl U Fyn!
  144. Hey, are the Good Book, coz honey, men just can’t stop misinterpreting you for their own gains.
  145. Hey, would you eat #Pound-Of-Bricks or a #Matter-Baby? Wanna know what I mean, why don’t we just go up my room and I will tell you?
  146. My favorite author would be Martin Harris; I mean without him we would still be having several pages between us.
  147. Would you be a #Dountless-Cake, I would love to eat you.
  148. I’m fonder of you than how I would be of a thousand little angels.
  149. Hey, do you know the first name of the guy in the tresh prince of bell air, the first letter after T, opposite of stop, opposite of length….i guess what I’m trying to say is will you go out width me?
  150. Hey, what if I take me with you in my flying car, go in the deepest of a thick forest, would you let me #Sly-ther-in?
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