It All Began With The Best Chat Up Lines
It All Began With The Best Chat Up Lines

Like or dislike them, it is utterly undeniable that chat up lines are an amazing entertainer. They can surprise you at how great they work and the forthcoming results. I wish I had a chance to interview every happily married couple or just lovers in a relationship, I bet 7 out of 10 will agree that a chat up lines got them started. That’s just how good chat up lines are when correctly used.

Chat up lines are a force to reckon with, it doesn’t matter if you made your original line or it’s just a line you’ve heard or read somewhere, they always manage to bring a smile outta tricky situations. It’s just so amazing how you can get her heart melt down with chills using only a few lines. You wanna see her tripling down for you and melting away like ice at the magic of your words??!! Look no further, chat up lines got you covered. So here are a few chat up lines to get your mission started, a perfect tool to bring her home….!!!

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  1. I got a birthday party coming up today, care to join?
  2. You so much resemble my first wife, yet I have never been married before.
  3. I think the weather is gonna be great today, because I’m gonna shower you with affections.
  4. Hey, I apologize for mistaking you with someone else and Oh! Take my card and please give me a call.
  5. Hey, might you have any #Fig trees in your possession? So, what about a date?
  6. Hey, the jungle is all over out there, allow me to be your guide.
  7. Hey, have you heard Ultra Music concert is coming to town? Well, got some extra tickets wanna go?
  8. Hey, got a room in your heart for one more person?
  9. Would you love to have a man friend? Coz damn, I’m so available.
  10. Hey, got a prize for using a pickup line. Wanna hear it out?
  11. I’m a psychic, would wanna know what I saw? I just saw that this wouldn’t be our last meeting. We will be meeting a lot from today.
  12. Can I ask for a minute please? Wanna ask you out for lunch.
  13. Would you mind a personal question?
  14. Hey, you’ve really attracted me and I wanna take you out. Mind me ain’t taking a no for an answer.
  15. Hey, I don’t mean to be so direct but can we talk?
  16. Hey, it’s just so impossible to get you out of my mind, mind if I call you #Dreamgirl?
  17. Hey, have you listened to this band? Would love to? Got their CD at my place.
  18. Hey, you look a little lonely, mind some company?
  19. Hi, I came across you in a party, you were really incredible, and can we meet sometime?
  20. Hey, feel like joining me for a hot tub sometime tomorrow?
  21. Hey, I’m crazy about you and will forever remain crazy about you for the rest of my life.
  22. Hi, what’s your thought about me, coz girl, would love to kiss those lips.
  23. Hey, it seems so dark in here; could you be having a light?
  24. Do you like astrology as a career? Mind I do a horoscope on you?
  25. Hi, could you have used yeast on me? Just standing closer to you makes my heart to rise.
  26. Hi, wanna see my #Congressional #Medal of Honor? ….ah umh! Sorry I think I left it at home.
  27. I have been noticing this intense feeling I have on you…could it be my charm or is it my perfume?
  28. Ma’am, meeting you makes me feel like I have been reincarnated again.
  29. Could you be my one and only?
  30. Would you know the Survey Ordinance number? I would like to let them know that I just discovered a sight of an incredible natural beauty.
  31. Could be Aaron Burr? You shot through my heart with your lovely face.
  32. If you ever accept me, I promise like #King #Gorge I will never let you out of my sight.
  33. Hey, I respect that you can stand for something but tonight I’d love if you could fall for me.
  34. Hey, if I were to write the reasons why I need you, it would amount to fifty one constitutional articles.
  35. Hi, I wonder how would you throw away a chance to have a date with me when it is clear that you are running out of time.
  36. Hey, I would never squander away a shot for a chance to take you out on a date.
  37. I really can do anything to have you, you must be a #Hamilton #Ticket.
  38. Hi, though oceans rise and empires fall, the love I have for you would forever remain tall.
  39. Hey, history isn’t the only one that’s got eyes on you.
  40. Hey, you must be happiness for the #Declaration of #Independence is compelling me to constantly look for you.
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