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The very concept that a guy could use a one liner phrase powerful enough to get a lady to follow him home is very weird in itself. Below are some of the most weird pick up lines that guys have successfully used and got tremendous results not that they are funny or romantic but they are way too weird. Weird pick-up lines are sometimes result forthcoming but again they can land you into a big trouble. Hope you will like them.

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  1. Hey, you have such lovely eyes. I wonder could your dad have slept with a carrot to have you.
  2. Hi, I’m not bragging or something, but I saved a ladies life last night. She had swallowed a live meat 6-inch long; I had to pull it out to save her.
  3. Jeeez girl! You are damn hot, can I have your Gmail address?
  4. Hey, you make me remember my all-time crush. She died.
  5. Hey lovely, how does your sh*t look like?
  6. Do you know the all-time used pick-up line in a gay club? Can I push in your stool?
  7. Hey girl, see I now have so much room in my mouth for your tongue, just lost a few teeth.
  8. Among the things in my list is a umh…#weird Chick! You should know that if I fail to have it soon, I will not be allowed to pledge.
  9. From the day of my vasectomy, I have been having a slight depression.
  10. What could happen if I happen to jump on your back? Will you push me off?
  11. If you won’t allow me to buy a drink, at least allow me to repair your laptop?
  12. It would be my utmost joy if we could exchange body fluids with each other.
  13. I would gladly rough my b*lls on a glass that’s broken for a kilometer, and another kilometer over hot coal, only to chase a lorry that MIGHT be carrying your dirty underpants.
  14. My love, I would freely remove my two eyes off their sockets to create more holes in me that you can screw.
  15. Hey, can you speak English, ohm sure I see we have something in common.
  16. Hey, I have big lips, and so do you, lets kiss like never before.
  17. Honey, do you have any illness? Would you love some?
  18. Hey beb, could you please allow your hot #bu*ts over my shot glass.
  19. Would it bother you I stay here with for a while just until the conditions are favorable over at the place where I #farted?
  20. Are you on your monthly periods? Well, I have an idea on how tampons are inserted.
  21. Hey beautiful, can you loan me your lovely dress sometime?
  22. Hi, I have this movie I’m supposed to watch but my momma wouldn’t allow me to watch by myself.
  23. Missy, I would love to mention several orgasms after you.
  24. Do you really wanna know a thing that would look sexy on you? CRUTCHES.
  25. Hey, i wonder what you would do me looking you up and down.
  26. Hey, you are looking much more beautiful in reality than in dreams.
  27. It’s like I know you from a place, I’m sorry I just can’t tell when you in your clothes.
  28. Hey, would you mind me having a streak of hair? I would like to create your clone.
  29. Hey, I murdered your suitor, so I and you can live forever.
  30. You can call me BABY, because I would love to get into you for the coming nine months.
  31. Do you have TU-NIPS for a dollar?
  32. Hey, don’t be like that me and your daddy are pals.
  33. Honey, I would willingly suck gas out of your honey jar.
  34. Last I came across someone with a body like yours, I was putting it down to ground in my basement,
  35. Would you promise not to call the cops on me if I kiss you dirty *ss?
  36. You seem so intelligent for my damn lines, so I brought roofies.
  37. Hickish, dikish, dock, it is that moment where you swallow my D**k.
  38. I’m creating a porn video, how about you be the first one in my video?
  39. Looks like you ate a light bulb, girl! You so bright.
  40. Hi, got a house warming party coming up and I have only invited you.
  41. You wanna know how fast I am? Then call the cops.
  42. I would like to munch your s**t in bread.
  43. Allow me to lick your toes please; I have a disease called fetish feet.
  44. You wanna see the gift I bought you, it’s the CD I used the day I stopped being a virgin.
  45. Standing beside you makes me feel like Richard Gere next to lovely lady.
  46. I wouldn’t wanna be the person who would come between you….or would I?
  47. How do you wipe? Back to front or front to back?
  48. I find it so hard to concentrate while I’m with you because you drain all the blood to my boner.
  49. If ever I could turn to be anything, I would love to be the water you shower in.
  50. Honey, you might need help from the bomb squad, because in a moment you gonna have an explosion in your *ss.
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  1. A #TORNADO is coming, would mind taking shelter in my basement?
