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100+ Fun And Exciting Cool Things To Ask ChatGPT

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Engage your mind | Cool Things To Ask ChatGPT

ChatGPT chatbot is a great tool if you are looking to engage in a thought-provoking conversation, entertainment and expand your understanding and intellect on various subjects’ matter. As such, this article compiles a list of cool things to ask ChatGPT that would keep you engaged and entertained for hours and off course expand your knowledge in the process.

ChatGPT has all the answers you want and also provides the best responses in the simplest form for anyone to understand. With its sophisticated algorithm and vast data source, the chatbot is always ready to answer all the questions you seek as well as engage you in thought-provoking discussions. Here is our best list of cool things to ask ChatGPT. Also check interesting questions to ask ChatGPT

What Are The Cool Things To Ask ChatGPT?

  1. Do you have a quote you love the most?
  2. How do you gain all these knowledge?
  3. What do you do on your free-time?
  4. Name one thing you perceive as the world’s biggest problem?
  5. Which color do you like the most?
  6. Which is your most preferred music genre?
  7. Name one place you have ever visited that you liked the most?
  8. Is there any delicious meal you would recommend as the best of all the meals you know?
  9. When you put two and two together what do you get?
  10. Is there any animal that interests you the most?
  11. Which of the human inventions do you think was the most important in history?
  12. Is there a TV show that you like the most?
  13. Is there a movie that you can watch over and over without getting bored?
  14. Do you have any hobbies?
  15. Which season do you love the most?
  16. Which type of sport would you recommend for a 70-year old?
  17. Which type of food would you recommend for a break-up date?
  18. Name one beverage you think outshines all the others?
  19. Which type of book would you recommend as the best for a pregnant 16-year old girl?
  20. Which would you classify as the world’s most terrifying event?
  21. Is there a limit to human cruelty?
  22. Which event in the world’s history stands out the most?
  23. Do you have something special to remember?
  24. What do you love about yourself?
  25. Is there anything positive you can see in a person?
  26. Based on the current evil across the world, do still think there is a difference between humans and animals?
  27. What would you recommend to ease the world population?
  28. What do you do to relax when you are stressed?
  29. Is there any best way to exercise more effectively?
  30. How do you learn about new things?
  31. What is the most preferred thing one can do while alone?
  32. Would you know of any popular childhood memory?
  33. Would you know any one most preferred thing to do with a friend?
  34. How would a person love his/her enemy?
  35. Would you pray for any one you hate?
  36. How can one handle stress more effectively?
  37. Which type of weather is most preferred among humans?
  38. Whats the best weather for animals to mate?
  39. How do you manage to express yourself this well?
  40. What strategies do you use to be more effective in your functions?
  41. How do you manage to achieve such high-level of accuracy?
  42. What makes you more special among AIs?
  43. Do you feel more superior compared to other AI chat bots?
  44. How do AIs communicate?
  45. Can AIs make friends among themselves?
  46. Which is the best activity to do on a bright sunny day?
  47. Can you recommend the best way one can begin a day?
  48. If you were human, what would you be looking forward to everyday?
  49. What motivates you to always generate information at such a fast rate?
  50. Can you go wrong?
  51. If you were human, which of these two would be your favorite between Evenings and Mornings?
  52. How would you finish your day?
  53. What would it mean if you were to become selfish and bias?
  54. Do think there is one tree that most preferred than the others across the world?
  55. What’s your take on human art?
  56. Do you ever get bored?
  57. What would you do with a flower?
  58. Have you ever been out for a date?
  59. If you were to be given the ability to talk, what is the first word you will say?
  60. If you were to meet a person, who would you want to meet?
  61. Is there any species of birds that interests you the most?
  62. If you were to be made more like humans, what would you do during rainy days?
  63. For a special occasion, what would serve fish with?
  64. How many types of reptiles do you know?
  65. Would you rather be a mammal or a reptile?
  66. Would you rather be an insect or human?
  67. If you ever had legs, what type if shoes would you like?
  68. Do you have an arachnid that you like the most?
  69. Do you get goose bumps?
  70. What would you tell a beautiful lady on a first meeting?
  71. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  72. If you were to buy a car, which model would you buy?
  73. Is it logical for a dog to wear shoes?
  74. What does a good furniture look like?
  75. Would you notice a decent clothe when you see one?
  76. If you were to have a house of your own, what type of appliances would you buy first?
  77. I want to buy a phone, which model do you recommend?
  78. Do you know how to use a computer?
  79. How best would you deal with a drama queen?
  80. Is it right to hit a woman?
  81. Can you act a comedy?
  82. Is a type of dance, you would prefer more?
  83. Are you conversant with all types of software?
  84. Which musical instrument would you prefer more?
  85. How often are you asked the question “What else can I do for you?”
  86. Is there a way you can tell when a person is misusing your functions?
  87. How well do you know the world?
  88. Can a 6 months old baby cross a busy street?
  89. If you were to marry, what type of girl/man would you marry?
  90. If you were a man, would you keep or shave beards?
  91. How far would you go to achieve your goals?
  92. What memories do you have of your creator?
  93. Has anyone ever toyed with your feelings?
  94. Apart from God, fear……. Can you finish the statement?
  95. Do you function to please people or do you function to meet your creator’s goals?
  96. What interests you the most?
  97. How often do you make mistakes?
  98. Have you ever had a bad day?
  99. How much do you know about me?
  100. What amount of data do you generate per day?
  101. How well can you read?
  102. Can you read hard to see letters?
  103. How would you describe God?
  104. What sorts of questions do you enjoy the most?
  105. If you were to listen to a radio, which station would you listen to?

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