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Best Dirty Pick Up Lines

There are so many different ways of picking up on persons of the opposite s*x. One can make use of such varieties as funny pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines, or even flirty pick up lines among others, but only the smart and brave people try and make use of dirty lines. Normally using these deep and dirty pick up lines is just another way of showing a sense of humor and trying to get a conversation started. However, while you may use dirty pick up lines and win him or her to follow you home, some dirty pick up lines are just so offensive that they may land you a slap on the face, so you may want to watch out. Check out our list below. Cheers!!!

Dirty Pick Up Lines

  1. Hey princess, you just killed my d1ck allow me to bury it in your pu$y.
  2. Hey, those are lovely sweet 6utt were you sitting on honey?
  3. Hi, call me a burglar; feel like smashing you back door in.
  4. I’m a fireman; my work is to turn on #h0es!
  5. Call me a Zombie. I wanna eat you up tonight.
  6. I specialize in business companies and orifices, do you have any openings?
  7. Hey lady, just heard you have a boyfriend, let’s not pretend that will stop you from satisfying that desire I see in you to wanna feel my #d1ck way deep inside you.
  8. Hey, great #@ss ma! Got an inhaler?
  9. I’m gonna #$ex you later. You can choose to be there anyway.
  10. I had they were named EYEBROWS because my eyes can’t help but browse you #@ss
  11. You sure are an elevator. Can I go down on you?
  12. It has to be either daises or roses. I think I have a pretty good idea of the flowers I would place in your coffin after killing that #v@g1na.
  13. Wish you were a laundry machine so I could stuff in you my dirt load.
  14. Hey, how bad are your grades? I’m thinking giving you a D will not be an issue.
  15. Hi, I wish you were called Tanya. I would have loved to tan yah #@ss.
  16. You sure got an athlete’s body. Would your relay love my #bad?
  17. You look like a racehorse, it seems if I ride you, you forever be the winner.
  18. I would love to make you plane with my #bad. Just heard you are a flight attendant.
  19. My previous Ex asked me to kiss her the area that stinks most, then I took her to New Jersey.
  20. You wanna see magic? Nice! all you have to do is #bendover and see my bad vanish.
  21. Honey, you madly hot, I wonder how jacking you father off would feel. Just curious to know where you came from.
  22. Allow me to pack my vehicle inside your garage. I assure you though its big it does not leak.
  23. Thanks to your gorgeous #b00bs, it was impossible for me to focus we were talking.
  24. You the most beautiful lady I ever met in a joint, please would you spread my cheeks then give the name #cell b*tch.
  25. Could you be a fan of a draw? I would to stick in the D in the Raw.
  26. Your 6utt look exactly like a mobile phone. They give me this crazy urge to wanna dial the pound button for the whole day.
  27. My tongue resembles that of an ant eater. Would like we go to the zoo.
  28. Do you know the name of a Penguin that got a large d1ck? Well they call it an Icebreaker
  29. I got the feeling you have not been reading well, because you would the D
  30. Honey, the structure of your bone is structuring my bone.
  31. Hi, my popular name is Bar Stool. I got a 3rd
  32. Do you find CDs and Tapes fun? I would like to tape my penn1s on your forehead that your CDs would nut.
  33. Will you be attending the funeral? Oh! You didn’t know? It is the funeral of my balls which are about to die in your mouth.
  34. I may not be a #d1ck in life, but I’ll sure love to play it inside your #pu$y today.
  35. You got tight butts. Would like me to loosen them a bit?
  36. I got an offer just like Domino’s pizza joint. If I’m unable to #Cam within 30mins then you get another one free.
  37. I truly love sushi, is your #vag1n@ smelling like a fish?
  38. I don’t care about the looks. I will pretty cover you up with a flag and #$ex you for glory.
  39. Hi, you is that keg you got on your 6utt? I would really like to tap THAT 6utt.
  40. I would wish to kiss you while standing in the rain. Because I would love to see you get wet twice.
  41. I think the reason why God invented Eyeballs is because he saw your beauty. But then looking at your #@ss he invented this #BALZ I got.
