30+ Flirty Pick Up Lines- Great To Impress someone

Best flirty pick up lines

Have you ever had that one most beautiful chic or hunk Dude you just can’t stop thinking about? Well, I understand you perfectly. Catching a lady’s or a man’s attention has its set of challenges and requires one to make a perfect memorable first impression because you may never get another one. You can choose to stand out by using some interesting flirty pick up lines.To be honest they can be creepy at times depending on the context and may land you in trouble, though a slap may be the worst you can get but it doesn’t mean you should not try them. Ideally, flirty pick up lines ,in there innocent form, are clever lines that show your interest in another person.

So let’s dive into them;

Flirty Pick Up Lines

  1. How about a date? I got a whole box when I last visited Mecca.
  2. Sorry dude, got a boyfriend! Guy: Awesome! Was just thinking you may want a husband. Here have my digits.
  3. Hey, looking at you I just noticed something from your back. You wanna know what it is? I just noticed that some angels have no wings.
  4. I just love how you walk, specifically when walking towards me.
  5. Hey, I see you got a nice taste for expensive whiskeys. Big respect.
  6. Hey, would have bought the earrings you wearing from Etsy ? They sure seem handmade.
  7. I can see you are reading the Casual Vacancy, I think Harry Potter is more interesting. What do you think?
  8. Today’s playlist isn’t bad, but truth be told I would rather listen to musical soundtrack.
  9. Hey is your lipstick from Kylie Lip Kit? You surely know how to apply it.
  10. I just realized the shirt you wearing is a Nasty Woman shirt. Could you have attended the women’s march?
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  11. Are you a regular customer here, because I’m not and I just can’t tell where to get stuff.
  12. That’s a lovely and warm sweater. Looks pretty on you.
  13. Hey, sorry but this video makes me remember a funny Vine I once saw. You gotta see this.
  14. I was just about to tell you how cute your dog is but I just remembered my dog, you really have to see it before I can make that complement.
  15. Could there be a mine somewhere around here? I have just seen gold.
  16. Hey, I’m good when it comes to speaking in tongue, but that’s just how I kiss.
  17. Hey, you have just dropped something. (a conversation) how about I help you we pick it up right here?
  18. Hey pretty, you look like an Uber Pool. It feels so nice when it’s just us but then I can’t help feeling nervous that another person would come and destroy what we have.
  19. Could you be the order I made online? Girl, I have spent the whole day waiting for you.
  20. Hey, if only you would be my bank account after a direct deposit hit. I would be running to town right now.
  21. You surely look tired, have been kegeling all day?
  22. Could you be a sample from a grocery store? Because I have the urge to taste you over and over again without feeling no shame.
  23. Hey, small words of caution perhaps, please don’t go inside that building you will make sprinklers go off! You are just too hot.
  24. Hey, I’m not an #Obtuse but you are #A-cute girl.
  25. Looking at this ice, I keep wondering how many leprechauns would it take to break them…..hey, I’m Patrick. Wonderful to meet you.
  26. Hello, I have people talking of this Kelly Green Lady. Would you be her? Oh! Then what’s your name?
  27. Hey, do you have any idea what Irish men wear under their kilt? …Gotcha! Irish men wear no kilts, so how about you tell me your name and will take from there.
  28. Oh yes, I have a shillelagh inside my pocket and, definitely, I’m excited to meet you.
  29. Hey, you so hot that you’ve turned my morning into an afternoon. #winking.
  30. Would love it if you would help me in completing partly my Deen, you get what I mean?
  31. (Muslim lady) I Would love to help you wake up for Fajr, what if you give me your number and I will wake you up tomorrow?
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  32. Hey I’m a Muslim. I can marry 6 wives, but looking at you girl, I can’t help wondering why I need 6, while you are a 10.
  33. (for a Muslim lady) Hey sweetheart, you look like Fajar. I just miss you so much with every passing day.
  34. Hello girl, laying my eyes on you for the first time, I was like Mash Allah! Then eased Inshallah .
  35. Like all the drops, top drop, rain drop etc. the way you flap your hair makes my heart to stop.
  36. I just can’t make myself stop thinking of you, it is too mainstream.
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Hope you’ve enjoyed our list of flirty pick up lines.Kindly contribute to the topic by leaving your best pick up line on the comment section below.

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