  2. Hey, I can smell you within that season, wanna breed?
  3. I wanna taste the sweetness of your tampon.
  4. I would mind making friends with your inside.
  5. I have a sharp object and a C**k, you can choose from the two which would go in you.
  6. My love for you spells like STALKER.
  7. While you are sleeping you got this cute smile on you.
  8. Go inside the van.
  9. Got very sick, the Doctor said to heal I should talk to you.
  10. You can only see your children on the condition that you do what I want.
  11. I do photography. It would be lovely if you’d appear in my first photo shoot.
  12. What do you think, can we F**k monkeys and rape their dead bodies?
  13. I wanna rip off your skin and put it on.
  14. Got a van in the parking lot that has a free candy, wanna see it?
  15. Hey, I just realized that every time I’m around you, some monster grows in me, known as “honey get inside my jeep” I really do hope that it won’t escape and I would have to run calling after it.
  16. You know the difference between a Lamborghini and boner, funny, I currently don’t have a Lamborghini.
  17. If I could, I would pull my B*lls against a broken window just to suck the D**k went inside you last night
  18. Hey, I love the kind of perfume you wearing. It just how ladies should smell.
  19. Would you want me wait for you in my Ferrari or would the closet suffice?
  20. Hey, my favorite food is P**sy how would you like me now?
  21. Wow love, it seems today you wished on a star because it is your lucky day.
  22. Are you a fan for rainbows? You can sure have a taste of my rainbow any time you like.
  23. Hi, would you mind us having S*x? Oh no! Are you disappointed? Okay RAPE it would be.
  24. Honey, if ever you were yellow pages, I would spread all my fingers on you.
  25. Hey, I heard that at times weird is charming, so what about giving me some bonus points for making the subject salivate.
  26. You’re a*s is way outta this world; they can work perfectly in a Star Trek Convention.
  27. Were you my sister, I wouldn’t mind incest.
  28. Hey, pals placed a bet that you can’t take off your top in public, feel like eating their money.
  29. Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! Honest comment. You got lovely teeth.
  30. 2009, you wanna have look at my Larry Bird Baseball collection?
  31. You got plans tonight? Would you mind a Bible study?
  32. Did you know? All those crop circles in England are thanks to me.
  33. Looking terribly delicious, would you mind a lick.
  34. Would you be my Christmas gift, I would make it my yearly goal to unwrap you.
  35. Hey you sure look like a cigarette, whoa! You have a hot #butt.
  36. Your B*tts are more like a North Star, it can be wise for men to follow.
  37. Hey honey, not to brag but I think I’m the best chess player ever. Don’t be surprised it is because I’m making a move on you.
  38. Banging a pen on a desk…”honey I’m great at banging”
  39. Hi love, would you agree that dudes who keep on picking ladies on FB are pathetic, if you in agreement please text me your number and we can chat more about it.
  40. Hey, would you like to get wounded up with me just this earphones in my pocket.
  41. Could you be a limp doctor? I feel stiff.
  42. Were you a pony carousel in front of a store? I would ride on you for the whole day only for a dime.
  43. Would care for construction skills? I would love to show you the real screw.
  44. Baby, you so perfect that once I thought you were a fictional character.
  45. You just so F-I-Ne. I think you are constituted of #Fluorine. #Iodine. #Neon.
  46. Honey, I will make it easy for you, just Blink if you like me.
  47. You sure like my backyard; I would really love to dig you up.
  48. Seems like you are searching for a lover, nice I’m a keeper.
  49. I would love to come forward and say I visually enjoy you.
  50. I wanna be your afternoon coffee, would love to sooth you the whole afternoon.
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