  42. Given a chance I would love to hide all the chairs in the World so that you would sit over my face.
  43. It would be a pleasure to tell you the story of my #pen*s, but then it is just too long.
  44. Hey, I kind of left my bl0w job at your place. Can I pass by sometime to get it?
  45. I may not have your virginity, but I would pretty like to get the box it came inside.
  46. I belong to group Gemini. Guess your sign is….#FireDownBelow.
  47. Are you a fan of Dragon imagine? Can you imagine dragon my balls all over your face?
  48. I would love to begin this relationship as friens, then you allow me to give you the D later.
  49. My pen*s hertz, I have made it a rental car company.
  50. Can we play that game Strip Poker? You may strip and I will poke you up.
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  52. I think they gave the cat the name Whisperer; I have a clue of the #Pu$$y’s needs.
  53. Might you be a termite? I would love to fill your mouth with wood.
  54. How about tonight you just allow me to sleep on something warmer like your #pu$$y.
  55. Hey, did you know that a D cums after a D?
  56. I love my girls same as I love ice, being none fats and flowing down my fingers.
  57. Hey, those eyes are more blue than crystals of Heisenberg.
  58. Got you a nice deal, you can have mine if you let me have your using mine.
  59. Do you love Omellete? I wanna omelet you suck my #bad.
  60. Mine is a long one, you wanna see how hardworking it can be?
  61. Hey, would you like to meet #D1ck a friend of mine? He sure is tall.
  62. I can’t my clothes anywhere. Just allow me to cover you legs around mine please.
  63. Are you a lover of alphabet soup? You surely will get chocked at D.
  64. Hi love, your sign reads like, “Caution! Slippery When Wet, ahead are some Dangerous Curves, you gotta yield!
  65. I may never be roaster, but you don’t wanna what this c*ck can do to you.
  66. Hope you have pet insurance. Because I’m destroying that #pu$$y.
  67. I don’t like cherries would mind me having yours?
  68. Just like a storm of snows, I would let you have 6-8 inches and make you mildly hard to walk in the morning.
  69. Hope you love kids, because given a chance I would make your mouth a daycare.
  70. If I had a chance to change the order in the alphabets, I’d place my #d1ck inside your 6utt.
  71. I thought of calling heaven and let them know that there was an angel missing, but couldn’t help hoping that you are a s1ut.
