200+ Worst Pick Up Lines You’ll Ever Hear

Worst pick up lines
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It might be the most difficult thing to do on earth: coming up with the right words to tell that special person to get them into your hands under a beautiful sundown.The most easy thing to do is perhaps to start harassing every girl or man you meet until one of them pities you enough to agree into dating you, I’m also not sure if that works. Effectively you can just use a killer punch line that will sweep them down their feet and leave them wondering how they have been surviving alone before you came. You may wonder how this works. Well, it sometimes doesn’t but there is no harm in just giving that lady or man some nice pick up lines and see how that goes. Sometimes you may just want to flirt a little or just a one night stand with him/her, then sl*tty or worst pick up lines are the way to go. They are dirty and sometimes may sound harsh so you need to be bold and brave, have in mind “fortune favors only the brave”. Worst pick up lines are most suitable when you want them in your couch, bedroom and/or bed or when you just want to tease him/her.

Worst Pick Up lines-Use at your own risk!

  1. You stinking Sh*t! Let’s take a bath together.
  2. Got a puzzle for you; “something big, when you pet it, it spits”
  3. You wanna know why I’m called tripod?
  4. You love chicken? I apologize my freezer is out of chickens right now. So what of my c*ck?
  5. What do you think you being my story to tell and I being your all time climax?
  6. I love everything in you, most of all my bone.
  7. Have you ever slept on your stomach? How about I do?
  8. Are those people using pickup lines dipsticks? Ouh, how about I check on your oil level?
  9. I got a #condom that I can wear and we may have X..X..X.
  10. Do you think there is free love? Then how much are you worth?
  11. You wanna engage in a porno? It is not a must we tape it.
  12. Let’s do nature some justice. It says that we are here to create kids so shall we start now?
  13. Honey, I will go inside you thoroughly that neighbors will be taking cigarettes after we are done.
  14. We really don’t know each other but who said we have to know each other to have X..X..X?
  15. I believe that men who use pick-up lines are men with so much time to waste, so how about we just go straight to X..X..X?
  16. You got such a wonderful voice, I’m sure it would be prettier muffled by my D**k.
  17. Are you shivering or is it that you smuggle tic-tacs through your bra?
  18. Let’s not go too far, I’d wish know if you got issues with a big genitalia?
  19. I thought I were to eat you somewhere!
  20. If only I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate having X..X..X with me.
  21. X..X..X is evil, Evil is sin which can be forgiven, shall we begin?
  22. I can be a finger that you will feel below your spines whenever the lights black out.
  23. They say life is too short. I can eat you for 1 hour and if after that you won’t feel like having X..X..X then we let it go.
  24. You can fall for me or I can just give you this tequila and wait until you deep drunk.
  25. If ever the sun would seize to shine, I would give you vitamin D.
  26. If you sleep at my place, you will realize that my couch doesn’t pull I surely do.
  27. I have had years of therapy and countless testing, but I’m not sure if I’m allergic to X..X..X.
  28. If your t1t weren’t this big I would not have walked this close to you.
  29. I wonder how you’d having a big D**k on a beach.
  30. I got an entire dictionary in my D**k. would like me to place some words inside your mouth?
  31. You should be part of the circus team; I would love you to juggle my #balls nicely through the day.
  32. With Trump as the president our nation is so scr*wed, you also can be too.
  33. Were you a dodge truck I would definitely Ram you.
  34. Would love Kellogg’s? I would love to frost up your flakes
  35. My body is on fire can I please take cover under your sprinkler?
  36. ABCDEF-G-U-D-TF with me?
  37. I’m a pirate so treat me like one and offer me your #butt.
  38. Would you ask your mum the best s*x position that produces nasty babies?
  39. Let’s high five, booty five, tongue five, let’s just DTF?
  40. Whenever I set my eyes on you, my systems join the sea level in rising up.
  41. It’s just so disturbing how you lack being nude.
  42. Beautiful legs, wanna eat out?
  43. My face is taking off in the next 15mins, you got to be on it.
  44. I will not pressure you into having s*x without your consent, but I give mine.
  45. I you haven’t noticed yet, you hair would look so nice in my laps.
  46. Show me your turn lines and I will show me mine.
  47. Wanna know why I have pierced tongue; touch my lips with your tongue.
  48. Was I to give you a s*xy negligee, what is it in for me?
  49. It’s either two things! I go home behind you or with you.
  50. I’m wondering how s*xy you’d look out of those clothes if you are looking this pretty in them.
  51. Your eyes are just like spanner, they tighten my nuts each time I look in them.
  52. Take me with you to your place as your slave and treat me as you like.
  53. Hi, I have undressed you all night and I now wanna know if I’m right?
  54. When do you get off? Should I watch?
  55. You might look polite but your P**sy speaks against it.
