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70 Best Google Bard AI Prompts-Unleashing the AI Potential

It’s the Age of AI. Artificial Intelligence is touching all aspects of our lives. Machines are evolving to become more intelligent and autonomous. The next generation of machines will require less human input to perform the same tasks. Sounds like the beginning of an AI apocalypse.

But don’t worry! That’s not going to be happening just yet. In fact AI is here to help you work faster and efficiently. Google’s Bard AI is one of the many AI tools launched by Google to make your work easier. To unleash the full potential of a generative AI such as the Bard AI, it is essential to know how to interact with it effectively.

To interact with such an AI, one uses prompts. A prompt is a question or statement posed to a generative AI. Unlike ChatGPT-3.5, Google Bard AI has access to the internet making it useful for browsing the internet.

In this article we shall look at Bard AI prompts for different types of work and occupations. Here are some examples of Bard AI prompts to generate meaningful responses and minimize your workload when browsing the internet. Bard AI is especially good for sifting through new information. Therefore we will look at prompts to help you catch up with the latest trends in your occupation.

Best Google Bard AI Prompts for Marketers

image of Bard AI Prompts for Marketers
Increase sales | Bard AI Prompts for Marketers
  1. Find out about emerging [Insert text e.g. social media] trends and their [Insert text e.g. marketing potential]
  2. What are the latest advancements in [Insert text e.g. personalized] marketing techniques used in the [Insert text e.g. shoe] markets?
  3. Can you find the most [Insert text e.g. innovative influencer] marketing campaigns from [Insert text e.g. the past year].”
  4. Suggest a [Insert text e.g. data driven] marketing strategy for the [Insert text e.g. apparels] market that will [Insert text e.g. improve customer targeting].
  5. Research the cutting-edge [Insert text e.g. tools] applied in marketing and also find out their [Insert text e.g. advantages] and [Insert text e.g. disadvantages].
  6. Discuss the latest trends in [Insert text e.g. Search Engine Optimization] marketing practices and techniques.”
  7. Outline and reference some success stories of marketing strategies that applied [Insert text e.g. user-generated content] effectively.
  8. Predict new marketing policies and regulations on [Insert text e.g. digital advertising] as a result of [Insert text e.g. the advent of AI].
  9. Investigate the nature of [Insert text e.g. new social media algorithms] and their impact on [Insert text e.g. organic reach] in marketing.
  10. Find out new marketing avenues arising from [Insert text e.g. augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology] trends.

Best Google Bard AI Prompts for Bloggers

image of Bard AI Prompts for Bloggers
Be creative | Bard AI Prompts for Bloggers
  1. Brief me about emerging [Insert text e.g. local news] stories and recent events in [Insert text e.g. US].
  2. What are the latest trends in [Insert text e.g. investigative] journalism, and how do they impact [Insert text e.g. society]?
  3. Can you search for the latest stories on [Insert text e.g. corruption] that could make for a good [Insert text e.g. exposé or investigative] coverage.
  4. Suggest [Insert text e.g. mass] media [Insert text e.g. storytelling] techniques to increase views and engagements.
  5. Outline trends in journalism that apply the latest [Insert text e.g. recording] technologies and leverage [Insert text e.g. AI tools].
  6. Prepare relevant questions for conducting an [Insert text e.g. in-depth] interviews with [Insert text e.g. influential figures] from the [Insert text e.g. fashion] industry.
  7. What are the emerging alternatives for [Insert text e.g. sports] news sources, discuss their credibility, advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Advice on how journalists can [Insert text e.g. conduct collaborations] when doing [Insert text e.g. cross-border reporting] projects.
  9. Give me the latest news updates on [Insert text e.g. environmental] issues and [Insert text e.g. climate change] developments.
  10. Offer suggestions on [Insert text e.g. under reported] stories with significant [Insert text e.g. social] impact.

Bard AI Prompts for Content Creators

  1. What are the emerging [Insert text e.g. video] content formats on [Insert text e.g. Twitter] that are gaining popularity among audiences?
  2. Discuss some case studies of successful content marketing campaigns on [Insert text e.g. Youtube] with unique approaches.
  3. Suggest a trend, topic or discussion about [Insert text e.g. technology] and how to go about making an engaging [Insert text e.g. Tiktok] video from it.
  4. Identify the latest advancements in [Insert text e.g. video editing] techniques that could improve [Insert text e.g. work flow].
  5. What considerations should a [Insert text e.g. reaction videos] content creator make when [Insert text e.g. repurposing content] for different platforms.
  6. Suggest creative ways that content creators can [Insert text e.g. distribute] content that are beyond [Insert text e.g. traditional social media] practices.
  7. Give me insights on latest content creation practices for [Insert text e.g. car review videos] for [Insert text e.g. EV enthusiasts].
  8. Can you offer tips for applying [Insert text e.g. engaging, storytelling] techniques to blend my content with [Insert text e.g. brand advertisements].
  9. Find new strategies for fostering engagement and interaction on [Insert text e.g. Twitter] platform.
  10. What are some of the [Insert text e.g. untapped] content creation opportunities that have the potential for attracting [Insert text e.g. older] audiences?