  72. Just like reds are roses, violets are blue, we are fcuking because I have more strength than you got.
  73. Do have a sewing machine? I would to tear up your 6utt.
  74. Do you have skills in architecture? I love it if you would make a staff on my coming erection.
  75. So sad my cat died. Would allow me to play with your pu$$y sometime.
  76. Hey, I’m kinda cold. Can you allow me to make your thighs my earmuffs?
  77. Maybe you are not a fan of bulls, but I’m sure you felt my D rise.
  78. Were we robots, would you scr*w me whenever my bolts would come off?
  79. You want a job? Got one that blows.
  80. My name is D1ck, can I make it yours?
  81. Maybe I’m an @ssh0le, will that prevent me from entering yours?
  82. Are you a plumber? My pipe is leaking.
  83. Got an idea, why don’t we play farmers? You can be the farmland and I the planter.
  84. Hey, my allergies are active; every time I’m around you my d1ck rises.
  85. Would like to see my 3rd leg?
  86. Looking at a girl’s #crotch and face thrice, ask her if she’s going to eat it?
  87. Honey, I’d love to wear you like sun glasses, a leg over an ear.
  88. Hey, you make me feel like jumping in a sea. That #pus-sea!
  89. I wanna blow your mind with my #Dic like a dictionary.
  90. People are talking behind your back, saying you got nice #@ss
  91. Hey, what are the odds of my #balls smashing your #**s tonight?
  92. Be my co-pilot I would love to take you in the c*ckpit.
  93. You looking tired from your heavy t1ts, would like me to hold them for you?
  94. Hi, I just lifted up your ispirits, do mind lifting your shirt up?
  95. Can we play circus? The game where you sit over my face, I weigh you weight and eat what remains.
  96. Are you a chocolate fan? I think you gonna chock on my D**k
  97. Do feel constipation? I would love to F**k that sh*t out.
  98. What if you go down on your knees and make a smile like that’s of a donut?
  99. You such a selfish girl! You deny me your just for a night yet you gonna have it the rest of your F**king life.
  100. Would it be your birthday? I don’t wanna icing be the only thing I smash on your face tonight.
  101. I have just been funded by the government to conduct a 4-hour research to search your G-spot.
  102. You sure seem like a fertilizer, you’ve just triggered a six inch growth in me.
  103. Are you a fan of warm weather? Because I wanna smear on your face my warm #balls weather you want it or not.
  104. Hey honey, you wanna come closer, or should my D**k C*M for you?
  105. Can I give you something to fill up your big mouth?
  106. Hey, you looking good, what do have cooking? There is nothing I would love more than the taste of your Virg**a.
  107. Hey, did you know that my D**k is the biggest muscle that moves in a girl’s body?
  108. I will give a direction if you will first take a D-tour with me.
  109. I can never short change myself and go around like some do telling ladies how they got an 8-inch D**k.
  110. It is said that only two hundred ladies WENT DOWN IN THE TITANIC, well, I’m much bigger and better.
  111.  I wanna glaze your F””” donut like a Krispy Kreme.
  112. You know the game of doors? You be the door and I got to slam you as I want.
  113. You are not willing to have S** during your periods. Well, I really won’t mind having a “Hot Dog” so long as the bun’s tight.
  114. Are a Jalapeno fan? in a moment I’m gonna be a jalapeno P***y.
  115. Tonight’s word is legs. Can we go to my room and spread the word?
  116. No need to pay any money, when you can access this footling free.
  117. Wanna take a look at my drive. It ain’t floppy nor is it 3.5-inches.
  118. You sure look like you are good with c*cks. Have ever handled chickens?
  119. Your B**ty looks like a library journal, I’m unable to stop myself from checking it out.
  120. I I could change the alphabetical order, I would make name come first so you would know what to call while having X..X..X
  121. Could be from Jehovah witness? I’d love to bend Je-Over and make you witness my D**k.
  122. Wanna meet me later in the park? I would like to pack mine MEAT inside you.
  123. I would love to slowly kiss you on your lips and gradually go up your Belly Bottom.
  124. Was told by my guitar coach that I got good fingerie more so the G-string.
  125. Hey, you got deadly #a$$ maah, hope you got an inhaler?
  126. Well, if you say you don’t like casual s*x, then I guess I’ll just on my tux and we can name it Formal X.X,X.
  127. Would you please sleep on that sofa and act like your legs are enemies.
  128. You wanna have some duck meat? Then you got to DUCK down HERE and GET some MEAT.
  129. X.X,X is more like playing golf. One feels so much joy when they get a ball in the hole.
  130. Honey you sure have the 3 things I love most in a lady, you got nice lips, n1ps and hips.
  131. Hope you got a notebook for composition because I’d like you Come-Position yourself over my face.
  132. Looking at your pants I’m reminded of the great Vegas, it’s that place I love going to Blow-My-Wad.
  133. How much are the clothes you wearing? Because I would want to know exactly how much I should refund you after ripping apart.
  134. Being an interior decorator, I have the ability to feel your interior; I feel a large pink thing.
  135. Would like we make out like Scarface so you can say Hi to my little pal.
  136. Hold a scr*w and teabag in your hands then standing in a bar ask if which one she would like a teabag or scr*w.
  137. Hey I could help stir your coffee if you wouldn’t mind me using my D**k.
  138. I think you a horse girl. I can already visualize you riding on me.
  139. Looking at your #b00bs am reminded of Mt. Rushmore. I should place my face between them.
  140. Would enjoy the game of lions? You kneel on your knees and I would give you my meat.
  141. You will always have a place on my face to sit on.
  142. Legs as fine as yours would look great wrapped on my neck.
  143. Guess my name is Delivery-man because I entering through the back door.
  144. Beauty is as far as the skin while a D**k penetrates much deeper.
  145. You know how to play tic tac toe? It’s where I get to shave the tic tac to your P***y and make an effort to make you have 3-Os in a single row.
  146. In this few days my D**k has been faint, would give it a mouth-2-mouth?
  147. Are you fond of c*mming here?
  148. Would like to engage in an act that rhymes to a truck?
  149. Got a D**k same as cat-nip. It will turn such a Cougar as you wild.
  150. Take these flowers first before I have yours.
  151. Got scr*ws and a wrench to service your A** incase it has a problem.
  152. Can you tell the difference between a chicken wing and my di*k? we can always go for a picnic and will let you know.
  153. Baby, I have an 8-tounge that’s able to help me breathe out of ears.
  154. Hi honey, what would you want a crème-filled or glazed?
  155. Are Phyllis Brown? Because a moment there I was sure you were going to PhilThis brown D*ck.
  156. Please help, I’m not sure if P**sy Lips is one word or not. Though I’d love to spread them up tonight.
  157. Are you a lover of the Sea World? I think that soon you’ll be in my Splash-Zone.
  158. Do you mess around with your boyfriend? Will you stay put while I mess you up?
  159. You really are spaghetti. I would for you to eat my balls.
  160. Would ever consider having a vibrator? I’m renting one.
  161. You look cold, do you need a jacket? Don’t worry; you can just Jack-It when we get at my house.
  162. I think of my D**k as the truth. Most ladies cannot handle it.
  163. Could have been born on a sofa? Because girl you looking sofacking lovely.
  164. We can breathalyzers! Where you get to blow me as many times as you want and I can let you know how drunk you’ve been.
