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How To Write An Engaging Email- 31 Gmail Help Me Write Prompts

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Write like a pro | Gmail Help Me Write Prompts

Gmail’s ‘Help me Write’ AI is a useful tool that eases the burden of writing and responding to emails. It generates email drafts on any subject in mere seconds. However, in order to get a proper response that satisfies your exact needs, you must use prompts that are simple, clear and precise.

This article will show you the different types of prompts that can be useful when drafting emails using the ‘Help me Write’ AI tool. These prompts will save you time and get you accurate results. We will classify them into prompts for formal emails, prompts for casual emails and prompts for friendly emails.

What are the Best Gmail Help Me Write Prompts?

Below are some of the best prompts you can use to write engaging emails. Have fun!

11 Prompts For Formal Emails

  1. Write a cover letter for a job application for a role as [Insert text e.g. an accountant] at [Insert text e.g. an insurance firm]. Include my previous experience working with [Insert text e.g. SMEs].
  2. Generate a request for an interview at a [Insert text e.g. sales marketing] firm. Express my enthusiasm for the role.
  3. Draft a resignation letter from the role of a [Insert text e.g. risk manager]. My reasons are [Insert text e.g. the need to dedicate more time to my family].
  4. Generate an invitation for a meeting to discuss [Insert text e.g. the quarterly report]. Address it to [Insert text e.g. all departments].
  5. Write a business proposal for [Insert text e.g. supplying home wifi internet to residents in remote areas]. The proposal should highlight the importance of [Insert text e.g. having internet in rural communicate].
  6. Request for a follow up on the progress of [Insert text e.g. deploying new database tools]. Ask for [Insert text e.g. elaborate] details and if [Insert text e.g. everything is on schedule].
  7. Write to request for [Insert text e.g. expenditure] records for the [Insert text e.g. research department].
  8. Draft a complaint to express concern on [Insert text e.g. the delay of delivery of office supplies]. State that this has [Insert text e.g. led to inconvenience] and [Insert text e.g. could lead to business losses]
  9. Draft an introduction for approaching a potential [Insert text e.g. real estate] client. Express my eagerness to do business with them.
  10. Draft an announcement of [Insert text e.g. the AGM] that will take place next month. It will be held at the [Insert text e.g. Sarova Hotel] starting from [Insert text e.g. 10a.m].
  11. Draft a confirmation of appointment letter to the [Insert text e.g. senior manager] accepting appointment to the role of a [Insert text e.g. risk analyst].

10 Prompts for Casual Emails

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Make it friendly | Prompts for Casual Emails
  1. Draft an invitation to [Insert text e.g. the end of year party] for [Insert text e.g. the company employees]. Express [Insert text e.g. gratitude] and the need to [Insert text e.g. celebrate after a record breaking year].
  2. Write a thank you note to [Insert text e.g. my uncle] expressing gratitude for [Insert text e.g. the gift he sent for my birthday]. Tell him that I’m eager to [Insert text e.g. visit him abroad next year].
  3. Write to a former colleague asking to catch up on [Insert text e.g. the latest developments in his career]. Discuss the possibility of [Insert text e.g. cooperation in a new project].
  4. Draft an inquiry for a job as a [Insert text e.g. Java script developer] at [Insert text e.g. an upcoming mobility startup]. Highlight my passion for [Insert text e.g. what they do] and the readiness to [Insert text e.g. help participate in a growing startup].
  5. Generate an email to share exciting news with [Insert text e.g. a coworker] on [Insert text e.g. breaking sales records].
  6. Draft an email to coordinate [Insert text e.g. security arrangements] with [Insert text e.g. tenants in my apartment block]. Highlight the need for [Insert text e.g. proper security as the apartments occupancy increases].
  7. Draft a congratulation note to [Insert text e.g. an employee] who just [Insert text e.g. welcomed her first born son].
  8. Create an email to share [Insert text e.g. a chicken] recipe with a colleague who was [Insert text e.g. tantalized] by my cooking
  9. Draft a schedule for a meeting to review [Insert text e.g. sales performance] and discuss [Insert text e.g. new strategies].
  10. Generate a notice to [Insert text e.g. clients] wishing them [Insert text e.g. a happy holiday].

10 Prompts for friendly emails

  1. Write to [Insert text e.g. my relatives] to welcome them to attend a [Insert text e.g. baby shower] at my place. Tell them I look forward to [Insert text e.g. welcoming new members of the family].
  2. Draft an email to share my plan for [Insert text e.g. hiking] addressed to our [Insert text e.g. local hikers] club members.
  3. Generate an email to request for a play date for the [Insert text e.g. neighbors] kids with [Insert text e.g. my kids]. State that they are ready to make friends with [Insert text e.g. their new neighbors].
  4. Write to support [Insert text e.g. a friend] in their upcoming [Insert text e.g. chess] tournament. Express faith in [Insert text e.g. how good they are] and their ability to [Insert text e.g. crush opponents]
  5. Draft an email to congratulate [Insert text e.g. my former classmates] on [Insert text e.g. their wedding]. Tell them [Insert text e.g. its about time to settle down an have some kids].
  6. Write to share [Insert text e.g. my career] accomplishments with my special [Insert text e.g. former high school teacher]. Express gratitude for their support during that period.
  7. Draft an invitation for [Insert text e.g. our new neighbors] to the [Insert text e.g. monthly neighborhood game night]. Tell them we are eager for them to be a part of this practice.
  8. Write an email to share photos with [Insert text e.g. new] friends I made at the [Insert text e.g. local color] festival. Inform them I look forward to [Insert text e.g. having drinks with them again].
  9. Write to share [Insert text e.g. fitness] tips with a [Insert text e.g. neighbor] who aims to [Insert text e.g. lose some weight]. Recommend [Insert text e.g. swimming sessions] and offer encouragement.
  10. Draft an email to [Insert text e.g. my neighbors] asking for them to participate in [Insert text e.g. the upcoming marathon]. Tell them that we spice things up by[Insert text e.g. placing bets on who runs the farthest].

These are the just some examples of prompts you can use to generate common emails. Using these prompts will help generate concise emails with speed and ease.


Can AI completely replace human input in email writing?

While AI can assist in various email writing, it cannot completely replace human input. It is essential to maintain a balance between AI-generated suggestions and your unique writing style to ensure authenticity and personalization in your emails.

Are AI-powered email writing tools expensive?

The cost of AI-powered email writing tools varies depending on the features and functionalities offered. Some tools offer free versions with limited features, while others have premium subscriptions. Evaluate your budget and requirements to choose a tool that fits your needs.

Can AI help in writing emails in multiple languages?

Yes, many AI-powered email writing tools support multiple languages. If you communicate in different languages, choose a tool that offers multi-language support to enhance your email writing efficiency.

How can AI improve email campaign performance?

AI can improve email campaign performance by optimizing subject lines, analyzing recipient behavior, and providing insights on the best time to send emails. By leveraging AI analytics, you can refine your email strategy and achieve better engagement and conversion rates.

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