Bard AI Prompts for Teachers

  1. Find out about innovative teaching methods for fostering [Insert text e.g. critical thinking skills] among [Insert text e.g. kindergarten] students.
  2. List the best applications for studying that can assist [Insert text e.g. grade 7] students with [Insert text e.g. research assignments].
  3. Brief me on teaching practices that are [Insert text e.g. research-oriented] for teaching [Insert text e.g. science] subject to [Insert text e.g. high school] students.
  4. What are the most suitable learning [Insert text e.g. environments] to teach [Insert text e.g. history] subject.
  5. Suggest methodologies for teaching [Insert text e.g. a novel concept] to [Insert text e.g. primary] students that will address [Insert text e.g. diverse student needs].
  6. Draft a quiz for [Insert text e.g. Maths] subject that will evaluate [Insert text e.g. grade 8] student’s understanding of [Insert text e.g. linear algebra].
  7. Discuss new ways for teachers to promote [Insert text e.g. inclusive] education for their students to improve their [Insert text e.g. social skills].
  8. Give me the latest updates on educational policies and curriculum frameworks affecting [Insert text e.g. apprenticeship] students.
  9. How can teachers promote proper [Insert text e.g. digital literacy] and responsible [Insert text e.g. internet usage] in classrooms.
  10. Find out teaching tips for [Insert text e.g. project-based] learning techniques for [Insert text e.g. grade 4] students.

Bard AI Prompts for Researchers

image of Bard AI Prompts for Researchers
Be the best in research | Bard AI Prompts for Researchers
  1. Investigate recent breakthroughs and advancements in [Insert text e.g. material science] field.
  2. Explore emerging research methodologies and their applications suggest how they can be applied to [Insert text e.g. genetics] research.
  3. Find in-depth analysis and critical reviews of key research papers on [Insert text e.g.  encryption].
  4. Outline the most [Insert text e.g. influential] research studies on [Insert text e.g. microbiology] published in the past year in [Insert text e.g. arvix] platform.
  5. Discuss the ways to secure [Insert text e.g. funding ] require for research on impact of [Insert text e.g. climate change].
  6. Explore interdisciplinary research collaborations in [Insert text e.g. quantum mechanics] studies and their impact on [Insert text e.g.  quantum computing].
  7. Prepare a schedule for a field day to study [Insert text e.g. moisture] affects [Insert text e.g. rocks]
  8. Analyze recent trends and developments in data collection and analysis of [Insert text e.g. populations] in [Insert text e.g.  medical] studies.
  9. Investigate the ethical considerations conducting research on [Insert text e.g. GMOs] and their impact for [Insert text e.g. agriculture].
  10. Provide guidelines for publishing research articles on [Insert text e.g. science] platforms for [Insert text e.g. peer review].

Bard AI Prompts for Entrepreneurs

  1. Can you outline popular success stories of entrepreneurs in the [Insert text e.g. fashion] industry.
  2. Investigate emerging trends in [Insert text e.g. entertainment] and discuss the opportunities they present for entrepreneurs.
  3. List the available funding options for an entrepreneur in the [Insert text e.g. agricultural] sector.
  4. Discuss various investment strategies for entrepreneurs in [Insert text e.g. transport and mobility] industry.
  5. Develop a business plan for a [Insert text e.g. clothing] business for selling merchandise to [Insert text e.g. kids].
  6. Investigate the impact of [Insert text e.g. technology advancements] on entrepreneurship in [Insert text e.g. shoes] industry
  7. What regulations and compliance requirements are necessary for a [Insert text e.g. bakery] business.
  8. Find out networking events and conferences for [Insert text e.g. emobility] entrepreneurs in [Insert text e.g. Kenya].
  9. What are the challenges faced when [Insert text e.g. rapidly scaling] a business that deals in [Insert text e.g. supplying spare parts for cars].
  10. What is a great source of motivation for an entrepreneur starting a business for selling [Insert text e.g. home décor].

 Bard AI Prompts for Students

  1. Find the best resources and study guides for [Insert text e.g. social studies] exams suitable for [grade 6] assignments.
  2. Suggest online courses on [Insert text e.g. applied biology] for [Insert text e.g. high school] students
  3. List the scholarship opportunities and grants for student living in [Insert text e.g. US] and pursuing [Insert text e.g. Mathematics degree].
  4. Advice on study techniques for [Insert text e.g. linear algebra] that will help grasp the concept
  5. Create a time table for a [Insert text e.g.  high school] student studying [Insert text e.g. eleven] subjects that will help them [Insert text e.g. manage time]
  6. Find reliable academic sources and research papers on [Insert text e.g. effects of global warming] that can be cited for assignment on [Insert text e.g. mitigating climate change].
  7. Explore internship opportunities available in [Insert text e.g. finance] that offer the best chance for [Insert text e.g.  gaining practical experience].
  8. Find the available educational grants for pursuing [Insert text e.g.  higher] education in the [Insert text e.g. marine science] field.
  9. Can you list student organizations and clubs for [Insert text e.g. science] projects and competitions.
  10. Identify [Insert text e.g.  study abroad] programs and opportunities for students aspiring to be [Insert text e.g. mechanical engineers].


Can Bard AI help with coding?

Yes, Bard AI is capable of writing code. However, Bard is still an experimental AI. This means you are responsible for understanding and explaining the code it generates.

How does Bard AI compare to ChatGPT?

Just like Bard AI, ChatGPT is a large language model which was developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT has been in the making for many years. For this reason, it is a much more advanced large language model trained on a much more flexible foundational model. However, ChatGPT-3.5 doesn’t have access to the internet like Bard AI. This gives Bard AI a huge advantage for many tasks.

How accurate is Bard AI?

Bard AI is still an experimental AI. Its may misrepresent facts or get them wrong altogether. However Bard AI can be good when it comes to browsing the internet. It could save you going through many clicks to get to what you are looking for. Over time Bard AI is expected to get better, but developers at OpenAI are not going to be sitting on their hands either.

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