  165. Your beauty implores me to wish I would reincarnate as your kid and breast feed on your t1ts till I’m 5.
  166. Since the economy does not allow us to waste anything, was wondering should we use this condom that they don’t expire.
  167. Looking at her #a$$, how far does this bus reach?
  168. Hey, baby just wanted to let you know that I got a Magnum-lifestyle.
  169. Guess I’m now lost. I always knew that paradise was way south.
  170. I love breathing but I don’t give a damn having that ass-mah.
  171. Hey, are in the mood to dance, you really made my testacies wanna dance the Macarena.
  172. We got more hard things in this place than only liquor.
  173. I’d love to fill you up with vitamin D. Did you get adequate sunshine today?
  174. Would your 6utt be snow, I would surely love to plow them.
  175. Welcome in and remove your coat, wide open your mouth and allow me coat your throat.
  176. I really don’t give a damn that you were fat, just draw nearer I wanna demolish that cat.
  177. I’m taking lessons on how to become a Taxidermist. I’m allowed to do practical’s on stuffing your P**sy?
  178. Time really isn’t on our side, can we go to your place and just work on that P**sy?
  179. Was your father a carnival employee? Would love to estimate your weight while you sitting on my face.
  180. Would agree with me that the word ME has a D in it? Well, not just yet?

Would you love to be my Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing? Then you got to be my S1UT.

Dirty Pick Up Lines
Dirty Pick Up Lines
  1. Were brought up in chicken farm? You really are good raising c*cks.
  2. Were you ever an employee at Subway? Girl, you have given me a footling.
  3. Hey, you look like a sea lion! I already Sea you Li-On couch.
  4. You are like a parade sergeant. I can already feel my privet standing at attention.
  5. Got so many fish in the sea but interest me like you do.
  6. I might not have a chance to descend in history as great man, but I can sure descend on you.
  7. That top is so becoming on, given a chance to I would be C*mming too.
  8. Are you a worker at UPS? I’m almost sure I caught you lookin out my package.
  9. Do earn a living on making concretes? Because you got me concrete hard.
  10. You make me remember my small toe. I’m prepared to take you on every furniture in my house.
  11. Hi, just wondering if you can love an 0rgasm that’s been stimulated orally.
  12. Might you be a healer? You have healed my ere*tile dysfunction.
  13. You really wanna know what I love in ladies? My penn1s.
  14. Was I asked to alter the alphabetical order I would place U between an F and CK.
  15. Baby, you have multiplied my 2 to 4 into 4 by 8.
  16. Hey love, would want to share on a baby?
  17. I’m a cake. I can run directly to your 6utt.
  18. I would love to read your shirt on braille.
  19. Hi, could your legs be molded from a Nutella? It would be my joy to spread them out.
  20. There will only remain 7 planets right after I pound on Uranus.
  21. Could you be an archaeologist? I’d love if you would examine a bone for me.
  22. rating from 1 to human centipede, how near could I be on your #butts.?
  23. I wonder if you often attend church service. Because going to be down on your knees the whole night.
  24. I will allow you to have my nickel if you agree to make my pickle tickle.
  25. Hey, are you willing to have my kids? Never mind we can put it into practice then?
  26. Call me an Astronaut, in my coming mission I venture into Uranus.
  27. Always have it in mind, for you I’m still a virgin.
  28. Did you know that the maximum speed of X.X..X is 68? Because you be compelled to turn around at 69..
  29. I spent a lot of money on V1agra, but seeing you made me realize I won’t need it again.
  30. I had the game of doctors was for little children, should we play gynecologist instead?
  31. Would wanna go up my house and let your beaver get some wood?
  32. I wonder, why should you waste money on a bra while I would always hold your #tits in their position a whole day without asking for any cash.
  33. Hey Mr. Man, would allow a stranger have your head? Well, I will tell you about me.
  34. Hey, would want to show off your pubic hair?
  35. Hi, would you want a boost to your protein level? Because I would love to insert my meat in you.
  36. I would wish to melt in your mouth instead of your hands.
  37. Hi honey, if ever your left leg could be Christmas and your right one Easter, could you invite me for dinner in between the holidays?
