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121 Interesting Jeopardy Questions And Answers- Best List

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Jeopardy is a game with unique style, where participants are given clue in form of answers, and are expected to provide the corresponding questions. Participants must possess great mentality to get on the show, where the questions can be difficult even for the smartest person in the show. The show involves several topics ranging from history, popular culture, to science and literature. Jeopardy is more interesting for its mind juggling questions that tests the participant’s quick thinking and knowledge. Here are some jeopardy questions and answers that can help one prepare for the real game. Also check Interesting Jeopardy Trivia Questions

Best Jeopardy questions and answers

  1. Name the first woman to win a Nobel Prize: Marie Curie
  2. Name the largest animal in the world: The blue whale
  3. Name the capital city of Australia: Canberra
  4. Name the smallest country in the world: Vatican City
  5. Name the sculpture in New York City that depicts a woman holding a touch: The Statue of Liberty
  6. Name the largest desert in Northern America: The Great Basin Desert
  7. Name the largest desert in the world: The Sahara
  8. Name the capital city of Portugal: Lisbon
  9. Name the first person to Circumnavigate the world: Ferdinand Magellan
  10. Name the Microsoft founder: Bill Gates
  11. Name the largest planet in the solar system: Jupiter
  12. Name the painter of the famous Last Supper artwork: Leonardo da Vinci
  13. Name the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  14. Name the currency used in Japan: The yen
  15. Name the artist of the “Water Lilies” PAINTING: Claude Monet
  16. Name the person that invented the telephone: Alexander Graham Bell
  17. Name the smallest continent: Australia
  18. Name the first president of USA: George Washington
  19. Name the highest mountain in Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro
  20. Name the famous palace in France that was the home of French Kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI: The palace of Versailles
  21. Name the French queen who was executed in the French revolution: Marie Antoinette
  22. Name the famous Greek Philosopher who taught Alexander the Great: Aristotle
  23. Name the largest ocean in the world: The Pacific Ocean
  24. Name the famous island in the pacific used as a nuclear testing site during the Cold war: Bikini Atoll
  25. Name the British prime minister that led his country through the world war II: Winston Churchill
  26. Name the largest island in the Mediterranean sea: Sicily
  27. Name the smallest unit of measurement in the metric system: A millimeter
  28. Name the process by which water evaporates from the earth surface to become gas in the atmosphere: Evaporation
  29. Name a street in Hollywood famous for its movie landmarks and studios: Hollywood Boulevard
  30. Name the painter of the “Starry Night” artwork: Vincent Van Gogh
  31. Name the artist of the “Las Meninas” painting: Diego Velazquez
  32. Name the artist of “The Pieta” sculpture: Michelangelo
  33. Name the author of “The Great Gatsby” novel: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  34. Name the largest lake in Africa: Lake Victoria
  35. Name a famous castle in Scotland that people say is haunted by ghosts: Edinburgh Castle
  36. Name the famous waterfall found on the border of the US and Canada: Niagara Falls
  37. Name the famous painter of “The Mona Lisa” artwork: Leonardo da Vinci
  38. Name a famous river considered to be the cradle of the Chinese civilization: The Yellow River
  39. Name the longest river in the world: The Nile
  40. Name the famous suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate in San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge
  41. Name a famous battle in which the Duke of wellington defeated Napoleon: The Battle of waterloo
  42. Name the author of the “Heart of Darkness” novel: Joseph Conrad
  43. Name the first artificial satellite launched into space: Sputnik 1
  44. Name the author of The Lord of the Rings: J.R.R. Tolkien
  45. Name the painter of “The persistence of Memory” artwork: Salvador Dali
  46. Name the longest bone in the human body: The Femur
  47. Name a famous island prison where many political prisoners such as Nelson Mandela were imprisoned: Robben Island
  48. Name the famous river in Egypt that aided the development of the Ancient Egyptian civilization: The Nile River
  49. Name the artist of “The Night Watch” painting: Rembrandt
  50. Name a famous mountain range that runs through eastern USA: The Appalachian Mountains
  51. Name the author of “war and Peace”: Leo Tolstoy
  52. Name the famous artist of the “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” painting: Pablo Picasso
  53. Name the artist of “The Kiss” painting: Gustav Klimt
  54. Name the fictional detective created by Arthur Cannon Doyle: Sherlock Holmes
  55. Name the American president who signed the Emancipation proclamation that freed slaves in the USA: Abraham Lincoln
  56. Name the artist of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” sculpture: Oscar Wilde
  57. Name the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy: photosynthesis
  58. Name the process by which rocks are broken down into small pieces: weathering
  59. Name the author of the “Moby-Dick” novel: Herman Melville
