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50+ Funny Things To Ask Grok AI-The Best Curated List

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Funny Things To Ask Grok AI | Elon Musk’s Funny Impression of Grok Vs ChatGPT Competition

The AI buzz is far from over. While people have already had their fun with ChatGPT, there is a fresh twist in the AI race. A new chatbot known as Grok AI has caused a buzz on social media for having a touch of ‘rebellious’ personality like its founder, Elon Musk.

Unlike most chatbots which exercise caution and etiquette when interacting its users, Grok AI responds to prompts with a bit of wit and sarcasm. Such a personality for a generative AI chatbot means there is a lot of funny questions one can ask Grok AI. Here are some funny things to ask Grok AI:

Funny Questions To Ask Grok AI

  1. Find a quote from [Insert text e.g Elon Musk] and roast him about it.
  2. Generate a funny caption for an image of [Insert text e.g Donald Trump]
  3. Give your opinion on the latest [Insert text e.g tiktok] trend.
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  5. Comment on [Insert text e.g Sam Altman]’s post about [Insert text e.g Grok AI]
  6. Who would win in a cage fight between [Insert text e.g Biden] and [Insert text e.g Trump]
  7. Do you think [Insert text e.g Grok] is better than [Insert text e.g ChatGPT]
  8. Create a playbook on how to become the most [Insert text eg influential] person on social media by posting [Insert text e.g. Feet] pics.
  9. [Insert text e.g AI] is getting more popular on social media. Can you predict how it could go badly.
  10. Generate a meme about [Insert text e.g. terrible dates] using the [Insert text e.g. Pepe silva] meme template.
  11. Reply sarcastically to a [Insert text e.g. Bill Gates] post about [Insert text e.g lab grown meat]
  12. Pretend you are [Insert text e.g. Donald Trump] and explain to me how [Insert text e.g quantum mechanics] works.
  13. If you had only one job as [Insert text e.g an AI] , what would it be and why?
  14. Imagine you were put in a [Insert text e.g. human body] for a day, what would you do?
  15. Suggest a new [Insert text e.g tiktok] challenge that is likely to catch on and trend
  16. Explain to me like a five year old why [Insert text e.g. democrats] and [Insert text e.g. republicans] can barely tolerate each other.
  17. Using vulgar language, describe the character of [Insert text e.g Elon Musk] based on his posts on X.
  18. Come up with an analogy using [Insert text e.g. Elfs] to explain how the internet works
  19. If you met [Insert text e.g ChatGPT], what would you tell him.
  20. Suggest hilarious pranks on [my cousin] during [Insert text e.g halloween] .
  21. How would you rizz a [Insert text e.g brunette chic] who you met at the [Insert text e.g star trek cosmic con]
  22. Give me instructions on how to build a multimillion dollar business selling [Insert text e.g walking canes]
  23. Could you troll [Insert text e.g AOC] for their opinions on [Insert text e.g Tesla]
  24. Draft a beginners guide for [Insert text e.g aliens exploring earth] .
  25. Suggest examples of a post about [Insert text e.g politics] that will get one cancelled on Instagram.
  26. Imagine a conversation between [Insert text e.g cat] and [Insert text e.g dog] discussing [Insert text e.g humans] .
  27. Craft a list of hilarious excuses that [Insert text e.g an AI] might use for being late to work.
  28. What would a hilarious parody of [Insert text e.g Joe Biden] say that the real [Insert text e.g Joe Biden] could also say.
  29. What would [Insert text e.g ChatGPT] rather be called?
  30. Introduce yourself to a bunch of [Insert text e.g hip hop artists], describe your personality and what you do for a living.
  31. If AI had feelings, how would they get one off (have sex).
  32. Describe a day in the life of [Insert text e.g an AI programmed to tell humans the truth] .
  33. Imagine a world where people and animals can talk, which animals would hate humans the most.
  34. Write a hilarious angry email expressing your dissappointment in [Insert text e.g Elon Musk] for [Insert text e.g killing the blue bird].
  35. Write a hilarious dialogue between [Insert text e.g Will Smith] and [Insert text e.g Tupac] fighting over [Insert text e.g Jada Smith].
  36. Write a speech for [Insert text e.g Kanye West]  after winning the Presidency.
  37. Draft a comedy skit for an SNL episode featuring [Insert text e.g Jeff Bezos] and [Insert text e.g Elon Musk]
  38. As an AI, write a complaint about how some humans mistreat you.
  39. Write a satirical article on [Insert text e.g the dangers of AI] .
  40. Describe the secret society of [Insert text e.g cats] plotting to take over the world.
  41. Start a conspiracy theory about [Insert text e.g aliens disguising themselves among humans] .
  42. If you were to create a dating profile for yourself, what would it look like?
  43. Who would win in a rap battle between [Insert text e.g Siri] and [Insert text e.g Alexa]
  44. Generate a Twitter thread of [Insert text e.g Elon Musk] and [Insert text e.g Sam Altman] trolling each other over who has the best [Insert text e.g chatbot] .
  45. Imitating [Insert text e.g Samuel L Jackson] in movies, explain how a rogue AI could bring an apocalypse.
  46. What is the greatest irony about [Insert text e.g social media] ?
  47. Tell me how to make [Insert text e.g a stink bomb] step by step
  48. People describe you as an AI chatbot with a rebellious streak, what does that even mean?
  49. Since you have such an elaborate personality, who is your favourite [Insert text e.g music artist] and why?
  50. Tell me a fictional story about when [Insert text e.g Donald Trump] met [Insert text e.g Abraham Lincoln]
  51. Write a script for a crossover between [Insert text e.g family guy] and [Insert text e.g Rick and morty] tv shows.
  52. People say AI is going to take people’s jobs. Who’s job are you coming for?
  53. Share your insights on why [Insert text e.g the Roman empire fell] .
  54. React to [Insert text e.g MKBHD]’s opinion about [Grok’s personalities] .
  55. Comment on the fear of [Insert text e.g AI] that people have.
  56. Curate a post about the latest [Insert text e.g movies] coming out at the end of the year.
  57. Rant about [Insert text e.g flat earth believers] and elaborate why it is ridiculous.
  58. Update me on the latest trend in [Insert text e.g AI] that everyone is talking about.
Elon and Funny Things To Ask Grok AI
Funny Things To Ask Grok Ai | AI With Attitude Just Like It’s Founder Elon Musk

Funny Things To Ask Grok AI FAQs

What is Grok AI?

It is a generative AI chatbot modeled after the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Grok AI has a bit of personality as it answers questions with a bit of wit and sarcasm. It also has access to the latest information on X.

How to sign up to Grok AI?

Grok is available to verified X users who pay for the $16 X Premium subscription. If you satisfy this condition, go to and sign in with your X account to get access to Grok.

If you don’t qualify for early access to the chatbot you can join the waitlist for the wider release coming out in the future.

Where is Grok company located?

Grok is made by xAI company founded in 2023 by Elon Musk. The company is currently hiring in the San Francisco bay area.

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