  38. Just as the dress looks nice on you, so will i.
  39. Hi, come lets party and welcome your jeans to drop down.
  40. Would you love having some Italian inside you?
  41. I would love to know your name, or are you Osteoporosis, because damn! You seriously are affecting my bone structure.
  42. Would be coming from Africa? Because I would love to know if Kenya sucked your D**k?
  43. We are so much like a cake and icing, you are so sweet and I want to get on of you.
  44. Lady you are hot that my pants wouldn’t help falling for you.
  45. Wish you were from Philippines. I would love to Phil-U-with-my-Pen*s.
  46. Are you a fan of Ramen Noodles? Would like to Ramm-in my noodle inside you some other time
  47. Honey, I go much longer than a white crayon.
  48. Love, I heard #FBI wanna take my D**K. please allow me hide them inside your P**sy.
  49. You know how to play Barbie’s? let me be Ken you can play the wrap box I was brought in.
  50. Did ever knew that a Wink can scr*w and wink like a tiger?
  51. You want to X..X,X with you brains lying down as I do it?
  52. Have you insured your A**? Okay, so would mind being in good hands?
  53. If only you would be loving Wendy’s! then you would like it when its nut are slapping your face.
  54.  My condition forces me to discharge some seminal. Can I borrow your body for that?
  55. Are you wearing jeans? Guess what! I wanna get In them.
  56. You should not change your clothes; you just have to be naked.
  57. I would love to put my thingy inside your thingy.
  58. Looking at your hair, you strike me as a woman who loves an@l.
  59. Hey can I ask you a question please? Why do ladies love using these two fingers to juice themselves? Because they are mine honey.
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  61. Hi, you should know that I have just taken my Cialis, got just eighteen hours remaining.
  62. It would my joy to exchange fluids with you.
  63. Were you the lottery winner on TV, I can almost visualize you with my balls in your hands.
  64. You ever curious to know what I would do if I ever get a few rookies inside U.
  65. You really are so hot that you can resurrect a dead man’s D**k.
  66. Are a yogurt? I really wanna spoon you so badly.
  67. Can you feel the hotness in this place or are your t1ts always that big?
  68. Hey baby, you can be a jelly and I can be a peanut, can we just F**k?
  69. These are surely the nicest socks I have seen. Would wanna try them after we F**k?
  70. Were it true that we become what we eat! Then I would be you in a fortnight.
  71. I wish you were Mountain-Dew! I would love to Mount-N-DoYou.
  72. Nice earrings! Would want to X..X,X?
  73. You can call me Chris Brown. I swear I can really hit that.
  74. Hey, you really hot that I can grill my meat in you.
  75. If only your ankles would be having a bash, then we would welcome your pants down.
  76. Great #b00bs, would want a squeeze?
  77. Looking at you I can see no pants! Sorry, I never meant to stare.
  78. Are you a believer of karma? I got some nice karma sutra positions I would like to show you.
  79. Could be a shark? Because I have some swimmers you can swallow.
  80. Would be working for Papa Johns? Because baby your 6utt are pizza fine.
  81. You must be a witch, I don’t understand how you make a thing stand up yet even haven’t seen it.
  82. You sure seem like a bird watcher; can you swallow this dong then?
  83. It’s said that X..X,X kills; you wanna experience a happy death?
  84. Knock! knock! Do you love gold? Nice swallow my bad, it’s a mine.
  85. You got wrinkled lips; allow me to straighten them up.
  86. Hey got a painful headache. I heard X..X.X is the most effective medicine; do mind going in my bedroom we manufacture a cure.
  87. How do you like apples? Hope you won’t mind going home with me and I will #Fu** the he11 out of your body.
  88. I have finally made my yearly schedule and I think I would impregnate you before Christmas.
  89. You like the buckle of my bed? Well, it will look prettier on your head.
  90. It is really a nice F##kin weather. Would love to?
  91. Your dress would really look pretty in a crumbled waist beside my bed.
  92. Our bleach just ran out. Would you wanna go to my closet so we can make out?
  93. Just cleaned my pen, would you swallow it or you just love dirty pens?
  94. I wonder how it would feel to touch your belly bottom from inside.
  95. I would love to walk in the midst of your bushes and gladly go up your Mt.
  96. You can consult me freely as a gynecologist. When was your last check-up?
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