  60. Name the author of “The Sun also Rises” novel: Ernest Hemingway
  61. Name the British band that released the “Dark side of the mood” album: Pink Floyd
  62. Name the first man to walk on the moon: Neil Armstrong
  63. Name the artist of the “The Birth of Venus” painting: Sandro Botticelli
  64. Name he author of Pride and prejudice: Jane Austen
  65. Name the famous battle that led to the English defeating the Spanish Armada: The Battle of Gravelines
  66. Name the artist of “The Venus de Milo” sculpture: Alexandros of Antioch
  67. Name the largest state in the USA: Alaska
  68. Name the author of “1984” the novel: George Orwell
  69. Name the author of “Jane Eyre” novel: Charlotte Bronte
  70. Name the longest river in the European Union found in Germany: The Danube
  71. Name a famous mountain range that passes through France and Spain: The Pyrenees
  72. Name the artist of “The David” sculpture: Donatello
  73. Name the artist of the “American Gothic” painting: Grant wood
  74. Name a famous canal that connects pacific oceans and the Atlantic: The Panama Canal
  75. Name the author of “Brave New World” novel: Aldous Huxley
  76. Name the author of “The Iliad” novel: Homer
  77. Name the famous tower in Paris, France: The Eiffel Tower
  78. Name of the famous lighthouse in Egypt that was viewed as one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world: The Lighthouse of Alexandria
  79. Name the famous play about two star-crossed lovers by William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
  80. Name the author of “The Catcher in the Rye”: J.D. Salinger
  81. Name the artist/painter of “The Scream” painting: Edvard Munch
  82. Name a famous park in New York City that has many cultural institutions and museums: The Central Park
  83. Name the famous mountain range that runs through western US: The Rocky Mountains
  84. Name the famous waterfall found in Zimbabwe and Zambia that is among the seven natural wonders of the world: Victoria Falls
  85. Name the longest river in Europe: The Volga
  86. Name a popular Island in the Mediterranean famous for tourist attraction/destination: Ibiza
  87. Name the building in New York City that was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001: The World Trade Center
  88. Name a palace in Spain that was the home of the Spanish Monarchs from the 16th to 20th century: The Royal Palace of Madrid
  89. Name the Spanish artist that painted the “Guernica” painting: Pablo Picasso
  90. Name the artist of the famous “Statue of Liberty” sculpture: Frederic Auguste Bartholdi
  91. Name a famous city in Italy that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in AD 79: Pompeii
  92. Name a mountain in Japan that has an active volcano: Mount Fuji
  93. Name the largest by volume waterfall in South America: Angel Falls
  94. Name the Third longest river in the world found in China: The Yangtze
  95. Name the artist of “The Ecstasy of St. Teresa” sculpture: Gian Lorenzo
  96. Name the artist of the famous “David” sculpture: Michelangelo
  97. Name the famous national park in the US that hosts the Old Faithful: Yellowstone National Park
  98. Name a famous temple found in Jerusalem that was destroyed and rebuilt twice: The Temple of Solomon
  99. Name the famous artist of “The Arnolfini Portrait” Painting: Jan Van Eyck
  100. Name the name of the novel by Joseph Conrad that is talks about a sailor”s journey up the Congo river: Heart of Darkness
  101. Name the Germany castle that inspired the Disney castle: Neuschwanstein Castle
  102. Name the temple in Thailand that hosts the Emerald Buddha: Wt Phra Kaew
  103. Name the world’s second longest river found in South America: The Amazon
  104. Name the famous Greek epic poem about the Trojan War: The Iliad
  105. Name the artist of the “Whistler’s Mother” painting: James McNeil Whistler
  106. Name the first prime minister of the United Kingdom: Margaret Thatcher
  107. Name the city in Egypt that hosts the Great Pyramid of Giza: Cairo
  108. Name the Indian palace that was the home of the Mughal emperors from the 16th to 19th century: The Taj Mahal
  109. Name the famous archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean that acts as an overseas territory of the UK: The Falkland Islands
  110. Name the famous artist of the “The Thinker” sculpture: Auguste Rodin
  111. Name the famous Italian city that is the home of gondolas and canals: Venice
  112. Name a famous river in India considered Holy by the Hindus: The Ganges
  113. Name the sacred rock formation in Australia known by the Aboriginal people: Uluru, also formerly called Ayers Rock
  114. Name the Paris museum where the “Mona Lisa” is kept: The Louvre
  115. Name a famous building in Rome that symbolizes the power of the Roman empire: The Colosseum
  116. Name the famous island in New York where the Statue of Liberty is kept: Liberty Island
  117. Name the famous building in Paris where the Louvre Museum is found: The Louvre Pyramid
  118. Name the famous Greek philosopher who was the teacher of Aristotle and a student of Socrates: Plato
  119. Name the famous painting by Michelangelo that shows God giving life to Adam: The Creation of Adam
  120. Name the composer of the “Moonlight Sonata”: Ludwig van Beethoven
  121. Name a famous bridge in San Francisco that connects the city to Marin County: The Golden Gate Bridge

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