  56. Honey, If you never wanna F**k with me, then all you got to do is visit my house.
  57. Hey, I say we go get boulder behind that rock.
  58. Is there anything better than roses on a piano or tulips over an organ?
  59. Would you like we go to my place and watch porno on my flat bedroom mirror?
  60. What type of cab are you? Long or short travels?
  61. I heard you’ve been a sl*tty boy. Welcome on board.
  62. What form would love your sausage in the morning? Straight or curled?
  63. Hey, I got a #Vagina between my legs. You wanna see it?
  64. Don’t let me enter in your head but would you like a deep in the honey?
  65. Could you have an extra room in your mouth for my tongue?
  66. Hey sweet boy, you got some tissue I’m F**cking wet.
  67. I’m looking for a carpenter to give me deep shag.
  68. Did you just knocked on the doors of my heart! Will you come in or should leave you there staring?
  69. I’m so easy, but you sure look muscled up.
  70. Would you love Mexican food? I swear you are heating up my taco.
  71. Pretend my legs are smeared with butter and spread them out.
  72. I’m feeling ill, the doctor recommended Penis-illin.
  73. Are this butts real? Care I take a look?
  74. I don’t have to add any sugar on it so as to swallow you.
  75. Would you rather go in and get a pizza or would you love getting in and out of me?
  76. You so much like pringles, the moment I pop you up, nothing can stop you.
  77. Life can be likened to a D**k the moment it gets hard, people get f**ked.
  78. Look at how our lips yearn to massage themselves.
  79. You are the handcuffs and I’m the whipped cream, are you interested?
  80. Do have any idea how guys purchase new cars that are very expensive to cover up certain lacks? Well I own no car.
  81. What should I do to be your b**ty call?
  82. Try me and you may never regret a thing. It can even be the best 6hrs of your life.
  83. You got such a beautiful smile. It would be more beautiful if you were wearing nothing else but the smile.
  84. Hey, what’s the probability that we are to do more than just talking?
  85. Let’s try something new. Pick up a number from 10 to 15. You lose please remove all of your clothes.
  86. Beautiful trousers can I try the zipper?
  87. My last girlfriend nicknamed me “gold-finger”
  88. Can I spoil you with the pleasures of my tongue?
  89. You got some lovely eyeballs, though it would have been better if they were looking at my lovely balls.
  90. Would like to know how bunnies f**k?
  91. Would like we play the game of kite? I lie on my back, you blow me and we get to know the high you can make me be.
  92. The only thing that should come between you and me should be a latex.
  93. Chances are we might never see each other again, let’s F**k.
  94. We gonna go back to my bedroom and scr*w right after dancing to this one song.
  95. Hey, lets’ skip all the nonsense and remove all our clothes.
  96. With the rate of 34546 m/hr that comet falling on earth would stay nearly an hour, would want to scr*w?
  97. How about we go to your house and make love till my pen drops into your honey jar.
  98. I’m a love doctor; honey you running late for your meat injection.
  99. I made my pals a bet, I wanna take a look if those might be implants.
  100. Hey, usually algebras are not thing but isn’t U+I equal to 69?
  101. This place is too stuffy and hotter; maybe we should take cold bath.
  102. I may not be a guru in hardware’s, but I’m sure you can scr*w my nuts out.
  103. Hi honey, I’m doing a simple survey on how P**sy tastes would you be my number one?
  104. You and I are connected puzzles. Can we go to my place and try to put the puzzles together?
  105. Hey, does my tongue have a funny taste?
  106. Hi my lady, you would be interested to know that I’m a bis*xual, and maybe as you see fit we can have a quick coffee so can get s*xual?
  107. Get on your toes and I’m gonna show you what swallows the rocket.
  108. You really got to be my number 1 enemy, I wanna F**k you up real bad.
  109. Could you be a trampoline? I really yearn to bounce over your body.
  110. Take off your pants and sit on my naked thighs, I wanna search a path that leads to your heart.
  111. I’m so envious how your outfit caresses your body while I’m not.
  112. Whenever I’m around you, I become a flathead driver. All I can think of is just scr*wing you.
  113. Your clothes give me the urge to wanna share them out so badly, could it be that they are made of paper?
  114. IHOP niss!
  115. After eating water-melon, will you swallow or spit them seeds?
  116. Baby, whenever you feel down, I will always be there to fill you up.
  117. You such a genius, I think you’ve just discovered a cure for stress.
  118. I sure have little knowledge on pies, but for certain you got all it takes to cream my banana.
  119. You not a looser so don’t start now by failing to make out with me.
  120. Honey I would love to pour green all over your body and spank your #Butts like a naughty Avocado.
  121. Hope you are a fan of lollipops, I’m they will lead you straight to my candy store.
  122. You resemble my own private heroin brand.
  123. I would descend down on you so badly even if you are on your menstrual period. Because I’m a pirate and pirates fear not sailing on Red-Sea.
  124. I got the classiest roller coaster around, would love a ride?
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